Clippers Complete Historic Comeback Against Warriors | NBA on TNT

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • The Clippers use an incredible second half to come back from 31 down to defeat the Warriors and even the series at 1 game apiece. How will Boogie's injury impact this postseason?
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Comments • 285

  • Joshua Batts
    Joshua Batts 11 days ago +1


  • Suave Citygear
    Suave Citygear Month ago

    The warriors will not beat Bucks...

  • Storm Chasing
    Storm Chasing Month ago

    Kenny is Hilarious "They need to take a mint soccer ball and kick it in your mouth" 😂😂😂😂

  • Charly Kate
    Charly Kate Month ago

    Take out the contacts Steph

  • PeppersGhost
    PeppersGhost Month ago

    Really uncivilised to carry your mouthbit out of your mouth, the NBA should do something about it. It's just a discusting habit nobody is waiting for..

  • rendale asayco
    rendale asayco Month ago

    Tambak naman sa game haha 😂

  • ZIKE
    ZIKE Month ago

    Don’t be mad clippers fans I lost to gsw on 2k by 30 with 35pts 10assist 8rebs 3 blocks just before the game

  • Syberz2
    Syberz2 Month ago

    I can't believe no one has noticed that for the past 3 years, to beat the WARRIORS in the playoffs, you have to break an NBA record or 2.

  • Kyle Deming
    Kyle Deming Month ago

    I’ll take Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford on a hot streak over any player on a hot streak ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen either one of them miss when they are in the zone and catch fire

  • dianawapooh
    dianawapooh Month ago

    any of you watched game 3?? yeah patrick beverly is trash..

  • Adrian Piejko
    Adrian Piejko Month ago

    Lou Williams say what u want ,PURE SCORER!!!,every team would love to have that kind of player

  • Garutay San Agustin

    Game2 : historic coneback ! Game3 : comeback to the egg !

  • Demetris DeLucas
    Demetris DeLucas Month ago

    I see it but didn't like it Cousins got hurt but is it what is

  • Come.At.Me.Bro.
    Come.At.Me.Bro. Month ago

    The slim reaper came back with a vengeance though, thanks to this game. haha

  • Andrei Tabones
    Andrei Tabones Month ago

    3-1 Warriors leads the series! Next games 4-1 !

  • Hitz Account
    Hitz Account Month ago

    Talk about tonight’s historical win.

  • Craig Ostopovich
    Craig Ostopovich Month ago

    no subtitles.....come on today is excuse...

  • 4esthetics
    4esthetics Month ago

    This Clippers team is no joke. Warriors got served some good ol humble pie 🥧

  • Wesley Ladda
    Wesley Ladda Month ago

    Lol...that was the clippers only win this series

  • Panayotis Papaisidorou

    Patrick Beverly learned his Def from Europe in his early years playing at Euroleague Top team at only 19-20 y.o

  • ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος

    I love it when arrogance is punished.

  • Andre Crosby
    Andre Crosby Month ago

    You ever heard of tic tacs lol

  • MisterJoe203
    MisterJoe203 Month ago

    Bill Whiters was proud of his guys

  • Francisco Toscano
    Francisco Toscano Month ago

    I saw this exact same situation before in Space Jam.

  • Joseph Frey
    Joseph Frey Month ago

    Why is nobody talking about Durant having 9 turnovers, and he didn't play the entire game!

  • Kevin Hall
    Kevin Hall Month ago +1


  • Nick Sacco
    Nick Sacco Month ago +30

    Lou Williams might be the most underrated player in the league

    • Torey Townsend
      Torey Townsend Month ago +1

      Yeah him and lou williams, just like Charles Barkley said!!!!!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Month ago +8

    Boogie: "They called me Mr Glass."

  • mnm I stand for my flag

    Way to go clippers .

  • Raymond Acosta
    Raymond Acosta Month ago

    its ez to lock up curry at end of games when its tight.

  • johnnie hotrod
    johnnie hotrod Month ago

    I saw a great performance from the clippers team & I also saw a snake running back and forth ........ 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 .........

  • D1stboy
    D1stboy Month ago

    Durant close to a double double, 9 TOs

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer Month ago

    thank god march madness is over, i miss these guys

  • Paolo Inigo
    Paolo Inigo Month ago +2

    Lou Will, Harrel, and Pat were the missing piece of the team better than CP3, Griffin, Jordan era.

  • Sim ?
    Sim ? Month ago

    Boogie stay getting injured!

  • cloudscholar22
    cloudscholar22 Month ago +1

    Keep Lue Will coming off the bench... he scores at will! And Patrick Beverly like Chuck said he is....annoying! But you have to give credit when credit is due! He kept that team in unison! 👌🏽 & the big guy Herald, keep feeding him... he is low key a beast!

  • Vanray Javier
    Vanray Javier Month ago +5

    Lakers scratching their heads over Lou Williams

  • Macht Nichts Sei Mann
    Macht Nichts Sei Mann Month ago +3

    Yeah, yeah, the Warriors lost...but Tic Tac and soccer ball into your mouth? Lol. :-D

  • Neva Broke Again
    Neva Broke Again Month ago +1

    We bee tryna tell y'all all year #ClipSet

  • pendletondrew
    pendletondrew Month ago

    Well...Cousins is staying of they offer him, I think. Lol. This is how the Clippers got here. They believe in what they're doing and they play the same no matter what level of competition they're facing. I don't think this changes the outcome of the series but this makes the CLIPPERS look better for FA.

    • pendletondrew
      pendletondrew Month ago

      +Asmosis Jones you're right, it's nothing new. Glad LA is finally getting the exposure. I'm a Boston fan so I'm glad when the Clippers shine and the Lakers don't haha

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago +1

      top 5 on offense this year for the clips...they were avg. 115 ppg....they avg only like 2-3 ppg less than the warriors this year people act like this is new?..their similar to the rockets and bucks and warriors on offense..they just dont defend well......

  • moneyspree JB
    moneyspree JB Month ago +4

    36 11 louwill 25 10 trez .. nuff said

  • LA Clippers
    LA Clippers Month ago +7

    Clippers will NEVER win this series like Donald Trump will NEVER be President of the United States.
    Oh, wait... 🤣

    • MrCarl27
      MrCarl27 Month ago

      +Jill Conner You must be a new fan. The nuggets and thunder had only 7 less wins than the lakers in 2008 and 2010. If the lakers would have lost it would have been considered a huge upset. The west teams are usually close in wins. It would be the biggest upset since the warriors beat the Mavericks.

    • Jill Conner
      Jill Conner Month ago

      +MrCarl27 9 games separating the #1 an #8 seed is the fewest amount I've ever seen! Usually it's like 20-25 games separating the two. And I'm sure the 2016 warriors would certainly agree about wins in the regular season not mattering! I'm not saying it wouldn't be huge upset, I just dont think it would be the biggest ever? Or maybe it would?

    • MrCarl27
      MrCarl27 Month ago

      +Jill Conner Regular season wins dont matter. That would be like saying that the 2001 sixers beating the lakers wouldnt be an upset becasue they had the same record. 9 wins is also a pretty big difference.

    • Jill Conner
      Jill Conner Month ago

      +MrCarl27 not really, the warriors only won 9 more games then the clippers! It would be big though. I dont think the warriors are winning it again this year?

    • MrCarl27
      MrCarl27 Month ago +1

      This is way more unlikely. If the clippers win it would be the greatest upset in NBA history.

  • rafael fronda
    rafael fronda Month ago +3

    GSW..the dumbest team in NBA HISTORY...

  • New year Same sh1t
    New year Same sh1t Month ago +1

    Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in playoffs. Blew historic 31 point lead, probably gonna lose the series.

  • Rosix Espejon
    Rosix Espejon Month ago +1

    its been a long time since a 8th seed beat a 1st seed. if LAC keep doing this, maybe they beat the GSW. This will be a great series.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      no it happened in 2012 philly as an 8th seed beat the 1 seed bulls when d rose got hurt in 6 they were separated by 15 games ....and in 2011 the spurs lost as a 1 seed to memphis..spurs won 61 games grizz won 46 I think...these 2 teams are separated by only 9 wins and losses so unlike that year this upset is possible imo and more likely....2007 the warriors won 42 games the mavs won 67 dubs won in 6 2016 the cavs won 16 less games than the warriors and beat them....

  • John Carlos Celario
    John Carlos Celario Month ago +17

    One of the biggest factor in that run is JaMychal Green. Hope somebody gives him credit.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago +3

      yeah he was on the floor during that run that got it within 10 lol....he was huge..13 points man..7 rebs...

  • J C
    J C Month ago +29

    Completely different team. Never knew how wrong the Old Clippers were until seeing this blue collar lineup. This is how basketball should be played.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago +3

      2017 playoff first round clippers that took the jazz to 7 with injuries to blake and cp3 had literally 15 players and non of them are on this team ..lols...think about that....they play 2

  • Dany Meyer
    Dany Meyer Month ago +5

    Kenny. Remember the Junk yard dog? Mario

  • CQTV
    CQTV Month ago +12

    Man I deadass think doc got them tattoo hairlines

  • Ziggy Forever
    Ziggy Forever Month ago +2

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Good ole humble pie. I’m getting bored of these guys being unbeatable in the playoffs. Hoping at least one team takes them to 7 seven games, sheesh.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago +1

      i mean the grizzlies in 2015 had them down 2-1 without conley the 2018 rockets had them down 3-2 the cavs without kyrie and love had them down 2-1 in 2015 the 2016 thunder had them down 3-1 and the spurs had them down 19 before kawhi goes down in game 1 in 2017 so. they have been vulnerable....luck is always on their side it seems but maybe it will run out finally....

  • Austin Pace
    Austin Pace Month ago +10

    boogie should change his name to boo boo since hes always injured and not playing....

    • Ross Martinez III
      Ross Martinez III Month ago +1

      I won $200 on a bet he wouldn't last through the playoffs. 🍺

  • moises Ulloa
    moises Ulloa Month ago +1

    worst thing ever for warriors, now every opponent for every game, they'll push them hard for every second, warriors wont repeat will be ground to curry powder

    • D.J.
      D.J. Month ago

      Lol it always going to be hard. You can't just sweep every team you play

  • Damnesia
    Damnesia Month ago +1

    Lou Williams is a human flame thrower.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      dude has 60 points 20 assists 2 steals 5 rebs in Oakland vs the champs in 65 minutes...he had never shot over 43% in any other playoffs or scored more than 13 ppg or 3 assists per game on average...right now hes avg. 30.5 ppg and 10 asissts at age 32 lol ..and hes been in a few playoff rounds man...

  • Ulquiorra Schiffer
    Ulquiorra Schiffer Month ago +7

    Warriors really like the number 3 and 1. . . oops i'm getting flashbacks

    • neosapiens
      neosapiens Month ago

      How about these numbers: 3-6.

    • neosapiens
      neosapiens Month ago

      Plus the subs came back from down 3-1 to OKC in the WCF. It's just a game at a time.

    • neosapiens
      neosapiens Month ago

      Everyone knows Adam Silver suspended the DPOY to give them game 5....then game 6 was in Cleveland with momentum. Then it's 3-3 & they have alllLllLLLll the momentum. Even Stephen A. Smith admitted that Adam Silver gave them that ring.

  • Kavin Agarwal
    Kavin Agarwal Month ago +56

    LeBron picked wrong LA team

    • Ulysses432
      Ulysses432 Month ago +1

      +Solomon Grundy We should all be given free limo service out of the East to the doorstep of the Finals every year. Proving a different story out West.

    • Solomon Grundy
      Solomon Grundy Month ago +3

      +Ulquiorra Schiffer Destroyed Cleveland? If going to the finals 4 years in a row is destroying a team, I'd take that destruction.

    • Ulquiorra Schiffer
      Ulquiorra Schiffer Month ago +4

      Nah he probably woulda destroyed the Clippers if he had joined there just like what he's done to Cleveland and what he's doing at Lakers.

  • Vary27
    Vary27 Month ago +1

    You know the last team that beat Golden State in any round before the finals was the same Clippers led by none other than Doc Rivers himself. If he can lead this grp to win, this changes the entire series

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      yeah but chris paul was on that team and we seen hes now 8-4 in his 12 meetings with the dubs since they got kd and is 7-5 vs curry in playoff games that he plays in...he owns them mentally....

  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick Lee Month ago +1

    Man when you lose when you got a 30 point lead, something is seriously wrong.

    • Patrick Lee
      Patrick Lee Month ago

      +Paolo Inigo You are right.

    • Paolo Inigo
      Paolo Inigo Month ago +1

      Patrick Lee No, not really! Anything can happen in Basketball. Clippers were just relentless to win and make it even

  • BootyHole Sniffer
    BootyHole Sniffer Month ago

    Beverley should be an All Star imo

  • BootyHole Sniffer
    BootyHole Sniffer Month ago

    Boogie always getting injured

  • gothatway09
    gothatway09 Month ago +2

    This is probably the greatest moment in Clippers history. I mean the franchise has never been to a conference final, let alone an NBA final. So coming back from down 31 points, against the back to back champions who happen to be one of the great dynasties in the NBA....pretty cool stuff. At least the Clippers have this bit of great lore to add to their history, considering how much bad stuff they have.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      i would say the game 6 2nd round vs the suns to force a game 7 to go to the west finals was bigger since it was at home for them...they never got that close before...sam cassell ironic enough the assistant this year was on that team too with corey maggette cutino mobley elton brand vladmir radmonovic chris kaman shaun livingston ironic enough and of course quinton ross and daniel ewing

  • Joe kingdom
    Joe kingdom Month ago +37

    Wow, way to go L.A clippers
    Anything is possible

    • A Fury
      A Fury Month ago

      +FuckingHateTwilight 2016? Lol, since the creation of the league.

    • FuckingHateTwilight
      FuckingHateTwilight Month ago +1

      Not in the NBA Clippers will prove to us that their comeback win was a fluke, NBA not making upsets possible since 2016.

  • Rochester new york
    Rochester new york Month ago +4

    Sound like doc smoke mad boggies

  • kram twain
    kram twain Month ago +15

    Rockets' fans be like this: Thanks Clippers, push Warriors to Game 7 and make them tired and weary for us. We'll gonna beat them in the 2nd round to avenge not only your loss but also ours last year.

    • D Thomas
      D Thomas Month ago

      Playa4Life no, they won’t have many days of rest if clippers push them them to 7.

    • John Shepard
      John Shepard Month ago

      Clippers got a better chance against GS then Houston lol

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago +1

      the bucks can beat anyone so the final aren't going to be easy for either the rockets or warriors

    • Playa4Life
      Playa4Life Month ago +1

      kram twain how would they tire them out lol they’ll have plenty of days to rest for the 2nd round. Plus the only time the rockets could’ve beat the warriors was last year when they had home court, but not this year tho

  • jero rosado
    jero rosado Month ago

    doesn't matter...

  • Dieu Duong
    Dieu Duong Month ago +5

    I in no way expect the Clippers to win the series. But I would LOVE it if they did! But even without Boogie, the Warriors are a dangerous team. But...they really don't get tested a lot. The times they did, like tonight, they cave in. Also, they got shook when they were up 3-1 vs Cleveland a few years ago. This year will really be their toughest test!

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      they should of lost last year...any team that goes 7 can be beaten the next year if they dont add anyone..cousins is out so the warriors are vulnerable...harden can legit destroy them if lou will is getting 36 and 11 on them just imagine what harden will do...45 and 15 easy...maybe 50 and 16

  • mark harley
    mark harley Month ago +2

    Didn't see also that KD wasn't there too.

  • Rae’Quan Morgan
    Rae’Quan Morgan Month ago +42

    The Warriors blew another (3,1) lead

    How 😂

  • Rae’Quan Morgan
    Rae’Quan Morgan Month ago



  • Manuel Smith
    Manuel Smith Month ago

    Patrick Beverly=grit

    • Manuel Smith
      Manuel Smith Month ago

      +J C Totally agree. Who cares who people say who's better. Compete!

    • J C
      J C Month ago

      Completely different team. Never knew how wrong the Old Clippers were until seeing this blue collar lineup. This is how basketball should be played.

  • Gary Raymond
    Gary Raymond Month ago +2

    Problem G.S. has is that they are now being forced to play defense against teams who play like they do. Best way to compete with a great team has always been to make them play defense against how they play. It's been like that all year. They were only 23-18 against .500 teams or better.

  • Arjun Muralidharan
    Arjun Muralidharan Month ago

    Lou Williams reminds me of Chauncey Billups during his championship with the pistons

  • mark harley
    mark harley Month ago +1

    Cousins affected the game too

  • Juan mura
    Juan mura Month ago +4

    Thank you

  • Juan mura
    Juan mura Month ago +50

    DOC RIVERS IS BLESSED! To have SAM CASSELL as assistant head coach
    Cassell was an amazing player so much heart never gave up
    And in a way he talked lots of smacked!!!

    • Dusk TheHunter
      Dusk TheHunter Month ago

      Sam Cassell is just an insanely knowedgeable basketball actor, he can do it all, that night too.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago +2

      sam is the reason sga lou will zubac and shamet have this confidence..he helped the rockets as a rookie to a title...he knows these situations...he can talk with the players as can doc since they were both players too..

  • Swisher Locobar
    Swisher Locobar Month ago +2

    I watched every gsw games last 6years and this season they have been like this...

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      cause they know kd leaving..remember the game they lost in ot when green and kd was bingo vs the clippers..who knocked them out last in the west playoffs?..doc and the clips.....ding ding ding...and who owned them that year?..cp3....whose waiting for revenge from last year after almost knocking them out...their done son..

  • Victor Ortega
    Victor Ortega Month ago

    Its hilarious how barkley heard some one say "listen" some time ago and he stuck with it. Also how you not now how to say shamet??its your job

    • Since when
      Since when Month ago

      Maybe the managers finally told him. It's a breath of fresh air from him shouting down others.

  • Pablo Reyes
    Pablo Reyes Month ago

    Anyone know the name of the song on the background?. It's groovy....

  • Cormorant_on_aRock
    Cormorant_on_aRock Month ago +11

    "they need to take a mint soccer ball and kick it in your mouth." Hahaha. I love that crew. They were pretty listless before the bad breath jokes; like there was a gas leak in the building - sleeping gas

  • Rayzajw
    Rayzajw Month ago

    Harrell looking like K.Love in the finals

    • J C
      J C Month ago +1

      If only the Rockets kept that

  • youssef yamani
    youssef yamani Month ago +3

    people making a big deal of it and steve kerr who to blame playing the garbage team in the third and sitting down curry who was hot... totally kerr fault

    • Waseem Sakka
      Waseem Sakka Month ago

      31 point lead, they should be able to rest Curry lol. How heartless is that team that they can let that happen?

  • Gualter gutierrez
    Gualter gutierrez Month ago +1

    kd, Leonard, ad and zion will go to clippers next year

  • Niko Enciso
    Niko Enciso Month ago +6

    yup lou and jamal is like watching and 1 tapes 💯👍

  • Amir L.
    Amir L. Month ago +56

    I still can't believe the Lakers let Williams go!

    • J C
      J C Month ago +7

      Rockets traded Lou, Montrez, and Beverly. They’d be so stacked right now if they weren’t so desperate to get Chris Paul.

      BIG DOG SURF VLOG Month ago +11

      The Lakers let a lot of people go

    • MicroWavy
      MicroWavy Month ago +4

      The rockets traded him to the Clippers so imagine what rockets would be with Lou rn

    • D.J.
      D.J. Month ago +4

      Or any other team

  • Three Big Ideas
    Three Big Ideas Month ago +7

    I want to see Sonics vs Nuggets 2.

  • alb warabi
    alb warabi Month ago +85

    Pat beverly shuold eat lots of GARLIC w some CURRY powder on it, if he will GUARD KD again to make KD QUIT

    • Hunter_k
      Hunter_k Month ago

      Didn't look like is last night

    • Ibrahim Mokero
      Ibrahim Mokero Month ago +1

      +Jon Torres I guess he means to make his breath smell as a distraction to him on the court..? Idk

    • Jon Torres
      Jon Torres Month ago +2


  • Gregory Emeagwara
    Gregory Emeagwara Month ago +21

    I know it's just the first round, but it kind of feels like game 4 2008 NBA Finals again huh Doc another comeback win.

  • Ian Reed
    Ian Reed Month ago +8

    the louisville boys harrell and mitchell need to play together some day their games are perfect for each other

  • Jerry Moo
    Jerry Moo Month ago

    That breath mint comment

  • Thunder Kat
    Thunder Kat Month ago +1

    In Gematria Oakland = 31 and 131. Golden state finished with 131 points and gave up a postseason record 31 point comeback. On a date with 31 numerology, the Warriors are kept at 31 home wins for the season,after a 31-point comeback,a new NBA record. these games are completely rigged and scripted

  • PK Comedy
    PK Comedy Month ago +1

    People keep talking about the Warriors losing Boogie (I feel bad for him) But its STILL ZERO ALL STARS vs. 5 ALL STARS, 4 TEAM USA PLAYERS, 4 HALL OF FAMERS. WHEN DO THE CLIPPERS GET SOME CREDIT? Waddup KAWHI! Waddup Jimmy, Kyrie, Kemba... we know you're watching! We only have one more max spot left after Kawhi comes over. Every Raptors loss is Kawhi taking one more big step towards coming back home to CALI.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      the clips can sign 2 max guys in theory...but they need to also trade guys and I think they want ad so...

    • Leonel Martinez
      Leonel Martinez Month ago

      KD is getting recruited first gand too

  • 420protoman
    420protoman Month ago

    doc rivers vs steve kerr

  • Jim Butta
    Jim Butta Month ago +32

    We need a cartoon on that last bit about "European Defense"!!!! HAHHA

  • Beet
    Beet Month ago +2

    Good thing Boogie doesn't need to walk on that leg, now he can just slither 🐍

  • quizman5
    quizman5 Month ago +1

    Boogie's freak injury was a early spoiler for the end of that game last night (try hard, finish line in sight, bam! blown tire). I still think GS is winning the series though

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      congrats a 1 seed beating a 8th that suppose to be a big deal?...the reason people are freaking out is they look beatable to the rockets....a team that looked really good in game 1 vs a great jazz team...and didnt even play their best game heck their star didnt even have 30 didnt need to play much in the 4th as they won by 32..........and the bucks may sweep 2 rounds in the east playoffs and go only 5 in the east finals..their going to be rested....this warriors team is toast vs teams that can defend and score like they can...harden gianiss are killers...

  • Gadon LEGACY26
    Gadon LEGACY26 Month ago +1

    Clippers are So lucky because they have dirty players

  • George Smiley
    George Smiley Month ago

    Entitled: And not a white guy on the floor for the GSW. Hmmmm....New Democrat talking point needed. Did anyone else notice all 4 starting guards for both teams in the NCAA Natty Champ were white? Hmmm....

  • David So
    David So Month ago +18

    its like they recast the voice of cookie monster from Mutombo to Doc

  • jay dee
    jay dee Month ago

    It looks like the other team from LA will knockdown GSW.

  • Clifford Martin
    Clifford Martin Month ago +14

    Lou Will, Patrick Beverly, SHAMET, Gallanari and Big HARRELL stepped it up! I told my friend “Shamet is out there killing Steph!” ❄️

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones Month ago

      this kid jamychel green as well and garret temple too....they never stopped battling

  • Josiah Francois
    Josiah Francois Month ago +21

    all u need is heart and spirit and u could beat anyone

    • CleverMan
      CleverMan Month ago

      Josiah Francois hahahaha nah I can’t play no more.

    • Josiah Francois
      Josiah Francois Month ago

      CleverMan lets 1v1 btw I’m in 8th grade

    • Josiah Francois
      Josiah Francois Month ago

      CleverMan that’s true too

    • CleverMan
      CleverMan Month ago +1

      Josiah Francois when I used to play ball some guys in the neighborhood worked has hard as they could and I still won. That’s all I’m saying. Those values are good but you still need talent. If you don’t believe me I’ll take you one-on-one anytime.

    • Josiah Francois
      Josiah Francois Month ago

      CleverMan hard work beats talent