Chrissy Teigen Gets Drunk on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • Chrissy Teigen kicks off Hot Ones Season 7 in dramatic fashion, taking one of the most unorthodox approaches we've seen yet to the wings of death. As she licks her way through the all-new hot-sauce lineup, the cookbook author, model, and entrepreneur discusses her most memorable Twitter wars, recommends the turkey leg at Medieval Times, and breaks down a no-fail recipe for Thai ribs. Watch the epic meltdown, and check out Chrissy's new book, Cravings: Hungry for More.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  8 months ago +2592

    DEBATE: Which is the most intense hot sauce experience: Mainlining sauces off a spoon (Rachael Ray), dousing wings in sauce and licking them clean (Chrissy Teigen), or cleaning wings to the bone (Gary V, et al)?

  • babybluex
    babybluex 19 hours ago +2

    Wow! Legend in so many ways! 😱

  • braeden martin
    braeden martin 22 hours ago +3

    How awesome would it have been if they got John and Chrissy

  • Por Nolio
    Por Nolio Day ago +2

    She is tough, she is putting extra sauce to the wings, at least i f you eat the meat you can handle it better, RESPECT

  • greenbeagle13
    greenbeagle13 Day ago +1

    I don't know who this is, but she nailed the baddest of them all - "Da Bomb" hot sauce, and then it cracked me up when she started drinking the water out of the pitcher - loved it.

  • Rob MacDougall
    Rob MacDougall Day ago

    sorry ... i am out ... she makes me wanna puke ... fucking gross

  • Babygirl
    Babygirl Day ago +3

    I felt so relieved when she ate the Avocado 🥑🥑

  • Rob MacDougall
    Rob MacDougall Day ago

    look at those post preggo chubby cheeks ... lives up to her name Chrissy ....

  • George Rivera
    George Rivera Day ago +1

    She is a champ lol

  • Chris Sykes
    Chris Sykes 2 days ago +1

    I love Chrissy Teigen so much she’s just all around an amazing person from what I’ve seen and I’m pretty sure off camera she’s an amazing person

  • USMC 8541
    USMC 8541 2 days ago

    Looks pretty chubby good thing she is not eating the wings

  • Rachel Franco
    Rachel Franco 2 days ago +1

    I thought the thumbnail was photoshopped lol. Damn those cheek fillers eh

  • Selena Alfaro
    Selena Alfaro 2 days ago +1

    Duuuude we need Ryan Reynolds, Snoop dogg, Ice Cube and will smith on this!

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 2 days ago +6

    I can’t believe she managed all of them, she’s so brave!! Wow!!

  • Katheryn Bliss
    Katheryn Bliss 4 days ago +12

    I really want Chrissy Teigen to do an asmr cooking show. The avocado bit at the end was perfect

  • C B
    C B 4 days ago +4

    Sean is so handsome & that voice! Great interviewer! ❤️

  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    “Can I suck on it?”
    “Of course...”

  • BoogerBeast
    BoogerBeast 5 days ago +3

    How can she eat 40 chicken nuggets but get full off of 4 chicken wings? Are you serving guests those stringy fat chicken wings instead of those nice crispy ones?

  • Cody Sheahan
    Cody Sheahan 5 days ago

    Please invite me to the show honest last dab i would take the last dab with a bit of each sauce on it. I think that would be hot but good and i also have a colorado hot sauce made from a homie that 2.6million

  • Francine Levesque
    Francine Levesque 5 days ago

    Exhorresco probably means exorcism judging by the illustration and spelling.

  • Francine Levesque
    Francine Levesque 5 days ago +4

    "I'm getting full"? They're wings.. who gets full off wings?

  • Bfigga1 Brad
    Bfigga1 Brad 5 days ago

    8:30 “can I suck on it” OF COURSE

  • Carlos Pimentel
    Carlos Pimentel 6 days ago

    She is crazy

  • Navy Jones
    Navy Jones 7 days ago

    22:45 that's what she said

  • Nightmare King
    Nightmare King 7 days ago

    22:45 Listen to it with your eyes closed

  • Chloe The Greatest
    Chloe The Greatest 8 days ago

    Kim k or kanye

  • Steve Rodriquez
    Steve Rodriquez 9 days ago +2

    Her cheek bones are sooo big that it looks like elephant man.

  • Steve Rodriquez
    Steve Rodriquez 9 days ago +1

    She looks evil with those cocked eyes.

  • Steve Rodriquez
    Steve Rodriquez 9 days ago +1

    I think that her face is soo big that her eyes can't look straight. She looks cockeyed all the time.

  • Steve Rodriquez
    Steve Rodriquez 9 days ago +1

    Good god that face is no joke. Her face is so big that it's caving in on itself

  • Steve Rodriquez
    Steve Rodriquez 9 days ago +1

    Damn that's a massive face

  • Steve Rodriquez
    Steve Rodriquez 9 days ago +2

    That girl has one of the biggest faces on the planet.

  • Waliya Hossain
    Waliya Hossain 9 days ago


  • BaYbOi41510
    BaYbOi41510 9 days ago +1

    So beautiful 😍 love her cheek bones

  • julie
    julie 10 days ago

    shes such a queen

  • Kacy Mah
    Kacy Mah 11 days ago +3

    LOVE HER! When she drinks from the pitcher 😂😂😂

  • Shannon& Jason Kuether 03/17/09

    I agree with her about Nutella and Milky Way

  • DatVideoDoe
    DatVideoDoe 11 days ago +2

    Lmao I got a Tums commercial where the dude was eating wings

  • Jenessa Partenach
    Jenessa Partenach 12 days ago

    Shes a rockstar ! Complete legend!

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez 12 days ago

    Best one yet! I love her so much! 👏🏽❤️

  • Josiah Gutierrez
    Josiah Gutierrez 12 days ago +2

    Get Snoop Dogg on here

  • ncsam 000000
    ncsam 000000 13 days ago +1

    Lmao shes not even hot

  • Claher90
    Claher90 13 days ago

    I love her 😂 she handled this like a boss!

  • Tasos
    Tasos 14 days ago +2

    3 Words About CT: SHE GO HARRRRD! Respect.

  • marcos duenas
    marcos duenas 14 days ago

    This bitch is fucken ugly 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤢🤢

  • Elineth Perez
    Elineth Perez 14 days ago

    How was she already full by two wings? I don’t get full until I eat about 10!

  • ana cruz
    ana cruz 14 days ago +6

    I vote for Shay Mitchell in the next one!!!

  • bailey righter
    bailey righter 14 days ago +1

    Omg I love her 😂 what a bad ass

  • Niya Kristal
    Niya Kristal 15 days ago

    This chick is crazy. I love her

  • Niya Kristal
    Niya Kristal 15 days ago +6

    Chrissy is everything. Feeling that adventurous Sagittarian energy

  • Love of Sciences
    Love of Sciences 15 days ago +2

    It’s going to burn later 🚽

  • Adrian Franco
    Adrian Franco 16 days ago +2

    Get snoop,Cube and too short on the show! 😂

  • AJ Thompson
    AJ Thompson 18 days ago

    Jesus she's tough. When she took on Da Bomb I almost fucking lost it.

  • Basil Ruano
    Basil Ruano 18 days ago

    Bruh any Brodie who like Chrissy finna be happy asf she sucking wings long daddy style

  • MrRevCytosis
    MrRevCytosis 21 day ago

    If you just call it a pizza, i agree not pizza...but when you use the full "Pizza Pie" yea it's a pizza pie

  • Ashley Timm
    Ashley Timm 22 days ago

    Shes my girl crush!

  • ShaneRtube
    ShaneRtube 24 days ago

    Bruh. I've never actually looked looked at this girl. But she flat out ugly lol wtf

  • hyper Sonico
    hyper Sonico 24 days ago

    Epic win

  • PlanetSleaze
    PlanetSleaze 26 days ago

    Milky Ways DO suck!

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross 26 days ago

    Ryan reynolds, chadwich boseman, Adam Sandler and Mark Walberg

  • sniperlif3
    sniperlif3 27 days ago

    I have heard her name, but have never seen her until now.

  • Zainab Almasi
    Zainab Almasi 27 days ago +1

    Can yall do one of the Kardashians lol I know we all will enjoy this

  • John Tambascio
    John Tambascio 27 days ago

    i dont eat avacado i might now

  • Suzy E
    Suzy E 28 days ago

    i am so sorry....but chrissy teigen these days looks legit terrifying....from :17 to :20 you can see her cheek implants extending way past her hair. what the actual eff did you do to your face? it is NOT looks like a huge LUMP under both eyes

  • JustTheClips
    JustTheClips 29 days ago +7

    "Use just the tip"! :)

  • Nuria Peláez
    Nuria Peláez Month ago

    what does she say at 20:11 ???

  • BonbondeParis
    BonbondeParis Month ago +1

    Ironically, avocado will temper the heat from chili pepper. I would put it on my rider for this appearance!

  • Zay Wat
    Zay Wat Month ago +1

    Chrissy! You said it yourself girl! So I don't have too... but licking the wings... Yeah xD

  • Hankster
    Hankster Month ago

    Why are her cheeks like that?

    • j j
      j j 9 days ago

      Looking for answers too😁

  • Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez Month ago

    I wanna see cardi on here

  • The one and only BHT
    The one and only BHT Month ago +1

    Gary Busey... PLEASE!!!

  • Denise Alvarez
    Denise Alvarez Month ago

    I love her🥰🥰🥰

  • Clint E
    Clint E Month ago

    Why do I feel that da bomb is the hottest sauce they have? Everyone that eats that gets there ass handed to them, then the last 2 are just hot. I think da bomb needs to be re evaluated as far as scovilles are considered. It seems to be way under rated.

  • Natasha Mitchell
    Natasha Mitchell Month ago

    She looks like she done went & messed up her face. Still pretty, but she got that plastic surgery look.

  • Kristy Lin
    Kristy Lin Month ago

    Also I don't understand how she was getting full from eating 1/7 of like 4 wings???

    • haley
      haley Month ago

      She probably already ate, re: a bunch of salty Ruffles

  • Kristy Lin
    Kristy Lin Month ago

    Chrissy is me... trying to be one of those badasses and jackasses who go hard and ask for forgiveness later but already choking on the ricochet .5 seconds later

  • A F
    A F Month ago

    50 cloves of garlic? Apparently it's not that idiot proof.

  • Christina Rosales
    Christina Rosales Month ago +5

    Who else was dying at the end when she was cutting the avocado

  • Constantin Winsberg
    Constantin Winsberg Month ago +3

    Hey Chrissy BOTOX Teigen

  • Farid Musbah
    Farid Musbah Month ago

    Why does her face reminds me of a fruit character from the "Annoying Orange"?

  • Dank Lambsta
    Dank Lambsta Month ago

    Nigga said 👁👁‍🗨

  • Steph Anglim Lagones

    Chrissy wins at Hot Ones, she ate the most hot sauce with the strongest face throughout aha love her!

  • Wicked
    Wicked Month ago

    She’s awesome.

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli Month ago

    Wow what a queen

  • zook420000
    zook420000 Month ago

    DSL fo sho

  • RDM 010
    RDM 010 Month ago

    Deep dish pizza sucks.

  • one028
    one028 Month ago

    I f-ing hate this bitch.

  • Breanne Murphy
    Breanne Murphy Month ago

    I think it would be worse without the chicken

  • Jacob Pearson
    Jacob Pearson Month ago

    What the hell happened to her?? What did she inject in her face?! Why are models not attractive haha her face looks bloated and fake and fat. No offense but it’s amazing how millionaires can look like shit but in their world it’s hot

  • Dakota Wiggins
    Dakota Wiggins Month ago


  • Clayre Tenquist
    Clayre Tenquist Month ago +17

    I always thought she was cringe as hell but this video made me realize I've never actually seen her talk she's actually dope as hell

  • Wayne Payne98
    Wayne Payne98 Month ago

    Fucking pedo demon. Fuck you Chrissy Teigan.

  • yellowman dlee
    yellowman dlee Month ago +1

    so ugly

  • SsullivanN -
    SsullivanN - Month ago

    Do Jack Black

  • Paul Beebe
    Paul Beebe Month ago

    Chrissy!!!We don't be hatin' on da pancit....LOL No hatin' on the CHicago Pizza.

  • Anwar Uhuru
    Anwar Uhuru Month ago

    She's a BOSS!!!

  • Ava
    Ava Month ago

    Popped cabbage patch kid!

  • Katya Vinogradova
    Katya Vinogradova Month ago

    She's a champ! Ate way more sauce and without the help of meat - wow! And it looks like avocado helped put the fire out - maybe they should offer that instead of milk and rice?

  • Van Lau
    Van Lau Month ago

    She's sweating from her eyes and her make-up didn't even bulge. Her make-up loyal AF.

  • Eleminster Chosen of Mystra

    She lost in my book. Fucking cheater