My Mid-Life Christmas | MEGANBYTES EP. 72 | MeganBatoon


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  • simplychillinnn
    simplychillinnn 10 months ago

    Lmao I would also be rooting for a hotdog! “Let’s go sports” :p haha

  • ea0529
    ea0529 Year ago

    5:52 “You’re good at that, Nicole.”

  • John Okamoto
    John Okamoto Year ago +2

    Can't help but laugh watching Megan and her mom laughing hysterically

  • Rica Cinco
    Rica Cinco Year ago


  • Candice Fisher
    Candice Fisher Year ago

    A guy who went to my high school just got drafted to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    Snow Good.

  • Queen of Nothing to do

    Your skin is perfect

  • Jocelyn Magner
    Jocelyn Magner Year ago

    Lol the dude at 1:34

  • Charmaine Mendoza

    snow good

  • Shadowday 88
    Shadowday 88 Year ago

    Poor Nicole! that 's so funny😂😂😂😂

  • Hannah Lynn in Full Color

    I am dying!

  • Justin Jensen
    Justin Jensen Year ago

    you two in matching onesie is just adorable, have an awesome new year +MeganBatoon. nizohnì shì buddy 🖒🖒🖒😆😆😆🎄🎄❄❄

    KLC LRN Year ago

    I stopped watching Meganbytes clogs after ep. 38

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Snow good to see you so happy.

  • Clarke9
    Clarke9 Year ago

    I didnt know that she speaks Korean. Go to 0:32, and you will hear 어 나 어떡해 어떡해. xD

  • Niq Ruc
    Niq Ruc Year ago

    Snow good

  • Camilla Chanel Misa

    You're in your twenties, I think quarter life would be more suitable :)

  • KLEE
    KLEE Year ago

    I want that onsie. Also.. snow good!

  • Mel Say
    Mel Say Year ago

    are you only half filipina

    • KLC LRN
      KLC LRN Year ago

      She's also half irish

  • Mel Say
    Mel Say Year ago

    snow good

  • imsojey
    imsojey Year ago

    we have it here the longest ice slide in star city. Come to Phillipines.

  • Myracle Harmon
    Myracle Harmon Year ago

    I'm crying! this was amazing

  • Sara Amélia
    Sara Amélia Year ago

    Hey Megan!!! how are u doing?

  • Cassiano Bezerra
    Cassiano Bezerra Year ago

    Lots of laughs with megan ...

  • Aayush dangol
    Aayush dangol Year ago

    someone give megan a phillyD sports shirt... lets go sports... lol

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone Year ago

    beautiful family.

  • Hoshiko
    Hoshiko Year ago

    Not a hotdog fan but your fanaticism is making me reconsider eating one haha!

  • Ionthescorewan Bikerboy

    dear beautifull megan,would you make a dancing vid with stephanie "lil steph" nguyen if you had the chance???

  • HiitsIris
    HiitsIris Year ago

    THIS WAS GREAT loll i wanna play that game now loll

  • Ropo Girl
    Ropo Girl Year ago

    Snow good XD

  • Cheryl C
    Cheryl C Year ago

    lmfao!!!! your poor sister lol

  • dutch_red_tt
    dutch_red_tt Year ago

    Merry Christmas ❤️

  • Ерофей Егоров

    She is so cute))

  • LiquidMixProductions

    Family so awesome....i need to buy pie in the face

  • Julyeng Pascual
    Julyeng Pascual Year ago

    Nicole is beautiful😍😍 and of course so does Megan❤❤

  • Nanda Sutrisno
    Nanda Sutrisno Year ago

    Pie face bit is one of my favs of yours so far 😘

  • Ben Charoenwong
    Ben Charoenwong Year ago

    you mean quarter-life! surely you've got much more go to! :)

  • all British people are wizards O.O

    ladies of rap

  • Robert Turnbull
    Robert Turnbull Year ago

    lol Megan being an angel among mortals

  • Marco M.
    Marco M. Year ago

    Megan kinda looked like a flight attendant when she was at the Jaguars game

  • Primrose Daisy
    Primrose Daisy Year ago


  • Hanz Paiso
    Hanz Paiso Year ago

    she's soooo cute 😭

  • Fey P
    Fey P Year ago

    best wake up good vibes blog!! ended up crying with ur family!! ❤❤❤ Megan

  • allison abril
    allison abril Year ago

    I love your guys' onesie! Where did you get them? Why are you so perfect?

  • pete_rock2310
    pete_rock2310 Year ago

    Oh damn, Megan put ketchup on a dawg... Yuck, yuck, yuck...

  • 08Coolster
    08Coolster Year ago

    you're such an awesome person, my famous crush

  • xman870096
    xman870096 Year ago

    Thank you for such a fun video!!..I'm going to get that game for two Grand daughters, (4 and 5yrs. old) they love whipped cream so I don't think they'll mind when they lose!!

  • Andy Ladd
    Andy Ladd Year ago

    The pie in my face part was amazing! 🤣

  • LonelyMind
    LonelyMind Year ago

    I love you Meg!!

  • Klaus
    Klaus Year ago

    I love you Megan! Thank you for always making me smile 😊 Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you and your family! ❤🎉🎄
    Shout out from PH ✨

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  • Abram Rex Joaquin

    Megan, the true TheLegend27 with that 5 spin win.

  • Ray
    Ray Year ago

    Snow good

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago

    Snow good

  • Th3CatExe
    Th3CatExe Year ago

    SC CHRIMAAA !!! said in Christmas reindeer kawaii voice 😁😀😂

  • Patrick George
    Patrick George Year ago


  • blackiechan52
    blackiechan52 Year ago

    Your whole family is hot.

  • Ian Szeto
    Ian Szeto Year ago

    6:11 - 6:16 dolphin communication??

  • bananaboomer
    bananaboomer Year ago +8

    I just want someone to love me as much as megan loves sports

  • Landry Ntaryamira
    Landry Ntaryamira Year ago +6

    Anyone else notice the dude waving at her at 1:32

    • Th3CatExe
      Th3CatExe Year ago

      Landry Ntaryamira yes and I don't care if that's a weird coincidence . I love that guy 🤗 he's like 'hey I wanna be a part of this too 🙂 '

  • Zahrin Omar
    Zahrin Omar Year ago

    SC CHRIMAA!!! btw my snap is FitrahQorirah

  • Angelina Novales
    Angelina Novales Year ago

    I got scolded 'cause I was caught laughing by myself hahaha

  • Bella Swan
    Bella Swan Year ago +12

    You and your family and this game just gave me joy!

  • Lori Wolfe
    Lori Wolfe Year ago

    Need to come to Jaguars games more often! They win when you're there!

  • Miranda
    Miranda Year ago

    The amount of joy that game gave them makes me so happy!

  • Sukiestyles
    Sukiestyles Year ago +5

    so good. so so good.

  • K. Phen
    K. Phen Year ago

    love megan

  • knightschica13
    knightschica13 Year ago

    Snow Good 😂

  • FunnyGuyFilms
    FunnyGuyFilms Year ago

    I was in the shower with megan

  • Viliami Ngaluafe
    Viliami Ngaluafe Year ago

    Haha poor Nicole and go hot dogs lol

  • Franchesca Arcilla

    go sports!
    I love your mom! 😍

  • I use to be Him
    I use to be Him Year ago

    That was hahaha-larious! :D

  • Hector Hernandez
    Hector Hernandez Year ago

    10/10 would watch again

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond Year ago +1

    Ketchup on a hot dog? WTF Batoon?!?!

  • Kitty Tang
    Kitty Tang Year ago

    S! C! CHRIMMAAAA!! as said in megan's voice

  • Maki Sanchez
    Maki Sanchez Year ago


  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto Year ago +1

    I have never seen a person as jolly,energetic,creative and bright as megan. she is definitely one of a kind

  • Nikita Brown
    Nikita Brown Year ago +1

    Her moms laugh😁😝

  • Nate Brown
    Nate Brown Year ago

    merry Christmas like the video to funny

  • BlakkLite003
    BlakkLite003 Year ago

    I just came here to let Ms. Batoon know that I looked and lingered about the video title for a about 7-8 hours before I caught onto it...
    I gotta do better smh...

  • Loïs Qutob
    Loïs Qutob Year ago +6

    love that cry level laughter. instant abs

  • Gwen Pastor
    Gwen Pastor Year ago


  • Leslie Mendoza
    Leslie Mendoza Year ago +25

    your laughs made my day!xp

  • kyle cordero
    kyle cordero Year ago


  • Jimin’s Crooked Tooth


  • Justin Aviles
    Justin Aviles Year ago +1


  • Juanita Bowens
    Juanita Bowens Year ago

    this is one of your best videos ever!

  • Trungtuan Bui
    Trungtuan Bui Year ago

    SC CHRISTMAAA so weird how small of a world it is haha it blew my mind that I actually know some of your cousins in Jax

  • okayjk
    okayjk Year ago


  • Alyssandra Cabading

    happy HOLLAdaysssss

  • Nicole Raqueno
    Nicole Raqueno Year ago +1

    0:33-0:34 That highlight is poppin

  • Jayain
    Jayain Year ago

    SC CHRIMAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (check her snapschat for that reference @meganbatoon)

  • Anya
    Anya Year ago

    SC CHRISTMAAA and snow good and what a cruel game.

  • Allan Bernard De Guzman


  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Vanessa Ramirez Year ago +1

    Megan your the one who convinced me to dance thank you!!!😀

  • TheSmoovechiminal

    SC CHRIMAAA!!!!!! You're hilarious !

  • Lucy Nguyen03
    Lucy Nguyen03 Year ago

    Who's older? You or Nicole?

    • H B
      H B Year ago +1

      IAmLucy N Nicole

  • Illuminaty
    Illuminaty Year ago +1

    All of your videos are great but this one is outdated! I Love You Megan.

    • Illuminaty
      Illuminaty Year ago +2

      Sorry for my English, or rather, google translator English. I do not speak English.

    • M M
      M M Year ago +2

      wasn't aware of the date requirements on her videos...? LOL

  • jojomokioki
    jojomokioki Year ago


  • cxrtneyf
    cxrtneyf Year ago