Jhin: Mind of the Virtuoso | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 6, 2016
  • "I will make you beautiful. I will make you perfect." Dive into the meticulous mind of Jhin, the Virtuoso. For more on Jhin's grand entrance into League of Legends, set your sights on this link:
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  • Patrickis Nub
    Patrickis Nub 6 hours ago

    0:49 I think this is Unmasked Shockblade zed because look at the pants its white and then the looking ninja build

  • Crazou Owase
    Crazou Owase 16 hours ago

    Now, this is art!

  • Jed Einstein Lantaco

    Why do i have doubt that miss fortune sooted him?

  • Flavio Felipe
    Flavio Felipe 3 days ago +1

    E Até hoje ninguem superou essa obra prima ! melhor ADC da historia de League of Legends ! quem discorda é clubista.

  • DimenZhion
    DimenZhion 3 days ago

    The fast birth

  • Ishtiaque Rahman
    Ishtiaque Rahman 6 days ago

    back when champion teasers were good

  • Ercan BeY
    Ercan BeY 9 days ago

    yaptığınız en iyi animasyon ve müzik sırf bu videoyu izledim diye 1 aydır jhin oynuyorum

  • Atroxx Resal
    Atroxx Resal 11 days ago

    Someone knows how's called the instrument that starts playing at 0:32?

    • Mirano
      Mirano 10 days ago

      @Atroxx Resal If not Violin than Cello, there is nothing else, its violin for sure.

    • Atroxx Resal
      Atroxx Resal 10 days ago

      Mirano it doesn’t sound like a violin tho, unless the sound was slightly modified

    • Mirano
      Mirano 10 days ago

      Violin probably

  • That Boi
    That Boi 16 days ago


  • Kla Gh
    Kla Gh 17 days ago

    Jihn is girl!!!

    • Mirano
      Mirano 10 days ago

      That would be weird

  • Greeny *
    Greeny * 19 days ago

    Rito animation and music 10/10
    Rito balance 2/10

  • The Bulat
    The Bulat 22 days ago

    So,Jhin and Pyro can be friend?

  • Bartłomiej Hemot
    Bartłomiej Hemot 23 days ago


  • Mac Ph
    Mac Ph 26 days ago

    Looks like im the first one to see this in my recommendations

  • Jared Manio
    Jared Manio 27 days ago

    anyone 2019????

  • Kayn Is my daddy
    Kayn Is my daddy 29 days ago

    F O U R

  • Gentāro Nightcore
    Gentāro Nightcore Month ago +1

    Truly thanks riot to make this masterpiece.
    -Jhin main.♡

  • Furkan
    Furkan Month ago


  • falis lévrier
    falis lévrier Month ago +1

    La beauté est dans la douleur 🖤

  • Rotcrawler
    Rotcrawler Month ago +4

    Hey there, coming from the future. 2019 jhin is still the best champ.

  • John Mang
    John Mang Month ago +1

    to be honest it was when i was introduced to the champion jhin that i was more motivated to do better at my comic drawings. He's…inspirational to me. Thank you riot.

  • Fabio
    Fabio Month ago +1

    hey men good video, you should make video game :)

  • Haruard `
    Haruard ` Month ago

    So epic smurf

  • fakq
    fakq Month ago +1

    Jhin needs his own cinematic about his passion in killing and his artistic view.

  • Patrick Patawaran
    Patrick Patawaran Month ago

    That silence at the end while he glimpse with the eye closed up at the camera...

    Gives me goosebumps everytime...

  • ominous warning
    ominous warning Month ago +1

    Up close his eye is pretty af boy got some long eyelashes please let me see HIS FACE RIOT

  • Jacob Claros
    Jacob Claros Month ago

    I'm kind of understanding
    Jhin.i think he mean
    That those people
    Get stronger when there's villains.
    Or for him killing is art

  • WaRRioR CanDiDate
    WaRRioR CanDiDate Month ago +1

    This music always gives me goosebumps

  • Soul Striker
    Soul Striker Month ago

    What's with these recommendations

  • Venomous
    Venomous Month ago +1

    Still best teaser right?

  • Telah
    Telah Month ago +1


  • Deedee Booboo
    Deedee Booboo Month ago +1

    I’d kill too if that’s what I’d see instead of blood 👺

  • Enes yorulmaz
    Enes yorulmaz Month ago

    Still coming and watching my main's amazing teaser..

  • Jojo
    Jojo Month ago +1

    3 years ago and it still feels like yesterday
    It must be more than perfection

  • Mr ReD
    Mr ReD Month ago +1


  • Doll
    Doll Month ago +1


  • Mando
    Mando Month ago

    I still come back here even though I fell in love with Jhin when all I knew about him was that he was called Deadeye back when the video of Zed dying with flowers coming out of his eyes, I have never been so attached to a game character so bad.

  • Boring, lonely, depressed Nibba

    Still one of league's best creations

  • rEN
    rEN Month ago +1

    Almost 4 years folks. We celebrate HARD next year

  • Deybid Calyon
    Deybid Calyon Month ago

    That was very artsy

  • L Forxuz
    L Forxuz Month ago


  • Rathmor
    Rathmor Month ago

    Should've played Lacrimosa by Mozart instead.

  • Ethan Montgomery
    Ethan Montgomery Month ago

    Rip graves rework

  • CutePenguin
    CutePenguin Month ago +6

    In carnage , I ..

  • Kencha
    Kencha Month ago +1

    zed and shin want to know your location*

  • Julio Gómez M
    Julio Gómez M Month ago +1

    Riot games needs more teasers like this

  • aldryxz
    aldryxz Month ago +1

    2019 biiitcheeeeezzz!!!

  • YasuoIsBroken
    YasuoIsBroken Month ago

    How did we came from this character and his introduction to yuumi

  • Женёк
    Женёк 2 months ago

    Боги, эти бабочки из сигаретного дыма!! Я потёк!!

  • Justinas
    Justinas 2 months ago

    2019 Someone? *Art is worth the pain*

  • TheBestPart Tho.
    TheBestPart Tho. 2 months ago +1

    Puts a homicidal artist psychopath in a fantasy moba with a mostly edgy cast
    Riot: adds zoe and yuumi
    Jhin: Am i a joke to you?

  • Josh Salvo
    Josh Salvo 2 months ago


  • Koro- Sensei
    Koro- Sensei 2 months ago

    this has always been disturbing to me

    ANIME MONOGATARI 2 months ago

    a jhin buena

  • Sabino Garcia
    Sabino Garcia 2 months ago

    Death...is only the beginning. with Khada here...you have the power to make art out of death, should you see fit.

  • Pykémain
    Pykémain 2 months ago

    I can't believe it has been 3 years already...

  • hit me
    hit me 2 months ago


  • Vo D
    Vo D 2 months ago

    Creepy 4/4 husbando material : Proved.

  • Aziz Benazoun
    Aziz Benazoun 2 months ago

    This is the best teaser to a champion in league history actually
    Now it's just pics and baam champ

  • YourMoraleBoosterTV
    YourMoraleBoosterTV 2 months ago


  • BigBoi Bob
    BigBoi Bob 2 months ago

    I watched it, and it was beautiful.

  • Kla Gh
    Kla Gh 2 months ago

    Jhin is girl?

  • Viktor main uwu
    Viktor main uwu 2 months ago +3

    Probably the best champion trailer in League.

  • Patrick .Gonzalez
    Patrick .Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Bar none still the best teaser ever created by Riot

  • One Two Tress
    One Two Tress 3 months ago

    Indeed beautiful

  • Mint Killer1
    Mint Killer1 3 months ago

    it's the fourth year and the fourth month since this was release,shouldn't riot release more lore for jhin.

  • Joven Leow Leow Joven Jun Wen

    Art performance begins

  • Batbayar Bilguuntugs
    Batbayar Bilguuntugs 3 months ago

    he reminds me artist joker

  • Frencher Mann
    Frencher Mann 3 months ago


    THE ANACONDA 3 months ago

    Also this guy IS THE MOST UNBALANCED CHAMPION when it comes to damage