Yair Rodriguez on training for Jeremy Stephens, UFC Fight Night predictions | ESPN MMA

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Yair Rodriguez speaks with Heidi Androl about training above 10,000 feet for this fight in Mexico City. (2:07) Dan Hardy gives his predictions for UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs. Stephens, including Polo Reyes vs. Kyle Nelson, Carla Esparza vs. Alexa Grasso and Yair Rodriguez vs. Jeremy Stephens.
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Comments • 230

  • Asdrúbal Castillo
    Asdrúbal Castillo 6 days ago

    Jeremy? Who da fck is dat gay? Come on Pantera!!!

  • Steve Legend
    Steve Legend 29 days ago

    He never mentioned how he has been training eye pokes, scratches and general unsportsman like behaviour, huh surprised by that...

  • Joseph Underwood
    Joseph Underwood 29 days ago

    I predict a 1st round eye poke...yourrear

  • Feint
    Feint 29 days ago

    My cardio is terrible and I’m only at 400 ft above sea level 😭

  • Joe v
    Joe v 29 days ago

    Pinche chamaco!!

  • Patrick Cunningham
    Patrick Cunningham 29 days ago +1

    I hope an inadvertent eye poke doesn't ruin this fight

  • Angry Chileh
    Angry Chileh 29 days ago +1

    He went to work out at the top of a volcano so he could learn to poke someone's eye out better.

  • Crystal Francis
    Crystal Francis Month ago +2

    He trained like Jon Jones and dc and was precise

  • cunn1n6ham
    cunn1n6ham Month ago

    I bet this fight ends in a no contest...eye poke probably Yair will poke Stephens eye and Stephens will quit.

    • Sleazy Challenger
      Sleazy Challenger Month ago

      cunn1n6ham Oh yeah I totally predict that too. I totally didn’t just watch that right now......

  • Moses89
    Moses89 Month ago

    Eye poker 😂

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez Month ago

    Eye Poke

  • Steven Martínez
    Steven Martínez Month ago +1

    I predict an eyepoke 😏:v

  • dolan pls
    dolan pls Month ago

    good to ruin the event

  • DaeguCityBoy
    DaeguCityBoy Month ago +3

    Who came here after he had eye poked?

    FAT COUNTRY Month ago +1

    The eye poke was 100 percent Intentional look into it

  • Patrick Young
    Patrick Young Month ago +1

    When I knock people out they don’t fucking move

  • John Fuckyour mom
    John Fuckyour mom Month ago

    Yair by KO.Stevens is always gonna be a good fighter but will always be on the outside looking in IMO..but Also I just dont like Jeremy .

  • Pro Fights Info
    Pro Fights Info Month ago +1

    0:35 - “Take it easy” (Nacho Libre voice)

  • Harald Haram
    Harald Haram Month ago +1

    That lady looks like she might break Yair into tiny pieces and eat him

  • caspar
    caspar Month ago

    yair getting slept, this what he gets for ducking

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    The question still remains, how good is Your-Rear?

  • Eduardo Gomes
    Eduardo Gomes Month ago +1

    Dude eat alot of cars

  • yorke wallace
    yorke wallace Month ago

    after the edgar loss he looks like he lost a lot of swag in his fighting style.. been rooting for him, not really expecting that much for him.. i wouldnt surprise if he gets mauled here, stephens always had that switch to turn the lights off.. for sure this will be action packed great match-up.. stephens vs volkanovski would be savage

  • texmexspm
    texmexspm Month ago

    I like yair but Jeremy is going for the kill.

  • OG Jin Bling
    OG Jin Bling Month ago +3

    He's on that rice and corn tortilla diet.

  • Alistair Overeem
    Alistair Overeem Month ago +1

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to train for six and a half hours straight, watch Rocky IV then go on a midnight run, according to Jeremy Stephens.

  • Thom smith
    Thom smith Month ago +42

    Yair got the slowest KO in UFC history

      COW8OYFROMHELL 29 days ago +1

      It's funny to see it that way. 😂

    • ishy
      ishy Month ago +4

      🤣 Didn't think about it this way

    • Anthony L
      Anthony L Month ago +2


  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald Williams Month ago

    Do anybody else think he dodged Zabit?💯

  • Oryahn
    Oryahn Month ago +27

    Altitude gets Tony Ferguson Sickness.

  • Achilles !
    Achilles ! Month ago +11

    Yair speaks 800 words a minute

  • Biruk Tebaae
    Biruk Tebaae Month ago +2

    Hi guys it yarear

  • GLTCH 12345
    GLTCH 12345 Month ago

    I hate the outro

  • Rony Varghese
    Rony Varghese Month ago +1

    Jeremy will win by tko

  • snaky jones
    snaky jones Month ago +8

    Tony ferguson type to train at altitude for fight at sea level

  • Jerimiah Rhea
    Jerimiah Rhea Month ago +1

    "You gotta take it easy"

  • A. Friche
    A. Friche Month ago +5

    its like when goku trained for namukusei in the spaceship he used a superhot invironment

    • VDR
      VDR Month ago

      Ohh man of culture

  • Love All hate none
    Love All hate none Month ago

    I hate fighter when they act stupid please learn from khabib mannerisms

  • AT
    AT Month ago +14

    Last Fight: Def. K. Zombie By Knockout (Round 5 - 4:59)

    R O U N D 5 - 4 : 5 9

    • rjxs
      rjxs 29 days ago

      Awesome fight. Was really looking forward to seeing yara fight again. Shame

    • dominik leopold
      dominik leopold Month ago

      Needed a bit long didnt he

  • The type of guy
    The type of guy Month ago +1

    Yuh rear ur hear

    PABLO ESCOBAR Month ago


  • Baltimore Fan
    Baltimore Fan Month ago +2

    If yair avoids takedown I believe this will be best yair we've seen and will put on a show...I know Stephens is a monster tho

    • El 47
      El 47 Month ago

      Baltimore Fan yair isn't going to avoid any situation

  • itsjustaride12
    itsjustaride12 Month ago +1

    Kids overrated. Jeremy is going to hurt him

    • GLTCH 12345
      GLTCH 12345 Month ago

      Yair will destroy Jeremy. Hes a future champ. See you tomorrow casual, hope you respond

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W Month ago

    This woman sucks

    • INDIA
      INDIA Month ago

      This woman should suck

  • Josue Rodriguez
    Josue Rodriguez Month ago

    This dude planning like a mf

  • fiqipraramadhan
    fiqipraramadhan Month ago +2

    He needs to take it to a distance but Stephens's gonna rock him

    • C C
      C C Month ago

      fiqipraramadhan lol no way Stephens getting cut finally

    • Blessed
      Blessed Month ago

      Of course Jeremy is going to rock him. This is MMA but what matters is if Yair can bounce back

  • Jerry B
    Jerry B Month ago +2

    The Lucky Elbow dude....

    • GLTCH 12345
      GLTCH 12345 Month ago +2

      Yeah, techinique had nothing to do with it. Cus mma is luck, not technique.... IDIOT

  • Monu Sony
    Monu Sony Month ago

    👌👌OK OK

  • Keith
    Keith Month ago +12

    Either Yair is a tiny dude or this girl is huge.

    • Dan Farmer
      Dan Farmer Month ago +1

      John Smith 145 isn’t tiny. Rodriguez, Stephens, Holloway, Magomedsharipov and Aldo aren’t tiny.

    • pu be
      pu be Month ago

      @regular_dude he cuts weight and fights at 145.

    • regular_dude
      regular_dude Month ago

      @GLTCH 12345 hes average height but very thin and small boned for a man of his height. The average 5'10 or 5'11 man would fight at 155 or 170 so hes a little small boned for his height.

    • Python Reticulatus
      Python Reticulatus Month ago

      145 is a small man

    • GLTCH 12345
      GLTCH 12345 Month ago +1

      Yair is 5 10. Hes not tiny. That girl is huge

  • Frankie Cal
    Frankie Cal Month ago +18

    "Your Rear" - Chael Sonnen

  • mshogun
    mshogun Month ago +1

    Jeremy Stephens ko yah-rear 1st round

    • Schizophrenic0
      Schizophrenic0 Month ago

      @GLTCH 12345 doubt

    • GLTCH 12345
      GLTCH 12345 Month ago

      When Yair wins hope you reply tomorrow, casual. Yair would beat Jeremy and Zabit in the same night

    • GongsunXin
      GongsunXin Month ago

      will he kick ya rear?

  • Sushi Uchiha
    Sushi Uchiha Month ago +1

    Yair will beat Stephen's then take out Zabitch after.

  • Sushi Uchiha
    Sushi Uchiha Month ago +3

    Who's the hot thot babe with Ya rear right here?

  • Express yourself
    Express yourself Month ago +1

    I expect to see another highlight level ko similar to the Korean zombie ko. Jeremy's style will open up plenty of opportunities for ya rear.

  • Valery Chekmazov
    Valery Chekmazov Month ago +1

    This churo going to sleep

  • Bl 97
    Bl 97 Month ago +2

    You better kick that foo hard foo

  • juvie gill
    juvie gill Month ago +10

    I hope Stevens loses he is a punk

    • Schizophrenic0
      Schizophrenic0 Month ago

      @regular_dude lol

    • regular_dude
      regular_dude Month ago

      @Schizophrenic0 lee's boxing skill is good but his power is terrible he has 2 knockouts in 17 wins thats a terrible ratio and those were ground and pound kos. If he had 7kos in 17 wins that would be average. A hard ko puncher would have atleast 10 or 11kos in 17wins .

    • Schizophrenic0
      Schizophrenic0 Month ago

      @regular_dude lee throws pretty hard his boxing is not that bad

    • regular_dude
      regular_dude Month ago

      @New Keys 19 of his 28 wins are kos. Definitely not luck. His power is a weapon its not lucky when a ko puncher gets a ko. Its lucky when a feather fisted puncher like michael chiesa or kevin lee get a ko.

    • GongsunXin
      GongsunXin Month ago +2

      @New Keys rly?

  • Dan G
    Dan G Month ago +2

    Looks Middle Eastern.

    • En P
      En P Month ago

      @GLTCH 12345 eh it goes both ways look at mr Capone middle eastern who passes as Mexican or some other mexican gangster rapper

    • GLTCH 12345
      GLTCH 12345 Month ago +1

      Looks mexican asf, not middle eastern lol

    • yawel romero
      yawel romero Month ago

      Most brown people look similar.

    • regular_dude
      regular_dude Month ago +2

      @GongsunXin no, we came from africa but we obviously dont alll look black

    • Aslan
      Aslan Month ago

      Don't Fear The Reaper baseless

  • The General
    The General Month ago +1

    He's going to get knocked out....am i right?

    • Jose Villeda
      Jose Villeda Month ago +1

      @williejames huff sheesh man i dont agree with him either but its just his prediction calm down

    • GongsunXin
      GongsunXin Month ago

      not a fact at all

    • williejames huff
      williejames huff Month ago +1

      Wrong again just like when you thought you would succeed in life

    • Malo Son
      Malo Son Month ago

      The Dog's Bollox no

  • pseudosun
    pseudosun Month ago +3

    I like Jeremy, but i think he's setting himself up to be in a compilation video "when trash talking goes bad." It's tragic, but i predict Jeremy loses again. Yair is very quick and long. Jeremy is coming in hard, and Yair has the answer.

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon Month ago +4

    His english is really good for getting knocked out tomorrow night.