Just Correct, Ralphie May

  • Published on May 28, 2015
  • Today October 6, 2017 we mourn the loss of Ralphie May, one of my favorite comedians of all time, and my friend. Working with him on the couple projects we did together were fun, and memorable. We always talked about a TV series, but his busy schedule as well as my own never allowed our paths to intersect. Directing his first comedy special "Just Correct"after finishing Last Comic Standing was a real honor and privilege. Just Correct continues to be one of my favorite career projects. He was blessed with so much including his wife and kids. Ralphie will be surely missed by millions.Ralphie's first Television Special which followed the completion of season 1 for Last Comic Standing, a comedy series based on an earlier creation of my own titled National Lampoon's Collegiate Comedy Pop Off. I enjoyed directing this project very much. I felt it was an outstanding show and Ralphie kills every time. Thanks Ralphie, friends for life...
    While we were editing this show, Ralphie and a few other comedians including his lovely wife Lahna went to Iraq. He was the first American Entertainer asked to visit the troupes. I will be releasing the documentary of his trip there very soon titled, Iraq, A Video Diary by Ralphie May. Coming Soon!

    Michael Bloom
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  • Matt Leeming
    Matt Leeming 11 hours ago +1

    Absolute legend.

  • Cameron Pestel
    Cameron Pestel 23 hours ago +1

    Man he was so young when he did this show, it's crazy how time flies R.I.P big homie we love you bruh🙏💯

  • Luis Santiago
    Luis Santiago 2 days ago

    If this came out now he would be a racist homophobe islamophobe and every other fucking name they can come up with

  • MadeMan81 DallasTx
    MadeMan81 DallasTx 2 days ago +1

    Can we trade kevin hart for Mr.May back?

  • sean rainwater
    sean rainwater 4 days ago +1

    One of the best to do it.


    🍔 I used to hate waiting in line at Home Depot rest in peace Ralph

  • Brandon Murphy
    Brandon Murphy 5 days ago +1

    RIP buddy thanks for the laughs

  • victor chiriac
    victor chiriac 7 days ago

    I still dont know how he got a gf, anyway RIP great stand up!

  • Brian Hammer
    Brian Hammer 7 days ago +1


  • Noble Wolf
    Noble Wolf 8 days ago +1

    The day I found out he died I knew we lost comedian legend....

    GEOVANNE RAMOS 10 days ago +1

    I come and see this special every time
    I feel depressed or just had a fucked up day ,
    Thanks you for the upload , I know every routine every joke but just watching him brings so much laughter that he makes me forget everything!
    RIP Ralphie May thanks for everything

    • Solaris Entertainment
      Solaris Entertainment  10 days ago

      GEOVANNE RAMOS you’re very welcome. You’re a perfect example of why Ralphie did what he did. God bless

    WOOBA 12 days ago +1

    Man R.I.P. this due is hilarious

  • Goog Googleman
    Goog Googleman 13 days ago +2

    The audience is on fire! Great set, rip Ralphie 🙏

  • Kater Karlo
    Kater Karlo 13 days ago

    Ralphie your sh*t never gets tired. Miss you big man.

  • LONEWOLF9701
    LONEWOLF9701 18 days ago +1

    We lost a legend but thank God we can look back and luagh at The jokes ralphie may made rest easy ralphie may make your jokes in a better place now

  • Simon Navarro
    Simon Navarro 18 days ago +2

    Things where so much more better when we did not need to be p.c . People can just laugh at each other and carry on weith the life's.

  • Mark McClellan
    Mark McClellan 20 days ago

    This is amazing :(

  • sam man
    sam man 21 day ago

    I swear to God I wanted to check the guy out, I wanted to check the video out for about 10mn... Ended up watching the whole thing...HOLY SH*T THE GUY IS AWESOME !!! And let me say, finally someone had the b*lls to do a Muslim joke, F*CKING FINALLY I swear to God as "Muslim" that does these jokes, people still call me fd up, despite me being muslim and criticising the sh*t that doesn't add up in my own religion or point out the indoctrination, people still look at me like I just said a KKK Statement, because they're scared of the backlash. (Keep in mind I'm not that one edgy nihilist kid, I'm just a guy that says what he thinks doesn't add up, things that just block communication between groups, either be it from a racial, religious or political point, I just criticise my group, because that's the only thing I can do. Critisism is a must in order to establish communication and trust between anyone and in this PC Era you can barely speak, so I'm trying to do my part by simply keeping the critisism going so we can improve that, even if it means criticising everything that I am, as long as it helps me, my friends from both groups better understand each other. I'm also do not see these actions heroic, I actually think they're normal, I'm not doing something great like Ralphie here... I obviously don't have Ralphie's guts/b*lls (and I'm an international student.. aka foreigner which makes it sometimes hard to speak your mind out, either be it from the language barrier or the old "being the weird foreigner" I'm weird maybe but not because I'm a foreigner please...) so instead I'll just do what I can with my own tiny b*lls (maybe it's Ralphy sorry if the misspelled it) Honestly bless you Dude, you're a Saint 💚❤️💙🌈🌈

  • gavin howe
    gavin howe 22 days ago +1


  • Todd Kelly
    Todd Kelly 23 days ago

    Hey...that's fucked up!

  • Anthony Griffith
    Anthony Griffith 24 days ago +1

    Wish he was still around.

  • chris selkirk
    chris selkirk 25 days ago +1

    Rip bigman you are my new addiction bro. 🙏

  • Joe Martinez
    Joe Martinez 27 days ago

    Man how come all the funny comedians died and the ones that are not funny still alive

    • Joe Martinez
      Joe Martinez 26 days ago

      @John J Johnson im talking about chris farley john candy this dude Sam Kinison Robert Williams and Bernie Mac more that pass away

    • John J Johnson
      John J Johnson 26 days ago

      What you talking about? Brendan Schaub, best upcoming comedian still alive!

  • Hyperioc
    Hyperioc 27 days ago +1

    I love his style. Every race and culture equally gets shit on, but it's all in good fun. Rest In Peace Ralphie

  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz 28 days ago

    he wes so funny so sad he ate himself to death!

  • Jones Jones
    Jones Jones 29 days ago +1

    Love it 🥃

  • CoCo Coldy
    CoCo Coldy Month ago +1

    He was born in Tennessee. Don’t take all the credit TX

  • Franco Cavalli
    Franco Cavalli Month ago

    What would Ralphie May say today about safe spaces, emotional support animals, preferred pronouns, swjs and Trump?

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia Month ago +7

    The MK marching joke got me screeching lmao!

  • Azarya Learns Out Loud


  • Nevin Henderson
    Nevin Henderson Month ago

    I wish I could’ve cooked for him get drunk smoke bud and fry on hallucinogens with his funny(fat)ass!!!

  • Jonathan4275
    Jonathan4275 Month ago

    Was some of Lisa Lampinilis jokes the same as his?

  • Rauhaan Inamdar
    Rauhaan Inamdar Month ago

    Dude its lowkey sad that half the jokes that he said in this wouldn't fly today because everyone gets butthurt too damn fast cuz this shit is hilarious.

    • chndlr18
      chndlr18 19 days ago

      He barely died a few years ago lol. You make it sound like he's some comedian from the 90s.

  • Josue Pagalla
    Josue Pagalla Month ago +5

    I laughed so hard the chorizo juice dripped out my beard !

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago +2

    "And a couple of sickle cells" omfg

  • sbsbd Dokie
    sbsbd Dokie Month ago

    Slap bitches and cut people for money 😂😂

  • joseph sanderson
    joseph sanderson Month ago +5

    Can you imagine being at that show. Legendary set.

  • Wandering Texan
    Wandering Texan Month ago

    RIP Ralfie May still funny as hell

  • gabe Bruce
    gabe Bruce Month ago

    Fuckin gold hahaha he said so black sprinkle some salt have him looking like deep space hahahahahahahahah

  • Jess Near
    Jess Near Month ago +1

    He’s lucky he got to go before he had to deal with all this shit

  • Jess Near
    Jess Near Month ago

    Little did he know that in 2019 you can’t say shit about fat people no more

  • Craig Dx
    Craig Dx Month ago +3

    I'd love to watch the reaction to this in a collage campus in 2019. Sjw meltdown

  • Dillon Crowe
    Dillon Crowe Month ago +1

    Dear TVclip,
    If you remove this video, the 22,000 of us who hit the like button, will march down to San Bruno, California and...
    Jk (maybe)

  • Joseph Triplett
    Joseph Triplett Month ago +2

    Killing them softly ...... he put this set together so well !!! I wish you were still here to make us all laugh 💗

  • yeetus le fetus
    yeetus le fetus Month ago

    You already know he took them two sexy Blondie's home

  • Braulio R.
    Braulio R. Month ago

    This is one of the greatest stand up specials of all fucking time!!!!! Fucking legend, right next to Richard Pryor, Don Rickles!!!!

  • Jesus Gomez
    Jesus Gomez 2 months ago +1

    OMG ... My stomach hurts

  • Jay Bennett
    Jay Bennett 2 months ago

    As soon as I heard his wannabe Black shit I turned it off

  • Raja Leonardy
    Raja Leonardy 2 months ago +1

    What year was this people ?

  • Joseph Downing
    Joseph Downing 2 months ago

    What does he mean by “pass me the ball”?

    • Solaris Entertainment
      Solaris Entertainment  2 months ago

      referring to the Kennedy who got killed on a ski trip trying to catch a ball and instead ran dead into a tree.

  • Chymera3206
    Chymera3206 2 months ago +1

    Miss you Ralphie RIP 🌟

  • bocephus knows
    bocephus knows 2 months ago +1

    Man heroin got chris farley smores got ralphie and john candy, their genius will be missed.

  • JokersWild45
    JokersWild45 2 months ago

    Ralphie didn't have to die. His friends should've stepped in and saved his ass. When I saw him in Boise in late 2016, he didn't look good at all, seemed very depressed, and just wasn't funny. I remember telling my girl "he's gonna be dead soon if he doesn't get some help." Unfortunately, less than a year later, I was right.

  • moto guy
    moto guy 2 months ago

    tastes grate had me fucking dead

  • Misha
    Misha 2 months ago +1

    45:25 best part

  • Bill Miller
    Bill Miller 2 months ago +1

    From Sydney Australia I can't believe this guy has passed away .... truly so so sad ...

  • Pueri Demus
    Pueri Demus 2 months ago

    Mencia stole half this show

  • Teresa Jones
    Teresa Jones 2 months ago +1

    Love me some Ralphie May!! Hilarious 😂😄😆

  • hygroscopyc
    hygroscopyc 2 months ago +3

    This routine has aged perfectly.

  • Barry D.
    Barry D. 2 months ago +3

    Who's watching this in 2019 and wishing Ralphie was here to lay it down straight for all the PC millennials?