Halloween - Trailer Review


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  • Jeremy Jahns
    Jeremy Jahns  Month ago +751

    Hey everyone! This has been quite a week of videos, but I just don't have time to do any more this weekend. I'm hanging out with family, then leaving town hang out at E3. Will be back next week!

    • The_Jackal
      The_Jackal Month ago

      Jeremy Jahns where is the Jeremy Gaming channel

    • greg herried
      greg herried Month ago

      Jeremy Jahns Jeremy, I hope you enjoyed your time off! I love listening to you because you're fun.

    • StephonST
      StephonST Month ago

      Guess I'm about to watch Incredibles 2 before Jeremy's review is posted. This is surreal to me, unfortunate that it had to happen for a movie a lot of people have literally waited over half their lives for. BUT, you're human. Enjoy the E3 festivities and the family!

    • James Jackson
      James Jackson Month ago

      Jeremy Jahns Hey Jeremy stop being so sensitive and come back on Twitter.

  • Antony Jones
    Antony Jones 3 days ago

    I know it's trivial but the closet scene really bugs me. Before closing the door wouldn't she have first turned off the closet light? Maybe it would have been more effective if the light was already off then when she tries to close the door but can't she turns the light on to see what's blocking the door and bam it's Michael Myers. Or maybe she doesn't even need to turn the light on, maybe he emerges from the darkness like he does in the original. All I'm saying is who the fuck closes closet doors with the light still on...

  • Andrew Guerrero
    Andrew Guerrero 11 days ago

    actually super interested only because i havent seen ANY other the other sequels

  • Antonio Ramirez
    Antonio Ramirez 17 days ago

    Jeremy show some GODAM respect to michael myers hes a spirit a being a shape not just a a FUCKING senior citizen damit lol

  • Naruku2121
    Naruku2121 20 days ago

    Well as far as the naming goes...They kind of were in an odd place. They couldn't call it Halloween 2 when it basically omits 2 and then there's a remake too. So the only thing to do is not call it 2.

  • HeartStop Films
    HeartStop Films 21 day ago

    Nobody's talking about how Danny McBride is one of the screenwriters for this movie.

  • rat grandma
    rat grandma 24 days ago

    halloween h20 was horrible

  • Efosa Igbinovia
    Efosa Igbinovia 26 days ago +2

    Halloween H2O was actually pretty good. For me anyways. Looking forward to this one.

  • Wa Ri
    Wa Ri 28 days ago

    I really hate when writers just ignore previous films. I saw those movies and can't just erase them from reality. They happened. Rob Zombies version was a true masterpiece and I doubt this new movie will be half as good as Robs

  • Gene Lariv
    Gene Lariv 28 days ago

    Oh yeah. Danny McBride has it planned to make this into a trilogy if this succeed expectations which sucks in my opinion. I'm there nonetheless because Michael Myers rocks!

  • The Blue Eye Gamer
    The Blue Eye Gamer 28 days ago

    They should have kept Halloween II in and made this one the true Halloween III and not that season of the witch crap that they tried to pass off as Halloween III

  • Colton G
    Colton G 28 days ago

    The Halloween franchise is really strange in terms of canon. We've got:
    Canon #1: Halloween 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6- Laurie and Michael are siblings, but Laurie is revealed to be dead in the 4th film.
    Halloween 3 is its own canon.
    Canon #2: Halloween 1, 2, H20 and Resurrection- In this canon, Laurie and MIchael are siblings, and Laurie is still alive 20 years after the original, but dies in Resurrection.
    Canon #3: Rob Zombie's Halloween 1 and 2- Again, Laurie and Michael are siblings, but in this canon, Michael is killed and it is revealed that Laurie is practically insane.
    Canon #4: Original Halloween and Halloween 2018- In this canon, Laurie and Michael are NOT related (as that info was revealed in Halloween 2), and we're getting a 40 year time-gap between the films.

  • Jay West
    Jay West 28 days ago

    I don't like the premise for this sequel. For this film to be effective, I think Michael should have stayed missing like he disappeared at the end of the first film. Also, Laurie being ready for him isn't fucking scary at all. Not sure I can be bothered with this film now, but I was excited about it originally.

  • Donald Richmond
    Donald Richmond 28 days ago

    Thats confusing as fuck this franchise

  • Drew Russell
    Drew Russell 29 days ago

    Ranking of Halloween's
    Halloween (78)
    Halloween II (81)
    Halloween (Zombie)
    Halloween 4 Return of Michael Myers
    Halloween 3 Season of the Witch
    Halloween 5 Revenge of Michael Myers
    Halloween 6 Curse of Michael Myers
    Halloween II (Zombie)
    Halloween Resurrection.

  • Drew Russell
    Drew Russell 29 days ago

    Hey man. You should review EVERYONE of the Halloween Films for October.

  • Jake Jones
    Jake Jones 29 days ago

    I like the H2O timeline approach. Because 1&2 are honestly perfect. Is H20 good? Never seen it.

  • Jake Jones
    Jake Jones 29 days ago

    Halloween 2 is gold though.

  • Uchida Oginome
    Uchida Oginome 29 days ago

    You fuck around with Dahmer, you are the popcorn!

  • Jeremiah buckel
    Jeremiah buckel Month ago

    I'm not looking forward to Sarah Conners taking on Michael Myers...oops I mean Laurie Strode. My bad. Has anybody noticed that the guy in the trailer says Myers only kills 3 teenagers completely forgetting that Myers killed his sister at the beginning of the first movie?

  • Jessie T
    Jessie T Month ago

    I agree

  • Carol Higa
    Carol Higa Month ago

    your so cool i want to be your smile😆

  • SouSporting
    SouSporting Month ago

    Yeah seriously who would let anyone come near Michael especially having his mask... Don't provoke the beast. Also are they pulling a T-Genisys here? Laurie has been waiting for this like Sarah was waiting for Kyle in T-Genisys.

  • Alfie871
    Alfie871 Month ago

    I wish the second Halloween movie were canon.
    If you watch it back to back with the first one, its a fun night.

  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker Month ago

    Is it sad that when I hear "Halloween" I think more about the movie franchise than the actual fuckin holiday ? 😂😂

  • White Noise
    White Noise Month ago

    Monster Squad did the Monster in the Closet best !!

  • Austin Rose
    Austin Rose Month ago

    I can’t wait till October 19th!!!!!

  • Persephone
    Persephone Month ago

    "If he's on nitrates for his heart, give him viagra, put him in cardiac arrest." L.M.A.O.O.

  • Xtra Delite
    Xtra Delite Month ago

    H20 has to be considered the true Halloween Iii, as it starred a cameo appearance by Janet Lee (JLC’s mother in real life, and famed Hitchcock’s Psycho film star), stars JLC, and is in continuity with the original first two.

  • Mike Best
    Mike Best Month ago

    I'll bring the popcorn lol I mean it's all been done but as long it's done right I'll b there like the nightmare on elm street reboot kind ruined the series I don't think this will by any means I thought the Rob zombie ones were cool cause he took it in a such a weird direction which I liked a lot the second one wasn't as good but still cool

  • ryan gd
    ryan gd Month ago

    Anybody else hope Jeremy reviews all the Halloween movies in the lead up to this new movie? Yes? Yes! Jeremy! Please!

  • Antichrist2000
    Antichrist2000 Month ago

    So that's...four continuities for Halloween now.
    We have the H20 Continuity where only the first second movie and it happened.
    We have the Jamie Strode/Myers continuity.
    We have the Reboot contanuity
    And now we have...this new continuity where Michael never even came after Lori when she was in the hospital.
    How did they catch him? He got away...

  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 Month ago

    Let's be honst, Halloween is a very tired film franchise, it has been done to death, remade, and fucked into oblivion. Do I enjoy the Halloween series, yeah, but I can admit to the fact that its a mess. My favorites of the series are 1 and h20, the ones in between I can watch, but those 2 are the best ones. Halloween 2 was good, 3 was a joke, 4 was decent, 5 was meh, revenge was just weird, resurrection was not needed at all, and the Rob Zombie ones were not good. This one looks promising, and I do love me some Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie so yeah, I am looking forward to it, but I just want this one to be the last....Let's be honest though, if this one makes bank, which it probably will, they are going to do more.

  • ExMachina70
    ExMachina70 Month ago

    1 min in and I can't watch anymore. Helloween WTF? has gone full retard.

  • Cattywampus
    Cattywampus Month ago

    Hoping This Will Be The Start Of A New Halloween Trilogy...
    And I'm Kinda Sad There Forgetting Halloween II, It Was Really Good In My Opinion

  • Derek Night
    Derek Night Month ago

    Ok so you didn’t bring this up, so imma gonna drop this fucking bombshell on your lap:
    In the ENTIRETY of this trailer, for a well known and big franchise known for almost 40 years... not ONCE was there a jump scare in this trailer. Not a one.
    :) oh yeah. This things gonna be good~

    CHRIST IS RISEN! Month ago

    Jeremy What Brand Of Coffee do you Drink!? Because you Are Speeding Big time in this Review

  • cheezdoodle96
    cheezdoodle96 Month ago

    I'm actually incredibly hyped for this! I absolutely love John Carpenter and Halloween, and this'll be the first Halloween film I'll actually get to see at the cinema, so yeah, good or bad, however it turns out, I'm hyped, and I'm definitely going to see it. If nothing else then at least I'll get to see Michael Myers and Laurie Strode, and it'll have that sweet John Carpenter score.

  • sayanh phaphakdy
    sayanh phaphakdy Month ago

    I don't know about the shrimp that I am eating. I should've gotten it fresh and hot when it was done on the pot, but I fell asleep. It is still good but not as satisfying. Look at me sounding like a damn spoiled brat. There's freaking little kids out there in the world starving for any kind of food.

  • Phil Ingrouille
    Phil Ingrouille Month ago

    not really interested in this to be honest. Halloween (1978) and Halloween II, all you need. Michael literally burns to a crisp at the end of II "Michael Myers has returned after a long hiatus for the true final box office draw", put that on the marketing, at least that's more honest.

  • AnthonyVP
    AnthonyVP Month ago

    First, there was Halloween (‘76)
    Then, there was Halloween (‘09)
    Now, brace yourself for...

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins Month ago


  • Seven
    Seven Month ago

    I was fine with H20 being the end

  • Paul Huber
    Paul Huber Month ago

    Also... the line about him being her brother being made up, was said in Halloween 2... So this leads me to believe that yes while retconning the rest of the series they are acknowledging them as boogeyman storied passed down through time. Makes sense... if this really happened over the course of 40 years stories would become legend about how he comex back on Halloween, and can't be killed...

  • Paul Huber
    Paul Huber Month ago

    I smell The Thing... and The Thing sequel also called The Thing... but on another note, now not only is Michael a knife wielding boogeyman... but you have to think that there is now a really creapy old man under that mask. I also have a theory that all those teeth he drops in that scene in the trailer are his own, that he kept in his pocket all those years as they fell out the older he got... so not only is he a crazy old man under a mask... but he's also got no teeth and gumming all his food... creepy!

  • Wander Bear
    Wander Bear Month ago

    I constantly mix up Michael Myers with Jason Voorhees, they both wear a mask, both wear a jumpsuit, and both are seemingly immortal. When you were listing the Halloween movies, I was shocked you forgot the one in space, then I remembered that was Jason. I find this character boring, he's invulnerable. He's been shot, stabbed, pushed off very high places, he should at the very least be a brain damaged cripple. I loved Freddy Krueger, he was a creative killer, he would use your dreams against you. There were clear rules, he wasn't invulnerable. Similar to Pinhead in the Hellraiser films, there were rules, you could stop him. Michael/Jason never dies at the end of all the movies, he's just delayed. He is an immortal superbeing, a hyper-power villain. Even in Star Trek, the Q, omnipotent superbeings, they can be thwarted! I hate villains who can just overpower any situation, it gets boring.

  • K8Nena9
    K8Nena9 Month ago

    Am I the only one that think Halloween H20 wasn't that bad?

  • Alex Amanda
    Alex Amanda Month ago

    To me it looks good but I never watched them all lol

  • Rudy Garcia
    Rudy Garcia Month ago

    Does anyone ever tell Michael Myers? "Nice William Shatner mask!".

  • Jure Slegel
    Jure Slegel Month ago

    next week is incredibles 2. i just love incredibles one of the best ones.

  • b Red
    b Red Month ago


  • Kesler
    Kesler Month ago

    Need that incredibles 2 review and spoiler talk my man. Saw it today and I’m really excited to hear what you thought about it. Did my own review if anyone is interested.

  • Mike Mauthor
    Mike Mauthor Month ago

    I just hope that if this Halloween movie becomes a success that it will open the floodgate for a new Scream movie or the continuation with scream 5. A new director in the franchise will bring something new while respecting Wes Cravan's vision. Hopefully that does happen and not wishful thinking on my part.

  • Kaio_K!d
    Kaio_K!d Month ago

    911: What's you're emergency
    Caller: I'd like to report a missing person by the name of Jeremy Jahns. You see I just saw Incredibles 2 and I came to his channel but there's no review. Jeremy would never do such a thing would he!?
    911: I don't know Sir. Do you know him personally.
    Caller : No I just watch is videos.
    911: You watch his Videos!?..
    Caller: No nothing like that. He's a TVclipr who makes funny ass movie reviews.
    911: Oooh ok. So you're saying that you don't know him personally but you watch his TVclip videos?
    Caller: Yes, why would you repeat what I just told you, if heard me right the first time!?

    911: Excuse me Sir?
    Caller: I'm just saying, if you understood me the first time, why would you repeat back what I just told you? What m I Ordering Pizza here!?. I AM LOOKING FOR JEREMY JAAAHNS!!
    911: First of all Sir, Lower YOUR Voice! Second You don't even know the man personally let alone related to him. I'm pretty sure that if he was missing his Family would probably have called by now.
    Caller: But We're his Family!!
    911: Have a good day Sir.

    Caller: Easy for you to say. Do you have any idea how hard it is to Go to Bed not knowing if the movie you just watched was DOGSHIT or a Good time No Alcohol Required!!?
    911: Click*

    Caller: Hello? Hello? Sniff Sniff...

    Whoooooo Weee Rick James was Right!!. Cocaine is a Hellva DruG!! Let's See that Shit Again!

  • Royhazel Edmonds
    Royhazel Edmonds Month ago

    Jeremy do one for the Nun trailer too!!!

  • MattMan Reviews
    MattMan Reviews Month ago

    Fuck this movie for ignoring Halloween II.

  • sean peek
    sean peek Month ago

    INCREDIBLES 22222222222

  • Adam Kendall
    Adam Kendall Month ago


  • T T
    T T Month ago

    Hey dude you got to watch Barry man that show is fucking awesome.

  • Coffee Pot
    Coffee Pot Month ago +1

    Better be reviewing Incredibles 2


    He didn't kill 3 he killed 8 if you count the 2 dogs and the security guard at the gate

    • OHCAM5
      OHCAM5 Month ago

      were they teenagers? lol

  • Kid Creation Studios

    Do a trailer review of bohemiun rhapsody

  • Kid Creation Studios

    Do a trailer rewiew of First Man! (Its Damien Chazelle's new movie)

  • Jenny-Sue
    Jenny-Sue Month ago

    Please review Hereditary, thank you.

  • ReeLoy Kenjins
    ReeLoy Kenjins Month ago

    Jeremy's talking so fast that I fell like I pressed the speed button.

  • amaan cool
    amaan cool Month ago

    Incredibles 2 review??????????????????????????????????

  • Mjikan !
    Mjikan ! Month ago

    If they want to make a Halloween sequel we haven't seen already. Make a Halloween that explains what the hell Season of the Witch was about and where Michael was during that sh*t show lol

  • Akuma
    Akuma Month ago

    Will jeremy review Superfly? Hell no... only black people shit he reviews is if it's bullshit comic book movies.

  • Edward A
    Edward A Month ago

    are you okay jermey?

  • Paul Kenney
    Paul Kenney Month ago +1

    Dude when u come back watch hereditary

  • Matty plays
    Matty plays Month ago

    No Jurassic world fallen Kingdom review?

  • MegaBrent85
    MegaBrent85 Month ago

    When will you release a review for The Incredibles 2?

    • MegaBrent85
      MegaBrent85 Month ago

      Never mind, I just saw you comment from earlier. Enjoy your time, and thank you for all you do.

  • Jordan Marcial
    Jordan Marcial Month ago

    Please review Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden Month ago

    Halloween (how do we) know that Halloween II didn't happen? I haven't seen or read anything that suggests that it's omitted from this film? If it didn't happen, that really negates the idea of Michael returning for Laurie and Laurie preparing for it. Without that connection, the events of the first film only become a random happenstance, just as they originally were.

  • Andrew Malone
    Andrew Malone Month ago

    Am I the only one that sees this as The Force Awakens of the Halloween franchise???

  • Wren Lewis
    Wren Lewis Month ago

    I'm so confused. lol

  • Dixon Cheung
    Dixon Cheung Month ago

    E3 is wrapping up and Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom is already in cinema for days! Jeremy, know you're exhausted from the parties, but hey, it's Jurassic Park! Where are you?

  • Anthony AJ
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  • Uciel Rojo
    Uciel Rojo Month ago

    Jeremy the last of us 2 gameplay came out talk about it

  • Samirflix
    Samirflix Month ago

    Being a movie reviewer was one of my wishes since I was little, I'm nowhere near Jeremy Jahns of course, but i'm giving it my best and hopefully I make something out of it. This is my first Movie Reviews Channel, Samirflix. Check it out thanks guys.

  • Jonathan Reddy
    Jonathan Reddy Month ago

    My opinion of the Halloween Franchise (Gonna list some unpopular opinions). I don't care if I get called an idiot.
    Halloween: Awesometacular
    Halloween II: Worth owning on Blue Ray
    Halloween III Season of the Witch: No alcohol required (until the ending)
    Halloween IV The Return of Michael Myers: Worth owning on Blue Ray
    Halloween V The Revenge of Michael Myers: Better time if you're drunk.
    Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers: Worth owning on Blue Ray (like I said, unpopular opinion)
    Halloween H20: Forgotten in T-Minus 1 week.
    Halloween Resurrection: Dogshit
    Rob Zombie Halloween 1: Better time if you're drunk.
    Rob Zombie Halloween 2: Forgotten in T-Minus 1 Day.

  • Lauren Coates
    Lauren Coates Month ago

    I'll just be here waiting on your tag review

  • Caleb Belyeu
    Caleb Belyeu Month ago

    First off, I. Can't. Wait. For. Halloween!
    Secondly, my favorite Halloween is actually H20: 20 Years Later.

  • Alexander Wolfe
    Alexander Wolfe Month ago

    You should do trailer reactions

  • Mr. Bearclaw
    Mr. Bearclaw Month ago

    Where's you Twitter bud

  • Fu Man-chu
    Fu Man-chu Month ago

    really random I was watching ninja assassin, and remembered the nija yell you did. bring that back!!!

  • Joseph Rosas
    Joseph Rosas Month ago

    why haven't you and Chris stuckmann reviewed incredible 2 yet? you two are the only ones I trust on movie reviews

  • Cheyanne LaLiberte
    Cheyanne LaLiberte Month ago

    Hi Jeremy! I've been watching your videos since 2012. I was wondering if when you get the time if you could do a spoiler review of Hereditery. I just saw it and was shocked. I would love to see your take on the film. Have a great time with your family and at E3!

  • joey monopoly
    joey monopoly Month ago

    Dude review Hereditary . I don't know why you don't review movies that are great even though they are slightly on the independent side . Seriously dude , this is supposed to be the scariest movie since the Exorcist and it is in almost every theatre around .

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  • dangelo31stallion
    dangelo31stallion Month ago

    been here waiting for that Hereditary review

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  • Shae 243
    Shae 243 Month ago

    Please please please do a Trump Kim trailer review!!!

  • Bradley Coates
    Bradley Coates Month ago

    Carpenter said MM is a force of nature...it's NOT a soap


    Hereditary review?

  • JennyMcGreen
    JennyMcGreen Month ago

    Where is hereditary review?!

  • WilliamWallace Of the US

    Notice Hollywood only does stuff that's been done before? Alien, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Superhero. It's all been done and they're just cashing in on it. And they don't do new creative stuff with it. If anything they just make the lead a female or throw in more CGI. Anything original now is either a small cheap film or identity politics, which while it can be good ( Get Out) it will never be a classic. Sadly I think this just adds up to movies becoming a dying art form

  • extremeskins04
    extremeskins04 Month ago

    Everyone missed the entire point of this film. Nick Castle and John Carpenter return!

  • Shreyas Gowrishanker

    Last of us 2 gameplay trailer video man please!

  • Timothy Soriano
    Timothy Soriano Month ago

    No review for Hereditary?