Even Loyal Fans Are Ditching Stadia, Google Planning Timed Exclusives To Save Sinking Platform

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  • YongYea
    YongYea  2 months ago +957

    Epic's pissed off enough gamers by snatching timed exclusives... imagine the shitstorm that Stadia timed exclusives will unleash.
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    - Shaun
    [BIG BOSS]
    - Brin
    - Parker Larson
    - Vin Giorgio
    - Zach Spike
    - Alex Moretti
    - BobaFett912
    - Charlie Galvin
    - Joe Hunt
    - Jonathan Ball
    - Kevin Barnett
    - Michael Redmond
    - Michael Shuler
    - Peter Vrba
    - Shepard Gaming
    - Time Dragonlord
    - Abdulaziz al Senaidi
    - Alessandro Ceriotti
    - BattleBladeWar
    - Darien Cunningham
    - Gerardo Andrade
    - Lex Henry
    - Mark Taylor
    - Prismat Dragoon
    - Theron Webb
    - Tyler Thompson
    - Yue

    • TsunamiFPS
      TsunamiFPS Month ago

      Unlike Stadia, Epic doesn't charge you per month just to use the service besides just the cost of the game itself.

    • The Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells.
      The Baby Eating Bishop Of Bath And Wells. Month ago

      No biggie, I'll just not play the games. My back catalogue is huge, and I've minimal time to play anyway. I'll not give stadia my money, just like with epic... I'll take the free games though lmao.

      Unless Doom internal goes late exclusive, then I riot.

    • Ryan Lawler
      Ryan Lawler 2 months ago

      That's only if people give a shit by then. People get angry with Epic because they love the company, the idea of competing with Steam, or the games that are exclusive. My guess is that, in six months time, it will either be forgotten (like the Tiger Games) or will be a laughing stock (eg Anthem or Fallout 76).

    • Lord Thanatos
      Lord Thanatos 2 months ago

      @White Tower Woodworking Diablo 3 is fire

    • TwinBladeNPC 20
      TwinBladeNPC 20 2 months ago

      Just don't get the point of paying a subscription to have to buy a game which I would normally need to purchase anyway. I mean if having all my games at my fingertips is an issue I'd just buy an external harddrive and go digital.

  • Wow B
    Wow B 2 days ago

    Stadia has potential. They just gave us a skeleton when we expected an entire body

  • Elizabeth Lestrad
    Elizabeth Lestrad 12 days ago

    I don't know what I find more embarassing. The fact that a platform that nobody asked for failed out the door, or how much money and futile effort they are putting into trying to save the titanic.

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 Month ago

    I honestly don’t care about Stadia, the only thing I really care about is Ps5 having Ps1 & Ps2 games Backwards Compatible & a Portable game.

  • Kevin Kocher
    Kevin Kocher Month ago

    Think about this and this is a scary thought, the people who bought Stadia and fallout 76 and stuck with it and are now pissed with said products now because they now realized they where sold a failed product. That everyone else knew something was wrong with said products and said so for some time. Are these same people are probably able to vote now that's scary!

  • Chaos Wings and Leaves

    I just got a stadia add 😂😂😂

  • Zachary Gadzinski
    Zachary Gadzinski Month ago

    The Stadia doesn't interest me. Why bother with it when people can just get a Nintendo Switch.

  • bladecup
    bladecup Month ago

    Its scam,so many ideas but nothing pushed properly and they overcharging,shame

  • Game and Life
    Game and Life Month ago

    Honestly, this was flawed from the beginning and should not have been launched this way. Shame on google

  • Boyd The Milkman
    Boyd The Milkman Month ago

    How can Stadia have loyal fans when the service is this new and offers very little???

  • Justin Guerrero
    Justin Guerrero Month ago

    let it die, let it diiie! Let it shrivel up and diiiiiiiiiie

  • Saruvaward
    Saruvaward Month ago

    Wow, some people were actually stupid enough to buy a gaming platform from a company that knows nothing about gaming!

  • CrimsBacon
    CrimsBacon Month ago

    I honestly forgot about Stadia. I'm surprised it still exists.

  • Evangeliman
    Evangeliman Month ago

    Stadia is trash. What loser would look forward to it. I like my stuff in my house.

  • WireframeWizard
    WireframeWizard Month ago

    Have to congratulate the OUYA for having a longer life span than the Stadia

  • Kln Wg
    Kln Wg Month ago

    Google hot tid of their founding motto " do no harm". They are now the most subversive and insidious companies in the world in regards to meta data. They want to know what you buy, what videos you watch, where you go, what websites you traffic, how your health is. They want it all so they can sell your data so you buy stuff. I get best buy commercials because I pay my bill online now wtf

  • kei kei
    kei kei Month ago

    Stadia: the trainwreck everyone saw coming.

  • Stalkingwolf
    Stalkingwolf Month ago

    Easy. dont buy it. When games do a time exclusiv stunt, dont buy they game after on other plattforms. maybe they learn or they fall and other will learn.

  • Dressierter Seelöwe

    Also a big nogo for Stadio: You cannot mod games. You cannot export saves files.

  • Ryan Kaiser
    Ryan Kaiser Month ago

    It feels like Google stadiaa released in the wrong time zone/line like the technology isn’t up to the point that it was released in

  • FenrisRM
    FenrisRM Month ago

    wtf is a stadia ?

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 Month ago

    I don't care if it's the Stadia subreddit or not. Everyone has the capacity for critical thinking and the fact that some people are happy to continue to pay for this...mess is downright disappointing.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 Month ago

    If you pre-ordered and bought into this, your loss of money is only your own fault. There is a very clear history of how Google treats all of its projects, just how much effort goes into them, and how they are likely to die off with no warning. And, Google's interviews where they ere either refusing to answer questions or were downright condescending were right out there in the open. Write this off as a loss and next time, learn to pay attention instead of buying into the hype.

  • Joachim kowalski
    Joachim kowalski Month ago

    I got strong feeling is a trend that Bethesda fallout 76 starts, peope buy preorders which is beta, full price, test it, an then we add som kind of pay subscription. If it not gona work we cut our losses, that preorders pays. Is like "crowdfund portal" for giant company. And it is growing not only warcraft 3 reforge, but beyond gams in to hardware just like stadia. I think it got bigger, internet owerflow with negativity, but money will flow, so why they bother.

  • tsrif tsal
    tsrif tsal Month ago

    Google don't quit your day job. You are no gaming platform.

  • H3IN3K3NX
    H3IN3K3NX Month ago

    Google is delusional if they think they’ve done well handling stadia.

  • Ninja.vom.Wolfstor
    Ninja.vom.Wolfstor Month ago

    I would never invest money in a G00gle Product. Just look at all the cool services they suddenly stopped, despite people actually using it. Would suck to lose the Games all of a sudden

  • ba sillah
    ba sillah Month ago +1

    Clearly, idiots do not learn their lesson when they say they will come back later lol.

  • ba sillah
    ba sillah Month ago +1

    Never would have known it existed if you do not post it on youtube that just shows how crap it is when normal people do not know it exists.

  • Smellbringer
    Smellbringer Month ago

    Stadia has fans?

  • Amon Neequaye
    Amon Neequaye Month ago

    Should've left it in the oven a little longer 🤦‍♂️

  • Donut Illuminati
    Donut Illuminati Month ago

    I wonder how long until google abandons it or they come clean about how underdeveloped this thing is

  • NUGNESS123
    NUGNESS123 Month ago

    My god, that Google corporate speak is so gross and degenerate

  • ADuBToR
    ADuBToR Month ago

    theres a totally fine way to play games btw..
    get a good rig and play your pc games on steam .
    no overpriced outdated hardware that sounds like a vacuum cleaner
    no exclusivity shizz
    no online feature to pay besides your normal internet
    etc. etc. etc.
    -never change a running system .. thats one of the first things you learn being any kind of techy so whats the point of all that ?

  • Ned Ryerson
    Ned Ryerson Month ago

    If you were dumb enough to sign up for this then you deserve to get ripped off. You weren't ripped off enough actually. And good luck making any future life decisions. Might want to consider hiring a life coach so you can be relieved of the burden of picking out your socks. You know the socks you actually buy... rather than paying a fee to access your sock drawer so you can then pick out the socks that you still have to pay for.

  • Grundles Lair
    Grundles Lair Month ago

    Let's hope it sinks fast enough that I don't have to wait for anything to come to steam later.

  • Gwin Willis
    Gwin Willis 2 months ago

    hello dude

  • Nagadir-chan
    Nagadir-chan 2 months ago

    It sounded cool and good, too good, never trust anything which sounds too good. It's probably scam XD
    Fallout 76 sounded good too

  • David Williams
    David Williams 2 months ago

    As someone who lives in a area where data caps are a thing for home internet, Stadia was never a consideration, not even close to it.

  • Ryan Lawler
    Ryan Lawler 2 months ago

    Here's a list of references for infamous consoles and how long they took to fail;
    Virtual Boy-7 months before being discontinued.
    Wii U-10 months before being discontinued.
    Philips CDI-a year before Phillips filed for bankruptcy.
    Stadia-2 months.
    Even though it hasn't vanished from the Earth yet, as an enjoyable and widely used game console, it's falling flat. It's a lot like something like Halo 1 multiplayer. So old fashioned that no one is around to play with or for. Only difference, Halo 1 came out in 2001 and this came out in November last year. And I just realised something. This console will die even will all these planned patches and games. Why? Because the main audience will falter and die with no new players since the game is absurd and any remaining players will soon realise that, once this console becomes nonprofitable, Google will shut down the service and will have walked off with the player's money, fucking them royally.

  • Ryan Lawler
    Ryan Lawler 2 months ago

    Turns out I was right when this was first announced. At best, it was a half assed attempt to bend a massive demographic (gamers) around Google's finger. At worst, it's a cashgrab. In facts it's both judging by the monetisation of this. I declare this worse than loot boxes or microtransactions since, even with all the money the bullshit, you at least have the same game that you own. This is money for a game console that makes Atari look like the PS5.

  • Cristian Spiridon
    Cristian Spiridon 2 months ago

    Why short minded people like you compare stadia with pc platform and games is beyond me

    KSG FOR DAYS 2 months ago

    Least Epic is doing very well, and haven't gotten new exclusives.

  • Mike Barnes
    Mike Barnes 2 months ago

    When did MrMatty start doing meth? And how much did he charge you for the thumb?

  • Mark Whitaker
    Mark Whitaker 2 months ago

    So it’s basically Dreamcast but you have to buy everything separately...

  • NecroticGash
    NecroticGash 2 months ago

    This is another failure from Google and lied about the features in 2020... and if it fails they'll scrap it and it is bad.

  • Gary Madafaka-Oak
    Gary Madafaka-Oak 2 months ago

    Note that this is happening with tech product that's supposed to revolutionize how we play games. Just take a look at early VR adoptors or forums of Star Citizen for example. It's closer to religion than simple hype. No Man Sky's fanboys were ready to lynch anyone who wasn't ready to praise the game as the literal best thing this industry has ever seen, even though nobody had actually played it yet. I never saw that kind of enthusiasm and zeal with Stadia. Sure there were few optimists here and there but the internet wasn't filled with same feuds that console wars and consoles-PC bring up to this day. nobody was DDosing or threatening journos that didn't sing Stadia's praises. It was clear that despite their own ambition, almost nobody saw them as serious competitor for any major platform holder, even though on paper they were offering something none of their competitors did.

    It's not even entertaining to publicly bash Stadia because there's next to nobody to be butthurt about that. That in turn will mean that the coverage for it will die down as nobody's going to click Kotaku & co. links to leave their angry two cents to the discussion. And when that happens, they're gonna die down even faster than F76 or any other offensively bad product because nobody even remembers that they still exist.

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name] 2 months ago +1

    It's not even February and it's already a shitty decade

  • Jake
    Jake 2 months ago

    Another piece of evidence to support the fact that gamers are becoming stupider and more selfish. People tend to think that them paying for a horrible product means nothing.. now imagine if 10k people bought that thinking the same thing. Either they don't actually realize that it does make a difference or that they're willfully ignorant of it and don't care. Fallout 76 should not have players and people paying for it, regardless if it's fun for them or not. Make a stand, say that these horrible games are not ok. I guess that's too much to ask.

  • Alzter S
    Alzter S 2 months ago

    Stadia died because it didn't have Sonic 4, unlike the OUYA

  • MoistMcSpanky
    MoistMcSpanky 2 months ago

    Oh boy I can't wait to play cyberpunk 2077 on stadia at 10 fps

  • sjrtrdmanship
    sjrtrdmanship 2 months ago

    Its ok Google has enough cash they can afford autistic managers.

  • Jerry Tigrex
    Jerry Tigrex 2 months ago

    I will consider Stadia if it can play RDR2 with max setting and run at 4k 60fps

  • War Draven
    War Draven 2 months ago

    Im leaveing this comment befor watching. Stadia has not been around long enough to have loyal fans.

  • WestonG23
    WestonG23 2 months ago

    Paying a subscription for the privilege of buying full price games, that you can never actually own. Because said games are actually just digital data, that is infinitely replicated for essentially no cost. Sounds like a good deal!

  • Kie 7077
    Kie 7077 2 months ago

    You have to pay for access
    Then you pay in full for a game...
    THAT YOU WON'T EVEN OWN!!!!, NO CONTINGENCY, no cartridge, no cassette, no CD, no DVD, no bluray, no exe on your HDD, this is outright the worst deal ever.

  • Some Guy Called Steven
    Some Guy Called Steven 2 months ago

    Yeah, that’ll save Nintendo.

  • Jacob Andrews
    Jacob Andrews 2 months ago

    I think Google should axe the whole service before they get anymore loyal followers to disappoint when they inevitably decide to give up on it in a few years and axe it anyway.

  • Jason howe
    Jason howe 2 months ago

    stadia sonded good on paper
    however gaming on the actual platform has been a failure point because you are just getting something akin to ps1/ps2 version of a game
    as a distribution medium stadia was great, may be could of functioned as a gaming server of sorts, as stem clone usable
    though the reality is that hardware was the is its failing point and trying emulate what was an essential pc game type early to late 90's spelled the doom of the platform
    IF GOOGLE had of delivered this into pc or console platform then they would of had a leg up however either due poor business management or poor development of actual hardware has caused what should of been the touted downfall of either console or pc gaming or may be both failed to deliver.
    since the need of some type of google device is a need for the sytem to be used..
    looking at features plausible for streaming content from 1 device to another needs to be on the same home network or requires a multi port hdmt output pushed over 10Gb lan
    at the moment wifi cinnection to tv lets me access you eith er on pc or app as control input to access u=youtube on the idiot box
    and the lemon and elephant in the room is netflicks 1 main login is doable however you are looking at alot of dummy account to access multiple devices on their services same user can't be shared by all devices,,

    I likeed google for feature set though my experience with youtube has taught me this even on a 100/40 internet speed you can be buffered down to 240x120 resolution just to get stable content instead of being stuck in buffering in what you are watching..
    a base install from ps4/ps4 pro and xbox 1 x is somewhere between 120-240GB once you factor in 4k/4khdr support and factoring in day 1 update and dlc and some entirety of mods can a few games north 1-2.5+TB or more on install
    this can also be the case on pc aswell..

    If you are going to try and clone steam then deliver the same product services as steam than trying to upstage steam and deliver that is within the realm of console delivery.. and failint ot deliver it

    I think this falls into the realm of what intel does when trying delivery a GPU spend billions in concept stage and goes nowhere ..

  • Ryan R.
    Ryan R. 2 months ago

    Just like how Xbox and PlayStation brands are in so much trouble for just now buying more studios. this guy is a total dipstick who doesn't do any research and reports misinformation and way too many people believe his lies.

  • Fyan Muhamad
    Fyan Muhamad 2 months ago

    imagine getting excited for new games and found out they're stadia exclusives, and you live in third world country

  • FreeAim Dog
    FreeAim Dog 2 months ago

    not really a surprise i saw what it was before it even launched.

  • Dumpy Dumps
    Dumpy Dumps 2 months ago

    Developers are probably only willing to do TIMED exclusives with Stadia because they want more than twelve people to play their games

  • Itriyum
    Itriyum 2 months ago

    Stadia has loyal fans?

  • Galaspark
    Galaspark 2 months ago

    Google: "EA can sell gorilla feces and stay in business, gamers will buy anything"
    The Fat Controller laughed. "You are wrong."

  • Brando Saurous
    Brando Saurous 2 months ago

    RIP Stadia. Especially with the series x and PS5 coming at the end of the year. Stadia just does not even compare.
    As a side note, to those that have invested in Stadia, dont be surprised when they take the servers down and you lose access to all the games you paid for. Physical and/or owned media is superior. Always.

  • Dustin W
    Dustin W 2 months ago

    Who even used Stadia? Does the workers for Google even use it?
    I saw ads for it over a month, then it dropped off like a rock. Stadia is a joke of a system.

  • AFK
    AFK 2 months ago

    God, Exlusivity Deals are getting so old and overdone. Yeesh

    I cant wait to wait this whole year so I can finally play Shenmue 3

  • R1B3Y3
    R1B3Y3 2 months ago

    If you bought into this crap up front despite Google's mass grave of failed platforms, you deserve that little hole in your wallet. Learn something from this for once.

  • Kings Den
    Kings Den 2 months ago

    I personally don't care about any of Cd project red's games but could you imagine CP2077 being Stadia exclusive!?

  • CaptainSpycrab
    CaptainSpycrab 2 months ago

    I keep forgetting about Google Stadia... So much for Google's dreams of becoming Omnicorp.

  • Celldweller Fangirl
    Celldweller Fangirl 2 months ago

    I'm surprised people that actually were retarded enough to buy the console are actually coming out and saying they were indeed retarded. You'd think they'd hide their heads in fear of being mocked like they should be.

  • Adam B
    Adam B 2 months ago

    F to the fools who thought G00gle can be trusted.

  • Kyle Robinson
    Kyle Robinson 2 months ago

    Google r morons there putting money into a product thats failed and nobody wants

  • Frank Allen
    Frank Allen 2 months ago

    Sure am glad all those internet providers got on board and removed the caps...aww crap

  • Matt Wong
    Matt Wong 2 months ago

    I think most gamers would rather use the Epic Games Store before it had cloud saves over Stadia

  • Dokolus
    Dokolus 2 months ago

    I love how Epic paved the way for consoles style wars on PC, thus allowing others to perpetually make PC gaming a shit place to be, all because a few rich fuckers have too much money to spend and no sense of morality or fairness in their bodies.

  • NCR Ranger
    NCR Ranger 2 months ago

    If google bought developers and publishers for timed exclusively, those devs better learn how to stretch that money until their game goes multiplatform. Otherwise Stadia is going to bankrupt the living fuck out of every small studio and put a hurting on big ones. Not even the hottest, best looking/playing game with move the Google Garbage Heap.

  • mtallmen184
    mtallmen184 2 months ago +1

    Stadia could have found a niche if it was like Netflix where you pay a monthly fee for access to an entire library of games, but paying full price for individual games that you can only play when Google's servers feel like letting you is asinine

  • Frank 9000
    Frank 9000 2 months ago

    Stadia Console = paperweight