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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous  6 months ago +3959

    Yeh so we accidentally scheduled this a day early haha. Oh well, merry Christmas everyone! Have a ripper day!
    We’ll return to the normal schedule next week 👍

  • Anger As-sabil
    Anger As-sabil 18 hours ago

    satu...dua...tiga!!! thank you (terima kasih) bro

  • Rick Leef
    Rick Leef 19 hours ago

    The "sorry" at 3:44 is the funniest thing ever!

  • Jeeba
    Jeeba Day ago


  • Jon Crowe
    Jon Crowe Day ago

    You should get the sand a bit moist before you compact it. It will lubricate the soil so you can have a good base. Your videos are Awesome!

  • Zai gaming
    Zai gaming Day ago


  • Zai gaming
    Zai gaming Day ago

    Ich no sun is Japanese

  • Zai gaming
    Zai gaming Day ago


  • Jamie Bush
    Jamie Bush Day ago

    1 metre and 5 cm

  • scott obrien
    scott obrien 2 days ago

    😉😮😵😰😕☺😁🔫🔪💸💶💷💴💵💲💳💰💱🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹🍶☕🍵🍼🍨🍧🍦🍩🍰🍫🍬🍭🍔too much emoges

  • Henry Royster
    Henry Royster 2 days ago

    I would just like to point out the fact that on the 9 slabs the dart took the lid off a can without damaging it

  • nyctreeman
    nyctreeman 2 days ago

    If Monty Python did a skit on University prats circa 1930s ...
    And all those huge teeth ...

  • Amy Streeper
    Amy Streeper 2 days ago

    Weeeeee will piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ya

  • Aidan Hanley
    Aidan Hanley 2 days ago

    The dart goes down 1 ft into the ground?

  • The crew Bois
    The crew Bois 2 days ago

    Selmat paig ps I am aussi

  • YUGO 04
    YUGO 04 2 days ago

    Speak indo 03:49

  • Wan Aidi Fahmi Wan Khairul Anuar

    3:50 🇲🇾 satu dua tiga 🇲🇾..😉👍👏..

  • James HS Cameron
    James HS Cameron 2 days ago

    Giant Dart the compactor whilst its running!!! Yo Shout out INDO makasi!:)

  • Zu Moto
    Zu Moto 2 days ago

    Dart vs. Ar 500 steel plate

  • card fan
    card fan 3 days ago

    1st that is not real concrete, code concrete is 4 inches thick. Min 3000 psi. Not what they are using which is a garden paver.

  • moreno tutorial
    moreno tutorial 3 days ago

    Mantap.ko bisa bahasa Indonesia

  • CrJediKnight
    CrJediKnight 3 days ago

    I'd like to see them try more than 5 again but maybe with an inch space in between each plate to see how much of a difference that makes.

  • TheSasquatch33
    TheSasquatch33 3 days ago

    Well, he painted 4's on all sides... it went through 4. Jinxed or predicted?
    ALSO... He painted the 4's with purple, which is the only can to get hit in the whole episode. The clairvoyance!

  • mike thomas
    mike thomas 3 days ago

    8" short of the fins

  • Lol Player
    Lol Player 4 days ago


  • Gālāxy ÑĒKŌ
    Gālāxy ÑĒKŌ 4 days ago

    Do u just speak Malay?

  • 007robotchicken
    007robotchicken 4 days ago

    "The Woight Noight."
    I love Australia.

  • Totallyapples Gaming


  • kyle gibbs
    kyle gibbs 4 days ago

    When you stack multiple pavers, the force is distributed throughout them, and its harder to puncture through all 9

  • Tyree Johnson
    Tyree Johnson 4 days ago


  • GeniusGamer Penguin
    GeniusGamer Penguin 4 days ago

    i love the dude perfect shoutout lol
    go purple hoser!!!!!

  • kevin stewart
    kevin stewart 5 days ago

    I couldn’t hear “white knight” without thinking KKK

  • Ballowall
    Ballowall 5 days ago

    If you put spacers between them it would probably break 15 of them.

  • Rezz L3G3ND
    Rezz L3G3ND 6 days ago +1

    Do skateboards

  • rumblingdwarf1
    rumblingdwarf1 6 days ago

    42 meters

  • Erin Hawkins
    Erin Hawkins 6 days ago

    Next try dart vs a safe maybe ?

  • - -
    - - 6 days ago

    一、ニ、三!One, two, three!

  • Ryan Michaud
    Ryan Michaud 6 days ago

    Pin me against the wall and call me a whore

  • Octane Art Canada
    Octane Art Canada 6 days ago

    Fuckin druggos!

  • Casey Snell
    Casey Snell 7 days ago

    do Australians not know what "white knight means"?

  • XxMeMExX
    XxMeMExX 7 days ago


  • Anisha Akhtar
    Anisha Akhtar 7 days ago

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel pin ya

  • careycrew1
    careycrew1 8 days ago

    the rocks in the concrete are called aggregates if you wanna know haha

  • Docktor Doom
    Docktor Doom 8 days ago

    You 3 guys have more teeth than most other humans.

  • Jason From Guitar Center

    I Understood The Japanese

  • Klink Hotze
    Klink Hotze 9 days ago

    45 meters

  • Amber Van Hoveln
    Amber Van Hoveln 9 days ago

    bounce off

  • Redder Panda
    Redder Panda 9 days ago


  • Redder Panda
    Redder Panda 9 days ago


  • Redder Panda
    Redder Panda 9 days ago


  • Kristin Kelly
    Kristin Kelly 9 days ago

    I think it is going to be the same as the last time

  • Little Huntress
    Little Huntress 9 days ago +3

    I hope you cement my comment at the top

  • NSG Exposed
    NSG Exposed 9 days ago


  • Jeremy Mitchell
    Jeremy Mitchell 9 days ago

    I feel like it's going there 5

  • Itss Alien
    Itss Alien 9 days ago

    Brooooo bahasa melayu bro omg god i subs u for that satu dua tiga

  • LoyalHufflepuff
    LoyalHufflepuff 9 days ago

    I thought they called it the what not dart until I saw the hashtag white knight dart.

  • Pyper Renaud
    Pyper Renaud 9 days ago +1


  • GamingAnt TheWeirdThings

    You counted in Indonesian language boiiiiiii

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 9 days ago

    The guying dropping the dart kind of looks like Ian Hecox... lol. Just with sunglasses.

  • B!ggZy -11
    B!ggZy -11 9 days ago

    Need to get better slo mo

  • Vlogger Films
    Vlogger Films 9 days ago

    1m commtest

  • Nolan Hartman
    Nolan Hartman 9 days ago

    Next viddie “catching giant dark from 45 meters”

  • The Festiva Garage
    The Festiva Garage 10 days ago

    You should do this again but add a pencil in between each slab. With the slabs on top of each other they add strength. Space them out by a pencil and I bet you can get 7 or 8 easily.

  • Tyson Parks
    Tyson Parks 10 days ago


  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven 10 days ago

    Ah, you clowns: it didn't get through so many of the 9, because the bottom ones were supporting the not- so- bottom ones, which otherwise might have broken apart when sitting on the soft sand. If you put 6 or maybe 7 down, it might go through 6 or maybe 7.

  • HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo
    HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo 10 days ago

    I would really love to see a comparison to this with a ball or something of the same weight

  • Simon Strandanger
    Simon Strandanger 10 days ago


  • Standerd Shark
    Standerd Shark 10 days ago

    5th plate

  • Ai Man
    Ai Man 10 days ago

    That's my language Malaysia language 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 10 days ago

    Giant dart vs several other giant darts

  • Andy Pham
    Andy Pham 10 days ago


  • Winterglory Aj
    Winterglory Aj 11 days ago

    13 meters. Idk

  • Kelsey Burkhamer
    Kelsey Burkhamer 11 days ago +1

    Three two one t

  • Siyuki7
    Siyuki7 11 days ago

    Judging by the length of the dart being a meter, and the fins are around an 1/8th of the dart and assuming the dart is one meter id say that it went 87.5 meters into the ground

  • Xranium
    Xranium 11 days ago


    • Xranium
      Xranium 11 days ago

      Ydangit it was called

  • sawyer raveling
    sawyer raveling 11 days ago

    9 meters

  • mod gamer 2
    mod gamer 2 11 days ago

    You're very nice when count with Indonesia language

    Indonesia love you

  • Callan Taylor
    Callan Taylor 11 days ago

    Ini baru mantap

  • Kate Edwards
    Kate Edwards 11 days ago

    it probably is yes

  • Vipul Modi
    Vipul Modi 11 days ago +1

    how are they so accurate??

  • Kajus Muralis
    Kajus Muralis 11 days ago


  • Poisonplayer8 Remy
    Poisonplayer8 Remy 12 days ago

    I’m Malay

  • Brian Simpson
    Brian Simpson 12 days ago


  • хdмeмelord
    хdмeмelord 12 days ago +2

    the language is indonesian i’m not from there but i study it

    • хdмeмelord
      хdмeмelord Day ago

      mod gamer 2 ur welcome

    • mod gamer 2
      mod gamer 2 11 days ago

      хdмeмelord hey im from Indonesia thx to learned it

  • Reapor Of Death
    Reapor Of Death 12 days ago

    3 feet in ground

  • Nightsin Sarrow
    Nightsin Sarrow 13 days ago

    Can you do giant dart vs paint and/or spray paint cans?

  • syndicate of america
    syndicate of america 13 days ago

    Giant lawn darts.....What could go wrong?🤗🤣

  • AndrewKitty 10
    AndrewKitty 10 13 days ago

    How much do giant darts cost?

  • Danny Loughman
    Danny Loughman 13 days ago

    That sand looks like a litter box that some kindergarteners played in

  • Avicenna Aulia
    Avicenna Aulia 13 days ago

    Indonesian,Malaysian language
    Who's Indonesian here?

    IAN HOWATT 13 days ago


  • Schnitzel man
    Schnitzel man 13 days ago

    why d hel is yutube translating name of video, and other stuff? :/

  • bernie jones
    bernie jones 14 days ago

    RIP golden dart

  • Dewaldt Coetzee
    Dewaldt Coetzee 14 days ago


  • Callum MacNeil
    Callum MacNeil 14 days ago


  • Callum MacNeil
    Callum MacNeil 14 days ago

    24 cm

  • いたいおなか
    いたいおなか 14 days ago

    likes from Japan.

  • Michael Lomner
    Michael Lomner 14 days ago

    South Bay Diner on the package of spray paint