A Ballerina’s Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Showtime | Work It | Allure

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • American Ballet Theatre dancer Scout Forsythe takes us through her entire daily beauty routine. As she gets ready for a hectic schedule that includes 64 straight shows, Scout wakes up at 6:30AM for yoga, does her daily stretches, attends classes throughout the day, and prepares to hit the stage that evening.
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    A Ballerina’s Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Showtime | Work It | Allure

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  • Sydo Renee
    Sydo Renee 7 hours ago

    This was super interesting to watch!! As someone who is interested in doing dancing as a career, this was actually helpful!!!☺️☺️

  • Klifes_
    Klifes_ 9 hours ago

    has anyone noticed the way she moves her hands while she is talking? i love it

  • Donghyuckie *Full sun*
    Donghyuckie *Full sun* 14 hours ago

    You guys should do figure skaters next

  • Alina Kathryn
    Alina Kathryn Day ago

    i just wanna be friends with her, ya know?

  • laura bittner
    laura bittner Day ago

    how many marine creatures will die in each of these hairnets?

    • laura bittner
      laura bittner 10 hours ago

      @Orla Nystrom they seem to be mostly made of nylon, which is plastic.

    • Orla Nystrom
      Orla Nystrom Day ago

      laura bittner there not made of plastic

  • Zaire Fizer
    Zaire Fizer 2 days ago +2

    Props to this women i could never.

  • Sabrina Cady
    Sabrina Cady 2 days ago +1

    Me: *aggressivley hits woah*

  • Johanna Wurst
    Johanna Wurst 2 days ago

    When she eats?

  • GachaDraws
    GachaDraws 3 days ago +1

    As a dancer, this video was interesting. I’m not into competitive dancing yet, because I just started last year ( Age 10 , around November ) .

  • Nbhd_bab y
    Nbhd_bab y 4 days ago +1

    Respect 🙌🏻🖤

  • malwina
    malwina 4 days ago +2

    I just want to challenge you to take a shot every time she says *constantly*

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb 4 days ago +1

    1 question:how old are you?

  • Miranda2Marvels
    Miranda2Marvels 5 days ago +1

    I love how shes not the average stereotype for bellerinas .. Shes so pretty naturally and isant super thin ❤

  • Kirsten Angeles
    Kirsten Angeles 5 days ago +1

    I love these kinds of videos!!! Make for women in the field of science as well please!

  • Anny Lucia
    Anny Lucia 5 days ago +1

    her attitude and personality seems amazing

  • Kirby Brown
    Kirby Brown 5 days ago +1

    I wonder what male ballerina’s life is like?

  • Kaiah Smith
    Kaiah Smith 5 days ago +1

    I’m a ballerina and whenever I watch someone go up on pointe I can feel their leg and foot cramps

  • Yagmur Altun
    Yagmur Altun 5 days ago +3


  • Anastasia Lyubishina
    Anastasia Lyubishina 5 days ago +1

    What is the name of this ballerina??!🤔♥️

  • Crying Avocado
    Crying Avocado 5 days ago +1

    I've watch this video for 5 times now and i love it

  • Evil Queen
    Evil Queen 6 days ago +2

    Imagine being this beautiful 💞 cant relate 😂😂

  • Emmy Xu
    Emmy Xu 6 days ago +4

    "big and chunky"

  • Bridget Hartigan
    Bridget Hartigan 6 days ago +5

    But the real question is..

    Does she know Misty Copeland?

  • Gay af
    Gay af 7 days ago

    She somehow reminds me of Freddie Highmore

  • MaoMao
    MaoMao 7 days ago +1

    I'm over here dying with cramp feet or whatever lol. Super impressive.

  • Cerina Shippey
    Cerina Shippey 7 days ago

    what about kinky hair?

  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara 8 days ago

    Did anyone else hear that at 3:20-3:25. It sounds like a weird thing over her voice

  • wolfneck
    wolfneck 8 days ago +1

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing....

  • Indigo girl
    Indigo girl 8 days ago +2

    I am 14 and I have 10 minutes between my acts😂😂😂 soooo stressful

  • Pt0wN973b0iI
    Pt0wN973b0iI 8 days ago +1

    Would date her. What is her dig its?

  • just me
    just me 9 days ago

    Her feet look really good for a ballerina

  • Angelina Dubur
    Angelina Dubur 9 days ago +1

    When I was little I did ballet, I started doing it again 2 years ago, then I got into hip hop and Acro, and I did lyrical for a year, I miss it tbh😪. I danced for seven years straight, this year would’ve been my 8th, but I’m going back next year so I’m excited to do this again😭

  • Sarah Ahmed
    Sarah Ahmed 9 days ago

    You look like jan from office i mean it as a compliment

  • Anto Beny
    Anto Beny 9 days ago

    gosh, pure elegance

  • Elegra Lawrence
    Elegra Lawrence 9 days ago

    “I’m not a makeup aritist” countines to talk like one

  • Madeleine Jones
    Madeleine Jones 10 days ago

    1 slice of avocado toast and a small snack in the Evening???

  • Ivanna Núñez
    Ivanna Núñez 10 days ago

    She's beautiful

  • Classy Mobiles
    Classy Mobiles 10 days ago

    She's amazing ❤️❤️😍

  • Ah Ah
    Ah Ah 11 days ago +1

    Have y'all ever watched a ballerina movie and all of a sudden you want to be a ballerina

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 11 days ago +2

    Her name is scout ?!?!?!?!
    That sounds like a guy or a dogs name

  • yasmin sara
    yasmin sara 11 days ago

    her smile makes me smile, it’s contagious

  • Michelle Woods
    Michelle Woods 11 days ago

    Girl ur so beautiful

  • OpaqueDragon
    OpaqueDragon 12 days ago

    7:22 - 7:36 Great story!

  • Paola Aros
    Paola Aros 12 days ago +3

    Wow. Your amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us 💖 stay beautiful.

  • MythicalWolf Plays
    MythicalWolf Plays 12 days ago


  • The Cheer Factory
    The Cheer Factory 13 days ago

    What primer do you use??

  • i’ll go home
    i’ll go home 14 days ago +42

    has anyone else watched this video like 30 times...??

    nope just me...ok

    • Haley Barton
      Haley Barton 4 days ago

      If you like this, watch ultimate direction with Abby Levene. TVclip.

  • aecaws wee
    aecaws wee 14 days ago

    she seems fun

  • Cijae Isidro
    Cijae Isidro 14 days ago

    You should do a Kpop idol's routine

  • Phillip Y
    Phillip Y 14 days ago

    Is it normal for the dancing to be painful, all the time, even the back, arms, shoulders, from a young age on and with daily practice, or is that not

  • Natalia samper
    Natalia samper 14 days ago +1

    She is a hippie ballerina

  • isa
    isa 14 days ago

    she's so beautiful!!! From the video and thumbnail and so talented wow!!!

  • Yaya Reegs
    Yaya Reegs 15 days ago

    This whole thing is just a subtle sponsor

  • Ella Miniaci
    Ella Miniaci 15 days ago

    Wow this is irrelevant but her eyes are such a pretty colour

  • Helena Rodriguez
    Helena Rodriguez 15 days ago

    Please Allure do more of these series 🙏

  • Jessica Hickey
    Jessica Hickey 16 days ago

    It’s two in the morning and I have no idea why or how I’m here- but I really enjoyed this!!

  • Karen Curtis
    Karen Curtis 16 days ago +3

    Ooooh thanks for the armpit shaving advice

  • Raegan Robillard
    Raegan Robillard 17 days ago

    She’s so pretty

    OK AMANDA 17 days ago

    Just drop in in to say she’s only a ballet dancer, ballerinas are only the principle dancers. She hasn’t quite gotten that title yet... just sayin

  • Diana anaiD
    Diana anaiD 17 days ago

    It really made her eyes look bigger wow

  • Phynchen
    Phynchen 18 days ago

    Why is this a product placement/makeup tutorial video mixed with a vid log? I thought it was a routine video...

  • Breyer Kinzer
    Breyer Kinzer 18 days ago +5

    Extremely surprised by the lack of setting spray on her face.

  • Evie the Pokemon XD
    Evie the Pokemon XD 18 days ago

    She has really nice feet for being a ballerina like I would know my old ballet teacher hand some pretty messed up feet but that just comes with the package I guess 😂🤔

  • G Glow
    G Glow 18 days ago

    My God everyone does yoga nowadays so unoriginal 🙄

    • gottabeu
      gottabeu 17 days ago +1

      G Glow perhaps because it works the body and the mind and is centuries old?????

  • Sophie Noelle Gaming
    Sophie Noelle Gaming 18 days ago +1

    Based on that -not working- all natural deodorant comment, I think she is a vegan 😬

  • Jules Storm
    Jules Storm 19 days ago

    What was the foundation called again???

  • Tiger MO
    Tiger MO 19 days ago

    Wait- when does she shower??

  • Amy Gonzalez
    Amy Gonzalez 19 days ago

    What was the name of her makeup remover? Did anyone get that? I can’t hear very well

    • Cynthia S
      Cynthia S 19 days ago

      glossier milky jelly cleanser

  • Marie AdoariT
    Marie AdoariT 19 days ago


  • E
    E 19 days ago

    what do you eat in a day? can you make a video.

  • L.Hop
    L.Hop 20 days ago +3

    I love how down to earth she is and that even though she's a professional she doesn't need fancy products

  • squishy paws
    squishy paws 20 days ago

    Ok we definitely need more of this series

    ZANA ROSE 20 days ago

    She raved on about one product being cruelty free and vegan but all of her other products are from brands that test on animals...... I really love this stage look. She’s done a great job on her make up.

  • fred6059
    fred6059 20 days ago +1

    Wow this was great. I am tired for you! I am so jealous that you get to do this though! Thanks for sharing!

  • _TurtleJelly_
    _TurtleJelly_ 20 days ago +1

    Is it too late to start ballet at 12? I’ve wanted to start since I was 7 but my parents were divorced so money was limited and therefore I haven’t been to a class before. I’m
    not as flexible as most of my friends and I’m
    average height but on the taller side. Please help me!!

    • Glittery Mess
      Glittery Mess 10 days ago

      You can start but you won’t be a in a company unless you’re an extreme prodigy. Also you have to be on the shorter side for ballet since your on pointe and will be taller than the male dancers. If you want to be a professional dancer you can’t go to a dance studio that isn’t extremely strict and you would have to have more than 2 classes a week. Plus with pointe work you need 2/3 years of ballet before starting and by time company’s are scouting dancers you’ll just be starting pointe and they wouldn’t lean towards you. But if you just want to dance to dance then do it.

  • a e s t e t h i c b i t c h

    She is damn unlovable but i really admire her craft

    • - taehyung
      - taehyung 20 days ago

      really? I think she’s really lovable...

  • Madeline Bulger
    Madeline Bulger 20 days ago

    She just ate dinner

  • Joonmarie Roca-Brush
    Joonmarie Roca-Brush 21 day ago +19

    She's so sober and present...it's refreshing!

  • Janiya Taylor
    Janiya Taylor 21 day ago +1

    Oh no honey you need a bootyblenda 👀

  • Avonlea Dacayanan
    Avonlea Dacayanan 21 day ago +124

    “Are my lashes falling off?”
    “Yes they are, but it’s okay you’ll be fine.”
    Literally story of anyone’s life in the dance production community.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Megan Main
    Megan Main 21 day ago +10

    7:06 me sitting on my bed. “Whatever you say lady”

  • Rosanna Riley
    Rosanna Riley 21 day ago

    What about u eating xx

    • Glittery Mess
      Glittery Mess 10 days ago

      Rosanna Riley she was just doing her getting ready not her eating schedule

  • Bunnie B.
    Bunnie B. 22 days ago

    She seems like a cool person. I just want her to be my friend.

  • AnimeKinz
    AnimeKinz 22 days ago

    Do girls with pixie cuts have to wear a fake bun? Also this video is so pure I love it.

  • yelloworangered
    yelloworangered 23 days ago +1

    How I wish I could anything like this, or indeed anything. CFS/ME stole my body from me.

    • Tanja
      Tanja 19 days ago

      Same here. MS stole my body.

  • Tiffany Walker,Army,Blink
    Tiffany Walker,Army,Blink 23 days ago +34

    I’m twelve...got my pointe shoes last year and i don’t regret it😇😇 No Pain No Gain after all

  • Sessy M
    Sessy M 24 days ago +1

    More of these ballet videos pleeeaaaassseeeee

  • makeup_ Chaze
    makeup_ Chaze 24 days ago

    Is she in Corps?

  • Ezzha kr
    Ezzha kr 24 days ago

    Its really nice to see people enjoy their passion and work..The soul and aura really feels positive and warm

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 25 days ago +9

    "Calluses are our band-aids to help protect when we're in the shoes"
    Me: PREACH!!! Without calluses my feet would be dying!

  • Jay xox
    Jay xox 25 days ago

    ....she put the red dots on the wrong part of her eyes..

  • The one with the weird face

    I remember there was this girl, who cut her hair and the ballett teacher was so mad at her. Because “do you call this a ballerina hair? How will you put that hair in a bun?”.

  • lil liv
    lil liv 26 days ago +1

    11:12 omg her calf muscles

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  • Shialaubeef
    Shialaubeef 27 days ago

    Can we get a synchronized swimmers routine???

  • leroy jenkins
    leroy jenkins 27 days ago

    telling us she highlights her brow bone as if its a secret trick only dancers do lmao every girl does this

  • Cirine Trabelsi
    Cirine Trabelsi 27 days ago +1

    I love her, she's so fresh and happy and just so natural

  • Dwele Okong'o
    Dwele Okong'o 28 days ago

    Yes they are but it's okay you'll be fine 🤣🤣

  • Mansi Mohan
    Mansi Mohan 28 days ago

    she’s so disciplined

  • Charlotte Bland
    Charlotte Bland 28 days ago

    i want her skin