A Ballerina’s Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Showtime | Work It | Allure

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
  • American Ballet Theatre dancer Scout Forsythe takes us through her entire daily beauty routine. As she gets ready for a hectic schedule that includes 64 straight shows, Scout wakes up at 6:30AM for yoga, does her daily stretches, attends classes throughout the day, and prepares to hit the stage that evening.
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    A Ballerina’s Entire Routine, From Waking Up to Showtime | Work It | Allure

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  • Eva Ar
    Eva Ar Hour ago

    10:10 “big and chunky”...?
    I lIKe Em BiG i LiKe Em ChUnKy

  • LLittleLeah D
    LLittleLeah D 3 hours ago +1

    I have been dancing since I was two. I still love it and have to wear a hair net lol

  • karen robey
    karen robey 18 hours ago

    Cool sharing video for those of us who so love and respect the ballet!! Thank you Scout!! You’re the bomb!!!

  • Joseph Liang
    Joseph Liang Day ago

    Doesn’t show meals you eat? Why? 😂

  • Victoria Toma
    Victoria Toma Day ago

    she is more beautiful with makeup on

  • HighFunctioning Fangirl

    her hair looks so pretty!

  • Donna Oberlin
    Donna Oberlin Day ago

    Dancers are a special breed!!!

  • The bat t
    The bat t Day ago

    Zen coffee 😂

  • Mood Seas
    Mood Seas Day ago

    When you put the toe spacer on it look likes ur toe is connected

  • Mood Seas
    Mood Seas Day ago

    How does she look so good when she woke up at 6:30 am😆

  • funhistory
    funhistory 2 days ago +1

    It should be a crime to put any makeup on such a naturally beautiful face!

  • Saalihah’s World
    Saalihah’s World 3 days ago

    look at 11:12 LOL look at the leg when she points and flex

  • Layla McMahon
    Layla McMahon 4 days ago

    Her hair is beautiful

  • gsd715
    gsd715 4 days ago

    I love this video so much. It's so interesting to see how she uses the eyeliner smudger to apply eye shadow. I want to take her brush shopping and then have her teach me how to do all of the ballerina hair styles

  • Khairinnuha Shamsul Bahar

    When i first heard that she only washes her hair once a week i was shocked.then i realized that i'm just the same as her:)😂😂😂😂

  • heeylinda
    heeylinda 4 days ago

    But people, for real, if you have problems with odor on your armpits, just put some lemon, like, rub some on it, and you'll be fine for the rest of the day.

  • Ellie Bella Fraser
    Ellie Bella Fraser 5 days ago

    I go realllly red, like worryingly red after class, like overcooked beetroot red. What should I do??

  • Sophie N
    Sophie N 5 days ago

    Wow this woman is a CHAMPION!!! Dancers really are athletes in their own way.

  • Nayana John
    Nayana John 5 days ago

    Every ballerina has watched this video

  • Vanessa Acosta
    Vanessa Acosta 6 days ago

    What’s the brand of the primer?!

  • youbettacalltyrone532

    she's the lovechild of Maggie Rogers and Tove Lo

  • Amanda Hatfield
    Amanda Hatfield 6 days ago

    I always do my hair before I do my makeup. Does anyone else do that? Or is it just me!?

  • Mariana Ramires
    Mariana Ramires 6 days ago

    No ice bath?

  • Angelina Blair
    Angelina Blair 6 days ago

    i need advice!
    i started dancing ballet when i was 4, and i had dreams of becoming a professional dancer. unfortunately when i was 12 i had an ankle injury (not too serious, i was off dancing for a month) but when they x-rayed my ankle to check if it was healed, they found out i had severs disease, which is to do with growing rapidly and exercise, and it became too sore to dance on. my coaches and parents agreed i would take a year off, then come back with it all healed. but we moved out to the country and there are no studios around us now, and i never went back to dancing. i'm 15 now, and all i want to do is be a dancer. i can't imagine being happy in any other life where i'm not a professional dancer, but i can't take lessons now. what should i do?

  • Poppy S
    Poppy S 6 days ago +1

    i feel like she looks like haley lu richardson

  • Olivia Marie
    Olivia Marie 6 days ago

    Dirtiest hair makes the best buns

  • Bridget de Flores
    Bridget de Flores 6 days ago +1

    i love how they mention that she started ballet at age 11, because a lot professionals start from ages 2-5, and shows that you don’t have to start super young to be successful

  • happinesss2
    happinesss2 7 days ago

    love her! so dedicated and upbeat :) so cute! thanks for sharing!

  • Ella Mae
    Ella Mae 8 days ago

    I am only 12 and am en pointe and have been for 2 years I have to cope with pain , yoga, dance ,23 hours of dance a week and I am still going to high school as well it is soo tireing

  • Antonia PEARCE
    Antonia PEARCE 8 days ago +5

    “nerves are just a waste of energy”


  • Pia Monsen
    Pia Monsen 9 days ago +2

    I am a ballerina and this is so relateble

  • Sheena Liu
    Sheena Liu 9 days ago

    Holy crap are her eyes green? 😲

  • Emily Annora
    Emily Annora 9 days ago

    i like em big
    i like them chunky

  • Sydney C
    Sydney C 9 days ago +1

    Excitement is good. Nerves are just a waste of energy.

  • Sakura Blossom
    Sakura Blossom 10 days ago +142

    “Excitement is good. Nerves is just a waste of energy.”

  • AirBear's Gymnastics
    AirBear's Gymnastics 10 days ago

    That is a very busy day!

  • Violet Francis
    Violet Francis 11 days ago +1

    8:45 what’s why my lips were orange in the picture of me at my recital last year sksksk

  • Bern Pri
    Bern Pri 11 days ago +2

    That. Is. Intense. How do you sleep??

  • Nothing Nowhere Whatever

    She’s so cute??? And Scout is such a unique name! I want to be as optimistic as her, she seems so pleasant to be around

  • Swoosh h
    Swoosh h 12 days ago

    Dang I wish I was flexible

  • Kate abrielle
    Kate abrielle 12 days ago +309

    Watching a productive woman while being an unproductive woman lying down on bed

    VIC ALM 12 days ago +2

    She’s gorgeous and looks so humble 🥰🥰

  • Anouk Peereboom
    Anouk Peereboom 12 days ago

    So what is the time you go to sleep?

  • EGequestrian
    EGequestrian 12 days ago

    i’m about to buy that vertra stick for horse shows, i can not keep makeup on my face in the hot summer sun.

  • ThePodgeAroo 232323
    ThePodgeAroo 232323 12 days ago

    I want to be a ballerina but I have a bit of a tummy and a big butt, 5 feet 8 inches 149 pounds. (I'm working on losing weight and inches) I've been taking for four and a half years. End of this year, I intend to quit, if my mom lets me.

  • Cloudgirl
    Cloudgirl 12 days ago +1


  • Annie Dickhaut
    Annie Dickhaut 12 days ago

    Scout is so iconic

  • Satanas Hell
    Satanas Hell 13 days ago

    Beautiful lady

  • Ashley Zamzow
    Ashley Zamzow 13 days ago

    She needs to eat more 😯

  • G And G L
    G And G L 13 days ago +4

    “This is when I have Drake playing.” 😂🤣

  • Marina Slovak
    Marina Slovak 13 days ago

    Is that red dot thing accurate????

  • Cassidy Pearson
    Cassidy Pearson 14 days ago

    This reminds me. I have to stretch

  • Vivien Martin
    Vivien Martin 14 days ago

    show this to anyone who doesnt think ballerinas are athletes

  • Jenny Pham
    Jenny Pham 14 days ago

    This video is AWESOME!! 😍

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit 14 days ago +3

    I love how her name is “Scout” and she’s a ballerina.

    TARIA KING 14 days ago

    Wow N.

    TARIA KING 14 days ago


  • Karoline Pinkau
    Karoline Pinkau 14 days ago

    She has a very natural attitude, explaining everything🙈. It’s very lovely to watch her being excited about what she does and love. Thank you for explaining 😊

  • Mtompkins1441
    Mtompkins1441 14 days ago +1

    anyone notice at 4:29 her red eye??? or is that just me lol

  • Mandy Sáles
    Mandy Sáles 14 days ago +2

    Much more respect for ballerinas

  • Abiagel Walker
    Abiagel Walker 15 days ago

    Are those shoulders

  • Ken More
    Ken More 15 days ago

    she looks gorgeous even without a hint of makeup. I actually prefer the natural look.

  • AwieBub
    AwieBub 15 days ago +1

    Omg that’s so cool with the brown eyeliner thing. Her eyes looked so much bigger

  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 15 days ago

    I love her.
    Her voice.
    She just seems so refreshing and bubbly!
    I love that! 💗🥰

  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 15 days ago

    *all I do is eat and sleep..*
    *what the hell..* 🥴

  • Olivia
    Olivia 15 days ago

  • solidcatink
    solidcatink 15 days ago

    Why brush your teeth before coffee?

  • Marissa Svoboda
    Marissa Svoboda 15 days ago

    "Here is my daily routine. Except half this video is doing my makeup."
    I thought I was coming here to be encouraged and I am disappointed.

  • bretty_bang
    bretty_bang 15 days ago

    drop an eyeliner tutorial :)

  • Is Pepsi Ok
    Is Pepsi Ok 15 days ago +2

    She's so beautiful and a great dancer, just amazing :)

  • chickengrease
    chickengrease 15 days ago

    no ma’am ..

  • Silvana Di Ravenna
    Silvana Di Ravenna 16 days ago

    I love this video. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of her life

  • Sofia Lulla
    Sofia Lulla 16 days ago +54

    I love that on seven hours of sleep she’s gorgeous and with nine hours of sleep I look dead.

  • Aidan B
    Aidan B 16 days ago

    Noooo always guasha towards your heart people!!

  • Taehyungs daughter wink wink Kim

    The shirt she has looks nice on her but their right up to half of her shoulder it looks uncomfortable to me

  • Sister J
    Sister J 16 days ago +1

    I do ballet *DONT DO IT* my teacher makes me almost cry

  • Bella A.
    Bella A. 16 days ago

    Wow. What dedication. Admire your discipline.

  • the supreme
    the supreme 17 days ago +1

    her teeth are brighter than my future whew

  • Nae O’Connor
    Nae O’Connor 18 days ago

    She’s so graceful and beautiful

  • danibeans
    danibeans 18 days ago

    Anyone know the theory behind the red dots/dashes around the eye? Is that a legit thing? Lol

  • Julia Camille
    Julia Camille 18 days ago +1

    10:05 that is what my teacher calls them! She gets mad at us whenever we have a "doorknob bun." 😁 She was a professional ballerina before she taught, so maybe that is where it came from☺

  • Potatos are Gr8
    Potatos are Gr8 18 days ago +4

    That shirt looks easy to wear but I’d be pulling it up every 2 seconds😂😂

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 18 days ago

    I am way to interested in all the things life has to offer and simply could not do the same thing all day. Dance dance dance dance. It's boring.

  • Commentator541
    Commentator541 18 days ago

    Wow those are some perfect teeth!

  • Szivák Elena
    Szivák Elena 19 days ago +2

    1:17 I agree with that

  • Aava Vehvilainen
    Aava Vehvilainen 19 days ago +1

    Her feet are amazing for a ballerina like my ballet teachers toes aren’t rly the nicest but she has amazing

  • Squishies101
    Squishies101 19 days ago

    Before she brushed her teeth her teeth were already White and pearly

  • Chi-chi 02
    Chi-chi 02 19 days ago

    Scout Forsythe...
    *Reminds me of Scout from TF2...*

  • Anna
    Anna 19 days ago

    I would have thought she’d have a make up artist

  • L- Brooke
    L- Brooke 19 days ago +1

    How does she get her skin to look so good. I am a dancer and have acne all the time

  • Aoife Bone
    Aoife Bone 19 days ago

    yes, i will watch you after being in my recommended for 2 months

  • Jess Laney
    Jess Laney 19 days ago

    She’s so adorable what the heck

  • Rowan Carter
    Rowan Carter 20 days ago

    4:30 what the heck is that red thing in her eye

  • Osya Sa
    Osya Sa 20 days ago

    U don’t take showers, don’t wash hair 🤢🤮

  • Lindsey Fugitt
    Lindsey Fugitt 20 days ago

    I’m only 13 but when she started talking about running around changing hair and costumes in 15 minutes I was just like yeah sound exactly like competition and recitals

  • thalia
    thalia 20 days ago

    She's so beautiful dang

  • Fanny Pinto
    Fanny Pinto 20 days ago

    😪 I’m not a ballerina and my feet are so ugly! Extra dry no matter what I do 😭😭😭😭 she’s one and her feet look great! How? 😫

  • Renee Rivera Couture Hair Accessories

    That was so wonderful!!!

  • Dejah Turner
    Dejah Turner 20 days ago

    I hope she never forgets how magical she is.

  • Prema Istheway
    Prema Istheway 21 day ago

    So basically a makeup commercial? We want more.