Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump | WIRED


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  • Jacob Linding Pedersen
    Jacob Linding Pedersen 16 hours ago

    music is a bit high

  • A J Rodinsky
    A J Rodinsky 2 days ago

    What if the skaters improve a different variable in their spins, and their legs get enough of a proportionate strength boost to give them a higher jump, and thus more time to rotate at the current speeds.

  • WinkyBoyDigger1
    WinkyBoyDigger1 2 days ago

    I learn a lot of new tricks here

  • Humayra Malida
    Humayra Malida 3 days ago

    almost impossible means possible right

  • John Gabriel Ferraer

    Why are you Drake??

  • Chupatwo Chupatwo
    Chupatwo Chupatwo 5 days ago

    the true champion will perform a quad without making a silly face lmao

  • Crazy Cool Cuber
    Crazy Cool Cuber 5 days ago

    I did one off a low diving board

  • Isak s
    Isak s 5 days ago

    i can do 2, on a snowboard. and also a cork 7, a wild cat and a tame dog. but that is pretty much the extent of what i have learnt during my 3 years of riding.

  • broken logic
    broken logic 5 days ago

    Your job looks fun to learn new things

  • Aleida Ackerman
    Aleida Ackerman 7 days ago

    I give props to skaters, as a gymnast I wouldn't like doing stuff on ice. And at the edge of humanly possible check out "the Biles" flip/tumbling pass, it's a double layout with a half. For non-gymnasts it's 2 back flips with a straight body turning half way around at the end landing blind. (Gymnasts do quad layouts, but we have insane momentum and spring floors on our side, instead of ice, again props to skaters; gymnasts frozen spinning cousins)

  • SGC ShortOne
    SGC ShortOne 7 days ago

    Im a freerunner and tricker which involves a lot of flipping and I've seen a lot of quad fulls landed but I think it's not as impossible as it may seem

  • Inglorious Basterd
    Inglorious Basterd 7 days ago

    *Y E A H*

  • Imnot Important
    Imnot Important 8 days ago

    anyone else here cause of Yuri on ice?


    Mel. I still haven’t got double axel and these guys are talking about the improbability of quints... I’ve died. T^T

  • GoldenShaolinNutz
    GoldenShaolinNutz 10 days ago

    I would be doing the Exorcist Projectile Vomit scene if i had to try any of that. The chair, The spinning disk, the trampoline...Bwwaahhh!

  • big oof
    big oof 10 days ago

    people have done quints and sextuples on trampolines a bunch of times

  • Caelesti _Reige
    Caelesti _Reige 13 days ago

    Whoever do quintuple flawlessly deserves a medal

  • Chris Berquist
    Chris Berquist 15 days ago

    I'm a skater "skateboarder"!

  • justin benjamin
    justin benjamin 16 days ago

    hold my beer

  • sunjae kim
    sunjae kim 16 days ago

    respect to nathan chen

  • Scientific Humanist
    Scientific Humanist 18 days ago

    You only get dizzy if you spin slowly. When you spin very fast, your brain stops perceiving its environment and it doesn’t get dizzy. Trust me, as a former ballet dancer and figure skater.

  • Chi Nguyen
    Chi Nguyen 20 days ago

    This Jin Boyang erasure lol

  • Guyan Zutshi
    Guyan Zutshi 20 days ago

    🅱️itch what about skateboarding

  • David Gaming
    David Gaming 21 day ago

    Oh,I planned to do a quintuple jump this evening,but after I saw this...maybe a triple jump it's ok

  • aestaekook
    aestaekook 21 day ago

    I’m pretty sure I remember Yuzuru saying that he could a somehow kind of 4.5 spin (correct me if I’m wrong) and he was saying that Quins might be possible in the near future, though the focus now I think is doing a 4A

  • Alyssa Jordes
    Alyssa Jordes 23 days ago

    I feel like so many people scoff at axels. Forget 4 turns, I can't do an axel on land yet! The crossing legs thing is seriously confusing. Figure skating is NOT EASY.

  • Nasr Gilani
    Nasr Gilani 24 days ago

    Figure skating used to be so graceful and beautiful. Now it's become aerobic and brutal. They score you off of your jumps instead of how you dance to the program and I think that sucks

  • Orson Tube
    Orson Tube 26 days ago

    Quad c on ground

  • Charlotte Williams
    Charlotte Williams 28 days ago

    ...He is aware that nationals is all one big competition with 5 different levels and then dance and pairs (but that's beside the point)
    There's no "Junior Nationals" any more than there are "Juvenile Nationals", "Intermediate Nationals", "Novice Nationals", and "Senior Nationals".

  • Ethan Cheng
    Ethan Cheng 29 days ago

    Try the only quadruple corkscrews by trickers Alexander andersen and Michael Guthrie. Or quadruple full twists by tumblers and Olympic gymnasts. Those are just off your feet on flat.

  • ShivangDJ ki Vines
    ShivangDJ ki Vines Month ago

    You look like my class teacher

  • Henry Tran
    Henry Tran Month ago

    Tran? I thought you said Tron lol

  • Jason Kloss
    Jason Kloss Month ago

    Anyone else think that he was gona break his leg on the trampoline

  • Kaden Kramer
    Kaden Kramer Month ago

    I’ve seen ppl sextuple full before

  • Branden Hylton
    Branden Hylton Month ago

    First question. How do they not puke

  • birdman1741
    birdman1741 Month ago

    What a quad cork in tricking?

  • Hitoshi-Kun
    Hitoshi-Kun Month ago


  • Look Dad, No Hands
    Look Dad, No Hands Month ago

    I think there is a setting on my washing machine called "500rpm"

  • DJGamingfps
    DJGamingfps Month ago

    They got the most unathletic guy to try to do one spin on the trampoline and he couldn’t do it

  • Killer FrostZero
    Killer FrostZero Month ago

    You look like Drake

  • Uglychamploo
    Uglychamploo Month ago

    The Jim guy needs some sleep

  • Hamza Alshargabi
    Hamza Alshargabi Month ago

    This is nothing in comparison to Klaus Heisler's flipitty flop

  • Aceox
    Aceox Month ago

    1:03 but that backflip tho :D

  • Falerving
    Falerving Month ago

    Even i can do 2,5 spins on a trampoline

  • Xan Luv
    Xan Luv Month ago

    This dude can’t do 2 spins on a trampoline..? He had to be faking it..

  • Don Davis
    Don Davis Month ago

    You look like you were rotating the wrong direction.

  • Find Me123
    Find Me123 Month ago

    Yay vietnamese

  • teh
    teh Month ago

    Why its almost impossible for me to stop watching these videos

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson Month ago

    Can you do a video on tricking

  • Mason TV
    Mason TV Month ago

    I like those watches!
    Anyone know what they wore?

  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming Month ago

    This spinning Rodney one Skateboard makes me feel sick

  • Pitudo Gaming
    Pitudo Gaming Month ago +1

    Then Tony Hawk does a 900 effortlessly

  • VentuRoute
    VentuRoute Month ago

    I did that spinning thing o a tyre swing which I twisted round and round and got inside. I passed out, my friend passed out, and my friends brother passed out 😂😂😂

  • Flono McFlooneyloo
    Flono McFlooneyloo Month ago

    What's interesting in a slightly different subject is the vast difference in skill in ballet dancers and martial artists. Some trickers can do pretty well but nobody is spinning with the grace and speed of a ballet dancer. Conversely, no ballet dancer seems to be able to 'kick' something except air.

  • Gamerx 7723
    Gamerx 7723 Month ago

    Hey you guys your going to get pranked soooo...... hard rn

    *read more*

  • Gamerx 7723
    Gamerx 7723 Month ago

    Thought this dude was Drake. LoL

  • Oranger
    Oranger Month ago

    Here comes the shosei with a quint full

  • Sloth Master Jack
    Sloth Master Jack Month ago

    And now yuzuru is doing a quad axel (4.5 rotations)

  • Farzam Kenway
    Farzam Kenway Month ago

    Why am I watching this if i am never gonna do it

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice Month ago

    I don't agree

  • yackamajez
    yackamajez Month ago

    They missed the opportunity to call that guy the quad god

  • lake lace 6
    lake lace 6 Month ago

    i just watched three of this channel's videos in a row, so i'm subscribing

  • ナデコ BOT
    ナデコ BOT Month ago

    lmao easy. just remove gravity

  • Fluffy
    Fluffy Month ago


  • HanSolo1519
    HanSolo1519 Month ago +3

    That professor looks like he's seen about as much sleep as me.

  • Sagun Manandhar
    Sagun Manandhar Month ago

    I have seen pro
    taekwondo players do 5 spins and a kick at the end.

  • Password Here
    Password Here Month ago


  • Viiral Puga
    Viiral Puga Month ago

    I can make it down to one word.


  • undercurrent
    undercurrent Month ago

    y not just jump higher?

  • kestrel374
    kestrel374 Month ago

    Wikipedia says, and I think it is correct that " The first person to land a ratified quadruple jump in competition was Canadian Kurt Browning in 1988."

  • Andrea De Alba
    Andrea De Alba Month ago

    This reminds me of Disney Channels “Ice Princess”!!!

  • Andrés Bustamante
    Andrés Bustamante Month ago

    Quintuple? Trusova will jump them tvclip.biz/video/oGp89uJ9wIw/video.html?t=371

  • France
    France Month ago

    Anyone got good hacks for this?

  • Aleya MC
    Aleya MC Month ago

    Me trying to get my double “this is to hard.” Watches video no snits is harder than I thought.

  • Not a skateboarder / Spoiler: You are wrong!

    Dump all that science in the trash can! People can train their bodies to do seemingly impossible things. It's all about time and practice and some tricks.
    I'm doing spins on roller blades and I'm no where near a pro.

    • コメントします
      コメントします Month ago

      But they can't overcome the laws of physics. I'm sorry, but that's how life works.

  • first last
    first last Month ago

    lmao dinhs nose was blocked bc he skates so much probably

  • Alex Prodan
    Alex Prodan 2 months ago

    What about the quad cork in tricking? Only three have ever been landed.

  • TenaciousB
    TenaciousB 2 months ago

    Hey I have played at that rink

  • God is a woman and her name is Jennie

    How about you try....

    *The triple axel?*

  • Erik Nickell II
    Erik Nickell II 2 months ago

    Ok vsauce

  • May Zhang
    May Zhang 2 months ago +2

    imagine a quintuple flip in yuri on ice tho

    EXOL KOKOBOP IS LIT 2 months ago

    Sooo yuzuru is an amazing person 😁

  • its.sophia
    its.sophia 2 months ago +1

    *Me having no experience at figure skating and can’t even roller skate*
    (Books a session at a ice rink)
    Almost ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • husky.slimess
    husky.slimess 2 months ago

    *Oml I can barely even do 2 😂*

  • Master Karma
    Master Karma 2 months ago

    Anyone here because Yuri On Ice!!! ^w^

  • Yeehaw, mortals
    Yeehaw, mortals 2 months ago

    I jumped off my bed, rotated once, and fell on my bum.
    I feel so accomplished

  • Noah Hornberger
    Noah Hornberger 2 months ago

    who put jiff next to pantene instead of smuckers?

  • Arrow WP Sing
    Arrow WP Sing 2 months ago

    Triple Axel in figure skating

  • LachlanWithPaperAirplanes

    Dinh means slow in Vietnamese

  • 100 subs no videos
    100 subs no videos 2 months ago

    Drake 2

  • Bolt Shaded
    Bolt Shaded 2 months ago

    quint flips on a trampoline is not even almost impossible

  • Riicho Bamin
    Riicho Bamin 2 months ago

    What's with the tabla music ?

  • ArrY
    ArrY 2 months ago

    I broke my ankle trying to do a triple on skis.

  • Napier Thompson
    Napier Thompson 2 months ago

    What sort of a rink doesn't let people spin on the ice? How is anyone who attends that rink supposed to practice?? Completely daft!!

    • adiamonddestiny
      adiamonddestiny Month ago

      +Napier Thompson are lessons sectioned off with pylons? Like where you have the center of the ice reserved for lessons, and the edges reserved for people on the public session?

    • Napier Thompson
      Napier Thompson Month ago

      Well you have just called my entire rink (its students, its management and its coaches) and most of the rinks in my country dangerous and arrogant while simultaneously nodding your head at the fact that ice skating should only be able to be taken seriously by the rich. You might be interested to know that at my rink and most of the rinks in my area that not only does practice take place in public sessions but private lessons take place during public sessions on a constant basis. You are free to disagree with me that you think it's a good idea but that it's normality for me and those in my country cannot be argued with nor can the fact that I would and should, under such circumstances, be shocked that others do things in a more restrictive manner. Currently 100% of my coaching time and practice time occurs in public sessions! This is not me being arrogant! That's how it works where I live!

    • adiamonddestiny
      adiamonddestiny Month ago

      I'm going to have to disagree with you there. Just because you're willing to take the risk doesn't mean everyone skating on the public session will want to take that risk. It's incredibly arrogant to think that you won't fall at all doing jumps. And if you agree that falling is a possibility then you can't guarantee you won't hurt someone else. Also, it's not really fair to do jumps on a public session, which can intimidate new skaters, or ruin it for someone who's just there to have fun. And I'm saying this all as a figure skater. If I go to a public session and there's one or two people on the ice, I'll do whatever I want, but if there's a dozen, I respect the fact that they're there for a leisurely time and only do spins or edgework.

    • Napier Thompson
      Napier Thompson Month ago

      I'll reiterate the amended question: What sort of a rink doesn't let people jump on the ice? How is anyone who attends that rink supposed to practice?? Completely daft!! I do rotational jumps in public sessions all the time! Because I know what I'm doing it is far more likely they will kill me than I them... and I'm willing to take the risk. lol If I can do rotational jumps with 100 children herded into 1/4 of the rink, I can certainly do them in a normal public session. The main reason some daft rinks probably do this is less to do with 'safety' (which is a ludicrous concept when jumping on ice) and more to do with trying to force people who are genuinely interested in skating at a competitive level into parting with the high fees associated with the entry to private sessions. There are so few ice rinks they can pretty much do whatever they like and charge whatever they like and we either have to abide or go away... And they wonder why the sport is dying...

    • RaymondHng
      RaymondHng Month ago

      He got the terminology wrong. He meant to say "rotating jumps". Spins, on the other hand, do not involve jumping. He was taping there during public skate sessions where practicing advance elements such as rotating jumps are not permitted because of crashing into other skaters. Freestyle level 2 skaters and above may only skate their programs on Freestyle Sessions.

  • DSQueenie
    DSQueenie 2 months ago

    Billy Morgan is a former gymnast which is why he’s so fearless.

  • TheOG llama21
    TheOG llama21 2 months ago

    People quint on trampoline all the time

  • Alex Schreiber
    Alex Schreiber 2 months ago

    Watching this now that I got good at flipping and i can do a triples quads and even a quintuple flip on a normal backyard trampoline and I'm not even kidding you can check my instagram @_alex.flips_ I'm being dead serious I can quints and quads with spins and stuff

  • Cookie Control
    Cookie Control 2 months ago

    I figure skate and I’m in Freestyle 1. But this looks impossible to me!!! Lol

  • Jayden Em
    Jayden Em 2 months ago

    The dude at the beginning looks like drake🤣😂😅

  • Liana Lai
    Liana Lai 2 months ago

    Well Thats not true one of the China people can do it and she’s only 14 years young