Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Jump | WIRED


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  • Jovanni Ramos
    Jovanni Ramos 16 hours ago

    Does he get dizzy??

  • shovelmastaflash

    Wow. So much diversity in your office. No white dudes though. I think that's a little bigoted. Come on, it's 2018.

  • Kasper Bon
    Kasper Bon Day ago

    Or 7 twists

  • Kasper Bon
    Kasper Bon Day ago

    On trampoline someone did 6 flips

  • David
    David 5 days ago

    So if you jump off a plane and spin you can't rotate 5 times? Lol.

  • T McK
    T McK 6 days ago

    Bet Yuri can do it

  • hollywood23007
    hollywood23007 6 days ago

    I hate to be the un-humble monkey that points this out; but the math on this video is sooo wrong it’s funny.

  • Asian Potato
    Asian Potato 7 days ago

    Lmao I'm a couch potato and I can do 2.5 spins on a trampoline

  • The Jesus Christ of Nerds

    *Viet Nam*

  • Lkmdude
    Lkmdude 13 days ago

    Mathematicians are the TASers of sports.

  • Grey Talec
    Grey Talec 16 days ago

    Skateboarders have done 1080 rotations, which is 6 spins

  • Killed It 7
    Killed It 7 16 days ago

    He felt sick because he was not spotting and therefore making him dizzy and sick.

  • Matthew Meneses
    Matthew Meneses 19 days ago

    The way he says yah is cringe

  • Justlisten498
    Justlisten498 20 days ago

    key word is *_almost_*

  • Noob Poops
    Noob Poops 20 days ago

    standing quint has alr been done before. thousands of times. not even using skaters

  • KM flips
    KM flips 21 day ago


  • Spooky scary skeletons 34

    Yo u look like drake

  • Audrey Lin
    Audrey Lin Month ago +1

    So lucky I can only do a single Axle

  • Panda Chong
    Panda Chong Month ago +1

    Lol first quad cork on skis, there's been quad corks on flat ground

  • NolePtr
    NolePtr Month ago

    Even Mario can only do a double jump.

  • Vivek Ramadoss
    Vivek Ramadoss Month ago

    I think if figure skaters could jump as high as many NBA players could then they could do a quint.

  • Jonathan Kolbinsky
    Jonathan Kolbinsky Month ago

    He ice skates better than he throws a baseball

  • Valentin Valentinov

    The only quad king is michael guthrie

  • MarcoPlayzAll
    MarcoPlayzAll Month ago

    2:31 Snot rocket

  • Austin101123
    Austin101123 Month ago

    There some black guys that can jump like 4ft and do a 720 spin on a basketball court, let's see a 3ft jump on ice instead of them 2ft jumps and they'll get another rotation.

  • Amanda Gong
    Amanda Gong Month ago

    4:03 me when I see a teacher in public.

  • Amanda Gong
    Amanda Gong Month ago

    Does anyone know how figure skaters don't get dizzy after spinning? I don't think they spot like dancers since there head doesn't whip around or i! just can't see it because it's to fast. XD

  • Salma Torres
    Salma Torres Month ago

    3:05 I disagree with this statement. Boyang Jin started the Quad Race with his Quad Lutz in 2015 and the first man ever to land four quads in a program at the 2016 Four Continents Championships.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross Month ago


  • Fail Gail
    Fail Gail Month ago +1


    ELVISFX Month ago

    Dudes talking about a quintuple andd I still not handle a 540° in my inline skates :(

  • xfroz
    xfroz Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks Nathan Chen is overrated? Sure he scores a lot of points and his athleticism is incredible but his skating is just ugly (neither am I saying that I can do better). Compared to Yuzuru Hanyu, he is completely outshined

  • Danny Torrance
    Danny Torrance Month ago

    Maybe if I did the first quintuple in competition, Tonya Harding would fall in love with me.

  • Raiden Kim
    Raiden Kim Month ago

    I'm only on my doubles :(

  • Helena Fu
    Helena Fu Month ago

    I KNOW WHERE HE'S SKATING- Yerba Buena Ice Rink in San Fransisco. And I've talked to Dihn before lol

  • Yo Lo
    Yo Lo Month ago

    Jackson wells did it before Ragettli!

  • Galaxian
    Galaxian Month ago +1

    *hold my beer*

  • Frank Esposito
    Frank Esposito Month ago

    With Christ NOTHING is Impossible!!!

  • William Gustafsson
    William Gustafsson Month ago

    Did he go tryhard to do a 360 or was he just joking.

  • Brady Whelihan
    Brady Whelihan Month ago

    just watch some flipping videos, people do like sextuplets spins and stuff, it is on a trampoline tho

  • charlie garcia
    charlie garcia Month ago +1

    Well according to Yuzuru Hanyu there is an athlete that could possibly jump a quint and that's Boyang Jin. He's even anticipating the day he will see Boyang Jin jump a quint. Despite what science says, Yuzu's belief in Boyang Jin is greater.

  • Стая Танец

    I want to be the first person to land the quad throw jump at the Olympics

  • Franklin Yao
    Franklin Yao Month ago

    Don’t care about who the quad kind is lol Yuzuru Hanyu is still the best skater alive 👌🏻

  • Jie Li
    Jie Li Month ago

    hold my beer

  • sunshine JD
    sunshine JD Month ago +1

    Get a bit sick of how American media ignores all the other top skaters that aren’t Nathan Chen

  • amazinglazedonut
    amazinglazedonut Month ago

    Quintuples are impossible because humans only have 4 muscles in their quadriceps. For the sake of figure skating, we must use teh machine learningz, AI chatbots, etc. to genetically upgrade our quadriceps to quintriceps (or, better yet, sexiceps)!!!1!

  • Munkey360
    Munkey360 Month ago

    Well 2 years ago an inline skater (Wake Schepman) landed a 1620 degree straight rotation (No cork) in both practice and competition. So that's 4.5 right there.

  • figure skater sandi

    I've been skating for seven years and I only landed it twice 😂😂

  • exodrynamix JT
    exodrynamix JT Month ago

    I can flip over 8 times while sleeping... does that count?..

  • Landonray Gaming
    Landonray Gaming Month ago

    I can o a quint on a trampoline and 3 times on flat ground but scared to even do one and land without banging my head on ice in a ice ring. #tooscary

    KIN CHEN Month ago


  • Jaret C
    Jaret C Month ago

    Actually Jackson Wells did the first quad on skis.

  • Meri Desiree
    Meri Desiree Month ago

    I'm not here for the Boyang Jin erasure ;-;

  • Simon
    Simon Month ago

    I couldn't even spin four times if I jumped off a skyscraper smh

  • Vankaris
    Vankaris Month ago

    you couldn't spin anymore because you were too afraid the entire time.

  • 桜Biiju
    桜Biiju 2 months ago

    Michael Guthrie did it on floor

  • Pedro Albuquerque Santos

    The real question is when are we going to see the Iron Lotus?

  • Nole
    Nole 2 months ago

    i have bad motion sickness. If I turn around two times on my feet, i get a headache. and it lasts the whole day until i go to sleep and "reset".

  • nazirdjon
    nazirdjon 2 months ago

    here, hold my coffee!

  • Tapirus Sbrabous
    Tapirus Sbrabous 2 months ago

    Until someone goes there and does it.

  • IBBallinWithYoMom
    IBBallinWithYoMom 2 months ago

    All of this is based on improving RPM; what about jump height and the strength to pull off the harder landing? Everyone just glosses over them as if it's impossible for an even freaker athlete to come along and get more height while maintaining ~400 rpm. How much more height would they need, if impossible why, etc.

  • WiseOldOwl
    WiseOldOwl 2 months ago

    You're telling the human race something is nearly impossible... you're incorrect. Thats like saying we are done evolving...

  • Olivia Rodriguez
    Olivia Rodriguez 2 months ago


  • Daily Dash
    Daily Dash 2 months ago

    See I’m a diver and Ik people who can do quint twist. I can do 3. So this begs the question how many twists can a human do

  • Sebastian Sarmiento
    Sebastian Sarmiento 2 months ago

    You forgot quadcork of tricking michael guthrie

  • MilkyGuava
    MilkyGuava 2 months ago

    Love that tabla haha

  • jordantiste
    jordantiste 2 months ago

    I reckon I could pull off a quint in 8 jumps.

  • lucax tshotting
    lucax tshotting 2 months ago

    youtube recomended videos trouble me a lot, at least this is ALMOST entertaining and ALMOST you know that enlgish word that means something that teaches something, sill neither though

  • Gudrun Burwell
    Gudrun Burwell 2 months ago

    The youngsters can sometimes do this.

  • jackhead4
    jackhead4 2 months ago

    TLDW: it's really hard to spin fast enough to make a quint.

  • Cinnamon -
    Cinnamon - 2 months ago


  • atsay714
    atsay714 2 months ago

    Watching that guy jump on the trampoline, not being able to spin more than one rotation.... Never seen someone so unathletic in my life.

  • Tae the Bae
    Tae the Bae 2 months ago

    1:00 does anybody know which video that is?

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown 2 months ago

    So this is what Jon Bellion does in his free time

  • Dan Hinchliffe
    Dan Hinchliffe 2 months ago

    I guess you could say this video is.... Revolutionary...

  • Konstantin Antropow
    Konstantin Antropow 2 months ago

    the moment when greg roe did a octave (8) full on trampolin😂😂

  • Sarn
    Sarn 2 months ago

    New appreciate for ice skaters. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amira F
    Amira F 2 months ago

    Song during the 2nd minute?

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans 2 months ago

    If u keep ur eyes on the same point while spinning u don't get as sick u can see the skaters doing it when they spin on the ground

  • F.A.F Motion
    F.A.F Motion 2 months ago

    Quap flips are normally chill did at ton of quad fronts and stuff and for some poeple quint flips are chill i dont understand this video :,D

  • F.A.F Motion
    F.A.F Motion 2 months ago

    Also sextuple flips btw

  • F.A.F Motion
    F.A.F Motion 2 months ago

    This year over 500 quint flips and twist happened on trampoline and for some poeple its chill so wtf

  • SweetBabyJames78
    SweetBabyJames78 2 months ago

    DOOM Guy = Quad King

    R6S SOCIETY 2 months ago

    Did they have to send their most uncoordinated and least athletic host they have?

  • Jarod Thorman
    Jarod Thorman 2 months ago

    Would I be wrong to say Waco Wells had the quad first for skis. And side note if you can't do at least 720 on a tramp you have issues with commitment. Prolly not great in a long term relationship.

  • Cyqnide
    Cyqnide 2 months ago

    2:30 I'd throw up! He's like spinning like 6 times every sec.

  • GrandiozGaming
    GrandiozGaming 2 months ago

    Kenzo Shirai has done 4.5 twists in practice, so I’m hopeful

  • 82christos
    82christos 2 months ago +1

    Set speed to X2 for Beyblade.

  • David Persson
    David Persson 2 months ago

    There is one trampoliner who did octuple full

  • Mikko Metso
    Mikko Metso 2 months ago

    instagram.com/p/BdJCpQWgUmP/?hl=en So about those quints being impossible...

  • Valentino Martone
    Valentino Martone 2 months ago

    So if it's almost impossible, it's possible.

  • Sherman
    Sherman 2 months ago


  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 2 months ago

    Nothing is impossible except making a better world for ourselves there's always that one person that fucks up everything

  • Black Moon
    Black Moon 2 months ago

    I do 720s on the ground with a little difficulty; I'm not sure how doing it twice on a trampoline. Maybe it's because you're not athletic.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 2 months ago

    "Amazing" logic. Because I cannot do 2 rotations on a trampoline after 10 mins of training, people who can do 4 rotations on ice cannot do 5 rotations. -Makes perfect sense.

  • Joel Ryan
    Joel Ryan 2 months ago

    Which way is he spinning at 2:45 ?

  • Inklan Utterfield
    Inklan Utterfield 2 months ago +1

    I used to really enjoy ice skating as a kid, and was actually pretty good at it... it's a shame they then closed the only ice rink my country due to monetary problems.

  • Powell Mathewson
    Powell Mathewson 2 months ago


  • tobster
    tobster 2 months ago

    You should se Greg roe because he can octuple on trampoline😱😱😱