Hilarious Literal Dutch Translations w/ booksandquills | Cereal Time

  • Published on Apr 14, 2016
  • We try and work out whether Sanne is telling us a real Dutch word and translation, or something completely made up.
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Comments • 1 438

  • V Reacts
    V Reacts Day ago

    A friend of mine recommended your video to me and i'm so glad he did. I like your style, and setup. I subscribed to you and Sanne.

  • Lilith Kenis
    Lilith Kenis 10 days ago

    That was fun! :)
    Tombo-la bestaat ook in het Nederlands... een trekking eigenlijk.

  • Storm of Darkness
    Storm of Darkness Month ago


  • Alma Veuger
    Alma Veuger Month ago

    I say: met de KOP door de helft

  • Vanatice
    Vanatice Month ago

    eggunt lunduhn

  • Pyromaat
    Pyromaat 2 months ago


  • Serenoj69
    Serenoj69 2 months ago

    She behaves very American and talks in a very American way for a Dutch Person. At school we are taught Oxford English. Some Dutch people seem to have a sort of inferiority complex and want to be American like, at least that is how it comes across to me. I don't know her personally though...

  • Alma Veuger
    Alma Veuger 4 months ago

    Ik heb nog nooit gehoord van romantapen

  • Connor Capella
    Connor Capella 5 months ago

    This is just like gmm

  • Violinist 1
    Violinist 1 5 months ago

    Sanne sounds rather Mid-Western American. And she pronounces the 'butter' in peanut butter like we do - with the hard d and r sounds. Cool, bro. Ha.

  • Madoka
    Madoka 5 months ago

    wow what a bunch of soyboys....

  • Q-Teb
    Q-Teb 6 months ago

    Nijlpaard is actually the Dutch translation of 'hippopotamus', which literally means 'Nile horse'

  • burnoutxboz
    burnoutxboz 6 months ago

    Is this GMM? Cus this is GMM.

  • benbelgam
    benbelgam 6 months ago

    How do you know people find this hilarious? Did you take a stakeproof? :D

  • Richard K MuseVid-Metal RVREVO

    I got them all right.

  • Guus de V.
    Guus de V. 7 months ago


  • tsjarishe
    tsjarishe 7 months ago

    we say ... met je broek in den helft ( with your trousers in two )

  • Marit
    Marit 7 months ago

    99% van alle comments zijn van Nederlanders 😂
    99% of all the comments are from Dutch people 😂

  • Ehtisham
    Ehtisham 7 months ago

    'i am gonna start using it anyway'

  • Sohila Heiba
    Sohila Heiba 8 months ago

    literally so funny

  • Judith Smouter
    Judith Smouter 8 months ago


  • Elard De Boer
    Elard De Boer 8 months ago +1

    Takes one to know one?
    is that the same as: wat je zegt ben je zelf?

  • Janice1993
    Janice1993 8 months ago

    I personally really enjoy explaining "Mierenneuker" to my Australian and American friends. It was a definite keeper for most of them :D

  • Dirk Ballenjongen
    Dirk Ballenjongen 8 months ago

    Im getting gmm vibes

  • Geerte Stegink
    Geerte Stegink 8 months ago

    why are the words/sentences on that yellow cart in German? Because what they're saying is dutch

  • Ariënna Leurink
    Ariënna Leurink 8 months ago

    Dit is echt leuk. 😂

  • Angela Boice
    Angela Boice 8 months ago

    7/9 .. pretty good for an American I think 😂

  • SilveradoNL
    SilveradoNL 8 months ago

    I had all of them correct!
    ...... ooh wait i am dutch, i cheated!

  • forestsoceansmusic
    forestsoceansmusic 8 months ago

    Before I found out, I'm guessing Bleechsheet is a real Dutch expression (knowing a little of their culture).

  • Chris Dord
    Chris Dord 9 months ago +1

    Hey, ik ben nederlands

  • Stef van Wijk
    Stef van Wijk 9 months ago

    The left guy suspect that we don't have bad words? He really got to know our bad ones. It's quite poetic. And then we also have dialect ... that's really bad, certainly in Rotterdams.

  • Lana NoneOfYourBusiness

    Tombola is actually quite similar in Dutch, only with the emphasis on "tom".

  • Marnix
    Marnix 9 months ago

    Ben ik de enige die niet tegen haar dialect (kan komen omdat ik uit brabant kom)

  • Jesse Hol
    Jesse Hol 9 months ago

    Met je KOP door de helft

  • Emma De Mul
    Emma De Mul 9 months ago

    Tombola is just the same word in Dutch ;) they might've guessed that one right

  • vl2
    vl2 9 months ago

    Them Englishmen don't realize that "hand shoe" (handschoen) is the literal translation of "glove" in other lingos than Dutch. Take German for instance, you got your "Handschuh".

  • Kevin van Beveren
    Kevin van Beveren 9 months ago

    Pale fart? ? ? ? i thought Pale-Face

  • Paloma Blanca
    Paloma Blanca 11 months ago

    she tic

  • Rednesswahn
    Rednesswahn 11 months ago

    6 right 3 wrong German

  • Rednesswahn
    Rednesswahn 11 months ago

    Handschuh is also a German word.

  • LABJoostmhw Awesome
    LABJoostmhw Awesome 11 months ago +1

    We are more annoying on this website than the Turkish and Russian combined

  • Sarah Fray
    Sarah Fray 11 months ago +1

    Well, hippopotamus means river horse too, hippo means horse in latin and potamus means river. I dont think we (the dutch) did bad naming this animal

  • Frank W
    Frank W 11 months ago

    Stelletje bleekscheten. Ja dat klopt wel. Ze eten ook teveel pindapoepenkaas. das wel duidelijk. Stelletje jochies die Nederlands praten. Toedeledookie

  • ufo jeannette
    ufo jeannette 11 months ago

    Tombola= tumble = draaien (dutch)

  • Rob Numan
    Rob Numan Year ago

    Het woord Tombola staat ook in het Nederlands woordenboek. Op de kermis werd het gespeeld mensen kochten een bonnetje met een nummer en een zelfde bonnetje ging in een ronddraaiend kistje of tonnetje. Het nummer dat daarna werd getrokken won de prijs.

  • BrennFilm
    BrennFilm Year ago +44

    I don't want to f#ck ants, or sift through mosquito's but she didn't show the backside of her tongue here. Tell the cat that but Dutch sayings are a different cookie.

  • dutch scorpion
    dutch scorpion Year ago +1

    Altijd als er dutch in de titel staat is de comment sectie vol met nederlanders

  • Stefan Van pellicom
    Stefan Van pellicom Year ago +1

    On tombola : I live in the dutch speaking part of Belgium, and tombola is the standard word we use for a raffle/lottery. We put the accent on the first syllable "tom" though. There's quite a few words and expressions that we use and the Dutch don't. And vice versa.
    Strange thing : we understand all of theirs, but they tend not to understand all of ours ...

  • Stefan Van pellicom
    Stefan Van pellicom Year ago +1

    On tombola : I live in the dutch speaking part of Belgium, and tombola is the standard word we use for a raffle/lottery. We put the accent on the first syllable "tom" though. There's quite a few words and expressions that we use and the Dutch don't. And vice versa.
    Strange thing : we understand all of theirs, but they tend not to understand all of ours ...

  • tim van rijn
    tim van rijn Year ago +1

    good mythical morning

  • Lars Van Den Broek

    Tombola = tombola

  • Quincy
    Quincy Year ago

    Isn’t it “wat je zegt ben je zelf met je *kop* door de helft”? That’s what i always said

  • Linda Raterink
    Linda Raterink Year ago +1

    Tombola in Dutch is Tombola

  • RobbieFPV
    RobbieFPV Year ago

    Dit voelt raar.
    Try to pronounce "Arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekeringspremie" and guess if it's a real thing.

  • Els Borra
    Els Borra Year ago

    To translate "Bleekscheet" to ""Pale Fart" is prove of ignorance of the (Dutch?) woman - it means "Pale Face"....

    • Els Borra
      Els Borra Year ago

      Yes I know, but that doesn't make it okay...

    • Eugenie Kruijt
      Eugenie Kruijt Year ago

      Els Borra she translated it literally

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    "Ming dir docht vanderhaart," is fake. Okay, I'm surprised that I got to the end without getting a single one wrong. Of course, I don't know these guys and thought that they spoke conversational Dutch like me, and that she was going to make it trickier for them.

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    "Wat je zegt ben je zelf met je kont door de helft" means what she's translated it as, that much I can say, but I actually have never heard anyone say that. Of course, I'm Dutch-American, several generations in, and the idioms used over a hundred years ago probably aren't the same as those used today.

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    Pindankaas is real. . . .

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    "Boeterkreuk Kannanmart" is fake. . .

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    "Nijlpaard" is a real world. Judging by "eggant lunduhn," I'm guessing it's fake because of the spelling.

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    "Romanktapen" isn't a Dutch word. I could tell because, as she said, it was just "random sounds."

  • John Hooyer
    John Hooyer Year ago

    I recognize "handschoen."

  • High Jack
    High Jack Year ago

    I'm a straight guy but somehow seeing Charlie gives me a hard on. I would totally have sex with him.

  • Kyra Van Meijl
    Kyra Van Meijl Year ago

    Where I come from, we say: 'wat je zegt ben je zelf met je kont in de verf.'
    Meaning: 'You are what you say with your but in paint.'

  • Charles van Dijk
    Charles van Dijk Year ago

    Waiting for vakman and ledikant.

  • robsab20
    robsab20 Year ago

    I do NOT like her one bit

  • lisa ketelaar
    lisa ketelaar Year ago

    you know the Nijlpaard you could guess because it's actually a hippopotamus wich is Greek for river horse...

  • gnilttbs
    gnilttbs Year ago

    It makes sense that 'hippopotamus' should be 'nijlpaard', seeing as 'hippopotamus' itself comes from the Greek, meaning 'river horse'. In Swedish, the word for hippo is 'flodhäst'; in Welsh, it is 'afonfarch': and just like Greek and Dutch, these words also mean 'sea horse'.

  • myster jester
    myster jester Year ago

    its ''wat je zegt ben jezelf met je ''KOP'' door de helft''
    You are what you say with your HEAD split if half :)

  • EmilyMae
    EmilyMae Year ago

    The guy in the the stripy shirt looks so much like chad off sonny with a chance 😂😂❤❤🤙🏼

  • hakesho
    hakesho Year ago

    as someone who doesn't really know any Dutch, but knows a little bit (just basic stuff) about linguistics, this was a pretty easy game. I only got the first one wrong.

  • AMVprod
    AMVprod Year ago

    rhett and link?

  • Dennis Jansen
    Dennis Jansen Year ago

    I'm Dutch and I didn't know half of these. Also damn we used wat je zegt ben je zelf, met je kont door de helft so much in school

  • Braakbal
    Braakbal Year ago

    Bleekscheet does not mean 'someone who is pale'. Bleekscheet is a pejorative term for a white person.

  • Rayshen
    Rayshen Year ago +1

    the comment section:
    98% This is even funnier when you're Dutch
    2% other

  • Jelle Sophie
    Jelle Sophie Year ago

    Tombola in Dutch is tombola:)

  • Jelle Sophie
    Jelle Sophie Year ago

    "Alles wat je zegt ben je zelf met je broek in de helft" zeggen we in Antwerpen :)

  • Jelle Sophie
    Jelle Sophie Year ago


  • Natalie Middendorp

    It is so funny ik lach me dood hier 😂😂

  • Nuraili De Paepe
    Nuraili De Paepe Year ago

    tombola is just tombola in Dutch but you say more TOMbola instead of tomBOla

  • Viola14
    Viola14 Year ago


  • Jonas Martens
    Jonas Martens Year ago

    When Jimmy tries to say Sanne it sound like he's saying sauna XD

  • Lotte Reinacher
    Lotte Reinacher 2 years ago

    I love watching this because I'm dutch... it's so funny!

  • My Freroli
    My Freroli 2 years ago

    They nailed it 😂
    it's so funny if you are Dutch
    But some words are only used in The Netherlands and not in Belgium like "Bleekscheet", I don't use it so 😂

  • demi X
    demi X 2 years ago

    Is this a remake of goodmitical morning

  • Jaimee Brooke Longstaff

    For the you are what you say "Wat je zegt ben je zelf met je kont door de helft" I think the English meaning is "it takes one to know one" 👍 this video was cool

  • lieke venema
    lieke venema 2 years ago

    This is hilarious (I'm Dutch) 😂

  • Noah Warner
    Noah Warner 2 years ago

    Iam dutch and i have never heard of bleekscheet

  • TheBest B
    TheBest B 2 years ago

    im dutch, and i have never heard of bleekschert

  • Jim Heeren
    Jim Heeren 2 years ago +1

    I really like the made up Dutch words. They sound really Dutch but they are clearly complete gibberish

  • Charii
    Charii 2 years ago

    I always say 'what je zegt ben je zelf met je kont in de verf' and that is the same thing as they said in the video but only it is 'with your butt in the paint'. but I'm from a place in the Netherlands where we say a lot of things differently so yeah 😂

  • BaD OpS
    BaD OpS 2 years ago

    ik ben nl di is zo grappig like jongens jullie zijn dome mensen behalfe nlrs

  • BaD OpS
    BaD OpS 2 years ago

    (dutch) waarom nou weer nederland nl in toch niet zo beroemd maar zuur stok oh jezus

  • frank terpstra
    frank terpstra 2 years ago

    alleen een 6 jaar oud kind zegt ''wat je zegt ben jezelf met je kont door de helft''

  • Daniël Meijer
    Daniël Meijer 2 years ago

    dont look at the comments it are Just dutch Kids saying its funny to watch because its dutch. .....

  • Ærþor ōswin van Renesse-Moore

    i wonder how long shes been outside of Holland because her accent is odd

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 years ago

    dutch for tombola is tombola

  • Maartje M
    Maartje M 2 years ago

    Hu in Belgium (we speak Dutch too) we say "you are what you said with your butt in the paint" lol

  • FailGirlGamer
    FailGirlGamer 2 years ago

    So funny when you understand both English and Dutch

  • Goel V
    Goel V 2 years ago

    From where do I recognize that Charlie guy?