Car Crashes Compilation 857 - January 2017

  • Published on Jan 9, 2017
  • NEW channel (Car Crash Compilation 7 Banned)
    All car crashes in this compilation are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe.
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  • Cas Rice
    Cas Rice 23 days ago

    Now that is a diet I call...


  • yuowatcher
    yuowatcher 28 days ago

    To Maxin Kaa 5:28. I assume you are driver of the car that took video. Technically the other guy is likely to be found at fault. But you are an idiot, all you have to do is wait just a bit, let that guy in front make hist right turn, and then go yourself. You would avoid the whole thing. Not doing that obvious thing constitutes an idiot in my book.

  • #Jakehere ??
    #Jakehere ?? Month ago

    lol 😂

  • martin ferrara
    martin ferrara Month ago


  • Taha-Amine Belogbi
    Taha-Amine Belogbi Month ago

    9:32 Im happy that in 2090, the world will still exist...

  • Rodrigo Guzmán Le Roy
    Rodrigo Guzmán Le Roy 2 months ago

    ...stupid russian...blyat...anyway, i love it...jajajajaj

  • Kay Loeppky
    Kay Loeppky 2 months ago

    Oh I was in a car accident with my mom

  • Сергей Комаров

    Lol, the very first video is seems to be Schluz, Novosibirsk - road to the GES district.

  • Kemosabe 88
    Kemosabe 88 5 months ago


  • Dirty Sludge
    Dirty Sludge 6 months ago

    "I drank too much vodka," said no Russian ever.

  • 〉〉Benetton〈〈
    〉〉Benetton〈〈 7 months ago

    1:52 ist the most epic one for sure!

  • Titian Scarf
    Titian Scarf 7 months ago

    name of song the minute 5:24?

  • Rubilacxe
    Rubilacxe 7 months ago

    russians are basically the shittiest drivers imo.

  • 21 cabbage
    21 cabbage 8 months ago

    1:28 "EUBLEHUBLEH!!!" 😂

  • Hakkı Öztürk
    Hakkı Öztürk 8 months ago

    I just watch these videos to hear different types of 'blyad' reactions lol

  • SuperDesidude
    SuperDesidude 9 months ago

    I am happy for them.. only issue that vehicles without their fault gets banging.. do not help whoever is responsible for such accidents.. let them bleed to death.

  • Maberick Rocha
    Maberick Rocha 9 months ago

    en Rusia no existen los autos con frenos?

  • Алексей Жихарев

    На 7:30, какие-то все синие...

  • Eugenio Petito
    Eugenio Petito 9 months ago


  • Car Crash SarahNguyen
    Car Crash SarahNguyen 9 months ago

    watch me

  • Muhammad Yasmir
    Muhammad Yasmir 9 months ago

    complain about mirror, got rear ended

  • Starnightdude
    Starnightdude 9 months ago

    Зачем включать в подборку заносы?

  • raelv _gaming
    raelv _gaming 9 months ago

    To watch someone die seriously!

  • raelv _gaming
    raelv _gaming 9 months ago


  • Leah Shibaki OwO
    Leah Shibaki OwO 10 months ago

    wow il y a beaucoup de neige dans cette vidéo

  • Paolo Germani
    Paolo Germani 10 months ago

    Com'è possibile che hanno filmato lo stesso incidente macchine diverse?

  • El Mowgli
    El Mowgli 10 months ago

    a video from the future..... 9:40 it going to happen in 2090

    DESPAIR 10 months ago

    Ща бы в гололед и туман на девятосе обгонять. Ну что за даун, а?

  • Linda Terrell
    Linda Terrell 10 months ago

    Learning to swear in Russian

  • dilip bhosle
    dilip bhosle 10 months ago

    LALIT bhosle kamala bhosle accident video in maheshwar road dhar dist.

  • dilip bhosle
    dilip bhosle 10 months ago

    LALIT bhosle kamala bhosle accident video in maheshwar road dhar dist.

  • Zamilovanej Blázen
    Zamilovanej Blázen 10 months ago

    lol russian roads are really dangerous, no salt or plowing??

  • I'm Your Huckleberry
    I'm Your Huckleberry 11 months ago +2

    When driving in snow just drive like your would in normal conditions 😨 stupid B*****.

  • G'eZz(Gaston)
    G'eZz(Gaston) 11 months ago

    cyka blyat!

  • FB
    FB 11 months ago +1

    If you guys look well at Russia to infuriate it is horrible everything badly admitted the traffic lights are not very visible to the driver of the car, drivers who are inattentive and still infirm badly from the very bad city designed bad signage

  • LifeGetsTaken
    LifeGetsTaken 11 months ago +2

    Russia really is the shithole of the world

  • 8 ball mad
    8 ball mad 11 months ago +1

    did any die

    • Darkness Eternal
      Darkness Eternal 26 days ago

      their life is like in tom and jerry cartoon where death is tom and the russian is a drunken jerry who avoids death by being retard.

    • Taha-Amine Belogbi
      Taha-Amine Belogbi Month ago

      hope no!

  • bandbgamesroom
    bandbgamesroom 11 months ago +3

    why does everyone have cracked windshields?

  • Ross Tray
    Ross Tray 11 months ago

    I was wondering why im not seeing car crashes in my subscription videos. Why the ban?

  • Lyssor
    Lyssor 11 months ago

    Well, one thing is for sure. If someone pulls up in front of you or something like this, do not swerve, do not try to miss. Your car most probably goner anyways so just hit the fucker. He will pay for his crime and he wont be able to get away to run from paying you money.

  • 1000 abos ohne videos

    3:19 that sound

  • BlastForward
    BlastForward Year ago

    6:18 New kind of hazard lights? :D

  • Urrza
    Urrza Year ago

    Снова гости из будущего?
    2090 год

  • E Marci
    E Marci Year ago

    I don't know, what about you; but I would rather crash into a car which is in motion (about 2 tons), than crashing into a motionless Scania head-on (about 4-6 tons).

  • President
    President Year ago +1

    9:30 - на видео 2090год, т.е. что, через 70 лет в России ничего не изменилось ? :-D

  • AlifRachman
    AlifRachman Year ago +3

    3:11 karma because not helping other people

  • SuperBierkrug
    SuperBierkrug Year ago

    1:42 wipers are out of order ?

  • andy elliott
    andy elliott Year ago +1

    They drive at the same speed they would if the road was dry and then can't understand why they crash !

    • BlackJackMulligan
      BlackJackMulligan Year ago +2

      It's called natural selection, any living thing without the intelligence to survive will be killed. It eliminates the retards to stop them breeding.

  • vsvsvs
    vsvsvs Year ago

    6:46 Какой жуткий французский! Это в Квебеке так говорят?

  • Крокодил Зеленый

    нахуя все рулем дергают? что за дебилы сука...

  • Крокодил Зеленый

    5:38 ты виноват...мудакер

  • Крокодил Зеленый

    пидр на 9..надеюсь ему еботину сломали

  • Fitipaldi
    Fitipaldi Year ago +1

    У всех одни и те же ошибки тормозат в случае заноса, хотя в автошколах учат обратному. Напрашивается вывод права купил ездить не купил.

  • Amber Evans
    Amber Evans Year ago

    1:35 - 1:45 Use your wipers much? HA!

  • Serge1980
    Serge1980 Year ago

    Эй эй, а где это маленькое хохлятское чмо YURIXRUZ, на уроках чтоли? Без него каменты пустые какие то.
    Сорри...вниз не просмотрел, он там есть :)

    • Serge1980
      Serge1980 Year ago

      Ок. Буду всем говорить, что я из Аргентины. :)

    • Otto Faust
      Otto Faust Year ago

      Он из Италии...)) но это не меняет дело....)

  • Noel Down
    Noel Down Year ago

    2:53 - "Should we pull over?" - "It's all good, he got out of the car on his own. Must've skidded and that's it. Just right now, like, right now."
    Ah, the irony. Had he pulled over, he would've avoided the crash 10 seconds later.

  • iplaybose
    iplaybose Year ago

    best channel

  • Spiros Varvarigos

    6:40!!! Quebequer!!! lolololol

  • Dodoki
    Dodoki Year ago

    Things that are not my problem: That.
    -Every Russian Ever.

  • robslpy
    robslpy Year ago

    1:01 1:07 fireworks!

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike Year ago

    5:10 Pourquoi la voiture grise devant s'arrête , et repart en mettant le clignotant a gauche , comme ci qu'elle contournait un obstacle , alors qu'il n'y a rien qui gêne........ ???

  • RaduFlorin's HQ
    RaduFlorin's HQ Year ago +2

    9:34 isnt anyone intrigued that this video was recorded 73 years in the future?

    • Rohit Shinde
      Rohit Shinde 10 months ago

      RaduFlorin's HQ hell yeah!😂 14/10/2090 2:06:25

  • antonio rosa
    antonio rosa Year ago

    crazy vodka

  • Ciosy
    Ciosy Year ago +4

    seriously 100 km/h on snow ,these people are really dumb

  • Aleksey Karpenko
    Aleksey Karpenko Year ago

    5:35 т608ок777 Максим Каа, ты виноват, тупое нетерпеливое быдло

    • Andrey Smirnov
      Andrey Smirnov Year ago

      Может он и тупое нетерпеливое быдло, но виноват таксёр: поворот выполняется из крайнего положения, а в нём был этот самый змей из произведения Киплинга)

  • Nireves Technikum

    @ Maxim Kaa: 5:20 You are a retarded dick!!! You stupid cunt wait behind the car! you don't use your horn! You don't expect the video to prove your innocence! You just wait you stupid penis!!!

  • Mi 28
    Mi 28 Year ago

    3:08 SUKA BLYAT

  • OzzieBloke
    OzzieBloke Year ago

    Boggles my mind how many Russians go blind when looking into their rear-view mirrors. Or who think that anything faster than 30 mph in icy conditions is a good idea.

    • McDoogle
      McDoogle Year ago

      I always wonder how virtually no Russian can keep a safety distance under these conditions.

  • The Sethioz Project

    8:23 .. .yet another yuxiaruski who is half brain dead .... is it really SO HARD to look in the fucking mirrors when reversing?
    yuxiaruski: "oh i gotta reverse, no need to look back lets jsut HIT IT !!!!!! ye ye ye ye go ogogogogog"

  • lxs242
    lxs242 Year ago

    4:11 One should think it's common knowledge to NOT hit the brakes once you lose traction... but no, common knowledge is still rare these days.

  • Borna Spoljaric
    Borna Spoljaric Year ago +1

    For english speakers, at 5:30 it says : "Who is at fault?" . IMO, the aggressive inside driving guy.

  • bn880
    bn880 Year ago

    9:29 what a fucking genius, the only worse thing he could have done is accelerate...

  • Daniel Mores
    Daniel Mores Year ago


  • Василий Путин

    страна долбоёбов

  • neslugil3 m
    neslugil3 m Year ago +1

    Кто виноват бля, нахуй ты под него подлазаешь. Ты виноват

  • Dmitry3472
    Dmitry3472 Year ago +1

    Канадские субаристы на столько суровы, что не обращают внимание на мелкие ДТП ))

  • Максим Радченко

    9:34 - дибил))

  • skypechess
    skypechess Year ago

    Cannot believe this... The first video... The first time I have seen someone in a Russian video driving in a safe distance.

    • skypechess
      skypechess Year ago


    • Peter Gray
      Peter Gray Year ago +1

      skypechess I have it on good authority that guy was a tourist from Manchester.

  • Im Not A Player
    Im Not A Player Year ago +1

    3:09 co za pizda.... widzi ze z przodu leci bokiem to nie! nie ominie tylko ciągnie na hamulcu do końca... ja pierdole co to za gamoń
    oo 7:55 a takich debili uwielbiam, zapierdala a pozniej 400m dalej mryga awaryjkami.. a stój sobie kutasie

  • Amphytiefy A.
    Amphytiefy A. Year ago +1

    А какие могут быть варианты на 5.30 ? Таксист даже поворотники не включил, не говоря о повороте не из крайнего положения.

  • Сергей Сергеев

    2:13 на девятке тварюга ебаная!!

  • Sho Bud
    Sho Bud Year ago +1

    sad to say it was alot of good crashes in this one

  • Nunya Bidniz
    Nunya Bidniz Year ago +3

    6:40 Tabernac French-Canadian curse word! Awesome!

    • bn880
      bn880 Year ago

      Every French Canadian word is a curse word. :)

  • Спуди
    Спуди Year ago

    3:00 CYKA BLYAT

  • Colin Christie
    Colin Christie Year ago +6

    1:37 to avoid accidents it helps to have a clear windscreen.

  • MrRhysespieces
    MrRhysespieces Year ago +14

    9:34 damn I feel bad for that guy who isn't even born yet!

  • scooter2099
    scooter2099 Year ago +9

    "It was my fault. I was driving too fast" ..... said no Russian ever ....

    • Dirty Sludge
      Dirty Sludge 6 months ago

      Or "I drank too much vodka," said no Russian ever. :)

    • Troll100
      Troll100 Year ago

      OH HELL yes there is!!!

    • Skyseer Auto
      Skyseer Auto Year ago +7

      No such thing as "too fast" in Russia

  • The Future Sound Of Egypt

    bunch of morons

  • Михаил Деревенский

    на 7:15 дебилы!

    • Andrey Smirnov
      Andrey Smirnov Year ago +2

      Элита челябинского электората))

  • Acir Piel
    Acir Piel Year ago

    Pensei que não iria ter a vinheta do vídeo!

  • MrFostal
    MrFostal Year ago

    1:03 Два гонщика нашли друг друга.

  • Rick7260
    Rick7260 Year ago +6

    I think your videos are great. I especially like the different points of view, of the same accident. Keep up the work.

  • Game Changerson
    Game Changerson Year ago +5

    The vast majority of these could have been avoided

    • Game Changerson
      Game Changerson Year ago

      Der Rote Baron 200 years later? Well at least they are holding on to tradition 😂

    • Der Rote Baron
      Der Rote Baron Year ago +2

      Game Changerson but too many people drive dangerous shit called old dead cars on really high speed. Roads are terrible as well.
      In XIX some well known Russians wrote that there were two troubles in Russia: roads and idiots. About 200 years later it's still true

  • Andrés64B
    Andrés64B Year ago +34

    it's amazing how many people swerved into oncoming traffic rather than off the road.

    • Paule Paule
      Paule Paule 8 months ago

      Lieber Bernd, wer reagieren muss, ist nicht zwingend ein guter Autofahrer. Versuche es doch mal mit vorausschauendem Fahren.
      Du wirst staunen, wie viele Situationen Du erlebst, in denen Du sagst
      'Hier hätte ich jetzt reagieren müssen, wäre ich nicht vorausschauend gefahren'.
      Probier es aus, es funktioniert :)

    • Bernd Arndt
      Bernd Arndt 11 months ago +1

      reactions can be trained yes, but only few ppl train reactions for driving. Most drivers have bad reflexes anyways. The most ppl do not have alot of accidents in there life, also not so many danger situations. And many drivers drive faster than allowed. So they will have not enough time to think so they just react.
      @amokachi31 if you do concentrate so much on driving while driving, well done. BUT me and the most ppl I know don't drive like you. We do react.
      Btw I live in germany :)

    • amokachi31
      amokachi31 Year ago +3

      well I dont want to look like defending his statement about u.s driving ability superiority. but I must also say that I've been to russia for 15 days. and driving there is really like driving on the highway to hell. I'm glad I survived.
      I dont agree with him with this car culture and how long ppl drive cars on the roads. but it also has a relationship with culture. how ppl are raised. how ppl behave other with empathizing them. most ppl in russia is lack of empathizing. (I have very polite russian friends too. so I'm not generalising)

    • mongolz1000
      mongolz1000 Year ago

      Biggest bullshit I've ever heard. What the f*ck do you think how long have been people driving around the World? You seriously think USA is superior even in this case? No. You don't have any clue how brains work in any case of emergency situation. Just have a fucking look on USA Dashcam videos. People there are much more retarded than in Russia comilations.

    • CorsetGrace
      CorsetGrace Year ago

      It is also training and culture. In the United States there is a "Car Culture" built around 100 years of driving and very few people would ever even think to swerve into oncoming traffic. The idea of crossing that double yellow line in the center of the road has been so completely trained out of us that we would rather rear-end the car in front of us rather than risk crossing that line into oncoming traffic. Give Russia another 50 years of driving experience and many of those types of accidents will cease.

  • azor ahai
    azor ahai Year ago +12

    2:50 lol he was like, neh the guy's fine...and keeps going. had he stopped to help there wouldn't have been a crash ahead.

    • lxs242
      lxs242 Year ago +1

      He could've just ask if any help is needed and an other driver would've answered like 'no we got that buddy, thanks anyway'... That 5-10 seconds would've spared him ^^

    • L77kim77l
      L77kim77l Year ago +5

      As it seems to me there were already 3 cars to help...

  • yurixruz
    yurixruz Year ago +14


    • Сергей Силаев
      Сергей Силаев Year ago

      не парься, это салоед, недолго ему осталось

      MAKINICO WO. Year ago +2

      +yurixruz Ok,fuck you too.

    • yurixruz
      yurixruz Year ago +1

      Ok, fuck you!

      MAKINICO WO. Year ago

      +yurixruz Yeah that's why you're Stupid!!!!!!!!!!

    • yurixruz
      yurixruz Year ago +1

      I don't give a fuck

  • David Shekelstein
    David Shekelstein Year ago +31

    snow + russian driver = instant fail

    • sKY
      sKY 8 months ago +1

      David Shekelstein the problem get called vodka

    • Bob Jones
      Bob Jones Year ago

      Surprised by some good old fashioned French Canadian swearing.

    • Igor Igorevich
      Igor Igorevich Year ago

      представь себе, в количественном сравнении - нет.

    • Кирилл Алексеевич
      Кирилл Алексеевич Year ago +3

      6:34 canada

    • Кирилл Алексеевич
      Кирилл Алексеевич Year ago +1

      ебать как будто в твоей пиндосне или в гей европе аварий нет

    DEEZ KNUTZ Year ago +1