• Published on Jun 15, 2019
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  • Martin Serna
    Martin Serna Hour ago

    That black redcon1 shirt is lit af man

  • Matthew Schultz
    Matthew Schultz 12 hours ago

    You are gonna win this year. Shaw Strength!!!!!

  • Clarke Steppe
    Clarke Steppe 15 hours ago

    I love his comment right off the start, "it's a deadlift with some sort of ATVs or something, doesn't really matter."

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial Day ago

    This got me so PUMPED UP that when I clicked the like button my finger went straight through my mouse and embedded itself about a quarter inch into my desk.

  • Neil Murray
    Neil Murray Day ago

    Brian, you made a baby cry...

  • Brad Lehmann
    Brad Lehmann 2 days ago

    I would love to see brain shaw come help do my step mothers roof its only 15 square one layer tare off check it I love this guy and totally respect him as a loyal father and husband but I would bet 10,000 dollars he couldn't make it humpimg bundles and roofing let's see if I get a complete response back . Thanks you all and Brian shaw you are my inspiration dog bless

    • Brad Lehmann
      Brad Lehmann 2 days ago

      God bless so sorry for the typo you all

  • LagavulinMTG
    LagavulinMTG 4 days ago

    Why aren't the lifts shown?

  • DixieHighway10,10,10's Who Cares

    Anybody else think that was Jason blaha in the thumbnail lol

  • Guy Reshef
    Guy Reshef 4 days ago

    Brian is like Eddie's babysitter

  • Eoin Dowling
    Eoin Dowling 5 days ago

    Brain lifting away minding his own business... camera cuts to Eddie calling em a fat sack of shit and eating dinner...haha

  • MediaM5
    MediaM5 9 days ago +3

    i cant help but crack the fk up every time he pops in and space cowboy plays lol

  • kiki kiki
    kiki kiki 12 days ago

    brian looks like such a good person

  • karleeshayne
    karleeshayne 14 days ago

    You May need to do some training in a humid location for a few months before your next humid event. I think your body needs more practice venting heat, you seem to be using a lot of energy just sweating, and breathing. Maybe a little more cardio, get those internals running a touch better, reduce your resting energy drain. Should help you have a bit more in the tank for the events. But with saying all that, I'm definitely no expert, this is just my opinion/observation. I'm an asthmatic that lives in Brisbane Australia, i know the effects that heat and humidity can have, and how labored breathing can sap the strength from your body, (could be why more strongmen come from cold environments).

  • Luis Alberto
    Luis Alberto 20 days ago +2

    That's what you looking for. You welcome.

  • xdShea
    xdShea 21 day ago

    at 9:30 there is just bugs flying on his head

  • Helmut Goebbels
    Helmut Goebbels 23 days ago

    Imagine Brian Shaw was your Dad...!

  • geoege dominguez
    geoege dominguez 24 days ago

    That's a window fan Brian is carrying

  • Eduardo Medina
    Eduardo Medina 25 days ago

    Seems like ruin from black ops 4 is jealous that he’s not the strongest man in the world

  • Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy 25 days ago

    Brian Shaw is so non chalant about deadlifting ATVs or Cars

  • Cutie Pie & Chloe Chanel

    About Living strong Not about living long.

  • DiLeN bOiEd
    DiLeN bOiEd 26 days ago

    Where can I go to see all of the events in full?

  • zabnat
    zabnat 27 days ago

    I just love how supportive comments Eddie makes, only love. I just wish we could hear them in full.

  • Stack daddy
    Stack daddy 27 days ago

    Dude your son looks exactly like you

  • Jd Honcho
    Jd Honcho 27 days ago

    Hell of a piece of ass you got there Brian

  • Steven Alvarado
    Steven Alvarado 28 days ago

    kinda wish u showed the lifts

  • Gamer chad Boy
    Gamer chad Boy 28 days ago

    You look as strong as one punch man

  • pete7481
    pete7481 28 days ago

    Happy Birthday Braxton 🤙

  • Pilar Cazares
    Pilar Cazares 28 days ago

    Eso si es de gangsters Bv

  • Patrick Pasho
    Patrick Pasho 28 days ago

    Why don’t you show the events

  • Scap3r
    Scap3r 29 days ago

    which foodcontainer is Brian using? :) looks perfect for foodprep

  • Daniel MacDonald
    Daniel MacDonald 29 days ago

    Happy bday little man Gemini gang

  • wisly saintelus
    wisly saintelus 29 days ago

    I swear brain is the nicest strongman alive

  • Lobo Hunter
    Lobo Hunter 29 days ago

    What are you eating in the thermos?

  • Dominic
    Dominic Month ago

    4:22 Darkthrone, sweet

  • Sea Bubble
    Sea Bubble Month ago

    Taking part in WSM and everyone wishing your Son Happy Birthday, best day ever, what could go wrong........hello Eddie

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar Month ago

    Eddie Hall is fucking hilarious🤣

  • Jesse Gavin
    Jesse Gavin Month ago

    It's awesome to see the friendly nagging between friends... lol

  • scott margerison
    scott margerison Month ago

    Worlds sweatiest man 2019...
    Poor athletes

  • Mayank Bhardwaj
    Mayank Bhardwaj Month ago

    hes my favorite strongman of all time, really down to earth

  • James Thurston
    James Thurston Month ago

    Is that Hayden bowe in the background?

    RAT BURL BEER Month ago

    Las Vegas or nothing for WSM 👍🏻

  • caged lion
    caged lion Month ago

    Brian's a cool good hearted guy I want to train with you brian

  • caged lion
    caged lion Month ago

    Licis has his game down his technique is top fucking notch I love Thor and love Brian but I knew Martin was a huge huge threat he's all technique 1st muscle second. Anywere he can gain time he's looking for a way to do it. If you two get that down better it's game over for the rest. Martin practices for speed in between drops I'd be watching all my competitors vids and learn and run with it.

  • Driving Guy Idaho
    Driving Guy Idaho Month ago

    OMG his son was so cool. Support'n pops at the big event. Just awesome.

  • Julián González Martelo

    Who else tried to flick the flea from Brians head?

  • Hannibal Barca
    Hannibal Barca Month ago

    Rumor has it brians son already deadlifts 2 plates

  • Average lad
    Average lad Month ago

    That yell he does that sounds like a half sneeze needs to be a shout in Skyrim, that gives your character a 30 carry weight/stamina, health, and melee damage boost.

  • Brett Cummings
    Brett Cummings Month ago

    Happy birthday Future BIG GUY

  • ricardo Queiroz Coutinho

    Estou iniciando na academia e vc me inspira Parabéns

  • Lorenzo Cordero
    Lorenzo Cordero Month ago

    Lmao Brian and his little portable fan...

  • SummeRulz
    SummeRulz Month ago

    Did you feel bad for not signing my McMahon tee?😭

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    Why aren't you showing any of the events?

  • Ryan Pearsall
    Ryan Pearsall Month ago

    All this guy has to do is learn defensive moves before getting his hands on fighters... If not knocked out... game over.. he could simply grab the opponent and toss them out of the cage or bend their wrists and feet until they snap..

  • Josh Roberts
    Josh Roberts Month ago

    1:51 i love eddie hall lol

    SISKIYOU Month ago

    i love the banter they have.
    Your best mates aren't the ones you wish a safe flight.
    your best mates are the ones you wish the plane crashes on.

  • FluphyBunny
    FluphyBunny Month ago

    Step closer to your 5th title.
    How many does Eddie have again?

  • Kirk Rosa
    Kirk Rosa Month ago

    little shaw will never forget that

  • M H
    M H Month ago +1

    Brian needs to really shave the beard off.. he seems too nice with a beard.. too approachable. Not scarry enough. That's gonna finally bring the No. 5 win

  • skippymon
    skippymon Month ago

    3:44 warms up with 540 lbs...

  • Kellen Sailors
    Kellen Sailors Month ago

    Brian Shaw deadlifts 500 pounds like I deadlift 100 pounds.

  • Vincent Nicholas
    Vincent Nicholas Month ago

    Eddie and Brian 🤣

  • Joe C
    Joe C Month ago

    I started watching these because I like to lift and didn't know much about Brian Shaw. What a great person.

  • Monstah Gymwear
    Monstah Gymwear Month ago +1

    Eddie likes messing with the big dog Brian Shaw. It got pretty emotional for me watching everyone sings happy birthday to the little man.

  • Christy Steed
    Christy Steed Month ago

    Where is the main event B. I want to see your Triumph! Honestly your one of my hero’s. Did my first bodybuilding show this past weekend. Pump arm like Edie Hall!

  • Pete Martin
    Pete Martin Month ago

    I said months ago brian wont ever make podium again. What a shame I was hoping to be wrong.

  • Ivan V
    Ivan V Month ago

    Wtf is Eddie even doing there thought he was a physique guy now lol

  • Mark Sneddon
    Mark Sneddon Month ago

    5:06 Well, that's awesome 👍

  • TheMerryPup
    TheMerryPup Month ago

    Eddie looks like he should be drinking a goblet of wine and giving 'thumbs down' in a coliseum.

  • Darthen X
    Darthen X Month ago

    Why are you showing any of the lifts?? Keep skipping them in all the competition vidz

  • aXBlackDeathXa
    aXBlackDeathXa Month ago

    God damn man 5:08 - THAT is a proud moment.