Bring Me The Horizon - Ludens (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 11, 2019
  • Bring Me The Horizon - “Ludens” Out Now!

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    Written, Directed & Edited by Oliver Sykes
    Inspired by Death Stranding

    Some resist the future,
    Some refuse the past,
    Either way it’s messed up
    If we can’t unplug the fact
    That a world covered in cables
    Was never wired to last
    So don’t act so surprised
    When the program starts to crash
    How do I form a connection
    When we can’t even shake hands?
    You’re like a phantom greeting me
    We plot in the shadows
    Hang out in the gallows
    Stuck in a loop for eternity
    Do you know why
    The flowers never bloom?
    Will you retry,
    or let the pain resume?
    I need a new leader,
    We need a new Luden
    So come outside
    It’s time to see the tide
    It’s out of sight
    But never out of mind
    I need a new leader
    We need a new luden
    Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But soon the sting will pass
    But names can dig so many graves you won’t know where to stand
    And I don’t feel secure no more
    Unless I’m being followed
    And the only way to hide myself is to give em a hell of a show.
    You call this a connection?
    Give me a break.

    #BringMeTheHorizon #Ludens #DeathStranding
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  • njAkula
    njAkula 17 hours ago

    i like that finally many bands put dancers on their video(it was sooo few in past).... hell ya you can dance and with metal !!! nice work with everything !

  • yuli fidiana
    yuli fidiana 17 hours ago +1

    Woww , love it 😍😍

  • LоЛtiК Нe DоBrЫй
    LоЛtiК Нe DоBrЫй 18 hours ago +1

    Кто русский?

  • Tokito
    Tokito 20 hours ago

    i love you

  • mnuru muru
    mnuru muru 20 hours ago

    i love Oli soo much!!!

  • Stephyx
    Stephyx 21 hour ago

    3:12 when someone starts to tell me what to do

  • D
    D 21 hour ago

    lol this song sucks.

  • Clay Graham
    Clay Graham 21 hour ago

    You call that a break down? Kill the keyboard kid and fucking mosh on his stupid beat pad. Wtf happened Oli?

  • Purwa Gilang Ramadhan
    Purwa Gilang Ramadhan 21 hour ago


  • blvcknode
    blvcknode 22 hours ago

    Feel and look like K-POP and Imagine Dragons...

  • Mark Fauque
    Mark Fauque 23 hours ago first I was all like....."ah, man........I dunno".......
    And then I was all like "yeah man, I can kinda dig this"
    ...........and then there was a group of people that broke out into a line dance in the video and I was all like "what the f**k just happened?"
    New BMTH, This is my favorite so far.

  • Shino 666
    Shino 666 23 hours ago

    "You Call This A Connection"
    🔥Oh, Give Me A Break🔥

  • Love One Another
    Love One Another 23 hours ago

    1:58 antimony

  • Chris Star
    Chris Star 23 hours ago

    Just why?

  • Shelby Freytag
    Shelby Freytag 23 hours ago


  • Pixel Geeks
    Pixel Geeks Day ago

    i want his jacket

  • Lyking Yerro
    Lyking Yerro Day ago

    and until now I still have so much respect for this band! I've been waiting to hear them again, worth the wait.
    Don't forget that this song was made in five days. sooo fcking insane!

  • Zombie Goddess
    Zombie Goddess Day ago

    does anyone else see a similarity between
    MISSIO: sing to me
    The neighborhoods latest song
    BMTH ludens

    THE visuals like the music videos all have the baby

    please tell me im not the only one who sees this

  • LP Hyde
    LP Hyde Day ago

    1:08 ping:999

  • Gonzalo Coronel
    Gonzalo Coronel Day ago

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!
    okai :(

  • feketerigo511
    feketerigo511 Day ago

    Death stranding brings me here
    from Japan!

  • Tushar D
    Tushar D Day ago +1

    I listened to first 30 seconds of the song when the song was released and i left the page thinking that it is another poppy shitty song but today somehow i ended back on the page and saw comments related to breakdown, so i listened to the whole shit and man, that breakdown got me too and that's why i'm here!!

  • Autists Rednecks

    Old BMTH is way better

  • 유독 한 사랑

    When he says “give me a break” I think I just died and came back

  • Ben!715
    Ben!715 Day ago

    The First time i listen this song i thought it was a bad song, but now i want to listen it so many times

    PANJUL Day ago

    Where is asking alexandria ?

  • Roberto Perez
    Roberto Perez Day ago

    Amazon el juego :v

  • Jacob Layfield
    Jacob Layfield Day ago

    Finally a song about halfway decent cough drops

  • XeniuM
    XeniuM Day ago

    I saw the face and instantly thought Pennywise the Dancing Cloud

  • Виталия Макушевская

    who else noticed the girl from the ed sheeran's video on blow?

  • Utatora
    Utatora Day ago

    All I can say is "ok"

  • Reynaldo Lazaro
    Reynaldo Lazaro Day ago

    You know we are fucked when bmth music sounds like soft rock

  • bserper
    bserper Day ago +1

    Song starts at 2:58




  • Sam Sherman
    Sam Sherman Day ago

    Ok. . . i had talked alot of shit on the new "pop" BMTH . . i had never given this song oast 2 min bc I thoughtbit was too soft. . I was closed minded. . I just listened to entire thing and it gets HARD. . . sorry Ollie. .

  • First Accident
    First Accident Day ago

    And they say you cant dance to metal 3:05

  • madziaboo
    madziaboo Day ago


  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor Day ago

    On repeat.

  • Franco Negrete
    Franco Negrete Day ago


  • KoЯnivoЯous
    KoЯnivoЯous Day ago

    Breakdown : *Exist*
    Suicide rates : *unsTonKs*

  • Zachariah Gallagher

    someone give Oli a piece of that fkn KitKat bar already

  • Beto Hernandez77


  • istavrit balıkoğlu

    What's the Luden's mean ?

  • Filip Donat
    Filip Donat Day ago +1

    Why. So. Many. Dislikes?

  • aidah
    aidah Day ago

    rock is amazing, you scream, shout, let the best in you out without worrying about anything and most importantly *have fun*

  • h 2.0
    h 2.0 Day ago


  • eliazz villanueva

    Que mamada .l. esto es basura

  • Fadil Fadhlurrahman

    From this song we must learn
    "Some resist the future, some refuse the past"
    It intended for all the old fans who dont like a new version of them and the new fans who doesnt like an old fashion of their heavy music
    And then we heard
    "(How do i?) form a connection when we can't even shake hand"
    It bring us a message that BMTH want to create a connection between old fans and new fans of them. They know who love Pop music and Heavy music can't relate well.
    And finally, they mix the song with some pop thing and some heavy music to reconnect you all. Even though they know their old fans will dont like the Pop things and the new fans will dont like the breakdown and the scream..
    So, can we call this a connection?
    Thanks for #Deathstranding by Hideo Kojima who inspired this song, i love the song.

  • Narcotic Neurologist

    My mom love it xD

  • David Ll
    David Ll Day ago +2

    Better than the music videos of S.H.I.T and Mantra

  • FirstSinfulOne
    FirstSinfulOne Day ago

    Holy shit boys, they did the thing just for long enough to get a good ol' BMTH breakdown in there. Thank you for that, I missed that.

  • Дореволюцiонный Совѣтчикъ

    Тот изумительный момент, когда Bring Me The Horizon передают привет Хейзинге и Стругацким.

  • Jan Karlovic
    Jan Karlovic Day ago

    Fans: can u make heavier music
    Bmth: ...
    Kojima: make heavy song pls uwu
    Bmth: yes

  • Steven Phipps
    Steven Phipps Day ago

    I need to hear a collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon and Myrkur ! If you haven't heard of her you gotta check her out now! Myrkur is very underrated and needs to come out to the public

  • Jace Zimmerman
    Jace Zimmerman Day ago +1

    lets just be glad his hair black again :)

  • Bohdan Moriarty
    Bohdan Moriarty Day ago

    2:58 there should be mosh, instead of this dances

  • QU4K3_4DD1CT
    QU4K3_4DD1CT Day ago

    I love how this song is also in the game's music player, the breakdown hits hard as fuck too

  • Sharkz117//NGO KURO

    All I can think about is that Oli is asking for a new cough drop the entire song and no one is giving him one, no matter how much he asks, and the entire song is just...about how he wants a cough drop but no one's giving him one. Absolutely loving the song though, and the Death Stranding implementations!

  • Morgan Strautz
    Morgan Strautz Day ago

    Holy shit. This just changed my music tastes completely. I head banged for the first time in years, fuck yeah

  • Rainbow_Ninja441

    Hi gay