Sous Vide MEAT GLUE Experiment

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • This experiment was asked by most subscribers of this channel. I am against this product but I decided to create this video so we can have an open discussion on Meat Glue AKA Transglutaminase and see how most people feel about it. I love to know your opinion and how you would use this product.
    I cooked it for 48hrs @ (135°F / 57.2°C)
    * INGREDIENTS * I used for this sous vide cook.
    Chuck Roast
    Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Meat Glue AKA Transglutaminase
    * Meat Glue:
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Comments • 6 142

  • Sous Vide Everything
    Sous Vide Everything  Year ago +1176

    Let me clarify this experiment as many are not understanding what it's about. This experiment is about meat glue. Not about seasoning one inside and not the other.
    The comparison in the end is very clear that meat glue works. It does what it's suppose to do! The fact that I am not ok using this product is my personal choice. I know the meat industry, many chefs, butchers, restaurants and many others use it AND I RESPECT THEM! However, It still does not change my opinion that I don't want to use it!
    Now I want to know if you are ok using it? if so why do you feel its necessary to use it, appearances only? Let me know on the comments below.

    • joe hdz
      joe hdz Day ago

      Sous Vide Everything i work in the restaurant industry and honestly I will never use glue, to re-use scrap meats or fish,I will not eat it and definitely I will not give it to our customers, I know some places use it but not us, and by the way I enjoy watching your videos, I have learn a couple of things from you my friend

    • Mon Czi
      Mon Czi 21 day ago

      So you can't breathe it.. but it's supposed to be ok to eat? Nooooo thank you! I wouldn't use it either!

    • Pall Aaarrgghh!
      Pall Aaarrgghh! Month ago

      You probably shouldn't eat food prepared by the people who misunderstood the nature of this video. They clearly can't read directions. 😆

  • harry rosa
    harry rosa 2 minutes ago

    Any1 else get triggered when they say number A and number B A and B are not letters

  • Jeffrey Hodge
    Jeffrey Hodge 9 minutes ago

    A and number B baby

  • charlie kelly
    charlie kelly 7 hours ago

    BTW YES BAN MEATGLUE!!! why do we need this junk, it is just a way for BIG companies to sell us scraps, and pass them off as filet mignon, or sushi....i will never eat a chicken nugget again...thanks for the knowledge GUGA

  • charlie kelly
    charlie kelly 7 hours ago

    I like this test, but you did not tenderize the meat glue roast, or wrap it in twine. i feel that ninjas liking of the 1st steak was clearly pointed out due to the LACK of also skewed the result by pointing out (and showing bias) the way the 1st one fell apart. I love your videos, and not trying to be negative, but i would like to see a new one with all things being equal, and no HINTS...BTW I hate meat glue as well. KEEP up the good work.

  • BigBoy Carping
    BigBoy Carping 10 hours ago

    Meat glue should be banned world wide I would rather use twine and take more time than use a Frankenstein product I wouldn't let my dog eat meat glue

  • Karl Williams
    Karl Williams 17 hours ago

    Why are they eating toxic meat?

  • Stag.prefab
    Stag.prefab 20 hours ago

    Transglutaminase should be totally legal for personal use, and it should be legal for commercial. That being said the commercial use should be regulated, and there should be a label stating it's use.

  • Alayah Reynolds
    Alayah Reynolds Day ago


  • R
    R Day ago

    no go on the meat glue

  • Vince Tionko
    Vince Tionko Day ago

    Which one are you trying?
    “Number A”

  • Biggoboybales
    Biggoboybales Day ago

    Meat glue is an abomination that has killed

  • David Good
    David Good 2 days ago

    I'm not sure what the fuss is. "Meat Glue" is a powder that contains enzymes that break down meat to the point that they 'bond' together. It's science. The same science is used in your meat tenderizing experiments -- such as with pineapple, which contains an enzyme that breaks down meat. Same thing. I guess it's just a mental stigma -- for example, with some cultures eating ant eggs is considered a delicacy... but you wouldn't find me doing it. Gross!

  • fuzzycuffs
    fuzzycuffs 2 days ago +1

    Be sure to wash off all the salt, or it will be too salty.

    Next, I am seasoning with salt.

  • Kim,s Fishing
    Kim,s Fishing 2 days ago

    Forbiden in swe

  • Nikolaj kristensen
    Nikolaj kristensen 2 days ago

    the meat glue is illegal here in denmark

  • budy1348
    budy1348 2 days ago

    Now I want some chicken nuggets...

  • cviera2010
    cviera2010 2 days ago

    Just stick with twine. Easier, simpler

  • Ralph Flores
    Ralph Flores 2 days ago


  • Ulquiorra Cifer
    Ulquiorra Cifer 3 days ago

    6:32 "A and number B" hahahahahahaha

  • Equinaught
    Equinaught 3 days ago

    Sushi is not raw. Sashimi is raw. Sushi is cooked via chemical reaction or heat and then chilled. Sashimi is just a slice of raw fish.

  • Nick's Mix
    Nick's Mix 4 days ago +1

    6:33 “number B”

  • Anthony Adinata
    Anthony Adinata 4 days ago

    you can just melt the fat and use it as a glue, right?

  • Chriss E. K.
    Chriss E. K. 4 days ago

    Just be clear, meat glue is illegal in some countries not because restaurants used it, but because butchers used it to make fake ham from cheap meat. Basicly to scam people. At least in my country.

    • Chriss E. K.
      Chriss E. K. 2 days ago

      @pangkaji I see thank you. Well here you can't even use it to make bigger fillet

    • pangkaji
      pangkaji 2 days ago

      In the US it is only legal if it is used to glue the same type of meat together and is sold as such. Glueing smaller pieces of fillet into a bigger piece of fillet and sell it as fillet is ok. You cannot glue small pieces of shoulder, round and shank into a fillet and sell it as fillet. That is called using fillers. It is false advertising and It is illegal.

  • Wendell Crews
    Wendell Crews 4 days ago

    You sounded pissed making this video

  • Ken Morgan
    Ken Morgan 5 days ago +1

    Meat Glu, like many fakeness food adaptations should not be allowed

  • G- Zeus
    G- Zeus 5 days ago

    Number A? xD

  • Alfredo Taylor
    Alfredo Taylor 5 days ago

    Says "don't breath it in"
    But we can eat it ?

    • Reaper
      Reaper 5 days ago

      Yeah. You see lungs and the stomach are two different organs that do different things

  • motchiee
    motchiee 5 days ago

    I believe they started using it to sell meat scraps at a higher prices through the form of ribeye and fillet mignon. It's just for plain ripoff reasons.

    • pangkaji
      pangkaji 2 days ago

      It is legal as long as all the scraps and cuts are from the same type of meat and sold as such. They cannot glue shoulder, round, shank with tenderloin and selling as tenderloin. That is called using fillers.
      However, they are allowed glueing smaller cuts of tenderloin into a bigger piece so of tenderloin so they can sell it.

  • Jonathon Easter
    Jonathon Easter 5 days ago

    Honey bro I don't know what to think but I feel like if you had to cover your face it's probably not a good idea to have it around keep up the good work

  • Mr.AnimeMan :3
    Mr.AnimeMan :3 5 days ago

    So you can't breath the meat glue but you can eat it? Right..m

  • TheUniversalBean
    TheUniversalBean 5 days ago

    but but but but but but but....

    meat glue is just connective tissue... sorta

  • FenixBeast
    FenixBeast 6 days ago

    “How does number A taste?” 😂😂😂

  • özgür deniz Gazanri

    1:54 *oh yeah. its all coming together.*

  • bigsmoke27
    bigsmoke27 6 days ago

    Never heard of meat glue , but I don’t think I would use t

  • conexant51
    conexant51 6 days ago

    As I understand it meat glue is a product made from processed animal blood. It is unsafe to breathe I believe because it can coagulate/glue your lung tissue. A plant based substitute could be tapioca flour/starch or certain types of rice flour/starch products. It would be worth testing out.

  • Jonathan Anastopoulos
    Jonathan Anastopoulos 6 days ago +1

    *removes all salt*
    Also Guga:
    Okay so I am seasoning with SaLt pepper and garlic powder

  • Freedom elf
    Freedom elf 6 days ago

    Look like big turds sorry my opinion

  • Freedom elf
    Freedom elf 6 days ago

    So why cut a great piece of meat , then glooo it back together

  • Gibson
    Gibson 6 days ago

    I understand what meat glue is. It's not that it's an enzyme or that other enzymes are used in cooking often.
    1. I don't trust anyone who would push this product, because of #2.
    2. The products sole purpose is to deceive.
    3. It is extremely dangerous because surface bacteria (e coli for example) gets glued to the center of the deceptive meat, & when cooked medium or less, that surface bacteria can not be heated to a safe kill temperature.
    It's sole purpose is to cheat and price gouge. If that is the purpose, how could you trust purveyors of this product to be honest about anything, like telling you if there is anything nasty or harmful in it.
    Don't inhale it, but go ahead and consume it.

    • Reaper
      Reaper 5 days ago

      For the inhale comment. You see water is fine to drink but you can’t handle it in your lungs very well. Same thing here

  • Joseph Gotta
    Joseph Gotta 6 days ago

    I like rare meat. My impression is that decay starts at the outside so a good hard sear should take care of that.....except when the outside is on the inside. All of the sudden you've made good steak like ground beef and I don't like well done steak. Thank goodness the sous vide method with very extended timing alleviates this concern.

  • AppropriateName
    AppropriateName 6 days ago

    Number B, letter 2

  • sunflowrr xx
    sunflowrr xx 6 days ago +3

    Yeah no I am not ok with meat glue that freaks me out 😭😭😭

  • Ahmed Turner
    Ahmed Turner 6 days ago

    “Number A” 😩😂😂😂😂 love the videos fellas. Keep it up!

  • Thor B
    Thor B 6 days ago

    Number B

  • Corey Hall
    Corey Hall 6 days ago

    “Number” A & “Number” B.... love it

  • Lou Guess
    Lou Guess 6 days ago

    New to the channel but love your videos very informative and hilarious!!

  • Buz
    Buz 7 days ago

    Forget the meat glue, the sodium content alone will kill you.

  • Whisper XK
    Whisper XK 7 days ago

    I personally don't have an issue with meat glue, I understand the chemistry behind it. I understand people are ethically opposed but I personally have no issue.

  • bobafruti
    bobafruti 7 days ago

    The meat glue looks like meatloaf.

  • Luke Nester
    Luke Nester 7 days ago

    He forgot to season the u side of meat glue

  • Wolf playz
    Wolf playz 7 days ago

    Number a and number b hmmmmm

  • Rigg5
    Rigg5 7 days ago

    What is better? Number A or Number B???

  • Seiksburnin
    Seiksburnin 7 days ago

    I guess you can’t breath it in because it will glue your lungs together

  • Sezco-
    Sezco- 8 days ago

    Not steak related, but you should try and sous vide a grilled cheese

  • Matt R
    Matt R 8 days ago

    just eat it instead??? Lmao what

    • StheH4x0r
      StheH4x0r Day ago

      If you inhale it it'll stick in your lungs

  • DMV thrax
    DMV thrax 8 days ago

    me being a chef if I was to work in a resturaunt that told me to use meat glue for any dish I was putting out I would probably leave that job that second.. doesn't seem very safe I would want to know the components of said meat glue prior to even thinking about using it

  • MrCarl27
    MrCarl27 8 days ago +1

    Meat glue should be banned period. No one should be using that stuff.

  • NemanjaaVidic
    NemanjaaVidic 8 days ago

    Frankenstein meats 😂

  • green street
    green street 8 days ago

    You fed your boy meat glue