Learn to Pick a Lock in 47 mins || Learn Quick

  • Published on Sep 1, 2016
  • In this Learn Quick Episode, I learn how to pick a lock as fast as I can. It took me 47 minutes to unlock my garage door.
    This episode is proudly sponsored by LockCowboy. The 20 piece lock pick set I used in the video is available in the EU here:
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Comments • 961

  • Blake Dunning
    Blake Dunning 14 hours ago

    Ya that's it more skyrim

  • Opgoku8000123 Gaming
    Opgoku8000123 Gaming 17 hours ago

    Lol I took around 5 min using bobby pins then when I tried again it took 10 min
    Edit: But I used a different kind of door knob it’s the circle one and the lock is in the middle of it lol

  • Bohemian Lizard
    Bohemian Lizard 2 days ago

    I learned how to do this with papers clips and u already know it was torture

  • Bohemian Lizard
    Bohemian Lizard 2 days ago


  • spamuel98
    spamuel98 2 days ago

    I learned to pick locks back in middle school with a paper clip and a pen cap, and having actual picks makes it a LOT easier. Even using an aluminum bobby pin is easier. Padlocks are some of the hardest locks to pick, without being completely impossible, because it's nearly impossible to hold the lock, apply torque, and maneuver the pins all at the same time. I eventually used that skill when the head of my summer group lost the key to the cabinet where all the game consoles were kept.

  • ShadeFierce- -
    ShadeFierce- - 3 days ago

    😂😂need to play more skyrim

  • AngeloMHD
    AngeloMHD 4 days ago


  • MR.Dblue 04
    MR.Dblue 04 5 days ago


  • miguel Mendez
    miguel Mendez 6 days ago

    Now Mike knows how to break in to places

  • Kawii Wolf
    Kawii Wolf 6 days ago

    “I need to play more Skyrim”XD

  • Andrew Pranata
    Andrew Pranata 6 days ago

    *Lockpicking* *100*

  • marian francis
    marian francis 7 days ago

    This is really necessary

  • Marco Saptiem
    Marco Saptiem 7 days ago

    You have such fake reactions in every episode it’s actually annoying. There is no need to over react. It’s not funny.

  • Shadow Meder
    Shadow Meder 9 days ago

    I unlocked a door with a knife and some table pins

  • Wienke 2020
    Wienke 2020 10 days ago

    Lockpicking increased to 97

  • Daniel Blam
    Daniel Blam 10 days ago

    i thought it said "learn how to pick a pock in 47 miles"

  • Lunko Truz
    Lunko Truz 11 days ago

    Good lock Mike

  • trolle02
    trolle02 13 days ago

    well my lock is a very special lock that cannot be picked.

  • Abandoned Exploration UK


  • Abandoned Exploration UK

    Yo Mike there is still one type of work you haven’t done combination one I urge you to try it bro

  • NikName !
    NikName ! 16 days ago

    2:40 do you need to go to the bathroom?

  • David Lovelock
    David Lovelock 16 days ago

    Would love to learn that!
    Try learn to Hotwire a car!!!

  • Mike manchester
    Mike manchester 18 days ago

    Learn to chug a water bottle in under 2 seconds .

  • NightFade
    NightFade 18 days ago


  • BurningPillow
    BurningPillow 19 days ago

    Lock picking is a good skill to learn, same with fixing tires.

  • Sarah's Creation's
    Sarah's Creation's 20 days ago

    Learn how to play fortnite with no tutorial and get a win

  • Tesla Gamer
    Tesla Gamer 22 days ago

    I have that exact same lock pick set

  • Stefan Denchev
    Stefan Denchev 22 days ago

    In before learn quick how to break down a door!

  • Kidsepticeye
    Kidsepticeye 23 days ago

    Put the tensioner at the bottom

  • Tommy Willow
    Tommy Willow 23 days ago

    learn to open a safe......

  • Them gamers
    Them gamers 23 days ago

    whats the amazon link to the set you bought

  • R0B0101
    R0B0101 23 days ago

    *Lockpicking 100*

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 23 days ago

    1:40 never put your grinder down on its power cable. Hazard of cutting it and exposing wire

  • P Hiiv
    P Hiiv 24 days ago

    Like your content, not your cussing.

  • IllMonky 691
    IllMonky 691 24 days ago

    Couldn't he have just opened the car door in the garage

  • AJ Kennedy
    AJ Kennedy 26 days ago +1

    Now learn to hot wire a car🙃

  • Harry Elwick
    Harry Elwick 27 days ago

    Imagine if that’s how he died

  • Assassain _ Music
    Assassain _ Music 27 days ago

    Not as easy as it seems. Plus, you at least have lockpick tools. A proper kit. You should try doing it with a homemade lockpick and tension wrench

  • Will S
    Will S 28 days ago

    good job

  • Small Slavick Child GÚLÄG

    You kinda just attempted to lock pick something in 47 minutes

  • James Waldenses
    James Waldenses 29 days ago

    It would be better if you didn't blaspheme.

  • gamer Väätäjä
    gamer Väätäjä Month ago

    Skyrim mensioned need to kill nazeem faster

  • 11H8
    11H8 Month ago

    I know you destroyed the key and everything but couldn't you have just opened the garage instead?


    Awesome || video

  • Josh Rees
    Josh Rees Month ago

    He could have just put the key under the door

  • Rich Scott
    Rich Scott Month ago

    not bad for simple LOCKS ...I showed my Goddaughter (15) the basics and now she is doing LOCKS with spools and serrated pins pretty quick... hell in her first hour she opened a MASTER #3 and #5 not that they are hard but not bad on her first day.

  • LegacyWolf
    LegacyWolf Month ago

    I watched a guy do it once, I did it first try. For those who doesnt understand:
    In a padlock, or a hanging lock commonly found for lockers etc.
    There are pins on one side, and space for the other. You can do this with 1 paperclip.
    If you fold out the paperclip, but keep the center bend as it is, push the paperclip in, push down the pins,
    and twist it around.

  • SuicideDioxide
    SuicideDioxide Month ago

    I had a massive stroke of luck when I was teaching myself to do this (without a transparent lock) and I unlocked my lounge room door in a few minutes

  • Lion
    Lion Month ago

    You'd probably be better off with oblivion to practice lock picking.

  • KoenJanssen
    KoenJanssen Month ago


  • ZombieTM05
    ZombieTM05 Month ago

    I have the same exact set as you that I bought from Amazon. I learned in 30 seconds because it looked easy.

  • Tyler McIntyre
    Tyler McIntyre Month ago

    I'm sure that buy like 2025, Mike will be one of the most dangerous people on the planet

  • wObii
    wObii Month ago

    Dat rage

  • Plato Tsang
    Plato Tsang Month ago +1

    I only know how to break a lock

  • Plato Tsang
    Plato Tsang Month ago +1

    Learn how to hotwire a car

  • CallMeDraven
    CallMeDraven Month ago

    Hell yeah now I can get in my girlfriend's house

  • TheMarlaskoMeta
    TheMarlaskoMeta Month ago

    lock cowboy doesn't ship to the USA

  • IRON H34RT221
    IRON H34RT221 Month ago

    I taught myself how to do this on my patio door with two bobby pins (figured it might come in useful some day) and it’s shocking how easily tumbler/pin locks can be picked.

  • Sharpirate
    Sharpirate Month ago

    Shit just got real when he cut the key

  • MrLemonadefreak
    MrLemonadefreak Month ago

    I just noticed the "tvr" flag in the background. Now i want to know if he drives a tvr or just likes them

  • Richie Delgado
    Richie Delgado Month ago +1

    its not that hard, heres a tutorial for beginners
    1. get at least 2 locks
    2.choose one
    congratulations you picked a lock

  • Acrylic Pasta
    Acrylic Pasta Month ago

    (+1) lock pick skill

  • ninh s
    ninh s Month ago

    Extremely satisfying feeing that final pin fall into place and the tumblr gives way 🤗👌🏼👍🏼💯

  • Sam Van Rooij
    Sam Van Rooij 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video i instantly buyed the set and it whas on sale!

  • JJ
    JJ 2 months ago

    1:28 - 1:36 😂😂😂

  • The Formal Top-hat
    The Formal Top-hat 2 months ago

    U could just open the garage door

  • Krish Ataliya
    Krish Ataliya 2 months ago

    That's not even a skill if you use the tools. It's only cool if you can learn with everyday objects such as a paperclip or Bobby pin.

  • k wm
    k wm 2 months ago


  • k wm
    k wm 2 months ago

    Going to rob someone's house

  • A Russian Doge
    A Russian Doge 2 months ago

    And mike died of alchohol posioning in his garage

  • Ahmad Tea
    Ahmad Tea 2 months ago

    Оно всегда так, после выпивки все получается :)

  • JimmyJamyShamy
    JimmyJamyShamy 2 months ago

    I’m glad I have a coded lock also the code is ****

  • Cairo The Skeleton
    Cairo The Skeleton 2 months ago

    just knock on the door and somebody will open it for you

  • TheFiendMegaCyber97
    TheFiendMegaCyber97 2 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks that he is overexaggerating a bit?

  • Doge memes
    Doge memes 2 months ago

    Caption: how to break into your local walmart

  • Mdtaseen Cabbo
    Mdtaseen Cabbo 2 months ago

    beginning of my crime

  • Drew Cama
    Drew Cama 2 months ago

    I thought owning lock picking tools was criminal unless you had a locksmith permit? you shower several tools but you only seemed to use two?

  • Foxx Fury
    Foxx Fury 2 months ago

    Lock cowboy does not ship to the us :(

  • Steel Dragon01
    Steel Dragon01 3 months ago

    It was actually 46 minutes

  • najlepszy krab
    najlepszy krab 3 months ago

    you are the most patient man in history

  • Beckham Aimanz
    Beckham Aimanz 3 months ago

    He's Neighbour Is In Danger

  • ThatGuyGlenn
    ThatGuyGlenn 3 months ago

    Same I learned how to pick a lock also...I had to learn from a door lock and homemade picks and tension wrench from paperclips and Bobbie pins...

    • ThatGuyGlenn
      ThatGuyGlenn 3 months ago

      Like no joke that was my reaction my first like 10 times trying to pick the lock to my locked room...

    CYBER KNIGHT455 3 months ago

    Why did you cut your only way out the key man

  • Mr.Baskets
    Mr.Baskets 3 months ago

    Pi is hard not easy like pie

  • Poof Splix
    Poof Splix 3 months ago

    if the lockpick broke wwyd.

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny 3 months ago

    You did it in 10 second

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson 3 months ago

    You are amazing!! Love your videos

  • Bepis Cuber
    Bepis Cuber 3 months ago


    -Mike Boyd from just about every single video

  • Jacøb Flisberg
    Jacøb Flisberg 3 months ago +1

    I tought myself that with two paperclips and no transparant lock in one night. But i need a lock pick set to open more complicated locks.

  • gio.inwko 1122
    gio.inwko 1122 3 months ago

    I've done it in Mafia II xD

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear 3 months ago

    Lol "I need to pay more Skyrim"🤣

  • Danye ツ
    Danye ツ 3 months ago

    In the school we need To lock our phones in a drawer. I bough a lock picker set and... I think You know what I did. (Sorry about my knowledge, but I'm Hungarian)

  • Chocolate Chip Cocaine
    Chocolate Chip Cocaine 3 months ago

    This guy could actually be dangerous

  • Variety of Everything
    Variety of Everything 3 months ago

    How risky

  • Edward Murillo
    Edward Murillo 4 months ago

    Jason Bourne can do it in 10 seconds. I'm dead

  • Kaiden Barco
    Kaiden Barco 4 months ago

    2:22 i need to play more skyrim

    UNKNOWN 4 months ago

    Why don’t you change your name to jack as in jack of all trades

  • 77-LIVES
    77-LIVES 4 months ago

    He should of slid the key under the door silly thing

  • Frankis356
    Frankis356 4 months ago

    When you say YESSSSSS, you look like a happy Leprechaun

  • Alexandcat xx
    Alexandcat xx 4 months ago

    Omg I love his cat😂 gets locked in the shed with cat. Cat runs under table during table cloth trick. Cat runs in front while axe throwing, his cat cracks me uo😂