Learn to Pick a Lock in 47 mins || Learn Quick

  • Published on Sep 1, 2016
  • In this Learn Quick Episode, I learn how to pick a lock as fast as I can. It took me 47 minutes to unlock my garage door.
    This episode is proudly sponsored by LockCowboy. The 20 piece lock pick set I used in the video is available in the EU here:
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Comments • 884

  • Sam Van Rooij
    Sam Van Rooij 52 minutes ago

    Thanks for the video i instantly buyed the set and it whas on sale!

  • JJ
    JJ Day ago

    1:28 - 1:36 😂😂😂

  • The Formal Top-hat

    U could just open the garage door

  • Krish Ataliya
    Krish Ataliya 8 days ago

    That's not even a skill if you use the tools. It's only cool if you can learn with everyday objects such as a paperclip or Bobby pin.

  • k wm
    k wm 9 days ago


  • k wm
    k wm 9 days ago

    Going to rob someone's house

  • A Russian Doge
    A Russian Doge 12 days ago

    And mike died of alchohol posioning in his garage

  • Ahmad Tea
    Ahmad Tea 15 days ago

    Оно всегда так, после выпивки все получается :)

  • JimmyJamyShamy
    JimmyJamyShamy 17 days ago

    I’m glad I have a coded lock also the code is ****

  • Natasha F
    Natasha F 17 days ago

    just knock on the door and somebody will open it for you

  • TheFiendMegaCyber97
    TheFiendMegaCyber97 17 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks that he is overexaggerating a bit?

  • Doge memes
    Doge memes 18 days ago

    Caption: how to break into your local walmart

  • Mdtaseen Cabbo
    Mdtaseen Cabbo 19 days ago

    beginning of my crime

  • Drew Cama
    Drew Cama 23 days ago

    I thought owning lock picking tools was criminal unless you had a locksmith permit? you shower several tools but you only seemed to use two?

  • Foxx Fury
    Foxx Fury 27 days ago

    Lock cowboy does not ship to the us :(

  • Steel Dragon01
    Steel Dragon01 Month ago

    It was actually 46 minutes

  • najlepszy krab
    najlepszy krab Month ago

    you are the most patient man in history

  • Beckham Aimanz
    Beckham Aimanz Month ago

    He's Neighbour Is In Danger

  • ThatGuyGlenn
    ThatGuyGlenn Month ago

    Same I learned how to pick a lock also...I had to learn from a door lock and homemade picks and tension wrench from paperclips and Bobbie pins...

    • ThatGuyGlenn
      ThatGuyGlenn Month ago

      Like no joke that was my reaction my first like 10 times trying to pick the lock to my locked room...

    CYBER KNIGHT455 Month ago

    Why did you cut your only way out the key man

  • Mr.Baskets
    Mr.Baskets Month ago

    Pi is hard not easy like pie

  • Puff Splix
    Puff Splix Month ago

    if the lockpick broke wwyd.

  • Eva and friends
    Eva and friends Month ago

    You did it in 10 second

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson Month ago

    You are amazing!! Love your videos

  • Tom P
    Tom P Month ago


    -Mike Boyd from just about every single video

  • Jacøb Flisberg
    Jacøb Flisberg Month ago +1

    I tought myself that with two paperclips and no transparant lock in one night. But i need a lock pick set to open more complicated locks.

  • gio.inwko 1122
    gio.inwko 1122 Month ago

    I've done it in Mafia II xD

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear Month ago

    Lol "I need to pay more Skyrim"🤣

  • Danye ツ
    Danye ツ Month ago

    In the school we need To lock our phones in a drawer. I bough a lock picker set and... I think You know what I did. (Sorry about my knowledge, but I'm Hungarian)

  • Chocolate Chip Cocaine

    This guy could actually be dangerous

  • Variety of Everything

    How risky

  • Edward Murillo
    Edward Murillo 2 months ago

    Jason Bourne can do it in 10 seconds. I'm dead

  • Kaiden Barco
    Kaiden Barco 2 months ago

    2:22 i need to play more skyrim

    UNKNOWN 2 months ago

    Why don’t you change your name to jack as in jack of all trades

  • 77-LIVES
    77-LIVES 2 months ago

    He should of slid the key under the door silly thing

  • Frankis356
    Frankis356 2 months ago

    When you say YESSSSSS, you look like a happy Leprechaun

  • Alexandcat xx
    Alexandcat xx 2 months ago

    Omg I love his cat😂 gets locked in the shed with cat. Cat runs under table during table cloth trick. Cat runs in front while axe throwing, his cat cracks me uo😂

  • Ari Stan
    Ari Stan 2 months ago

    How to throw a football like a pro!, crossbar challenge from different distances!

  • Jack Habben
    Jack Habben 2 months ago

    I can do it with a paperclip

  • Dayboss 557
    Dayboss 557 2 months ago

    I’m twelve and I learned to pick advanced locks in real life in two days

  • Awesome Stuff
    Awesome Stuff 2 months ago

    The garge?

  • Rahela Rahman
    Rahela Rahman 2 months ago

    Just saying are any of u try Ing to do it

  • RC Adventures
    RC Adventures 2 months ago

    Mike great vid i just bought thre lock pic and im hoping to be able to do the same as you

  • Watermelon Helmet
    Watermelon Helmet 2 months ago

    Experienced picker here: Genuinely impressed you got through those locks after only practicing on the transparent lock (Those things are only good for seeing how locks work, they pop open if you look at them too hard). Just gonna say that you were massively lucky that none of those locks had security pins. Security pins like Mushroom or spool pins need a specific knowledge to identify and beat...and, well, if that bike lock had security pins, you'd probably still be in that chair :-)
    Technically you learned 'b*tch picking* (sorry, that's just what it's called) where you apply torque and just jiggle the pins and hope. Normal single pin picking (which you need for high security locks) requires you work out the binding order of the pins and you have to set each one individually in order.
    Love the channel, dude! Keep it up.

  • Zeeshan Mahmud
    Zeeshan Mahmud 2 months ago

    Brilliant!! I like how he takes a swig and he is superhuman.

  • Thomas Hutton
    Thomas Hutton 2 months ago

    you should learn to breack any world record

  • Alexey El Hayek
    Alexey El Hayek 2 months ago

    Raw sweet potatoes can kill you

  • Mathass_de_cafe u.u
    Mathass_de_cafe u.u 2 months ago

    Try with a paper clip

  • HydroSn4ke
    HydroSn4ke 2 months ago

    Learn how to pickpocket

  • 500 subs with no video challeng e


  • Daryl Bryson
    Daryl Bryson 2 months ago

    You went to my school to do the table cloth trick

  • Aerox
    Aerox 2 months ago


  • fourp4nts
    fourp4nts 2 months ago

    Or you can just rake the lock

  • Troll Teem
    Troll Teem 2 months ago

    Yaaas yasasaaaaaas!!!!!

  • Dank Edge
    Dank Edge 2 months ago

    4:28 mf3rs?

  • 2DevilliveD
    2DevilliveD 2 months ago

    Alcohol = Brain power!!!!

  • Darkshadow5566
    Darkshadow5566 3 months ago

    Oh your lucky you actually have the proper tools for it I learned how to lock pick with bobby pins paper clips a knife and a door or one of my lockable storage containers

  • Jack Livingstone
    Jack Livingstone 3 months ago

    Lmao I learnt this like 2 weeks before this video inspired by you

  • celuler22
    celuler22 3 months ago

    makes you wonder dont it locks you defenently get what you pay for

  • 123z Cuber
    123z Cuber 3 months ago

    "How to drive myself to insanity." 27 minutes

  • dvd 74
    dvd 74 3 months ago

    Because of this f***ing video my family got robed today

  • Shadowschyther
    Shadowschyther 3 months ago

    If you want to expand knowledge when it comes to lockpicking and haven't done so already, look into security pins and false gates and different typer of locks. Serated pins, mushrooms, and t pins along with tapped holes in the tumbler where the pins go makes life hell. Also house locks usually have security pins.

  • Quackary
    Quackary 3 months ago

    2:22 no Oblivian

    JINX JONES 3 months ago

    not so easy when you can't see inside the lock huh? type in bosnianbill and sub his channel, he's an exponent of the art

  • Account Number
    Account Number 3 months ago

    a little think pause and drink, and a bite of something gave him the small surge, of energy, and relaxation to continue.

  • CytheGuy
    CytheGuy 3 months ago

    aren't raw potatoes poisonous?

  • Cody Rios
    Cody Rios 3 months ago

    *drops lock pick*
    I need to play more Skyrim

  • Ryan Phon
    Ryan Phon 3 months ago

    Your saying that your garage can’t open from the inside😂

  • Gerald Mariscotes
    Gerald Mariscotes 3 months ago

    Easy as pie...
    Then suddenly 2:25

  • American Nobody
    American Nobody 3 months ago

    47 MINUTES??? The cops would be there by then dude! And how can you make a 5 min video about something that takes 47 mins, unless you are skipping steps, in which case IT'S POINTLESS!!! I can get past that lock in about 5 seconds!
    Step 1-take your foot with the stealtoed boot on it, and KICK door!
    Step 2- Enter!

  • Ella Cagayat
    Ella Cagayat 3 months ago

    The next houdini
    Hahaha just kidding

  • Tyler
    Tyler 3 months ago

    Busted the lock to my neighbor's house, thanks to your video. Unfortunately, he was home so when I walked in with knee pads, he wanted me to suck him off because I looked pretty good in knee pads. I now know to never go to a skate park or break into someone's house.

    LORA SWITZER 3 months ago

    Learn how to break out of zip ties

  • The Antichrist Clown
    The Antichrist Clown 3 months ago

    21ҡ ʟɨҡɛʀs aʀɛ ċʀɨʍɨռaʟs 😂😂😂

    TECH KNOW 3 months ago

    Tell us about u

  • ShadowX
    ShadowX 3 months ago

    (that was funny)

    LUKA GROBELNIK 3 months ago

    you have no more lockpicks

  • Sunpath Thewarrior
    Sunpath Thewarrior 3 months ago

    “Need to play more Skyrim”
    My sister approves.

  • emonroy monroy
    emonroy monroy 3 months ago

    google blocked the webside because of potetian identity stealing caracteristics?

  • Cxnvicts
    Cxnvicts 3 months ago +1

    Now let’s go rob someone’s house

  • Banana Gerbil
    Banana Gerbil 3 months ago


  • Random but Funny
    Random but Funny 3 months ago +1

    0:25 his eyes

  • OziPlays
    OziPlays 3 months ago

    Pi is hard

  • Vincent Moreau
    Vincent Moreau 3 months ago

    Good luck / good lock

  • Old M3M3
    Old M3M3 4 months ago

    Lockpicking 100

  • Tommy Doran
    Tommy Doran 4 months ago

    So you love tvr? Me too!

  • Gurkirtan Singh
    Gurkirtan Singh 4 months ago


  • Fernando Padilla
    Fernando Padilla 4 months ago

    It took me a minute opening my dads money safe

  • Kickemman
    Kickemman 4 months ago

    yeah i tried to go to the website and it told me it was a dangerous and deceptive site

  • Carry06
    Carry06 4 months ago

    Learn to rob a bank || Learn not so quick xD

  • Gray Griefer
    Gray Griefer 4 months ago


  • JustCommentingYourComments

    I got a fun Lockpicking story aswell:
    2 Years ago I was an exchange student in china. The students we were with wanted to visit one of those "escape rooms" with us. The thing was pretty shady and it felt more like some illegal thing but the worst thing about it was that all the riddles leading to the keys and codes were in chinese.
    I don't speak chinese.
    So I went to the bathroom and there was a number lock. I thought to myself "well technically if I pull on the one side and keep changing the numbers I will notice as soon as I got the right number"
    2 minutes later the lock was picked.
    The other guys were amazed and asked me how I solved the riddle. The guy who ran the "escape room"-thingy wasn't that amused.

  • Alex Diamond
    Alex Diamond 4 months ago

    2:23 I actually nutted in my pants. That's my favorite game that ever existed

  • Captin Clover
    Captin Clover 4 months ago

    Learn to break though zip ties

  • Medo Ahrarli
    Medo Ahrarli 4 months ago

    Everyone get a double lock if you wanna be safe

  • HenloFrend
    HenloFrend 4 months ago

    Not to be a buzzkill, but technically that lock only needs you to lift the third pin up to pick it. I have that same lock and it sucks that I bought it and can pick it in a few seconds cause I really wanted to learn

  • Narrow Jojo
    Narrow Jojo 4 months ago

    How to pick locks: Get hammered on whiskey

  • neon_green_T
    neon_green_T 4 months ago

    how does nobody point out he ate a fuckin raw potatoe.

  • Robert Stein
    Robert Stein 4 months ago

    I'm pretty good at picking locks in Skyrim I can do them all up to expert locks but master locks. Aww hell no that shit is tough