James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 22, 2016
  • Following in the bold footsteps of Key & Peele and Banks & Steelz, James Franco and Bryan Cranston close out Season 2 of Hot Ones by becoming the third twosome to take on the wings of death. The co-stars of "Why Him?" break down their facial-hair history and share crazy pre-fame experiences while tackling some of the hottest sauces on the planet.
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    Season 2
    Episode 44
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    #hotones #spicywings
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  • famzao
    famzao 16 hours ago

    I just heard Jeff Ross say "cunt". Why the shit is there any censorship in here?

  • Tay Norman
    Tay Norman Day ago

    3:02 Man, that goatee should be CALLED the Heisenberg cause it's so badass.

  • Lannec10
    Lannec10 2 days ago

    Bring Bryan back

  • Justin Cruz
    Justin Cruz 2 days ago

    This episode was WAY TOO SHORT. I NEED MOAWR!!!!

  • Stevedore Votes
    Stevedore Votes 2 days ago

    James is so reserved and skeptical like my Uncle Scott until the end of the video. Brian is vocal the whole time.

  • Dani
    Dani 2 days ago

    why do ppl look over celebrities? I thought James Franco was trying to hook w an underage girl. meanwhile girls chasing out a teacher for his past sexual misconduct.... James Franco hangs out w that satanic "artist" ..he may be funny but hes creepy. I dont like him anymore to be honest

  • oishiii
    oishiii 3 days ago

    we need AARON PAULL

  • hydratedAF
    hydratedAF 3 days ago

    wtf is sean doing @ 5:00 😂

  • Noah Carsch
    Noah Carsch 3 days ago

    when I watch the older videos I can't help but wonder how the guests would do on the newer seasons

  • Chief Onahoe
    Chief Onahoe 5 days ago

    We need freddie gibbs!

  • Adam
    Adam 5 days ago +1


  • Adam
    Adam 5 days ago +1

    Should’ve asked Franco why he Instagram stalks underage girls before inviting them to his hotel room and then whines and plays the victim when he gets put on blast. Disgusting creep 🤢🤮

  • No Luck Pure Skillz
    No Luck Pure Skillz 11 days ago

    Jessy Pinkman should be with him.

  • Joel C
    Joel C 11 days ago

    Franco is the biggest pussy, most good looking man on this planet.... Cranston is that dude. *throws on shades*

  • Catherine Berg
    Catherine Berg 11 days ago

    hehe lol so funny watching them. Mr. Cranston knows New Mexico Chile. Pequin compares. I make some pretty caliente Chile Pequin sauce.

  • Roy Royy
    Roy Royy 12 days ago

    I’m here from 11.22.63

  • Vin
    Vin 12 days ago

    please get jim carrey on this show

  • LauraNYC
    LauraNYC 12 days ago

    James so awkward and uncomfortable 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Michael Layer
    Michael Layer 13 days ago

    I'll say it. When Bryan Cranston jokingly says Franco can grab women by the pussy because he's a movie star DID NOT FUCKING AGE WELL

  • _lesleeey xxx
    _lesleeey xxx 14 days ago

    I love James

  • Abigail Rose
    Abigail Rose 14 days ago

    That James Franco "grab them by the pussy" joke didn't age too well did it?

  • Call of the Wild
    Call of the Wild 15 days ago

    Franco with the milk on wing 2...

  • S V
    S V 15 days ago +1

    The "Meoweee" cats to beep out Bryan , cracked me up😂😂😂😂😂

  • borzy
    borzy 15 days ago

    This is still bothering me: this was shot in 2016.... why are you not using a tablet on the show? Why are you awkwardly cradling that laptop when you do the picture segments?

  • Chris Miramontes
    Chris Miramontes 15 days ago

    Bryan is kinda old but he’s cool as fuck

  • Chanel H
    Chanel H 16 days ago


  • kimverme19 my insta
    kimverme19 my insta 16 days ago

    'You can just grab em by the pussy' is so FUCKING SEXIST!!! And the fact that EVERYBODY JUST LAUGHES is the worst part. You know better than thaf come on...

  • Guillermo Morales
    Guillermo Morales 16 days ago

    I thought your hands gestures were ban in the new episodes...wtf. almost poked thier eyes out a few times. Tie your god damn hands by your waist jesus christ!!

  • Ruby Orimba
    Ruby Orimba 16 days ago

    lol the cat sounds

  • Aqissiaq G. Larsen
    Aqissiaq G. Larsen 18 days ago

    I respect that you guys always state that they don't have to, but that "if you don't want to" is always some serious "if you want to pussy out" in their ears. ^o^

  • Alberto2341
    Alberto2341 19 days ago +13

    I refuse to believe that this man Bryan Cranston, is the same man that laughed like a mad man in a crawl space in Breaking Bad. That laugh was so haunting, so real, and terrifying. No other show will ever be able to top Breaking Bad.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 18 days ago +2

      How do you compare Dramas and Comedies though? Seinfeld is at the top.

  • Kreiger Art
    Kreiger Art 19 days ago

    Almost feel at this point. If you didn't do Da' Bomb sauce. You need to come back and do it again.

  • Collin Tubbs
    Collin Tubbs 20 days ago

    They didnt bond

  • Simon Tedeschi
    Simon Tedeschi 21 day ago

    Wow. fiirst time Ive seen Iggy Azeala without makup. shes beautiful naturally! Why doen she paint that shit on her?

  • Kittie Perry
    Kittie Perry 23 days ago

    Bryan Cranston goes full Heisenberg on those wings, he eats all of it LIKE A BOSS!! The ones who are only taking a bite need to just step aside and let the real badasses have a seat!!

  • Andy D G
    Andy D G 23 days ago

    Bryan Cranston is the shit!! Love that guy!

  • Andy D G
    Andy D G 23 days ago

    That sounds like a fucking movie title “How to kill Peter Wong”!

  • Reed Rasmussen
    Reed Rasmussen 24 days ago

    The Zen of Brian. God bless you he's 100% on the money. Grab em by the meraouw

  • Anselmo Mercado Jr
    Anselmo Mercado Jr 25 days ago

    Do Jamie Kennedy.

  • Chelsea Charles
    Chelsea Charles 25 days ago

    Wait, who says we can't bring David Skylark back? Yes. Do it. Turn that shit into a show.

    CRUSTYDOGTAINT 25 days ago +8

    James doesn’t make eye contact almost at all

  • PST3K NaN
    PST3K NaN 26 days ago

    If my daughters boyfriend shows up with a box of ammo, he’s a keeper who knows what’s up

  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889 27 days ago +1

    Anyone else think Brian Cranston and Hugh Jackman look alike?

  • DeafBlindMan
    DeafBlindMan 27 days ago

    Why is pussy censored?

  • Carlos Andres Lincango

    After bb i don’t believe anything he saya

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar 28 days ago

    Really awesome episode! I just hope to see SL jackson on it..

  • This Sucks
    This Sucks 29 days ago

    Jesse Pinkman was supposed to eat wings instead of Franco. Instead, he got high and chowed down on hot dogs at The Dog House.

  • This Sucks
    This Sucks 29 days ago

    7:35 Is this the same real life hooker murderer from the movie Monster with Charlize Theron?

  • Cindy Langford
    Cindy Langford 29 days ago

    Elon musk. please.

  • Kieth O’Neil
    Kieth O’Neil 29 days ago

    Please get Aaron Paul on!!!

  • 909sickle
    909sickle 29 days ago

    Few people on Earth are as dialed-in as Cranston.

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike Month ago

    It should’ve been Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

  • Christian Hamilton
    Christian Hamilton Month ago

    Wow, Sean is intimidated for the first time, To be fair anyone would be here XD

  • John G
    John G Month ago

    Im finding this show almost 3 years later. So bummed I didnt listen to Kreischer years ago.

  • DiamondBones007
    DiamondBones007 Month ago

    All the wings look so dry lol I think I'd be in hell even without the hot sauces haha What company makes these? I'll remind myself to stay away from them lol

  • Leo Depuydt
    Leo Depuydt Month ago


    I just found something related on the Internet. I can’t trace the source. It shows some similarity to this Franco character. Someone said it is about fabricating genius to use power to get sex and all that. Really? Abuse as the elixir of self-affirmation. We certainly heard a lot about that in the recent past. I would appreciate any help. Is this real? Could there be more? Leo Depuydt

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    The Curious Case of the Yale Medieval Latin Exam of the Incomparable James F. Sicco (sic!)

    It was a glorious autumn morningon the Yale campus. Fall is the best season in New England. The sky is the brightest blue, the leaves display their brightest colors.

    But this fall day was truly unique in the history of Yale University. It was the day on which the inimitable James F. Sicco (sic!) was scheduled to take his Medieval Latin exam. Oh blessed Yale, to be able to administer a Medieval Latin exam to Sicco (sic!).

    The exam was originally scheduled for 9 am on a Monday morning. But Sicco (sic!) insisted that the exam be held at 4:30 am. He was suspicious that a 9 am start would cast the slightest of doubt on his total superiority. All possible doubt needed to be firmly erased.

    James the Great was no stranger to such exams. He had earned 29 PhDs and 131 MAs before.

    He strode into the classroom where the class was to be held and where the Yale professor of Medieval Studies was waiting to administer the exam. With 23 books and 343 articles, the professor had a distinguished academic track record. But when James directed his stern look toward him, he started shaking in his boots. This was so unlike anything else that had ever happened to him before in a long and distinguished career.

    With hindsight, the professor can still not recall how he had the courage to hand Sicco (sic!) the five pages of a Medieval Latin so difficult that almost no one living in the Middle Ages would have been able to translate it.

    Sicco (sic!) did not hesitate one minute to assert his total dominance. He insisted that he would write the exam standing on his head. The professor was told that that is how matters were handled at Harvard. He was not aware of this. But clearly, he needed an upgrade and promptly acquiesced.

    This ready acquiescence made Sicco (sic!) feel slighted. This was just being made too easy. Standing on his head, he started translating the Latin text-in Chinese! Was that a chuckle that he had seen on the professor’s lips? Maybe not. Still, err on the side of caution and go for the Chinese (after eliminating Hungarian, ancient Tocharian, and Klingon). The slightest chance that his supreme powers would be underestimated had to be brutally suppressed.

    He promptly started writing out the Chinese characters-with his left-hand! He was right-handed. But that would have been just too easy.

    That conveniently left his right hand free for an assistant to hand him a brush and place a canvas in front of him so that he could simultaneously start painting a perfect copy of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. At this point, the professor burst into tears. He was so lucky to give a Medieval Latin exam to the great Sicco (sic!). He did not know whether to congratulate himself or just shoot himself in the head.

    Still, while painting the Mona Lisa ( he had just got to the smile, fully intending to leave the great Leonardo in the dust) and penning out Chinese, Sicco smelled a rat. He knew people were naturally jealous of anything anyone had. That is when he decided that his manhood was not paid due respect. An unsuspecting Yale undergraduate was brought onto the scene. An assistant undid James’s belt and pulled down (actually, up) his pants and underwear and the undergraduate performed an act that I refrain from describing. Indeed, Sicco (sic!) was also a prominent Hollywood actor and producer (did I forget to mention that he is also the CEO of an aluminum company with 120,000 employees?). He had promised her a job. Sicco (sic!) had done this many times before. The trick always worked. He just knew it. Money talks like no other. But what about the abuse? Sicco’s reaction always was: What abuse? People should feel privileged to be abused by the great Sicco.

    Nobody could have suspected that Sicco (sic!) was just warming up. Now was the time to move in for the kill. Always attack the enemy from the side from which they least expect it. And in this case, it meant: the backside. An assistant carefully inserted a stick into his exposed rectum. At the end of the stick was a plectrum. A harp was positioned in close proximity.

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    He promptly started belting out one of the most difficult arias of Puccini from the front and accompanying himself on the harp from the rear. His performance would have sent the celebrated Italian tenor Pavarotti out of the theater in tears to go flip burgers for the rest of his life.

    The professor now grabbed for the grade sheet, wrote A, and started adding as many pluses as the grade sheet would carry.

    At this moment, any sane person would assume that Sicco (sic!) had reached the limits of his powers. But this is exactly what Sicco (sic!) had been waiting for. He had held the piece-de-resistance for last.

    Pencil in left, brush in right, stick in a-, singing loud, he started levitating, rising from the floor of the august Yale hall in which the exam was held.

    At this point, the Yale professor collapsed to the floor unconscious and was transported to the Yale-New Haven hospital, where he was held overnight to determine whether he could still adequately perform his duties as a professor of Medieval Studies at Yale.

    James passed the exam, with the grade of A, and a number of pluses on which the sources disagree, but definitely more than one hundred.

    But James had a job waiting, his supersonic jet was fired up at the New Haven airport. That evening he needed to be at eleven shooting sites to direct as many Hollywood blockbusters all at the same time. There were so many more. And so many more girls to impress and abuse. To James, abuse was the name of the game and the end justifies the means. Even if that meant touting himself as the next Einstein, the ultimate trump card.

    Yet, one has to wonder. Did civilization evolve to produce this kind of abortive fetus, as the ancient Gnostics would call it?”

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  • zemo d
    zemo d Month ago +21

    -how do you feel?
    Breaking bad never really left him.

  • Sean Kendle
    Sean Kendle Month ago

    Am I the only one that runs to grab a bottle of hot sauce and adds it to whatever food I'm eating while watching these??

  • Twisted Giggity
    Twisted Giggity Month ago

    Ryan Reynolds please he needs to do this

  • Marko Ivanovic
    Marko Ivanovic Month ago

    That's not good advice. You should beat the fuck out of the dad and tell him to shut the fuck up and not ever mention his daughter's name again if he's a jealous prick who can't deal with the fact that his daughter is getting fucked by another, younger, better and more handsome man.