James Franco and Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 22, 2016
  • Following in the bold footsteps of Key & Peele and Banks & Steelz, James Franco and Bryan Cranston close out Season 2 of Hot Ones by becoming the third twosome to take on the wings of death. The co-stars of "Why Him?" break down their facial-hair history and share crazy pre-fame experiences while tackling some of the hottest sauces on the planet.
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Comments • 6 806

  • Xinzic Chen
    Xinzic Chen 3 minutes ago

    Poor Franco why are they doing this to him? he literally just drank two glasses of milk and water straight after taking one single bite

  • manish bhagat
    manish bhagat 13 hours ago

    I’m the one who knocks!

  • N0bLy_Hades
    N0bLy_Hades Day ago

    Lmao, their like shitting on James

  • Carlo Caballero
    Carlo Caballero Day ago

    get conan o brien for the shoW!!!!!!

  • Jimothy McGiggles
    Jimothy McGiggles Day ago +1

    ahhh damn wanted to see Franco eat DA Bomb sauce

  • Jaxz Lawyer
    Jaxz Lawyer 2 days ago

    Sean Evans sexuality really comes out in this episode with that sweater choice

  • SNEAK exe
    SNEAK exe 3 days ago

    Apparently 'The Disaster Artist' was supposed to be called 'The Masterpiece' according to James Franco at the end, neet

  • Joe M.
    Joe M. 3 days ago

    Which aged worse: the joke about Jim Franco grabbing them by the five-star, or Sean’s sweater?

  • Hayley Puzo
    Hayley Puzo 4 days ago

    Damn James Franco comes off a little pretentious “my Emmy nominated show”. Bryan is so chill and doesn’t even have to try

  • D Alani
    D Alani 4 days ago

    OK I watched this when I was high and noticed that the editing, camera angle, even the images/videos used look so different and now I am watching this again sober and now realized that this is sponsored.... Get Your Coin... Secure The Bag

    • D Alani
      D Alani 4 days ago

      did anyone else notice tho

  • Robyn Marie
    Robyn Marie 5 days ago

    Anyone else been binging on this show for days and days smothering every piece of food you eat with savory hot sauce?! Or is it just me?

  • Robyn Marie
    Robyn Marie 5 days ago

    11:54 😂😂 James Franco's classic look! That one is my favorite!

  • FishinWithaMission
    FishinWithaMission 5 days ago

    Bryan Cranston low-key set that murder up. You don't fuck with the Heisenberg.

  • dellenger80
    dellenger80 5 days ago

    Franco is always high lol

  • Star vibe
    Star vibe 6 days ago

    Fuck Jeff Goldblum man..
    And Malcolm in the middle was dope af...

  • Chester Puffington
    Chester Puffington 6 days ago

    The murder story was complete bullshittttttttttttttt.. I swear actors are so full of shit.

  • Jeff Glenellen
    Jeff Glenellen 6 days ago

    No disrespect to Franco, but Aaron Paul would have been the better choice with Walt, just saying

  • Tonja Milan
    Tonja Milan 7 days ago

    James Franco stoned at usual.

  • Molly Roth
    Molly Roth 7 days ago

    Is Franco texting during the video interview? WTF

  • C C
    C C 7 days ago

    Franco is such a bitch. xD

  • Eric Wadge
    Eric Wadge 7 days ago

    Get Brian Shaw on

  • VodkaHindJelly
    VodkaHindJelly 7 days ago

    LOL at James hitting the milk straight from the Sriracha 😂

  • gamingsfinest1
    gamingsfinest1 8 days ago

    Franco immediately went for the milk lol

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 8 days ago

    Brian shaw

  • Chris R
    Chris R 8 days ago

    Cranston has a bad case of TDS.

  • Penguin Publisher
    Penguin Publisher 9 days ago

    This should have been Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, but they needed to promote their movie...

  • Jacob Foehrkolb
    Jacob Foehrkolb 9 days ago

    TVclip's algorithms are good for recommending me this video- yesterday I watched a ton of Hot Ones videos and also watched the Polyphia music video for "James Franco"- kinda creepy

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis 10 days ago

    I once ordered jalapenos on a Five Guys burger; not knowing that the jalapenos I was used to were pickled. Boy was that some ridiculously hot shit. Just awful..

  • Andrew otr48 trucker
    Andrew otr48 trucker 10 days ago

    Why no da bomb?

  • Steve Brindley
    Steve Brindley 10 days ago

    Bryan Cranston :- Can be in a room full of 20 year olds and still be the coolest person in the room.

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 10 days ago

    Why does James Franco look like he's getting old and Brian Cranston looks like he's getting younger?

  • Danny Y.
    Danny Y. 11 days ago +1

    Do Dave Chappell

  • Adam Kemling
    Adam Kemling 12 days ago

    One of your questions toward the end should be something like. "What would you do if you saw a strange child, in a room full of of people, about to pick up something covered in this sauce? Would you jump over a couch to save them?"

  • Redneck Canuck
    Redneck Canuck 12 days ago

    did anyone else pick up on Brian being a show hog? he kept interrupting Sean and James non-stop. I always liked him, but after this i think he might be kind of a Dick lol maybe an off day or too much GOV weed lol

  • Jeremiah Turner
    Jeremiah Turner 13 days ago


  • Chaotic Cinema
    Chaotic Cinema 13 days ago

    Nothing against James but this would have been better with Aaron Paul

  • Blaze West
    Blaze West 13 days ago

    James Franco 😂😂😂 so weak

  • Gabriel Justo
    Gabriel Justo 13 days ago

    I love Bryan Cranston voice.

  • Vlad Makarov
    Vlad Makarov 14 days ago

    Bryan is a real G

    TREJAN CRIGER 15 days ago

    The interview was awesome

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis 15 days ago

    MF Heisenberg

  • Jackie Garcia
    Jackie Garcia 16 days ago

    Three beautiful men, sitting in a room together, eating wings. 💕 I love it.

  • Anna Kim
    Anna Kim 16 days ago

    The wings look dry :(( every single time

  • Brent Perry
    Brent Perry 16 days ago

    And they never did catch me...

  • kintamas
    kintamas 17 days ago

    Bryan cranston and Aaron Paul would've been bless.

  • PhantomHOfficial
    PhantomHOfficial 18 days ago

    What happened ed to the hot ones fiery chipotle sause?

  • Cesar Orozco
    Cesar Orozco 19 days ago

    James franco looks like hes done aloooot of coke 😂

  • Rob Ducharme
    Rob Ducharme 20 days ago

    That Blair's Mega Death sauce is awesome. I had an ass clown recording music in my studio, and he was a bit drunk and whiney. The room mate let him have some left over spaghetti. He decided he wanted to spice it up a bit and without asking me, he grabbed the bottle and dumped probably 1/8th of it onto the food. I decided he needed to learn a lesson. I watched as his eyes got wide. At one point he said his ears hurt. LOL.

  • DualShock Gaming
    DualShock Gaming 20 days ago

    Watching this makes me hungry

  • Walkintall
    Walkintall 23 days ago

    Great actors & fascinating guys!

  • alan linnemeyer
    alan linnemeyer 23 days ago

    Thinking of a new show "Pooping Bad" !

  • Esther Joseph
    Esther Joseph 24 days ago

    Recently discovered this channel and I'm hooked. But how does Sean do this all the time?

  • Dylan Holmcrans
    Dylan Holmcrans 25 days ago

    this has to be my fgaorite hot ones lmaoooooo

  • Noogles
    Noogles 29 days ago

    ooh ooh its harry osborn and the lucky charms guy

  • ra
    ra Month ago

    James is so handsome I love so much

  • Josh Rain
    Josh Rain Month ago

    Anyone else notice how handsome James Franco is... I mean, how hot the wings are... =D

  • jimbug
    jimbug Month ago

    Man I like these two so much I wish they had individual interviews!

    • jimbug
      jimbug Month ago

      Okay after watching this all the way through I feel like J. Franco would not do super well, Bryan was there to take the questions while he suffered thru the heat.

  • ThatChillDude
    ThatChillDude Month ago

    holy shit i watched the wholw movie and did not notice fckin Bryan Cranston in the moive and now im watching this and getting mind blown

  • Twigg4075
    Twigg4075 Month ago

    "Should I swallow it fast?" -That's what she said!

  • Jose Arellano
    Jose Arellano Month ago

    @ Josh A that makes him the real Heisenberg and he stood up. Jk real shit crazy ass story from a crazy ass bad ass actor. Let me rephrase that under rated actor.

  • Tea Lizard
    Tea Lizard Month ago

    Sound editing on this show is so good.
    Props to whoever does it, even in older episodes like this every sting is super good and well timed.

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott Smith Month ago

    James actually didn’t eat the last dab. He ate the other side haha.

  • Mahogany Gaming
    Mahogany Gaming Month ago

    James franco >>>>> dave franco

  • Jayo Caine
    Jayo Caine Month ago

    Is "spicy wings" a euphemism for sexual assault?

  • Butternut Squanch
    Butternut Squanch Month ago

    In the intro Franko was like really bro!

  • x3fourthCHUBBx XXX
    x3fourthCHUBBx XXX Month ago

    These guys are the type of girls I like

  • bradley turner
    bradley turner Month ago

    can we get a bryan cranston round 2 please

  • Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross Month ago

    I hope Sean never wears that outfit again. Good Lord that sucks.

  • evolutionofj J
    evolutionofj J Month ago

    Do you guys still packs of hot sauce!? If so, please ping me with link, thanks, J

  • daddygerms
    daddygerms Month ago

    Man, Cranston's anecdote's gotta be one of the longest cuts in this show. Like, we all know when a celebrity on here's actually talked for far longer than the edit's shown. They fully showed his whole little story. It's pretty rare to see a celeb on here that absolutely captivates everyone like that.

  • Marion M
    Marion M Month ago

    the editing in this show is so underrated

  • Hangry Oni
    Hangry Oni Month ago

    This looks like a son and a domineering step father situation. James looks like he's not his true self but keeps looking to Bryan for validation.

  • Brian Talbot
    Brian Talbot Month ago

    Seems like there was a chunk cut out of the middle of this episode...

  • ScubaLemur
    ScubaLemur Month ago

    Curious why they blurred out the word pussy but allow all other curse words

  • tempest63132
    tempest63132 Month ago

    For the record, I'm only here for Bryan Cranston.

  • VenusTheBest141488 ,

    James franco💗💗💗

  • TheFireHawk !!!
    TheFireHawk !!! Month ago

    I wish I was on hot ones🤔😔would be an awesome experience

  • Mashano Malbrough
    Mashano Malbrough Month ago

    This is crazy.
    I would never torture myself.
    I like Franco.

  • Alexander Loginov
    Alexander Loginov Month ago

    Franco is great but Heisenberg is fire

  • javidgt8
    javidgt8 Month ago

    I swear Bryan Cranston is Chris Pratts fuckin dad, idc what anyone says. They look too damn alike to not be related

  • JL JR
    JL JR Month ago

    Please god James so more interview movies with Seth

  • JL JR
    JL JR Month ago

    I would completely believe Bryan if he told me he murdered James Franco

  • TheOneBadAssGamer
    TheOneBadAssGamer Month ago

    that peter wong story could be a movie.

  • S Remington
    S Remington Month ago

    Franco ruined this.

  • Imma Seeker
    Imma Seeker Month ago

    So This is your showce

  • NPC #1829388
    NPC #1829388 Month ago

    I want to buy every single sauce they have and eat along with them

  • Proffesor David
    Proffesor David Month ago

    That was sick how he said: " They never did catch me "..

  • Ryan patrick
    Ryan patrick Month ago

    Francos such a lil bitch

  • flossy
    flossy Month ago +2

    Cranston lookin gewwwd.

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid Month ago

    why is there no sauce on the wings????

  • Eli Tender
    Eli Tender Month ago

    14:10 Wow he just quoted Breaking Bad and no one noticed
    For real a true legend

  • Adéwalé
    Adéwalé Month ago

    pussy sauces, wheres 2mil one

  • David Fellner
    David Fellner Month ago

    The morning after doing this show would be so much more painful...

  • scampoli25
    scampoli25 Month ago

    This host is like if Andre from the League and Chris Gethard had a love child together.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago

    6:08 "Bryan, you had a bizzare kitchen experience as well"
    I'm sorry, but as soon as he said that, I thought of when Walt tried to rape Skyler in the kitchen lmao

  • Matthew Colvin
    Matthew Colvin Month ago +1

    And then the parking lot was destroyed by a snow plow while you clung to the debris of a 1990 honda civic (Titanic enough for Franco)

    • Matthew Colvin
      Matthew Colvin Month ago

      Still can't bring myself to dislike the guy. Omfg! He's a God damn MORTY!

  • Elisa Martinez
    Elisa Martinez Month ago

    Lmao these guys are assholes on the low but the other guy what's his name James is a bit stand off he needs some xanax. But awesome video overall

  • Levi Dunn
    Levi Dunn Month ago

    James travels the world making movies and millions of dollars yet says working at McDonald's was an adventure. Bullshit.

  • noodle
    noodle Month ago

    Franco just knows what hell awaits him in the shitter later