Magician REACTS to Learning How to Throw Cards

  • Published on Sep 30, 2017
  • This is my reaction to Mike Boyd's video where he learnt how to throw cards. This is my honest opinion. If you like this sort of thing subscribe as I do daily videos. Thank you for watching!
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Comments • 645

  • Richard Bellars
    Richard Bellars Year ago +319

    I'm doing a card throwing tutorial very soon... big love as always dude

    • Minglun Shao
      Minglun Shao 11 months ago

      Richard Bellars

    • Royal gilpin
      Royal gilpin Year ago

      Richard Bellars I learned how to do this over the course of a summer once. Before I started I had never even heard of anyone else knowing how to throw cards.

    • Isaac Schisler
      Isaac Schisler Year ago

      Richard Bellars you vape

    • jontyoldmanface
      jontyoldmanface Year ago +1

      Throwing cards is so much fun when you can do it right. Cant wait to see your technique

  • Lance Joven Oreta
    Lance Joven Oreta Month ago

    *I love Mike Boyd*

    Edit:sub to pew-series

  • Noel Rogelsek
    Noel Rogelsek 2 months ago

    You dont troving cards

  • bradan orourke
    bradan orourke 2 months ago

    “He didn’t even Look up the technique” That’s the point

  • Card thrower219
    Card thrower219 3 months ago

    Cards are literally dangerous in the right hands like mine

  • Dian Gadiane
    Dian Gadiane 4 months ago


  • Richard Nightcore
    Richard Nightcore 6 months ago

    ever seen any of his other videos or even searched for a little info about him?
    if yes ( 100% no) then you know that he douse not search for any thing except maybe a video (not a tutorial) that shows the challenge
    i really hate reactors that just watch a video without doing a little research

  • lloyd evans
    lloyd evans 6 months ago

    bit late but the 2x2 in the back that is unsolved is annoying me

  • Mr Westie
    Mr Westie 6 months ago


  • Aiden Thompson
    Aiden Thompson 7 months ago

    Cool vid

  • ConradIsCool12
    ConradIsCool12 7 months ago

    u are so arrogant

  • Diana Rusu
    Diana Rusu 7 months ago

    Are u romanian? If u are not i am sorry but u have a romanian name

  • Grant Petersen
    Grant Petersen 7 months ago

    Lol didn't know Eduard was a vape god

  • joao duarte
    joao duarte 7 months ago

    He's not a magician

  • Ctrl F4
    Ctrl F4 7 months ago

    0:26 not even throwing the cards

  • Alessandro Marchetti
    Alessandro Marchetti 7 months ago

    That sounded really bad

  • Noel Korf
    Noel Korf 7 months ago

    Do you have a deck of cards with the sharp metal edges? If not you need some!

    • Noel Korf
      Noel Korf 7 months ago

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 7 months ago

    "is he from Ireland" no hes from scotlnad

  • Jordan Music And Other Stuff

    Stop reacting and make orig. content ya useless piece of shit.

  • awsome magic tricks
    awsome magic tricks 7 months ago

    I'm a magitian as well

  • Ben Walton
    Ben Walton 7 months ago

    most feminine guy

    • Eduard Todor
      Eduard Todor  7 months ago

      No need to justify being attracted to me broski

  • PhD Nichols
    PhD Nichols 7 months ago

    99% of people will NOT see this but for the 1% that will have a GREAT day

  • hellfox 666
    hellfox 666 7 months ago

    You are the trashiest person alive

  • Artistic Screech
    Artistic Screech 7 months ago

    TVclip has made this video come up so fucking many times on my feed so fine ill watch your fucking video

  • björnlundas humor team

    Will he be avaible to stick it in the apple.

  • GDHala
    GDHala 7 months ago

    perfectly 1 year later xD

  • MatChesix
    MatChesix 7 months ago

    0:30 bro bro bro chill

  • 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    I don't get why there are so many dislikes in this video

  • Julio the dank gamer 55

    dont be so harsh on him in the beginning. again mike has never done anything like that ever before. aw man now im one of the haters you know what im sorry im going to stop talking now

  • ShakeAndBake
    ShakeAndBake 8 months ago

    Hey dont hate him.
    He is learning. You're already pro
    If you started throwing cards you wouldn't get it.
    He just started and it just took a few days. I subbed him not u.
    Remember that.....

  • Michael Hickman
    Michael Hickman 8 months ago

    3:33 he was being fucking sarcastic you mong

  • Feelsdme 2
    Feelsdme 2 8 months ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 months ago

    Ok I don’t understand what’s with all the rude comments, he’s just pausing to correct the way Mike did things and add helpful tips... don’t follow the advice if you don’t want to.

  • alphabet 74
    alphabet 74 8 months ago

    How tf is he meant to throw cards in like 30 minutes practice. You dumb fuck.

  • lgrap
    lgrap 8 months ago

    He looks like andrew garfield

  • Genocide
    Genocide 8 months ago

    0:30 try it at 0.25x

  • just a bit of content
    just a bit of content 8 months ago

    Mega cringe this "magician" is super cringey

  • the random guy
    the random guy 8 months ago

    I hate people who want to say ireland but say island

  • Ricardo Montes
    Ricardo Montes 8 months ago

    Wow, I didn't knew Mike Boyd fanbase was this cancerous.
    Good video man

  • RiJa
    RiJa 8 months ago

    U suck

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 8 months ago

    Lol when he throws cards at the wall it sounds like a fart in the wind. Must be painful.

  • Rhys Millington
    Rhys Millington 8 months ago +1

    Eduard Todor tortures cards with walls

  • my life is NOT getting better

    I don't understand why people are mad at this guy. The only thing he said about tutorials was "He hasn't even looked it up" what can be seen as an compliment. The rest of the video he explains to us what he did wrong so we could understand better. At the end he even said alot of good things about mike's channel. Everyone is getting mad at this guy for totally nothing. A nice youtuber always gotta have a toxic fanbase.

  • Shrek
    Shrek 8 months ago +1

    Ah I see your magic trick is stealing people’s ad revenue without consequences, quite a nice trick that

    • Eduard Todor
      Eduard Todor  8 months ago

      that's not how youtube works. All ad revenue goes to the original content creator. I make no money off of this video.

  • IonJohn
    IonJohn 8 months ago +1

    You are Romanian?

  • Putra Èémîř
    Putra Èémîř 9 months ago

    I'm not professional card thrower but the way you throw card is wrong the thing make me feel it wrong is because the card that I throw is halfway through the target

  • logan brandon
    logan brandon 9 months ago +1

    u look like a spider-man lmao

  • Mubashir Rehan
    Mubashir Rehan 9 months ago

    Video starts at 0:49

    CARSON EXTREME 9 months ago

    Did he just say "is he from Ireland" fed.

  • MicahFoReel
    MicahFoReel 9 months ago

    Woah! All those cards on the left of your room!

  • Xealz
    Xealz 9 months ago

    i learned to throw cards after an hour

  • my penis is incredibly small, but

    wow everyone so salty in the comments

  • Herobrine 3206
    Herobrine 3206 9 months ago +1

    If you think about it you look abit like Andrew Garfield

  • Ethan Randoms
    Ethan Randoms 9 months ago

    You have a 2x2 in the background.

  • Mada Mada
    Mada Mada 9 months ago +1

    0:11 is it me or is that the fucking minecraft sound

  • They Call Me Stove
    They Call Me Stove 9 months ago

    Andrew Garfield?

  • Steven Hua
    Steven Hua 9 months ago

    I don’t like him

  • J Thorman
    J Thorman 9 months ago

    Yeah, my boyfriend is a magician.
    He accidentally put a small dent in my forehead that was there for a few hours from a thrown card.

  • Cory DaHut
    Cory DaHut 9 months ago

    Flick a da flicka da flicka da wrist

  • MikezGamez
    MikezGamez 9 months ago

    you just slapped the cards

  • Aaron Tottman
    Aaron Tottman 9 months ago

    I love progression videos.

  • Noah Yam
    Noah Yam 9 months ago

    You sound very fake in this reaction video

  • Excalibur 100
    Excalibur 100 9 months ago


  • Excalibur 100
    Excalibur 100 9 months ago

    U probs get this a lot but u look like the guy who played the amazing Spider-Man

  • hisross
    hisross 9 months ago

    You act pretty arrogant. These Guy try something by his own. Not learning with Tutorials etc. And thats impressiv. You on the other hand are already educated in something and jugde people how are doing his stuff not even 2 Hours long. Its look like u are jusz please your own ego by watching Newbies doing something u already can. Thats silly. Have fun with this. thats damn low.

  • Dan RoS
    Dan RoS 9 months ago

    I could watch this guy throwing cards all day!

  • Brandon
    Brandon 9 months ago

    wow... just wow, they way you judge without knowing shit about him, dislike never wanna see any shit of you. title clickbaited me tbh

  • TheAragorn22
    TheAragorn22 10 months ago

    Wow you completely missed the point

  • Stefan's Productions
    Stefan's Productions 10 months ago

    If YES

    My man

  • ArcusDark *
    ArcusDark * 10 months ago

    I consider my self a proffesianial card thrower and just wondering how you throw the cards

  • Peachy Gaming
    Peachy Gaming 10 months ago

    i dont understand the quote behind him can someone explain

  • Markiplier x JackSepticEye For Lifeu

    1 more view 1 more cent

  • Markiplier x JackSepticEye For Lifeu

    This was in my recomended but damn them teeth tho but the face makes up for the braces

  • EenKanaal
    EenKanaal 10 months ago

    U mom gay

  • Loose
    Loose 10 months ago


  • Gusta Ant
    Gusta Ant 10 months ago

    He looks like the dude off The Amazing Spiderman

  • Jensen 6842
    Jensen 6842 10 months ago

    ‘Will he be able to put it in the apple’
    Personally I prefer to use a mattress ;)

  • Marley Marshall
    Marley Marshall 10 months ago

    Many things about this guy make me a bit mad. He says that he watched some of this guys videos but then acts like he's never seen him and then has cheesy retarded commentary over the whole video. then acts like he's Mike's best friend. Although this is very much like every reaction channel that all extremely shitty and scummy videos made by a bunch of unoriginal talentless hacks.

  • Mikolaj Krzeminski
    Mikolaj Krzeminski 10 months ago

    Nice vape btw

  • SynysterRock
    SynysterRock 10 months ago

    this is guy is so cringy to watch, hes acting like this is the hardest thing to do in the world just please stopppppp

  • SynysterRock
    SynysterRock 10 months ago +2

    "is this guy from Ireland?" dumbest thing I've heard all day

    • Eduard Todor
      Eduard Todor  10 months ago

      triggered rofl

    • SynysterRock
      SynysterRock 10 months ago +1

      omfg stupidity is realizing that i wasn't questioning it in the comment that i stated it in i was questioning it in my head you dumb fuck just quit TVclip already, also don't call someone triggered if you're clearly bothered by a simple TVclip comment, grow up and learn common knowledge

    • Eduard Todor
      Eduard Todor  10 months ago

      stupid is not knowing the difference between a question and a statement

    • SynysterRock
      SynysterRock 10 months ago +1

      ah yes because being triggered is the equivalent to questioning how stupid someone is

    • Eduard Todor
      Eduard Todor  10 months ago

      triggered rofl

  • Lotion 7919
    Lotion 7919 10 months ago

    😅At the beginning it sounds like how... My mom beats me..

  • Jacob Skarlis
    Jacob Skarlis 10 months ago

    Video starts at 0:50 the first minute is him throwing cards at his wall

  • Anders
    Anders 10 months ago

    You are A card throwing master I supose

  • elio koborcy
    elio koborcy 11 months ago

    Will he be able to put it inside the apple

  • Jonas Rosenman
    Jonas Rosenman 11 months ago +1

    Who watches mike boyd

    • Babis Lountzis
      Babis Lountzis 8 months ago

      I dont know who watches a guy doing a reaction at least mike doing something creative

  • warer warrior
    warer warrior 11 months ago

    anyone else think he looks like andrew garfield in the thumbnail or just me?
    no hate tho

  • Blue Creeper
    Blue Creeper 11 months ago

    8:01 , Lol

  • LaZe
    LaZe 11 months ago

    Are you german?

  • Tyler Yoshiyama
    Tyler Yoshiyama 11 months ago

    You should change to channel name to captain obvious

  • Kevin Neumann
    Kevin Neumann 11 months ago

    Dunno why this is getting thumbs down he is just saying what he thinks he didnt give negative comments he was just giving him constructive criticism
    so stop hating him this is not america´s got talent

  • Sebastian Hauk
    Sebastian Hauk 11 months ago

    I thought you wanted to say: one man, one dream and... an apple :D

  • Xalibure Jones
    Xalibure Jones 11 months ago

    Same dude still currently i want to learn it all

  • Naradhipati Andaru
    Naradhipati Andaru 11 months ago

    He would NEVER look at the technique. He'll just do the challenge and learn quick

  • Mateusz
    Mateusz 11 months ago

    videos like this is why i have adblock

    • Eduard Todor
      Eduard Todor  11 months ago

      All the revenue goes to the original creator so you're not affecting me bud.

    ASSASS1N 11 months ago

    This guy looks like teo

  • Trickspace
    Trickspace 11 months ago

    Bragging piece of shit

    VIPERSTRONG 11 months ago

    He didn’t learn it he taught himself.

  • Sam Mills
    Sam Mills Year ago

    i have a gold medal of the new Zealand grappler medal of 2018

  • Silvanozz does GT

    should we make a reaction video to react this video?