Egyptian Street Food - Seafood HEAVEN + Traditional Egyptian Food Adventure in Alexandria, Egypt!

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
  • Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Egyptian Street Food HEAVEN in Alexandria, Egypt! Today, we're going DEEP for Traditional Egyptian Cuisine in the back streets of Alexandria. We're having some AMAZING Egyptian Seafood and a HUGE Egyptian BREAKFAST!
    ►My Egyptian Food Guide To Alexandria :
    In this street food vlog, we are traveling in Egypt up to Alexandria, famous for it's long history and delicious seafood. We're bringing you to try some AMAZING Egyptian Street food cooked by local chefs using famous Egyptian recipes. The flavours you can try here are so delicious!
    Starting out, we're going for a traditional egyptian breakfast, served with Foul Fava bean dip, baba ganoush, Egyptian bread, and many more egyptian dishes. If you're wondering what do Egyptians eat, this is it, a healthy breakfast with lots of delicious baladi bread.These are all super delicious Ancient Egyptian recipes and super popular with the locals, using only the best Egyptian spices!!
    After that amazing Egyptian breakfast, we're going for more Egyptian street food, but first, a stop at an amazing Alexandria cheese fondue restaurant, full of delicious beef and seafood!
    And next up, we're going for the best seafood in Egypt, DEEP in the local seafood market of Alexandria, where you can buy incredibly fresh Seafood and bring it to the local grills nearby to cook in the Egyptian style. Here, we had a delicious baked fish, some squid, crab, and more. It was amazing!
    And to finish up our day of Egyptian street food after that amazing Seafood, we're going for one more Egyptian street food, the fried liver sandwiches! This is another specialty of Alexandria, and we found the best one in the city! Although I personally found it too strong, many locals love the flavour and all the Egyptian dishes that come with it!
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    In the next video, we're going for even more Egyptian street food, like Koshary and Egyptian Pizza!!
    Thanks so much for watching all of my Egyptian street food tour videos! Make sure to subscribe to this video!

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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  7 months ago +413

    We found the BEST Food in Alexandria, Egypt! Check out my report from the day of eating here:
    This is my new blog that I'm going to be writing on! My goal is to help you find the best food when you travel! I would love to know your opinion below! And make sure you're following along behind the scenes on Instagram here

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