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Michael Vick's UNREAL Career Highlights | NFL Legends Highlights

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • The full career highlights of former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.
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Comments • 4 037

    VINCE SAVAGE 53 minutes ago

    we drafted TD to cover this man

  • David Kruse
    David Kruse 2 hours ago

    had the liberals not got him banned he would have been a HOF.

  • gozo1985
    gozo1985 5 hours ago

    0:47 someone knows the title of the song/track?

  • forreal pat
    forreal pat 7 hours ago


  • Anthony Nathaniel
    Anthony Nathaniel 8 hours ago

    He was fast but his laser throws were faster. The Original dual threat QB.

  • C.S.
    C.S. 11 hours ago +1

    Best all-around athlete/football player of all time. Not talking about production, super bowls, or winning. Just best pure athlete to ever play football. In my opinion, of course.

  • Kerry Vincent
    Kerry Vincent 14 hours ago

    This is some of the the best shit I've ever seen.

  • boxingguru100
    boxingguru100 Day ago

    Mike Vick in today’s game I’ve often wondered what it would be like to see a prime Michael Vick in today’s game he played 2010 season 2011 season but he was clearly past his prime at that time

  • Daniel Sampson
    Daniel Sampson Day ago


  • Calvin Pennix
    Calvin Pennix Day ago

    He went through what barry sanders went through he was so fast his offensive line couldnt keep up .He was twenty years ahead of his time.He needed a running back to share those runs with plus a wide reciever. Damn he could've won a ring on the right team

  • g barnwell
    g barnwell Day ago

    Superman went to sleep with Vick pajamas.

  • Umar Suleman
    Umar Suleman Day ago

    That is best cannon I've seen

  • R J
    R J Day ago

    wish he never got in trouble

  • Samuel Mahmud
    Samuel Mahmud Day ago


  • Dan Wagner
    Dan Wagner 2 days ago

    And he won what? Dude had a completion % in the 50's. Most overrated QB of my life.

    • Cesar Cadenas
      Cesar Cadenas 7 seconds ago

      You have to consider that he never had anyone to throw to, his best receiver was DJ late in his career. Vick was also the 2nd highest qb with receiver dropped passes in NFL history behind Dan Marino. his QB completion percentage was greatly affected by this.

  • oscaromarjp
    oscaromarjp 2 days ago

    And yet he fought dogs 😐

  • Roger Craig
    Roger Craig 2 days ago

    So Kyler Murray is looking to be the modern day Vick?

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith 2 days ago

    So no ones gonna talk about the slide spin

  • Deep Lying Playmaker

    Great player dawg

  • Dr. Awkward
    Dr. Awkward 2 days ago

    Y'all are insane if you think this bum was a good QB. How many Super Bowls did he make it to again?

      VINCE SAVAGE 41 minute ago

      how many has phillip rivers been to? but dudes call him a lock for HOF🤷‍♂️

  • Enthused
    Enthused 2 days ago

    I watched Vicks whole career. Dude had Mahomes' arm, and Barry Sanders legs.

  • PaladinSans Oof
    PaladinSans Oof 3 days ago

    *hem* *hem* dogfighting and animal cruelty *hem* *hem*

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 3 days ago

    Funniest line ever, 'I TACKLED HIM 1 TIME AND THOUGHT I WON THE SUPERBOWL '......lmao

    • Gary Arnold
      Gary Arnold 2 hours ago

      Nall, because everybody fast now -- 300 lbs lineman running 4.5-5.2 -- he better be a magician or he gone be playing baseball like Bo-Jac.

  • ThePlayboyLen
    ThePlayboyLen 3 days ago

    "You just don't see..."

  • Omega8kilo
    Omega8kilo 4 days ago +1

    In the NFL now, we have Cam Newton crying he gets hit to hard and it’s unfair. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • yellaboy2617
    yellaboy2617 4 days ago

    The first time i saw the highlight at 0:59, it blew my mind.......I had mentally reboot my whole shit after I saw it. That type of improvisation from anybody, let alone a QB, is art in motion.

  • Marcus Hazzard
    Marcus Hazzard 5 days ago

    Newport News, Va.

  • Steve
    Steve 5 days ago

    Piece of shit dog murderer!!!! Football does not change who he is and what he did!!!

  • DLG
    DLG 5 days ago

    Everyone knows what he did was a bog ol oof, but man oh man was he a spectacle to watch

  • Billy Segura
    Billy Segura 5 days ago

    My nigga

  • Disestablishme
    Disestablishme 5 days ago

    Say wutcha want this guy deserves to be turned inside out. Literally. Fuck this fucking piece of shit.

  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones 6 days ago +2

    Mike vick or lamar Jackson 700 likes if mike 800 if lamar

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 6 days ago

    If you're gonna run that much why play QB for? Just play RB

    • Alex Davis
      Alex Davis 6 hours ago +1

      Brian Lee a dude who aint never played a down in his life talking about football lmao. ima keep it 💯 with you, stay in your lane. Last thing you want is to see 6’2 240lbs running full speed at yo ass. You dont want none pimp

    • Brian Lee
      Brian Lee 2 days ago

      +Alex Davis you need a pat on the back or an applause for your accomplishments bro? Self brag doesn't make you smarter or more knowledgeable

    • Alex Davis
      Alex Davis 3 days ago +1

      Brian Lee you mad bro? My guess is you never played a down of football in your life. I played D1 and professional, so sit back and learn a thing or two 💯

    • Brian Lee
      Brian Lee 3 days ago

      +Alex Davis and you may be the dumbest person for not understanding my point. Running backs run, quarterbacks throw, tacklers tackle and block, wide receivers catch n run. If you're the wide receiver and you sprint 40 yards down n you're open then you look back and you see your QB just running 90% of the time, wouldnt you be frustrated and be like wtf ??? Or you're a good RB and its all play action and the QB runs instead of the RB, whats the point of having a RB then? Youre the idiot.

    • Alex Davis
      Alex Davis 4 days ago +1

      This may be the dumbest comment ive ever seen lol

  • jimmycapp29
    jimmycapp29 6 days ago

    Dude won me two fantasy football championships!

  • Dylan Short
    Dylan Short 6 days ago

    Just have the offense and defense consist of Vick lol

  • g boxing
    g boxing 6 days ago

    Dog killer

  • gozo1985
    gozo1985 6 days ago

    5:07 can someone explain why they run directly into the locker room while celebrating? xD

    • gozo1985
      gozo1985 4 days ago

      +Bøviçe LaFlarë yeah I know, but why didn't they finish celebrating? shake hands, clapping and thanking fans or whatever? they run straight from TD into locker room, thats super weird imho ^^

    • Bøviçe LaFlarë
      Bøviçe LaFlarë 5 days ago

      Because they won the game.

  • Zachary Cronin
    Zachary Cronin 7 days ago

    If he had a team like the eagles back on the falcons they would’ve won multiple superbowls

  • K Hatch
    K Hatch 7 days ago

    Doesn't matter he couldn't really win in NFL.

  • Sean C
    Sean C 7 days ago

    Imaging if had an offensive line that truly took care of him like the so called "GOAT" Brady. His natural ability transcend a scoring offense. The man was a one man towndown juggernaut of talent. To bad the Zionist run NFL didn't allow him to truly succeed because he wasn't controllable enough. Just like Allen Iverson another southern VA. special talent. Mike Vick for ever the best damn athlete on the field period. With some exception to Dieon Sanders perhaps.

  • Carol Perez
    Carol Perez 7 days ago

    that disgusting POS lives in mansions and STILL has bedbugs.. real karma is a real thing. :D

  • Thomas Burk
    Thomas Burk 8 days ago +2

    "I tackled him one time it felt like I won the super bowl" WOW!!! Lmao

  • Thomas Burk
    Thomas Burk 8 days ago

    Every high school qb wanted to be like vick in that era

  • jamielukas100
    jamielukas100 8 days ago


  • Man on an Island
    Man on an Island 8 days ago

    I use to play against him in Madden and I would win if I could hold Vick to less than 75 yards regardless of the score. I never won.

  • Man on an Island
    Man on an Island 8 days ago

    His offensive lines sucked .

  • Terrence LaMont Bellows

    I hope Kyler can at least hold his jock

  • Jessie
    Jessie 8 days ago

    Kyler Murray will be the next Micheal Vick if not better.

  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones 8 days ago

    The stats were pretty terrible though. Hope to see a video of Lamar like this in 20 years

  • skyline
    skyline 9 days ago

    We will never see another Mike Vick

  • Allen Jones
    Allen Jones 9 days ago

    Damm dog's

  • Frank Tuck
    Frank Tuck 9 days ago

    Listen to this please before making a dumb comment!

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool 9 days ago

    Vick was a QB/WR/RB all in one package. GL ever catching him. He could have been something real special had he not wanted the thug life..

  • Brian C
    Brian C 9 days ago

    9:18 Hes worth the ticket price!

  • Big bird The nerd
    Big bird The nerd 10 days ago

    Kill some more dogs, Michael Vick you stupid fuck

  • don wilson
    don wilson 10 days ago

    Dog abuser and murderer. Fuck him and his highlights. No respect. Only the lowest piece of human garbage abuses animals. I wish him nothing but a life of misery.

  • Andre Dubose
    Andre Dubose 10 days ago

    Even if he had won with another team other than the home time Falcons VICK deserved a championship.

  • Andre Wilson
    Andre Wilson 11 days ago

    Mike Vick first ballet hall of Famer..he changed the game of football and will never be forgotten...thanks Vick for what you brung to the game

  • Eddie Andino
    Eddie Andino 11 days ago

    This was mind blowing to watch. I'm curious how Lamar Jackson will compare to Vick though. #RavensFlock

  • Will Billi
    Will Billi 11 days ago

    Over some fucking dogs and Trevon Martin dead and his killer spent no time in jail

  • Kareem Phillips
    Kareem Phillips 11 days ago

    Cam who?

  • Rohit Verma
    Rohit Verma 11 days ago

    Man if he had good coaching early and didn’t get locked up, he could’ve been the greatest qb ever

  • tony smith
    tony smith 11 days ago

    Mike vick is the turth the white people broke him down ater that dog shit..if he would of stayed in Atlanta he would have more rings then tthat white guy Tom Brady they allways bring the black man down but he would allways be greater then Tom Brady he the Best so fuck the white man that came up with this America shit .

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
      Theokolese The Shadow Of Death 10 days ago

      lol So you blame white people for HIS poor life decisions.....ROFLMAO. Why is it black people can NEVER take responsibility for their own failings, their own bad decisions? The TRUTH is Vick was a world class athlete but he was a mediocre QB. He just didn't have the brain power to read defenses and be an elite passing QB in this league. He may have better arm talent than Tom Brady, he has far more athletic ability than Tom Brady but with an IQ of 65 Vick would NEVER be better than Tom Brady or most better than average QB's in the league.
      Vicks QB rating in 6 YEARS with Atlanta was 75.7 He has 71 TD's and 52 interceptions. He has a career 56% completion rate. He was MEDIOCRE as a QB PERIOD. He was 6-5 in the playoffs, so we know as a QB he wasn't good enough to even get his team to the playoffs most years. His QBR in PLayoff Games was 77.6 He only threw for 5 td's and had 4 picks. You think he was better than Brady!!!!! Seems like Vick isn't the only one with a 65 IQ. Vick wasn't as good as Kurt Warner let alone Brady. Peyton Manning, same thing much better QB than Vick. To make it even more clear Brad Freaking Johnson played the QB position at a higher level than Vick.

  • Robert Hanson
    Robert Hanson 12 days ago

    You forgot the dog fighting highlights...

  • Santana Gordon
    Santana Gordon 12 days ago

    lamar jackson..

  • kwon nowk
    kwon nowk 12 days ago

    Could you imagine Vick with Julio Jones

  • J.L. Williams
    J.L. Williams 12 days ago

    Mike Vick and DeSean Jackson was the best duo and got cut short... Fuck Chip Kelly!!!!

  • Archie Jackson
    Archie Jackson 13 days ago

    Fast elusive...dag

  • Lucas DeVore
    Lucas DeVore 13 days ago +1

    Best QB to never win a SB

  • Claire Bishop
    Claire Bishop 13 days ago

    I wish i could forgive him but it will always stick the moment breaking news came out that year was a life changing moment for me and everybody. :(

  • gloryvic100
    gloryvic100 14 days ago +1

    dude never had a o-line...ever.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 14 days ago

    People can say whatever they want to say about vick but he was a bad dude and he didn't study plays imagine how far he would have went if he actually studied he would have won a superbowl or 2 he was above all quarterbacks im his time

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 9 days ago

      +Theokolese The Shadow Of Death you sound dumb bro what's your IQ mike Vick changed the game he just didn't take the game seriously and when he went to philly he did study n stepped his game up to become an elite qb did you notice his number increased but because of his injuries and the raggedy line he couldn't stay on his feet

    • Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
      Theokolese The Shadow Of Death 10 days ago

      He didn't have the IQ to study and become an elite QB.

  • Dee Spasojevic
    Dee Spasojevic 14 days ago +1

    They used to piss me off on Madden with Vick!

  • Mugabe Bakulu
    Mugabe Bakulu 14 days ago +1

    Mick Vick happened to be a running back who can actually throw the football.

  • vi11azapata1
    vi11azapata1 15 days ago +1

    Kyler murray go cards we got a vick now

  • André Maldonado
    André Maldonado 15 days ago

    Such an amazing talent and such an idiot as a person

  • Nono Castelo
    Nono Castelo 15 days ago

    Why he kinda look like Chris rock

  • A Person
    A Person 15 days ago

    Shit, imagine if Michael Vick and Deion sanders were on the same team? Even if it was for a short time they would probably win some super bowls

  • Techwood16
    Techwood16 15 days ago

    Atlanta loves 4eva Vick

  • Rofi Juliansyah
    Rofi Juliansyah 16 days ago

    Well he's a really fast player like the video say and his career is going down fast too because of his decision

  • Blizz Dog
    Blizz Dog 16 days ago

    I never seen Michael Vick beat the Chicago Bears I don't think he ever did because they had Brian Urlacher spy him.

  • Zerimar Leinad
    Zerimar Leinad 16 days ago

    What if Peyton was fightin' dogs instead of Mike Vick?

  • the b biddim
    the b biddim 17 days ago

    Dude had a 4.2 forty and a cannon for an arm. The kind of combo we'll probably never get again. Easily could have produced 4000-5000 total yards per season and 40+ TDs per year. Talking HOFer. If only he focused on becoming the best quarterback possible instead of fighting dogs.

  • Mud Puddle
    Mud Puddle 17 days ago +1

    People are seeming to forget the horrible things he did to those poor dogs, or they just don't care. 😒

    • Mud Puddle
      Mud Puddle 16 days ago

      Jacob Aaron I am willing to forgive him but other people are trying to sweep this shit under the rug and say stuff like "If only he didn't get caught" or "They are just dogs, who cares". They even say ridiculous shit like "They wanted him in jail because he was black!!!" It really pisses me off. And yeah, it also pisses me off when other people who clearly did something wrong don't get punished enough.

    • Jacob Aaron
      Jacob Aaron 16 days ago

      Plus you know he only allowed it at his house. He was not the one killing them. Not that that makes it right but players beat their wives to a pulp and get no jail time and a suspension for 6 games.

    • Jacob Aaron
      Jacob Aaron 16 days ago

      He went to jail. He did his time and he desrves a second chance. Anybody else gets caught fighting dogs they get a fine and community service. People were so upset that his friends killed dogs at his house but are real quick to forgive the players that beat there wives, or ray lewis who quite possibly stabbed someone to death

  • lilmanuc1
    lilmanuc1 17 days ago

    you culdve Ben a runing back

  • lacruiser
    lacruiser 17 days ago +2

    This POS should still be in jail!

  • BigPapaDave
    BigPapaDave 17 days ago +1

    Name a better highlight reel player I'll wait, you cant

  • BigPapaDave
    BigPapaDave 17 days ago +2

    Selecting the falcons in madden 04 is like picking the warriors in 2k18-19

  • PancakeBirb
    PancakeBirb 17 days ago +10

    Michael Vick: *exists*
    Michael Vick: time to abuse some dogs to the point of death

    • J
      J 8 days ago

      +foreal69 tu If you don't like what I'm saying, take your own advice. Shut the fuck up and and go somewhere else.

    • foreal69 tu
      foreal69 tu 8 days ago

      +J dude don't respond cause I can't take no more of trying to figure out what your GED having ass is saying. Lmmfao, thanks for the laugh though.

    • foreal69 tu
      foreal69 tu 8 days ago

      +J damn u just showed how fucking stupid u are! What did u just say? Fuck this is hilarious. At what point did anybody put animals over humans? That's the weakest excuse I have ever heard in someone defending a POS.

    • J
      J 8 days ago

      +foreal69 tu My point is the Hypocrisy. Not to mention how the put the lives of animals over humans.

    • foreal69 tu
      foreal69 tu 8 days ago

      +J what's your point? They are POS too if u can kill your baby just like Vick is doing that to them dogs.

  • juan3zz
    juan3zz 17 days ago

    God, he was unbelievable! It was almost unfair to even have him on the field.

  • Rin Rinn
    Rin Rinn 18 days ago


  • Rin Rinn
    Rin Rinn 18 days ago

    its funny how they wouldn't put VICK on NFL STREETS... IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR TO PLAY WITH HIM AS A QB... but i miss NFL STREETS PS2...

  • Bill T
    Bill T 19 days ago

    Just show the highlights. Don't add music.

  • Is This Rain?
    Is This Rain? 20 days ago +2

    Michael Vick: **exists**
    NFL Running-Backs: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 20 days ago

    Russell Wilson = poor man's Mike Vick

  • Lamont T
    Lamont T 21 day ago +3

    Man Vick had one of the prettiest spirals I have ever watching him throw the football

  • Rod Munch
    Rod Munch 22 days ago

    I remember Vick's rookie year when he was lighting up everyone and then he went to play that all-time great Bucs defense... and they destroyed him. He had lit up everyone, was running wild, and Derrick Brooks shadowed him and completely shut him down. That's why Brooks was a first ballot HOF'er.

  • Arthur Carter
    Arthur Carter 22 days ago +2

    Man I tell you its alot of God giving talent out the but man these type of athletes come around like one every 10 or 15 years man we call them electrifying athletes man

  • D Armstrong
    D Armstrong 22 days ago

    I bet 10 bucks that Mike Vick misses the sport that got him prison time. NFL owners are doing the same thing he did just putting pads on the combatants.

  • howtobebasic1
    howtobebasic1 22 days ago

    "vick and vick vick and vick touchdown no flags" Joe Buck