Michael Vick's UNREAL Career Highlights | NFL Legends Highlights

  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
  • The full career highlights of former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.
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Comments • 4 372

  • Mike Hartsell
    Mike Hartsell 2 hours ago

    Vick schooled the NFL

  • John Petersen
    John Petersen 13 hours ago

    Mike Vick highlights? Where are the dog murders?

    • Mike Hartsell
      Mike Hartsell Hour ago

      Did you see him kill any animals??? Then SHUT YOUR FAGGET ASS MOUTH .. LITTLE SISSY

  • Deric Warchild
    Deric Warchild 15 hours ago +1

    vick was the man, he the true scrambler/passer if he anit do a bid for dogfighting he woulda won a superbowl with falcons. nobody is even close to his skills, rg3,cam,wilson,dax, all the scramblers so so dey aint on vick level.

  • Robery Horrey
    Robery Horrey 17 hours ago

    He’s not just a HOF

  • Nero Pytherios
    Nero Pytherios 18 hours ago +1

    Truly an amazing player, as a QB to make the fastest guys there miss you, and have the whole defense running upfield chasing you. Truly amazing.

  • Peter k
    Peter k 23 hours ago +1

    Secretariat of the running QB.

  • J R
    J R Day ago

    Too bad he destroyed himself.
    This guy can do it all.
    "We just bought this guy,we have the best player"

  • Foolish Demon
    Foolish Demon Day ago +1

    Fuck Numbers or Jail time. Michael Vick is a Hall of FAMER. Keyword: Fame. This man's impact on the game of football is unreal. He made some mistakes, even took the game foe granted at times, but We've been waiting years to fimd another Vick, and we still are.

  • Reido S
    Reido S Day ago +1

    Mfs talk about Rodgers but Vick the best on the run thrower to play the game

    • michael morgan
      michael morgan Day ago +1

      Rodgers best plays are made in his cadence, drawing the d line offsides then punishing them with a "lets see what happens" type of passing play... the man does it constantly

  • Hero Miles
    Hero Miles 2 days ago +1

    Michael Vick played football as if it were a video game.

  • Memphis Mack/ Memphis Bread Stackz

    🏈🏈🏈🏈You Gotta Have Game 2 Scramble Like Mike Vick In The Rain🏈🏈🏈🏈Sheesh The Game Never Gets Old😠😠😠😠We You're Scrambling Like Mike Vick In The Cold!#Vick7🥇🏆🥇🏆#Greatness..You Gotta Be Fast And Not Slow Hellooooooooooo The Great One Oh,Boi!!!#AlwaysRespectTheGame😠😠😠😠#BeFastNotSlow

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 3 days ago

    This dude literally put Atlanta on the map in the 21st century and I’m dead serious about that

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones 3 days ago

    The most talented player of all time

    Andres CARRIZALES 3 days ago

    It's like looking at my brother Santos

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones 3 days ago


  • Michael Sampson
    Michael Sampson 4 days ago

    Dude had a cannon, running got him killed. Fun to watch though

  • Ibrahim Turay
    Ibrahim Turay 4 days ago


  • Bo Hunter
    Bo Hunter 4 days ago

    Michael Vick is a despicable, disgusting piece of shit.

  • Malietoa101
    Malietoa101 4 days ago

    Best QB ever!!!! Multiple arsenal.

  • Bud Ford
    Bud Ford 5 days ago +1


    • Mike Hartsell
      Mike Hartsell Hour ago

      And he still has more $$$ than your dumbass parents

  • Bud Ford
    Bud Ford 5 days ago +1

    God bless dogs to hell with him

    • Dirty Kool Aid
      Dirty Kool Aid 4 days ago

      Get over that old shit man think of how great of a QB he is and stop thinking negative

  • Bud Ford
    Bud Ford 5 days ago

    I like dogs more than his whole family

  • Bud Ford
    Bud Ford 5 days ago +1

    This clown should not be mentioned

  • Bud Ford
    Bud Ford 5 days ago

    No Dog fights

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 5 days ago +1


  • Thurman Merman
    Thurman Merman 5 days ago

    I’m not racist but if Peyton Manning commited the same crime as Vick did, do u think he would of faced time?

    • Bo Hunter
      Bo Hunter 4 days ago

      Thurman Merman Peyton Manning would never think of doing something so ghetto.

    • aesthetic tiger
      aesthetic tiger 4 days ago +1

      I'm not racist but...

  • ksixkilla274
    ksixkilla274 6 days ago +1

    One of the best quarter backs ever bru

  • superluminal89
    superluminal89 6 days ago +4

    @3:28 His knee was down and he was short.
    Still the most exciting QB of all time, though.

  • Lazar Dragon
    Lazar Dragon 6 days ago

    Good football player but abused dogs

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones 7 days ago +1

    8:05 look how easy he threw that 😨

  • Martin Topp
    Martin Topp 8 days ago

    Hi there. You have done a great job putting this video together. But, Personally I would rather listen to the commentary without all the rock music in the background. Thanks.

  • JohnnyRingo
    JohnnyRingo 8 days ago

    Damn! Every defense got so tired trying to catch him, they were too tired to tackle him if they caught him.

  • Derrick luv
    Derrick luv 9 days ago

    Lamar Jackson is faster but no doubt Vick jukes was outrageous...

  • Big Paper
    Big Paper 9 days ago

    GOAT 🐐

  • Blakkout Productions LLC.

    Mithafucka so fast... I lost em in the damn video

  • Jamal Pruden
    Jamal Pruden 10 days ago

    Changed the way Madden was played

  • No.2 Pencil Eraser
    No.2 Pencil Eraser 10 days ago

    11:43 effortless juke

  • payday64
    payday64 10 days ago

    Not bad for a puppy killer.

  • Jovan Cole
    Jovan Cole 10 days ago

    MV JCV got a team for you NEW YORK I draft you.

  • Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69

    He is the fastest qb straight to the county jail zone! !!!

  • Cleiton Rocha
    Cleiton Rocha 11 days ago

    The best QB of all time

  • Betto Houston
    Betto Houston 12 days ago +1


  • Bill Naugle
    Bill Naugle 12 days ago +1

    Y'all know that dogfighting stuff was terrible but half of these guys do way worse stuff than that.

  • Writing on the Wall
    Writing on the Wall 12 days ago

    How does anyone celebrate anything this scumbag did? "Because football..." Lol. This world is fucking pathetic

    • Mike Hartsell
      Mike Hartsell Hour ago

      Pathetic ?? Doubt it... what's pathetic is your daddy not use a condom when you were conceived..but I guess it's hard to wear protection with a 2 inch dick.

  • SoulessWonder25
    SoulessWonder25 12 days ago

    Still a dogfighting piece of shit.

  • TheMAC0876
    TheMAC0876 13 days ago

    The awesome MV-P. Glad I got to see him live carving up Carolina in the Dome.

  • bineboy04
    bineboy04 13 days ago +1

    He's in my top five

  • jason kelly
    jason kelly 13 days ago +1

    If Vick did have a good offense line he would a win a super bowl

  • nb2481
    nb2481 14 days ago +1

    Awesome video.

  • nb2481
    nb2481 14 days ago

    I've been watching NFL football religiously since Superbowl 26. Michael Vick is the greatest all around quarterback I've ever witnessed. Montana, Young, Favre, Rogers, Aikman, and Manningwere all exceptionally great. Brady is the most clutch, and successful. Vick is the greatest all around QB that has ever existed. Hands down. Anyone else agree? If he had a coach like Belicheck, and the occasional offensive and defensive stars, he'd have 10 rings. It was so fun to watch this guy play.

  • GameShark427
    GameShark427 14 days ago

    Mike Vick is definitely one of the Best, Top 10 QB's of all-time. 👍
    Man those days were the Best.
    Football ain't the same / as interesting recently, in my opinion.

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 14 days ago


  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 14 days ago

    Vick PLayed On Teams

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 14 days ago

    PhiLadelphia Eagles Number 7 Vick

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 14 days ago

    MichaeL Vick Number 7 Quarterback AtLanta FaLcons

  • hollywoodslym
    hollywoodslym 15 days ago +1

    Man I miss him

  • Sam Sly
    Sam Sly 15 days ago

    Forgot his first pass as a steeler

  • Watch It Happen
    Watch It Happen 15 days ago

    You always remember his running game, but I really forgot that his arm was that dang good!!!! This man was throwing accurate 50+ yard bombs on the run!

  • MoJo MoJo
    MoJo MoJo 16 days ago

    Allen Iverson was a awesome football player , would of prob been better than Vick, he was the total package in Virginia in high school, does anybody out there know this ??

    • Mike Hartsell
      Mike Hartsell Hour ago

      I live in Hampton and watched them both I'm high school.. Iverson won't shit.. his crack-head momma still a piece of shit.. Vick mother is a very carrying woman..loves her family and very kind to anyone..

  • Charlie Dallachie
    Charlie Dallachie 16 days ago

    Even as a running back that’s good speed. If only Brady had those legs. It’s like running in water with Brady.

    BROTHER OF 12 17 days ago

    Loved dogs lol

  • bangsdagong
    bangsdagong 17 days ago

    michael vick had the arm of randel cunningham and the speed of james jett. baaad aaaassss!!

  • Stony From Br
    Stony From Br 17 days ago

    All Qb's dream of doing what Mike Vic did because that's the only way they can do it lol! Not the Goat just best to ever do it! Facts

  • xKR33Px
    xKR33Px 18 days ago

    Vick is an older rg3. Randall cunningham is more worthy than a goof like vick. It disgusts me all you goofs that talk like vick was so great. Nope. He actually made teams worse.

  • Leonard Hadley
    Leonard Hadley 18 days ago

    Vick is the greatest of all time he kept us on the edge of our seats everytime he ran the ball.# 7 Jersey should never be worn by another QB. If I ever meet him I wanna a autograph on the book good job on book read it twice.

  • Carldrealest26
    Carldrealest26 19 days ago

    I remember I hated when Vick vs saints.

  • Evan Trowbridge
    Evan Trowbridge 19 days ago

    Why is people that has named Michael are always good at sports

  • Eyes Wide Open News
    Eyes Wide Open News 19 days ago

    The best quarterback to ever play the game hands down

  • Carl Mitchell
    Carl Mitchell 20 days ago

    The greatest qb they just aint want him to do what tom brady

  • xKR33Px
    xKR33Px 20 days ago

    Vick set records but he sucked as a reliable qb. Michael Vick never came close as a good qb. He got running tds running yards blagh blagh blagh. He sucked as a real qb. We might as well put barry sanders as qb. More talent. Vick was a trash qb. QB people. Barry would have better qb stats. I'm so annoyed when people talk like Vick was this great qb. Hello. He was ok as a qb. 90% of a football roster could fill what he did. Vick is not even close to be considered a hof qb. Fran Randall Steve etc. Not Vick. Sorry. He was below average as a qb.

  • Stanley Bellmon
    Stanley Bellmon 20 days ago +1

    If he only had a good team to play with in his prime at least 3 rings

  • c4choze
    c4choze 20 days ago

    Fucked up that measly dog fighting ruined his career .

  • mario mario
    mario mario 20 days ago +4

    vick never looked like he was running fast..you gotta watch the people chasing him to get perspective ....

    MGTOW I AM 21 day ago


  • Pam Mckellar
    Pam Mckellar 21 day ago +1

    Never played in super bowl ....

  • Long Island
    Long Island 21 day ago

    Mike Vick was ahead of his time. If he had read option it will over jus saying

  • Tairy Hesticles
    Tairy Hesticles 22 days ago +2

    "Michael Jordan of the NFL" pump the breaks there. He's way more Allen Iverson.

  • Brandon Clarke
    Brandon Clarke 22 days ago

    He's not first ballot. But in like, 15 years he may be in Canton.

  • Sean Mahfouz
    Sean Mahfouz 23 days ago

    Was a grest athlete but as a person hes a pos. Dawg killer.

  • Eddee What
    Eddee What 23 days ago

    I lived in Philly during the McNabb Vick Super Bowl. They lost because of team selfishness. McNabb came back off an injury Vick was playing pretty good. Let McNabb be the starter and he played like he was scared to get hurt again. Yo if ur lucky enough to make to the Super Bowl dude u play balls out. I’d rather get hurt in a Super Bowl and win. Than lose to play another season hoping to make it back. Luv the Eagles. Glad they finally won one but they should’ve would’ve could’ve McNabb Vick

  • TheJuggernautKing3
    TheJuggernautKing3 23 days ago

    One of the Best to do it!

  • Erik Smith
    Erik Smith 23 days ago

    Michael Vick was the best quarterback not know Tom Brady

  • HipHop Viray
    HipHop Viray 24 days ago

    Mike Vick could have been top 5 if he focused SOLEY on football. Had all the tools and could win games by himself. Was a big fan when he was at VT. Sad to say I lost alot of respect for him for drowning dogs. Evil shit

  • calvin watson
    calvin watson 24 days ago

    And he threw it all away....still SMFH!!!!!.....and btw,yes i got that Falcon jersey.

  • Jon Ward
    Jon Ward 24 days ago

    As good of a football player that Michael Vick is, he’s an even better human being. The powers that be were afraid of Michael. That’s the real reason that his illustrious career was sidetracked in my opinion...

  • Jaco Swan
    Jaco Swan 25 days ago +1

    Only madden player with 110 dog abuse😂

  • guitarboy4000000
    guitarboy4000000 25 days ago

    Remember when Michael Vick admitted to personally drowning underperforming fight dogs?

  • Boobie B
    Boobie B 25 days ago

    Simply AMAZING!! Mike Vick changed the game of football forever!! He's a Hall of Famer in my book👍

  • humanredzone
    humanredzone 25 days ago

    To me, the best athletes ever are Mike Vick, Lebron and Prime Time

  • BRAVO2I4
    BRAVO2I4 25 days ago +4

    Michael Vick, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders. Top 0.01 special athletes.

  • JT b
    JT b 25 days ago

    Why is the nfl even talking about this guy? Like seriously might as well show Rae carruth career highlights or induct Aaron hernandez into the hall of fame. It’s ridiculous how easy he got off for what he did.

  • The Alien
    The Alien 26 days ago

    BEST QUARTER BACK OF ALL TIME. HE WOULD OF BROKE EVERY RECORD POSSIBLE. They didn't want him to and the entire world know why.

  • BrandonDetroitfan Michaels

    I remember I would always use Randy Moss and the Vikings, while playing against someone,who would pick this cheat code of a player! It was my great counter punch!

  • Watch Myjab
    Watch Myjab 27 days ago

    My favorite ever him and Derrick Rose

  • Dave Buckley
    Dave Buckley 27 days ago

    Michael Vick may not be a “hall of famer” but he will be remembered like one

  • Greg Gentile
    Greg Gentile 27 days ago

    He looked like he was dogging it on a few of those plays.

  • 86 STREET
    86 STREET 28 days ago

    He could throw the ball at a full sprint.

  • Phamers
    Phamers 28 days ago

    Mike Vick has the best throw with that flick, reminds me of that sweet swing Ken Griffey Jr. has in baseball.

  • Karrington Schroeter
    Karrington Schroeter 28 days ago

    The power of black

  • Theglove101
    Theglove101 28 days ago

    You think this is insane. Than you should’ve been around to ride the Michael Vick Experience!!