Darling in the FranXX「AMV」- Without You / END

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Darling in the Franxx AMV // AMV
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Comments • 692

  • LexuS
    LexuS 12 hours ago


  • GabbyPlays_YT //Roblox and More!

    But i hole if they create s2.They would still show zero and hiro...together

  • GabbyPlays_YT //Roblox and More!

    I want this to returm again....

    FANTASMA GAMES games 23 hours ago


  • king O Rei Das Fadas

    I'm from Brazil

  • king O Rei Das Fadas

    I love Darling in the franxx

  • Diana Ulanova
    Diana Ulanova Day ago +1

    Как называется аниме? ?

  • TWO 02 ZERO
    TWO 02 ZERO Day ago

    mine zero two become franxx.......

  • ⌈яэ.χαgε⌋ BRØ

    I Hate the Ending

  • Anna Karmira
    Anna Karmira 2 days ago

    I want season 2 please let them be together...it enough that they have to sacrifice themselves for the peace..please mangaka sensei make season 2.

  • Denis Schmidt
    Denis Schmidt 2 days ago


  • Qwerty Qweert
    Qwerty Qweert 2 days ago


  • Azlina Hazmi
    Azlina Hazmi 3 days ago

    Season 2!!!!

  • ONU
    ONU 4 days ago +1

    Que sad el final

  • SovannarithBradley Roblox player

    If only the thumbnail is true

  • Umm K
    Umm K 4 days ago

    Season 2 needed or else I'll bomb whoever even started this beautiful series

  • Agent Section
    Agent Section 4 days ago

    Im still crying for the past 3-4 months after finishing it, this anime extended my depression with all other sad anime ive been watching. Id say Darling In The Franxx can teach you life problems that will impact you alot. I see myself through all of the characters of what they're going through with love and what Hiro teaches, is love. Loving someone who isnt human, or human like. If they arent normal like others, you love that person for who they are even if that judgment has been on that person you love. I want a season 2, the anime still stays in my heart. Zero Two will always be in my heart...

  • akana- chan
    akana- chan 4 days ago


  • ケレトゥラ
    ケレトゥラ 5 days ago


  • BirScumpi Guerra del aguila

    very sad for me :'(

  • I dont give a shit
    I dont give a shit 5 days ago

    God damn it I really wished they had a child but zero two Don't have Egg cells so she can't get pregnant

  • ヤバめのコーラ酸性


  • leandro lopes
    leandro lopes 8 days ago

    Sei que é difícil mais acredito em uma segunda temporada pois eles prometeram volta .. ficou muita brecha, ex: como os amigos deles ficaram? Á médica que era membro do grupo 13 encontrou uma nova forma de retarda a velhice deles. A reencarnação deles .. tem quem ter.... e tem a parte que diz em um novo ápice da evolução nos enfrentaremos de novo... sim antes disso chorei demais nesse anime .... quando eles se encontra na segunda vez ela disse achei que você tinha morrido alguém mais percebeu isso...

  • Abhishek Chotala
    Abhishek Chotala 9 days ago


  • ßONUS Ch
    ßONUS Ch 13 days ago


  • ßONUS Ch
    ßONUS Ch 13 days ago


  • Ana Vicenta Cubias Rivas

    el mejor amv de darling in the franxx

  • c k
    c k 14 days ago

    T T

  • Shane Frillou
    Shane Frillou 14 days ago

    Wow I'm the 666 comment

    THE BULL 15 days ago

    I love the thumbnail by the way they had a 2 son

  • Carlo Tesoro
    Carlo Tesoro 16 days ago

    Best anime that i've watched so far.👍

  • Алишер Низамов

    Я хочу плакать когда они погибли (' -')

  • Ry m
    Ry m 16 days ago

    Thumbnail is so awsome

  • Dib Spicer
    Dib Spicer 16 days ago

    At least all of them grew up and made families

  • Dib Spicer
    Dib Spicer 16 days ago

    Man I still miss the show it was so great if only couples were that loyal to each other all the time

  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover 16 days ago

    To anyone who's wondering why they got reincarnated for the same reason as before, to help earth. Notice that the tree started dying and the earth is covered in lights. My hypothesis is that they are reincarnated to save the earth from the negative human activity once again.

    • Panda Lover
      Panda Lover 16 days ago

      Its only an hypothesis also there might be a possibility a season two will be made, so we might find out.

  • NoVa Jay Jay
    NoVa Jay Jay 16 days ago

    What movie or episode is this I’ve never seen it before can someone tell me please 🙏🏻

  • Williams Nascimento
    Williams Nascimento 17 days ago

    2 temporada

  • キノ
    キノ 17 days ago


  • Богдан Вознюк


  • GhostHunter BON
    GhostHunter BON 17 days ago


  • Tastedeon 24
    Tastedeon 24 17 days ago

    😭😭😭why did this have to end so weird !

    TATSUMI 17 days ago

    Id like to live like hiro in this time when everything is changing sacrifice is best metod to prove your decision was good, two lifes for millions

  • Ekaterina Angelova
    Ekaterina Angelova 17 days ago

    I love it

  • r i
    r i 17 days ago


    KIRILL THE KILLER 18 days ago


  • Frank wo1fer
    Frank wo1fer 18 days ago

    I bet everyone will pay to see an actual episode of the thumbnail ..
    I mean i will

  • Banana Hey
    Banana Hey 18 days ago


  • Gogle Anjink bangsat babi


    DARK TM 18 days ago

    😭😭😭😭Zero Two+Hiro=вечная память о 02 и Хиро и их аниме😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😣😣жалко что оно закончилось. Конечно выйдет 2 сезон, но это будет уже не то.....

  • MewTwo YaY
    MewTwo YaY 18 days ago

    This film make me cry... I miss This both So much T_T

  • Theodor Van
    Theodor Van 18 days ago

    Zero Two best girl
    Ichijo the THOT

  • NotBadAss 11
    NotBadAss 11 18 days ago

    I missed it will there be s2?

  • Santiago Hernandez
    Santiago Hernandez 19 days ago

    because it had to end😢😢

  • Darling shines
    Darling shines 19 days ago

    I'm in love with my Darling ♥️

  • Akkey Senpai
    Akkey Senpai 19 days ago

    Im just hope the picture become true.. 😢😢

  • Yuuji Ichigo
    Yuuji Ichigo 20 days ago

    Dont cry you babies.

    Tf this anime still made me cry

  • Jadejaceharp
    Jadejaceharp 20 days ago +16

    If only the thumbnail were real

  • Ms weeby
    Ms weeby 20 days ago

    Was I the only one that clicked in this because of the thumbnail?

  • 김무진
    김무진 20 days ago


  • Jefferson Yt
    Jefferson Yt 20 days ago

    Sin palabras para ese final

  • Harri 2.0
    Harri 2.0 20 days ago


  • Noob 120
    Noob 120 20 days ago

    Muito lindo esse anime

  • Кароч Адель
    Кароч Адель 20 days ago


  • Maru Almedilla
    Maru Almedilla 20 days ago +3

    That thumbnail ✔💯

  • Kyle Quiogue
    Kyle Quiogue 20 days ago

    I hate Bittersweet endings T^T but............. then again I guess it's better than gurren lagann :

  • Pro Lander
    Pro Lander 20 days ago

    Emilia O_O

  • Kira necc rope
    Kira necc rope 20 days ago


  • Говно Правды


  • YusufSefa Can
    YusufSefa Can 21 day ago

    *i need OVA*

  • Takashi Hiro
    Takashi Hiro 21 day ago


  • Jimmy Agera
    Jimmy Agera 21 day ago

    I see that thumbnail I click

  • Galard 13 pvp
    Galard 13 pvp 21 day ago

    Eu amo darling in the franxx mais essa musica n combinou nem um pouco

  • Weird. Kid2018
    Weird. Kid2018 21 day ago

    There’s slot of auto tune

  • Rodrigo Ilhenfeld
    Rodrigo Ilhenfeld 21 day ago


  • Thatguy553
    Thatguy553 21 day ago

    This show made me so sad but happy at the same time near the end I want to see the two kids (I assume reincarnations) grow up

  • Doc Reaper
    Doc Reaper 21 day ago

    I'd love season 2. Kids and ttheir return

  • ทาเครุ Zero

    ไทยยกมือ5555มีกุคนเดวหรอ ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

  • Jwhdus Snhsus
    Jwhdus Snhsus 21 day ago

    I already have so many fucking fanfiction just because of season 2 hasn't come out yet

  • king demon
    king demon 21 day ago

    Parabens mano sem palavras resumindo este canal e top de mais

  • Спехов Спехов

    У ноль два не когда будет детей

    • Max im
      Max im 21 day ago

      будет они в конце п........лись

  • Endless Days
    Endless Days 21 day ago


  • CEN姉貴チャンネル


  • Mawitea Nu Nghaki
    Mawitea Nu Nghaki 21 day ago +1

    lol before there are human second beast and robot

  • Rokujo Hanabi AMV
    Rokujo Hanabi AMV 21 day ago


    SENPAI 21 day ago

    Sad 😭😭

  • aKuma nii-chan
    aKuma nii-chan 22 days ago


  • apan Skj
    apan Skj 22 days ago


  • Liya-chan & ác quỷ ĐCS

    I love zero two, 😭😭

  • -_- Bored
    -_- Bored 22 days ago

    Why bully me now I got to cry again

  • Темир Мусадинов

    Конец очень-очень печальный😭😭😭😭

  • luiz felipe
    luiz felipe 23 days ago

    o anime mais Fela! q me fez chorar kk

    ZCROLLY YT 23 days ago

    Que fodaaaa

  • FatalityFTY
    FatalityFTY 24 days ago

    porra q foda

  • Gaara Kawaii
    Gaara Kawaii 29 days ago

    I wanted Season 2 soon ... ♥️😢

  • Александр Ким


  • Shaser Rhino
    Shaser Rhino 29 days ago

    The moment when the Thumpnail baits you

  • дима хрен
    дима хрен Month ago

    це топ

  • Lucas Pan
    Lucas Pan Month ago

    The f