Why is there a HOLE in AIRPLANE windows?

  • Published on Oct 29, 2016
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    After take-off and during climb, the outside air pressure is in a constant fall, whilst the air pressure within the cabin is in a constant rise created by the aircraft's bleed and air conditioning system, otherwise you would have trouble breathing during the flight. Due to the big difference between the ambient pressure in the cabin and the low pressure outside, there´s is a lot of physical stress on the cabin hull and especially on the windows.
    Now if we take a closer look at the cabin windows you´ll see they are made up out of three separate window panes. One outer and middle pane which share the same window frame and one inner pane.
    Now if you look at your windows installed in your home you´ll see they are also made up out of at least two panes of glass, with a transparent gas in between them, acting as a temperature barrier which stops condensation on the inner side of the window.
    Same in the airplane but without the special gas in between. Because the air pressure difference and temperature variations are far much higher then in your home, engineers had to come up with and idea to prevent the windows from fogging and freezing up. So they´ve decided to leave an air gap in between the two panes. But air has the physical effect of expanding and shrinking either due to air pressure or temperature changes, which could damage the windows.
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    Bad Cattitude 28 days ago

    Can you board an airplane with a mannequin as a companion? Just buy them a ticket and tell everyone they are really tired but you will get them in and seated. Asking for my Italian friend. He's in the import/export business or something but he doesn't like getting online

  • Christopher Hadsell

    "... they're (plane windows) not sealed … air flows around … " (to paraphrase): Air actually leaks out around the windows? I thought indoor cabin pressure had to be maintained higher than outdoors, which is very little?

  • Idris Gameele
    Idris Gameele 3 months ago

    Why the food sold on the airplane so untasty and yet expensive?

    • Arthur Speer
      Arthur Speer 3 months ago

      Untasty because of cabin pressurization (though I can't remember the exact explanation), expensive because they can (it's not like they have competitors inside the plane...)

  • Juan Manuel Romo Herrera

    And remember... A good pilot is always learning!

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    How do cabin pressurization works?

  • CaptainCalm90
    CaptainCalm90 6 months ago

    First, I just didn`t understand what is between outer and middle window? Is it transparent gas also, or what kind of air gap is between them? And second, hole is placed on inner window and acts as bleed hole balancing the air pressure differences between inner and middle window, right?

  • Tmanaz480
    Tmanaz480 7 months ago

    How about a video on ECS/Packs, fogging in the cabin, etc. Thanks!!

  • Madcat3108
    Madcat3108 7 months ago

    I have a short question.
    As there is no seal between inner and mid window, air is constantly flowing out of the cabin.
    Therefore the AC (or other system) has to pump air into the cabin the maintain constant pressure.
    Can that pressure be adjusted somewhere, and if yes, would that be the reason why on some flights the ears hurt and it's necessary to perfom pressure equalization ??
    (as there would be a difference in the ammount of air that enters and leaves the cabin respective for over- and underpressure)

  • Lo Ranger
    Lo Ranger 7 months ago

    My house is a grade 2 star listed building so the window only has 1 thin layer of glass

    RENEHIKO 7 months ago

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  • academy.jccbi.gov.catalogue


  • academy.jccbi.gov.catalogue


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    So what about the oxygen supply at really high altitude? does that hole not lead to leaking of oxygen through it? then there is surely need of extra oxygen supply which is wastage of oxygen through this hole. please explain

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    I thought you might of mentioned why the windows are oval instead of square like they were on the earliest aircraft and why they had to change the design. However another great video and more to my education on aviation. Thank You Captain Joe

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    I think this is just with Airbus aircraft. Cause on Boeings, which is what I primarily fly on, there is not a hole.

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    After take off the cabin pressure is not rising, but also decreasing. But is it is decreasing much slower than the outside pressure. Why not stabilise the cabin pressure to the same as the ground level? In that case on causing altitude the hull has more differential pressure to deal with. So the hull shook be stronger, which makes the aircraft heavier more costly and it burns more fuel. So the air cabine pressure is also lowered when ascending. making the differential persure a bit lower. This way the weight of the hull can be made thinner, the plain lighter and more economically.
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