NEW LOL All Champion Cinematics 2018 - League of Legends Animation Trailer MOVIE

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • NEW LOL All Champion Cinematics 2018 League of Legends Animation Trailer Movie
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  • Shadowproto17
    Shadowproto17 8 hours ago +1

    This might as well be an anthology

  • Nikita Alexander Edward Filipe Plotnikov

    I want kai'sa cinematic

  • 이름
    이름 23 days ago

    야소로 시작해서 끝까지 안볼수가 엄서 ㅎㄷ.ㄷ..ㄷ.

  • FrogBoy
    FrogBoy 24 days ago

    18:23 so cute and so cool :D

  • Safak- BG
    Safak- BG Month ago

    Ffs there is no cinematic for kha zix :(((

  • Dracon Senpai
    Dracon Senpai Month ago

    1:36 literary what i think i can do to a minion wave.

  • erringpho po
    erringpho po Month ago

    If they'll make a movie there shouldbe
    A rune that makes a dead person alive but takes longer as more and more you die
    And the good guys will fight for another rune that can destroy each other
    Then the good guys will use it to destroy the rune but the enemy will not allow it
    Just an idea

  • O Crítico
    O Crítico 2 months ago

    Lol is a good game the one of the bests

  • Hunkymens Hisoka
    Hunkymens Hisoka 2 months ago

    its not all champ! lier!

  • K4pz0
    K4pz0 2 months ago

    Report ekko feeder

  • ivann 7509
    ivann 7509 2 months ago


  • Toh Ah teck
    Toh Ah teck 2 months ago

    Rip yasuo recorder

  • Marcos Carrizales
    Marcos Carrizales 3 months ago +4

    All this people gathered to watch almost a hour of LOL cinematics...

    I love here

  • muslera FERNANDO
    muslera FERNANDO 3 months ago


  • jonathan saletri
    jonathan saletri 3 months ago

    Why is it such horrible quality?

  • Yoshi Moto
    Yoshi Moto 3 months ago

    Imagine illaoi's tentacles fingers MF

  • Phân rã hữu cơ
    Phân rã hữu cơ 4 months ago

    Report support for stealing ad’s minions (thresh steal Lucian girl)
    And also sorry for my bad English

  • OGiLegal '-'
    OGiLegal '-' 5 months ago


  • Raffy Marrera
    Raffy Marrera 5 months ago

    ekko the badjao boy..😂

  • ɢ ʀ ᴀ ʏ ғ ᴏ xツ

    b a l a n ç e a d o

  • Addiction Of Beyblade
    Addiction Of Beyblade 5 months ago

    1:21 that is miss furtune because her get a gun

  • 마귀태
    마귀태 5 months ago

    한국인 발!!!

    이래야 손들겠지?

  • Cascade
    Cascade 5 months ago +2

    Me when I saw the first guy:

    • MACX
      MACX 3 months ago

      Lol so far hanzo is red and yasuo is blue
      hanzo are red
      Yasuo are blue
      If your reading this

  • sal hak
    sal hak 5 months ago

    어벤져스 ㅋ

  • Nguyennhat Bui
    Nguyennhat Bui 6 months ago

    somebody can tell me the name of the first song please?

  • 팩트폭력기
    팩트폭력기 6 months ago

    한국인은 없나

  • MINECREFT 1419
    MINECREFT 1419 6 months ago

    Report yasuo

  • Æ Haze
    Æ Haze 6 months ago


  • Moo재앙
    Moo재앙 6 months ago

    화질 왜케 썩었냐

  • Den4ik
    Den4ik 6 months ago

    Хасаги, репорт лес

  • Tegugur -
    Tegugur - 7 months ago

    xayah and rakan are so cute XD

  • Cihan birinci
    Cihan birinci 7 months ago +3

    yosuo cool

  • Marcela Quevedo
    Marcela Quevedo 7 months ago +1

    La animación y el sonido BRUTALMENTE geniales

  • Daft Hands
    Daft Hands 7 months ago

    Lmao the game is nothing like this

  • Jintakawee
    Jintakawee 7 months ago

    11:13 WhatMusic??

  • mobaniac
    mobaniac 7 months ago +1

    skin azir pre-resurrection

  • [̲̅工c̲̅є̲̅ ̲̅Ki̲̅и̲̅g̲̅]

    Report zoe the aspect of câncer

  • Gabz rae
    Gabz rae 7 months ago +1

    Finally someone made a movie of league of legends

  • Sup Fella
    Sup Fella 7 months ago +8

    Warwick trailer, a horror movie lol

  • Anatoly Wallington
    Anatoly Wallington 7 months ago

    Good video

  • DJ Robert
    DJ Robert 7 months ago

    Super gram 4 lata

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker 7 months ago

    Where the fk is Pyke????''

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker 7 months ago

    Este video tiene mas comerciales que las pag. de peliculas gratis en español latino full HD

  • BunZz killer
    BunZz killer 7 months ago +1

    This aint some of the new ones it is but alot of it was not i fuken hate you bitch why do i get clickbaited all the time

  • Sultan IV. Murat
    Sultan IV. Murat 7 months ago

    4:48 so cool

  • LeoAngelo Tv
    LeoAngelo Tv 7 months ago


  • attack ATTACK
    attack ATTACK 7 months ago


  • Danil Zagrjeyevskiy
    Danil Zagrjeyevskiy 7 months ago

    Что это за хуйня? Сколько скурить нужно?

  • Sancvar
    Sancvar 7 months ago

    Me fascina League of Legends y por eso realice un cover de una de sus canciones, la letra es solo una adaptación que hice del tema original al español espero que les guste!:

    MONSTA 7 months ago +102

    They should make a Netflix series. Season for each character. Who wouldn't watch it!

    • MONSTA
      MONSTA 2 months ago

      @LogBobTom123 I feel you. Just thought it would provide longevity for let's say the no rush needed. Your point of view works as well.

    • LogBobTom123
      LogBobTom123 2 months ago

      MONSTA AN ENTIRE season for each character? Doesn’t matter if there’s like 6-8 episodes per season that’s still gonna be a LOT of episodes to work on, the quality of the animation would definitely be downgraded, i’m thinking maybe a season for each type of character, like 1 season for all the void characters and another for some of the more cosmic champions would sound a lot easier to make and more fun.

    • Bayram Turgut
      Bayram Turgut 2 months ago

      You re damn fucking right 🤙👍😁😁

    • MONSTA
      MONSTA 4 months ago

      @John Roque lol

    • John Roque
      John Roque 4 months ago

      And in the end they all meet each other at a place and they all fight 😃
      No one dies cuz they just respawn
      But when they respawn
      They turn into a baby again lol

      I know it’s a bad idea but I hope it happens

  • Daniel Pena
    Daniel Pena 7 months ago

    Report for the animal on 18:30 for not getting the biscuits

  • Sever Alexandru
    Sever Alexandru 7 months ago +3

    Report Yasuo being Yasuo. 1st class feeder.

  • okru
    okru 7 months ago

    Where's cait

  • 잉잉
    잉잉 7 months ago


  • guacamole nibba penis
    guacamole nibba penis 7 months ago +5

    Im a dota player but im very impressed by all of the League of legends songs and animations

  • Em Re
    Em Re 7 months ago

    Zed niye kaybetti orospu çocukları onlar benle ws atsin tek atar cikarim sikeyim yapacaniz montaji zedi kotulemissiniz tü size

  • fan yourself
    fan yourself 8 months ago

    Dont use lol

  • lehniram Marinhel
    lehniram Marinhel 8 months ago

    I love my quin ahri

  • 사탄
    사탄 8 months ago

    The beginning of 2018 was 'Yasuo'