NEW LOL All Champion Cinematics 2018 - League of Legends Animation Trailer MOVIE

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • NEW LOL All Champion Cinematics 2018 League of Legends Animation Trailer Movie
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  • Junks .broken
    Junks .broken 15 hours ago

    Lol is a good game the one of the bests

  • Hunkymens Hisoka
    Hunkymens Hisoka 5 days ago

    its not all champ! lier!

  • K4pz0
    K4pz0 19 days ago

    Report ekko feeder

  • ivann 7509
    ivann 7509 22 days ago


  • Toh Ah teck
    Toh Ah teck 26 days ago

    Rip yasuo recorder

  • Marcos Carrizales
    Marcos Carrizales 27 days ago +2

    All this people gathered to watch almost a hour of LOL cinematics...

    I love here

  • muslera FERNANDO
    muslera FERNANDO Month ago


  • jonathan saletri
    jonathan saletri Month ago

    Why is it such horrible quality?

  • Yoshi Moto
    Yoshi Moto Month ago

    Imagine illaoi's tentacles fingers MF

  • Hien Luong79
    Hien Luong79 2 months ago

    Report support for stealing ad’s minions (thresh steal Lucian girl)
    And also sorry for my bad English

  • N come nada '-'
    N come nada '-' 3 months ago


  • Raffy Marrera
    Raffy Marrera 3 months ago

    ekko the badjao boy..😂

  • ɢ ʀ ᴀ ʏ ғ ᴏ xツ

    b a l a n ç e a d o

  • Addiction Of Beyblade
    Addiction Of Beyblade 3 months ago

    1:21 that is miss furtune because her get a gun

  • 마귀태
    마귀태 3 months ago

    한국인 발!!!

    이래야 손들겠지?

  • INeedMitte
    INeedMitte 3 months ago +1


  • DimensionersGaming
    DimensionersGaming 3 months ago +2

    Me when I saw the first guy:

    • MACX
      MACX Month ago

      Lol so far hanzo is red and yasuo is blue
      hanzo are red
      Yasuo are blue
      If your reading this

  • sal hak
    sal hak 3 months ago

    어벤져스 ㅋ

  • Nguyennhat Bui
    Nguyennhat Bui 4 months ago

    somebody can tell me the name of the first song please?

  • 팩트폭력기
    팩트폭력기 4 months ago

    한국인은 없나

  • MINECREFT 1419
    MINECREFT 1419 4 months ago

    Report yasuo

  • Æ Haze
    Æ Haze 4 months ago


  • 바다시
    바다시 4 months ago

    화질 왜케 썩었냐

  • Den4ik
    Den4ik 4 months ago

    Хасаги, репорт лес

  • Tegugur -
    Tegugur - 4 months ago

    xayah and rakan are so cute XD

  • Cihan birinci
    Cihan birinci 4 months ago +3

    yosuo cool

  • Marcela Quevedo
    Marcela Quevedo 4 months ago +1

    La animación y el sonido BRUTALMENTE geniales

  • Daft Hands
    Daft Hands 5 months ago

    Lmao the game is nothing like this

  • Jintakawee
    Jintakawee 5 months ago

    11:13 WhatMusic??

  • mobaniac
    mobaniac 5 months ago +1

    skin azir pre-resurrection

  • [̲̅工c̲̅є̲̅ ̲̅Ki̲̅и̲̅g̲̅]

    Report zoe the aspect of câncer

  • Gabz rae
    Gabz rae 5 months ago +1

    Finally someone made a movie of league of legends

  • Sup Fella
    Sup Fella 5 months ago +5

    Warwick trailer, a horror movie lol

  • Anatoly Wallington
    Anatoly Wallington 5 months ago

    Good video

  • DJ Robert
    DJ Robert 5 months ago

    Super gram 4 lata

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker 5 months ago

    Where the fk is Pyke????''

  • Night Stalker
    Night Stalker 5 months ago

    Este video tiene mas comerciales que las pag. de peliculas gratis en español latino full HD

  • helpndndndndmmdnd
    helpndndndndmmdnd 5 months ago +8


  • BunZz killer
    BunZz killer 5 months ago +1

    This aint some of the new ones it is but alot of it was not i fuken hate you bitch why do i get clickbaited all the time

  • Sultan IV. Murat
    Sultan IV. Murat 5 months ago

    4:48 so cool

  • LeoAngelo Tv
    LeoAngelo Tv 5 months ago


  • 차로미노예
    차로미노예 5 months ago


  • Данила Толков

    Что это за хуйня? Сколько скурить нужно?

  • Sancvar
    Sancvar 5 months ago

    Me fascina League of Legends y por eso realice un cover de una de sus canciones, la letra es solo una adaptación que hice del tema original al español espero que les guste!:

    MONSTA 5 months ago +43

    They should make a Netflix series. Season for each character. Who wouldn't watch it!

    • LogBobTom123
      LogBobTom123 12 hours ago

      MONSTA AN ENTIRE season for each character? Doesn’t matter if there’s like 6-8 episodes per season that’s still gonna be a LOT of episodes to work on, the quality of the animation would definitely be downgraded, i’m thinking maybe a season for each type of character, like 1 season for all the void characters and another for some of the more cosmic champions would sound a lot easier to make and more fun.

    • Bayram Turgut
      Bayram Turgut 12 days ago

      You re damn fucking right 🤙👍😁😁

    • MONSTA
      MONSTA 2 months ago

      @John Roque lol

    • John Roque
      John Roque 2 months ago

      And in the end they all meet each other at a place and they all fight 😃
      No one dies cuz they just respawn
      But when they respawn
      They turn into a baby again lol

      I know it’s a bad idea but I hope it happens

    • DimensionersGaming
      DimensionersGaming 3 months ago


  • Daniel Pena
    Daniel Pena 5 months ago

    Report for the animal on 18:30 for not getting the biscuits

  • Sever Alexandru
    Sever Alexandru 5 months ago +2

    Report Yasuo being Yasuo. 1st class feeder.

  • okru
    okru 5 months ago

    Where's cait

  • 잉잉
    잉잉 5 months ago


  • guacamole nibba penis
    guacamole nibba penis 5 months ago +5

    Im a dota player but im very impressed by all of the League of legends songs and animations

  • Em Re
    Em Re 5 months ago

    Zed niye kaybetti orospu çocukları onlar benle ws atsin tek atar cikarim sikeyim yapacaniz montaji zedi kotulemissiniz tü size

  • fan yourself
    fan yourself 5 months ago

    Dont use lol

  • lehniram Marinhel
    lehniram Marinhel 6 months ago

    I love my quin ahri

  • The PLEB Pro/Pleb
    The PLEB Pro/Pleb 6 months ago +3

    I like the Braum enimated

  • 사탄
    사탄 6 months ago

    The beginning of 2018 was 'Yasuo'

  • juanvm wares
    juanvm wares 6 months ago +24

    I still think riot doesn't know how big of a universe they have created. All the potential to create a series or even a movie with just the noxian and demacia and that's just a small part of the said universe.

    • Swango
      Swango 26 days ago

      How they wouldn’t know what they created, braindead retard. You really think they just fucking fart ideas and collage them like a 9-year old art project?. This fucking people are making short animations, comics, short stories, lore. I’m going to tell you why they are not making a movie... they don’t want to.

  • kouceila toudjine
    kouceila toudjine 6 months ago

    Aurelion sol = Smaug

  • John Edward Tiangson
    John Edward Tiangson 6 months ago

    That was cold yas

  • Muska Krkonoše
    Muska Krkonoše 6 months ago +5

    10:01 and 17:46 is best and cute

  • astro atmajaya
    astro atmajaya 6 months ago


  • Grigor Milov
    Grigor Milov 6 months ago

    4:20 ice vs fire

  • darkmest the gaming
    darkmest the gaming 6 months ago +1

    please give aatrox animation

  • The Demon
    The Demon 6 months ago

    Noob zed Vs NoobYasuo

  • Eric Marin
    Eric Marin 6 months ago

    Report all character

  • iSerOçanÊ '-' ???
    iSerOçanÊ '-' ??? 6 months ago

    Carai bolaja

  • Yakup can ÖZDEM
    Yakup can ÖZDEM 6 months ago

    Şunun sinema filmi çıksa ne güzel olur be

  • Tình Nguyễn
    Tình Nguyễn 6 months ago

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  • Lucas Marques Nascimento
    Lucas Marques Nascimento 6 months ago +55

    There's a video on your ads

  • Seweryn Seweryn Witan
    Seweryn Seweryn Witan 6 months ago +3

    Crystal od sexmasterki

    INTING LUL 6 months ago +1

    Please Report yas for picking yas