Ukraine Whistleblower, Transcript, Complaint & Impeachment -- Real Law Review

  • A CIA whistleblower alleges President Trump abused his office to get dirt on his main political rival.
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    I think we will all remember this week for a long time to come. What started as a rumor that there was an intelligence community complaint that the White House was trying to quash snowballed into a scandal that may dwarf Watergate.
    Early this week we learned that the whistleblower’s complaint deal with the President directly. Most assumed it related to the July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.
    When the White House released the transcript of the call with Zelensky, we learned that the two leaders discussed military aid, and then discussed two “favors” that President Trump wanted from Ukraine: 1) he wanted Ukraine to look into “servers” and Crowdstrike and 2) he wanted Ukraine to restart an investigation into Trump’s main political rival Joe Biden.
    The next day the full Whistleblower complaint was released. The full complaint recapitulated all of the information in the read-out of the phone call and also dropped the bombshells that the White House had been attempting to coverup the phone call (and potentially others) but hiding it in a computer system designed only for the most secure communications.
    House Democrats have already voted to start an impeachment inquiry.
    Things are moving fast.
    This is big.
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Comments • 80

  • LegalEagle
    LegalEagle  6 months ago +3346

    UGH, sorry about the typos. I wanted to get this video out ASAP. But you can learn to avoid those errors by checking out this week’s sponsor: Skillshare!

    • Robert Franz
      Robert Franz 3 months ago

      @Titus Veridius I shouldn't reply to stale posts on a fast moving stream, but this caught my eye as typical of common defenses that attempt to offer a defense by entirely missing the point.
      The point here is that attempting to hide embarrassing information is wrong.
      It may technically not violate rules specific to that data system, but it's still an abuse of power due to corrupt intent.
      Look at the pardon power.
      Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio. Many people were aghast at such a poor exercise of judgment, but the authority to do so is clear, and no one suggested legal action against Trump.
      OTOH, if he had issued the pardon in exchange for a cash payment, it would be a clear abuse of power.
      That's the whole reason the concept of abuse of power even exists - to cover behavior that consists of an exercise of lawful authority for a corrupt purpose.
      Intent matters.
      Sometimes, it's all that matters.

    • Robert Franz
      Robert Franz 3 months ago

      @Khayman77 Did it entirely escape you that
      1: Biden was carrying out explicit US policy at the direction of the President and
      2: You are referencing Russia's propaganda arm?
      This calls into question not merely your assertions, but your motivation.

    • Vaughn Rhinehart
      Vaughn Rhinehart 4 months ago

      Draw jopping.

    • crazyguy84
      crazyguy84 4 months ago

      It's ok shit happens

    • Dave MacGyver
      Dave MacGyver 4 months ago

      @Michael Miller this has been proven false as well try again
      february second there was formal filing to detain holdings of burisma
      So it was very much alive and well

  • Dennis Germain
    Dennis Germain Day ago

    the second this guy said Trump was vague about what Biden did , I mean come on man there's a video of Biden bragging about it and please point to the "investigation" that was done, Biden says their was never a hint of anything done wrong, so why would have an investigation been done, there was none done that's why Trump was trying to do but when billions of dollars go missing like the way money is withheld all the time to did into corruption and if a Presidential Candidate was guilty of corruption shouldn't we know about, people are worried Trump mite have a deal to build hotels, what if Biden is Blackmailed by..oh my god Russia!

  • Star Glitter Glow
    Star Glitter Glow 2 days ago

    If there's anything I've learned from this channel: As long as your lawyer can make a nice sounding speech you're innocent of all charges.

  • Jaque Braveau
    Jaque Braveau 5 days ago

    Do you, wit your current experience or projected career path, think that you might be qualified to be AG of the United States of America?
    I'm really just curious, I am not throwing shade or suggesting that you aren't! Curious of your opinion

  • JC
    JC 5 days ago

    This is truly the thing Pelosi knew couldn’t be defended. It isn’t to those of us with a soul.

  • JC
    JC 5 days ago

    This video was deeply painful to watch.

  • JC
    JC 5 days ago +2

    That audible shake in his breath before he continues reading after “I would like you to do us a favor, though” summarizes my emotional turbulence after my first time reading that sentence in the transcript.

  • Proof Of Paradox
    Proof Of Paradox 6 days ago explaining clear bias if you can't spot it yourself liked you better doing TV shows and stuff.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 7 days ago

    And where are we now with this? Lol.

  • silkysixx
    silkysixx 7 days ago

    So the prosecutor was a BAD guy. He was investigating Burisma - where Hunter Biden had a completely unfounded job - but was accused of being soft on corruption. Before the prosecutor was removed for being soft on corruption, he ended the investigation into Burisma.
    He may have the facts face-about and then proceed is completely wrong, but I would say there are ample grounds to investigate what happened with Biden.

  • Byron C
    Byron C 9 days ago

    Biden has actually admitted that he bride them to drop the investigation on him and his son

  • D G
    D G 24 days ago

    Draw jopping abuse of power!

  • Dothacker00
    Dothacker00 26 days ago

    This was a wild watch fro. Here in March. The one thing that kills me is that The House didn't even bother to lock anybody up in Congress Jail for not adhering to subpoenas. They have the absolute right to do so if they bothered to do it. It would have been great seeing those crooks dragged off to jail until they decided to talk.

  • Marian Dogsquith
    Marian Dogsquith 28 days ago

    37:24 anyone else catch him say "draw jopping?"
    Thanks for this video, it's very informative even at this point (after the impeachment proceedings). I thought I was reasonably educated on the topic but I guess I wasn't, really

  • raymond cromley
    raymond cromley 29 days ago

    UGH, as glad to see you on the street.

  • Rational Orc
    Rational Orc Month ago +1

    Funny how you don't show the video of Joe Biden bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. Granted, showing that video might give people a better idea of what a REAL Quid Pro Quo is.

  • Mr. pingZx
    Mr. pingZx Month ago +1

    Nothing is gonna happen. Look at Hillary (:

  • ddowns24
    ddowns24 Month ago +2

    Biased much...? You must be devastated. ...And, you being such a Legal Eagle and all. Wow, I feel bad for you.

  • Charles Ferdinand
    Charles Ferdinand Month ago +1

    Demotards really expected people to believe Hunter Biden, a broke drug-addicted sleazebag got billions of dollars for doing nothing after 2 divorces, plus a kid he had with a stripper that he denied and

    abandoned, and being kicked out of the Navy for being a junkie and that he got paid $50,000 USD a month for a year in a no-show job for which he had no experience?
    (Legal Eagle purposedly omitted these facts despite having originated the whole scandal).
    Watch for a complete breakdown of the bias and mistake in this video; Legal Eagle please stick to reviewing cartoons and movies.

  • Voro Kusanagi
    Voro Kusanagi Month ago

    Wait, Bloomberg is running for president. Is Bloomberg's news company a good source for a story against his potential political opponent (meaning Trump)?

  • Raoul Decin
    Raoul Decin Month ago +2

    When you dont mention Hunter getting 50k a month from the company at the heart of the corruption case, you have shown your own bias.

  • coyzee1
    coyzee1 Month ago

    Eric CiarameIIa

  • maxcady360
    maxcady360 Month ago +2

    21:21 - "I was not a direct witness" - A whistleblower is someone who is a direct witness. This seems like a major issue that was oddly overlooked. But then again, this guy worked for Adam Schiff so...

    • gem anscombe
      gem anscombe Month ago +1

      @Lawrence Billson Saw this posted regarding the (R)s obsession with the WB's identity and the need for his/her testimony: "The only time it matters who pulled a fire alarm is when there is no fire".
      There was a "fire" - many (R)s now admit that - so they say the fire wasn't serious enough for removal. Lawrence Billson's alternative is discounting the complaint as part of a conspiracy. As you point out, even if that was true, it wouldn't explain away the fire. The WB didn't make Trump pressure Zelensky. Claiming a conspiracy to report the truth, however, is all they have left.

    • Lawrence Billson
      Lawrence Billson Month ago +1

      Which of the whistleblower’s assertions has been disproven? Their accounts seem to have been solidly supported with sworn testimony.
      Throwing doubt on the whistleblower’s credibility is moot.

    • Mike Boston
      Mike Boston Month ago +1

      There were direct witnesses but the Republicans decided they didn't need to hear from them. John Bolton was a direct witness.

  • Jean-Guy Rivard
    Jean-Guy Rivard Month ago

    I know I'm late to this video, but I just noticed that you can see Trump's tanline in the clip on the lawn...about an inch from his ears. It cannot be unseen.

  • PKAmedia
    PKAmedia Month ago

    So is Skillshare can teach me how to persuade foreign leaders without getting impeached, is their any place I can learn how to persuade and get impeached?
    That's just like something that is totally on my bucket list. Also getting convicted of some sort of treason charge for schemes involving mice or other similar small or smaller marsupials.
    .....bucket lists should never be written sober.

  • Deralis 3
    Deralis 3 Month ago +1

    It's amazing that Trump doesn't give money to UKRAINE.Well I hate Trump but I hate Ukraine.

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood Month ago

    "... aaaand fml..."
    This channel changes everything for me.
    I'm actually considering following the news again, just so I know what LegalEagle is referring to.

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky Month ago +1

    The American people asked Trump to remove corruption and he's doing just that and Biden is part of it so out his corrupt ass will go.
    Bye corrptionloving Felicia

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky Month ago +1

    Crowdstrike not cloudstrike Moron

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky Month ago

    Remember this information the Democrats are trying to remove Trump from the election ticket... well, they illegally spied and continue to spy with 702s ongoing until March 2020. They are STILL SPYING ON TRUMP & HIS CAMPAIGN!! And they will continue to do so.
    Plus add the fact that Adam Schiff made up the words in the transcript he read from to get the impeachment in the first place.. OMG THE LIES HAVE GOT TO STOP!!!

    • BrentCorp
      BrentCorp Month ago

      Since you’re a flat earther, I’m going to say you lack rational thinking and reasoning skills.

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky Month ago

    Yeah... this is more of the Democrats in the House of Representatives who HATE anyone looking into their corrupt friends.
    They're trying to remove Trump from power and from.the 2020 election ticket.
    TREASON much?!?!
    Schokin was not soft & that's why he was removed for investigation of Burisma.
    Bidens are corrupt and so are the Pelosi's, Kerry's and Obama's.

  • I'm Fedupwithbs
    I'm Fedupwithbs 2 months ago +2

    Lawyer using hearsay as fact? Yea great lawyer skills.

  • Solomon Santos
    Solomon Santos 2 months ago +2

    You're a lawyer but you seem to have taken the left side.

    • Phreeque
      Phreeque Month ago +1

      Why do you say that? Because his analysis is swinging a certain way or because you don't feel that he's being objective?

  • Liam Jenkins
    Liam Jenkins 2 months ago

    You are the witcher of law my friend. I love you!!!

  • Worthless libs
    Worthless libs 2 months ago

    This whistle blower is going to pay

    • Jean-Guy Rivard
      Jean-Guy Rivard Month ago

      Why? because he said something that others within the administration, EVEN the transcript backs this up. Or is it that you don't like when someone provides evidence that someone you like is doing shady stuff?

  • Paula Cornelison
    Paula Cornelison 2 months ago

    I love your commercials!

  • Rick T
    Rick T 2 months ago +3

    this guy is a hack I would not hire him based on his biased videos alone .. he only tells you part of the story if he was trying to be objective he would rep both sides fully and be fair to each side not lead you down a road

  • Tina Matila
    Tina Matila 2 months ago

    Is there anything we, as citizens, can do?

  • bryan coggs
    bryan coggs 2 months ago

    draw jopping?

  • Phlex Tape
    Phlex Tape 2 months ago +1

    Trump needs to be taken out of office ASAP.

  • Frankie J Cleveland
    Frankie J Cleveland 2 months ago

    Thanks for breaking this situation down in terms I can understand

  • ethreldur
    ethreldur 2 months ago

    Completely irrelevant, but I always assumed that the way Trump talks is an affectation he uses to appeal to certain demographics of voters, but this transcript suggests no, that's just how he talks.

  • Fukc Yuo
    Fukc Yuo 2 months ago +4

    who is here after the acquittal?

  • Greg Worthington
    Greg Worthington 2 months ago

    I love watching Legal Eagle's breakdowns of movies such as 'My Cousin Vinnie' and cartoons such as SpongeBob's 'Krabs vs Plankton'. They are insightful and humorous. I object however to the biased analysis of current real life political events. Keep up the good work but to avoid alienating half of your fans please leave the political opinions at the door.

  • G. Waits4Gainz
    G. Waits4Gainz 2 months ago +2

    also, considering out extreme this all seems, and your past video interview about defamation, in this instance like at 6:55 , can the president be held liable for defamation if some or all of it turns out to be completely untrue. i know an acting president is usually "immune" from civil prosecution, but is there any federal precedent for it? especially when it considers slander of an opposing party in a reelection campaign? just some food for thought questions, thanks :)

    • G. Waits4Gainz
      G. Waits4Gainz 2 months ago

      lastly, your work for the whole video, keeping track of everything and updating it all before you were done, is amazing work. but man this is something that i understand only the minimal of

    • G. Waits4Gainz
      G. Waits4Gainz 2 months ago

      or do we have to find a real republican to say that stuff and wait and see if he actually gets the electric chair? hehehe... like is that so "outrageous" that its hyperbole or w/e?

  • G. Waits4Gainz
    G. Waits4Gainz 2 months ago

    man, you really pull back the curtains for me sometimes nad show me just how deep and knoted alot of things can be when the legal is mixed with the corrupt. especialy if theres somethings that are just impossible to expose or investigate because someone seems too powerful. great video

  • Ben Cheevers
    Ben Cheevers 2 months ago +2

    Damn you're worse than MSNDNC

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 2 months ago +1

      @Ben Cheevers you're ranting and making a lot of vague claims. Be specific. What facts are you challenging?

    • Ben Cheevers
      Ben Cheevers 2 months ago +2

      @Christopher Parks Facts approved of by the leftist elite that are literally debunked a thousand times already. It's sad that those who want to know more about this stuff go to shills like LegalEagle because the majority are actually trying to get a handle on what's going on and you get the scripted PR release from the DNC. You say facts when it's literally *fake news.* According to a recent study, find it on Tim Pool's channel he's covered it multiple times recently, conservatives are significantly better informed on current events because they watch both sides, you couldn't pay somebody from the resistance to watch Fox News or read The Daily Caller, you get one spun side of everything which is the only conceivable way somebody could think that Trump is in any way guilty or in the wrong, morally or legally or that the Dems aren't massively immoral and corrupt, especially Joe Biden.

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 2 months ago +1

      He's literally giving a legal analysis of the facts.

  • Calle Svensson
    Calle Svensson 2 months ago

    If I understand it correctly, the outrageous conspiracy theory is pretty much based on the fact that CrowdStrike's (the Californian security company that the DNC hired to perform incident response and investigation following the alleged Russian hack on the DNC) is Russian born (American) Dmitri Alperovitch. Add some 4chan on top of that and you have yourself a conspiracy.

  • Vaevictus
    Vaevictus 2 months ago +10

    "Things are going to get bigger before they get smaller." - Legal Eagle, 2019

  • Thomas Atkinson
    Thomas Atkinson 2 months ago +1

    How about you tell your audience about the fact that every major donor made to the law firm you are associated with (Barnes & Thornburg LLP), are democrat government politicians and lobbyists?
    Slightly bias, bigbird??
    Sorry "big bird" but you can't expect people to take you seriously on a political issue such as this when you are clearly bias. A judge with your level of bias on this matter would recuse himself immediately.

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 2 months ago +1

      Can't help noticing that you haven't actually challenged a single point he made.

  • Joseph Goulet
    Joseph Goulet 2 months ago

    I’m watching this mid January 2020, and it hasn’t gotten any better.

  • wire80op
    wire80op 2 months ago

    Objection!!! The complaint is not first person. Yhe rules were changed in the middle of the night.

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 2 months ago

    This is the kind of "soft corruption" that the Nixon-era allowed us to grow accustomed too. I think thats the issue we're dealing with: the American people are desensitized to this kind of stuff nowdays: 45 years ago, it was still a shock that a president would do whatever they felt it takes to sabotage an opposing political party. Both men, similarly, are some of the most paranoid Americans to hold the highest office in the land.

    • Ben Cheevers
      Ben Cheevers 2 months ago

      Joe Bidan getting the prosecutor fired that was looking into Burisma's theft of Ukrainian funds is not soft corruption, it's the same corruption that you find in Russia, it's disgusting.

  • SmartK8
    SmartK8 2 months ago

    Garbage in, garbage out..

  • belly boo
    belly boo 2 months ago

    Did you notice when he was reading Trumps quotes he kind of slowed down a little bit. He had to. It's like reading the ramblings of a 4 year old.

  • krsw1
    krsw1 2 months ago

    Quality summary. Very informative. Thanks for what I'm sure was a lot of hard work and research to make this video. And 38:30 made me spit out my coffee, so that was a nice bonus.

  • david korzelius
    david korzelius 2 months ago

    Mxr plays is a really innocently fun account for young adults of my generation, if you can help them please do

  • Jonab0b
    Jonab0b 2 months ago

    Why are you saying Cloudstrike when it's Crowdstrike?
    And why are you saying it's a qanon thing when those things aren't connected at all?

  • Vlad Impaler
    Vlad Impaler 2 months ago

    No one cares about this. First thing we do is get rid of the Lawyers when the revolution starts.

  • koinekko
    koinekko 2 months ago

    Nice to see this explained from an actual neutral perspective.

  • Duneflower
    Duneflower 2 months ago

    "Bonkers". Is that a...technical term? XD

  • WiiSwitch
    WiiSwitch 2 months ago

    I say both parties should request information about each other and settle in Court. If there's is corruption on both sides we all should hear about them and move on.

  • TheRichmaster
    TheRichmaster 3 months ago

    Looking bac on thiss, the constant updates were hilarious to see

  • Sekulært Snøfnugg
    Sekulært Snøfnugg 3 months ago

    you don't have to prove to everybody that you're a democrat. you could just try to be objective and factual. It was never debunked! Hunter Biden has no experience from energy before burisma, and you don't think that has to do with corruption??

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan 3 months ago

    Legal bum...try a clean look like a street person ...

  • Todd A McEwen
    Todd A McEwen 3 months ago

    Get your facts in order , watch ONE AMERICA NEWS under play list (5) . Then make your judgement.

  • Mac Chernac
    Mac Chernac 3 months ago

    So the EU and American financial interests remove a man from power in Ukraine for stepping on their toes by doing his actual job, this is somehow totally legitimate and not suspicious at all. Trump tries to investigate this and gets impeached. Enjoy 50 years of Republican rule. People aren't that dumb.

  • roy rogers
    roy rogers 3 months ago

    I would like to note something
    In your description you state "his main political rival" thats arguable I mean "if you dont like it go vote for trump"

  • ChereraTaguato
    ChereraTaguato 3 months ago

    Why does this guy have to make it into a drama with revealing facts? Why do we need exploding smiley faces? I guess it bumps up the views. I'd rather get someone who gives it much less dramatically

  • Mike Larrivee
    Mike Larrivee 3 months ago +1

    Just because it is in trumps best interests that he investigate the bidens, does not mean he should be impeached because he did, or even because of the way he did it, as long as he used methods that he had a right to use
    After all, it is in the democrats intrests to investigate trump, but that doesnt mean they shouldn't do it either.
    Also while it is important to know the facts about any political figure in order to determine if their living up to our expectations, the pretence of the investigation and impeachment into trump bieng weak and the fact that the investigation and impeachment process have prevented the government from operating as effectively, indicate to me that this is a huge waste of time, and i would not be surprised if it ends up helping trump.

  • Herb Slojewski
    Herb Slojewski 3 months ago

    Comparing to Watergate? Are you insane???

  • El Cappo
    El Cappo 3 months ago +1

    Is there anyone with the authority to file and obtain a freedom of information act request for the verbatim transcript of the phone conversation, that was allegedly put into an alternate database for protection?

  • ChihayaMoon
    ChihayaMoon 3 months ago

    how do you do it? how can you do your job being a lawyer and make a youtube video? it's so cool you can do both.

  • Kevin Burkett
    Kevin Burkett 3 months ago +4

    Spoiler Alert: He gets impeached

  • ShadwSonic
    ShadwSonic 3 months ago +3

    Interestingly enough, a lot of the news reported here was later found to be demonstrably... incorrect. We're talking 17 separate instances, all with the common factor of "makes Trump look worse". If once is coincidence, twice is happenstance, and three times is a pattern... what's 17?
    See, it's becoming more and more apparent that the "big media" is actually IN ON IT as far as the real political crimes are concerned. It's why news channels are continually tanking in views, as more people recognize that they aren't _reporting_ the news as much as trying to spin it to their own political agenda. Which, to be fair, is impossible to completely remove... but they don't try to either temper that view or balance it with the opposite viewpoint for comparison, like an actual NEWS STATION is supposed to!

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 2 months ago

      Of those 17, you named exactly 0

    • Felicat
      Felicat 3 months ago

      Sadly, most "journalists" these days are simply liberal writers looking to influence Americans in favor of their far left wing political beliefs. No longer do we have fair and unbiased reporting in this country. And with the advent of the internet, it's become FAR easier to spread misinformation than ever before in our history. Add to this that fact checking is almost nonexistent these days, and you have a perfect storm for getting the American sheeple to believe whatever the media says about anything.

    • Sarah Frances
      Sarah Frances 3 months ago

      ShadwSonic I think just being aware of this can help one get to the actual facts. I always make sure to watch various biased news sources because the “facts” are often somewhere in between. For me, I’ve found it really helps to get to the core much faster. However, if one isn’t aware of the biases, or only relies on the bias that fits their own biases best, the lack of integrity in our media then gains to only manipulate the public. It’s always in the public’s best interest to gain as much variety of perspective as possible because even when things SEEM straight-forward, one change in perspective can completely change the way a situation is perceived.
      One thing I worry about is, with all the media lies, I think some have stopped testing info for themselves because they already assume the “other side” is lying like usual.

  • e1123581321345589144
    e1123581321345589144 3 months ago

    I have to say man, I totally disagree with your parting statement. I wouldn't want to see you in court. I wouldn't want to see anyone in court. Court is one of those things normal people try really hard to avoid.

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 2 months ago

      ....i like court. I've always wanted to be called for jury duty...

    • Sarah Frances
      Sarah Frances 3 months ago +1

      e1123581321345589144 I know I would NEVER want to be judged by a jury of my peers. We see that occur everyday on social media. People either don’t care about the facts or are too easily caught up in the manipulation tactics trying to employ a specific narrative. We tend to make judgements too swiftly without considering the multitude of surrounding details that can completely change the way a situation is perceived. It’s scary knowing that the media has such power to paint a perception of events on any particular situation or case. Especially considering it’s influence on public opinion. Soo many high profile cases are not at all what the public would believe based on the media’s portrayal of it.

  • Geek Feature
    Geek Feature 3 months ago

    I have enjoyed what I feel is the best summary of this whole whistleblower case. It's clear, concise, unbiased, and truthful. This is amazing and thank you, sir for having stitched it together as best you could. I now really get the ramifications of this whole case. All your other videos are really interesting as well, my favorites being this and the My Cousin Vinnie videos! No one needs to watch the damn news anymore, just your channel, if they really want the answers they are looking for on this topic. Thanks for being one of the people trying to do a service to this country. There needs to be more people like you in our government.

  • daniel job
    daniel job 3 months ago

    At this point you could produce video evidence of Hunter Biden snorting cocaine & taking cash baths with hookers & he would be in less trouble than Trump!

  • Jackson Diers
    Jackson Diers 3 months ago

    How is it that all the shade is being pushed onto trump for using foreign power to help him in the 2020 election when it seems to me at least that Biden has been doing the same thing, and now that trump is trying to look into said corruption the dems are trying to get rid of him. It all seems really fishy to me...

    • Jackson Diers
      Jackson Diers Month ago

      Christopher Parks oh you mean like how the entire impeachment trial was entirely based in suspicion? Hm. Weird. Yet here you are preaching that suspicion based accusations are oh so bad. Lmfao y’all libtards a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks Month ago

      @Jackson Diers you've basically just admitted that suspicion is better than factual evidence. No point in talking to someone like that.

    • Jackson Diers
      Jackson Diers Month ago

      Christopher Parks sorry, I don’t speak autism. See I, and most others, don’t care about the small minute details. We care about the fact that joe Biden’s son was making millions at a job he had no qualifications for which is massively corrupt but I see you didn’t even mention that point, probably because it massively hurts your case.

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks Month ago

      @Jackson Diers your statements about Joe Biden are false. The investigation into Burisma was inactive when he puahed for Shokin's removal. Aside from that, Republicans supported the decision at the time. Several of them also demanded Shokin's removal. So why did they support the decision back then, but call it corrupt now?

    • Jackson Diers
      Jackson Diers Month ago

      Christopher Parks He didn’t ask a foreign country to help him, actually quite the opposite. He threatened to withhold financial aid to Ukraine until the prosecutor that was looking into the Ukrainian gas company his son worked for stopped his investigation and resigned. Then a video was posted showing Biden bragging about how he got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. All in order to protect his crackhead son who was kicked out of the military for cocaine use and was making millions per year working a job he had zero qualification for.

  • william campbell
    william campbell 3 months ago +1

    I've got to honestly say..."So what?"
    There have been other office holders who have done much worse, including presidents. Yet here we go because according to the crybabies, I mean Democrats this is the most horrible thing done in history. News flash: all presidents have done similar things in the past. It's how business is done. Grow up!

    • Christopher Parks
      Christopher Parks 2 months ago

      All presidents have not done similar things. Also, democrats are the crybabies?
      How would you describe the conservative reaction to football players kneeling during the anthem?
      Which party constantly cries that the media is treating them unfairly?
      Which party views the phrase "happy holidays" as an assault on their freedom?

    • some spud
      some spud 3 months ago +2

      1. I apologize for assuming what your reaction would be in the hypothetical I set up in my first comment. It was a generalization and I was "painting you with my big red paint brush".

      2. Concerning the impeachment articles: the house passed both articles and, correct me if I'm wrong, they are going to be sent to the Senate for a trial in the new year. e.g. going through with them. From what I understand of American politics, it's unlikely that the Senate will find Trump guilty of these articles, but that is besides the point.

      3. Don't paint me with your big blue paint brush and assume I blindly believe whatever I see on the TV. I've looked at multiple different articles and watched multiple videos form people on either side of the political isle to try and figure out the truth behind this situation. A little bit hypocritical, don't you think William?

      4. I assume "the thinly veiled script" you are referring too is the transcript of the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President. As far as evidence goes it is pretty good, a physical copy of an incriminating conversation (in short, Trump trading Aid in exchange for Ukraine announcing an investigation into the Bidens). If the transcript was unreliable, surely Trump wouldn't have tweeted out asking people to to read it.

      5. In response to you saying "all presidents have done similar things in the past" I asked if you were aware of "any other Presidents asking other countries to dig up dirt on a political opponent". You responded with: all presidents have lied. This answer is both obvious and a straw man. You, intentionally or not, dumbed-down
      my question to make it easier to answer.

      6. I don't have rose tinted glasses, this world is shit. Trump and Biden both had connections to Epstein, so regardless of what happens next year it is a loss in my book. Every politician has a price, I just hope the next President has a high one.

      With that, I wish you a merry Christmas. I hope this discussion doesn't continue and we can just agree to disagree, but if it does continue, I hope the comments are shorter than this one.

    • william campbell
      william campbell 3 months ago

      You don't know me, so don't paint me with your big red paint brush. I've voted Democrat in the past, and I stopped when they started to take away my rights as an American citizen.
      IF Trump was guilty of these these things as you say, why haven't they gone through with the impeachment articles?
      Most important Spud, just because someone says something on television, radio, or in a magazine don't believe it like it came from the mouth of God. PROOF is what you want and right now the thinly veiled script the Democrats hold up in their fists claiming to be concrete evidence is laughable at best. Which president has lied...probably all of them! I've worked in the government before and I know how things get done. You need to take off your rose colored glasses and see what really is going on around you.

    • some spud
      some spud 3 months ago +2

      1. Bribery is not something you just say "So what?", it a serious form of corruption. If Democrats were illegally trying to get dirt on Trump from a foreign country, I have a feeling you would have a different reaction.
      2. Just because other people have done worse things does not excuse or lessen what has happened. Mao killed more people than Stalin, but that doesn't mean you can dismiss the things Stalin did.
      3. Which presidents are you referring too when you say 'all presidents have done similar things in the past'? I'm not from the USA, but I am unaware of any other presidents asking other countries to dig up dirt on a political opponent before an election.