Joe Rogan Experience #1315 - Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Bob Lazar is a physicist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and also on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4 near the Area 51 Groom Lake operating location. Jeremy Corbell is a contemporary artist and documentary filmmaker. Watch the documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers" now streaming on Netflix.

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  • Jan Stuchl
    Jan Stuchl 31 minute ago

    many facts and studies to digest, very exhausting but teaching lesson

  • AstronomerZ-
    AstronomerZ- 37 minutes ago

    “What’s going on now, what’s going on now.... what’s going on now”

  • Alien Musk
    Alien Musk 38 minutes ago

    I genuinely feel for Jeremy, I don't think he got enough hugs as a kid. My solution: coat him head to foot in salmon oil and drop him on Kodiak Island.

  • robb99
    robb99 39 minutes ago

    How the fuck they drove that thing if there were no control panels and we didnt know how that shit works

  • wooden chair
    wooden chair Hour ago

    why is Jeremy trying to sound cool by constantly mentioning people he knows?

  • Name, Rank & Cereal Number

    The CCTV footage of Corbell screaming in the tattoo parlour would go viral.

  • Dheeraj chaudhary

    The structure bob lazar defines about ufo is very similar to ancient "vimans" found in ancient india

  • No Name
    No Name Hour ago

    Look up jeremy corbell quantum jiu jitsu and prepare to laugh your asses off. He got all those tattoos last year in a starbucks catalog for diy hipsters

  • Martyn Scott
    Martyn Scott Hour ago

    Jeremy's a cunt

  • Martyn Scott
    Martyn Scott Hour ago

    Jeremy's a cunt

  • Martyn Scott
    Martyn Scott Hour ago

    Jeremy's a cunt

  • Parmi
    Parmi Hour ago

    Hey fbi thanx for watching Joe Rogan’s podcasts

  • hdcreyes
    hdcreyes Hour ago +1

    It started as a discussion on alien technology then Joe made it really a deep coversation on human, progress, humanity etc.

  • gambitgrant
    gambitgrant 2 hours ago

    Joe, you should have the guy who owns UFO magazine on. He had a show on the history channel called ufo hunters.

  • Sancho Pancho
    Sancho Pancho 2 hours ago +1

    Dude watching this really made time fly I was watching since 12:40 something then I checked the time like around 01:15 am approximately then again at 01:55 exactly..... I missed 1 hr of scans at my job watching this...... I don’t always watch Rogan but this video was great

  • Mike Stein
    Mike Stein 2 hours ago +1

    I hope bob feels vindicated the media and skeptics crushed him for 20 years than came 115 remember he did this so we would know the truth , it ruined him , he still works on projects for the government ultra light metals used on satellites and tanks and his car is hydrogen powered and runs on water

  • AA
    AA 2 hours ago

    1:04:37 TIME STAMP, continue

  • SoonToBlow
    SoonToBlow 3 hours ago +1

    Maybe I'm over thinking this, but were they found at the grand canyon? Being serious. If they were found in the ground.

  • Alien Musk
    Alien Musk 3 hours ago

    Any truth to the rumour fanboy and Bob have been getting it together?

  • shivam sh
    shivam sh 3 hours ago

    well aliens are the one who once left the earth and came back now

  • Dennis The Menace
    Dennis The Menace 3 hours ago

    Podcast 2 could top this if they do it right. Bob’s got a lab of sorts, so he makes a branding iron with the words ‘Narcissistic Prick’ on it. Then cranks up that jet-engine
    Honda, heats that iron ‘till it’s white-hot and does a test brand on a side of prime American beef. Then, come the day of the second podcast, he parks his Honda outside Joe’s studio and the pair of them wait for Corbell to arrive on the bus. Now you gotta get this guy’s ass on camera properly coz they’re making history
    here and I for one would pay top dollar on Netflix to watch this masterpiece. They don’t have to be cruel about it they could give Corbell an aspirin and a cushion.

    Well maybe just the aspirin.😈

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan 3 hours ago

    The govt gave him the migraine

  • Shahid R
    Shahid R 3 hours ago

    wow, this guy is a very talented liar. Calculated responses, practiced story, talent for the proper reaction. But when you ask him certain questions, his tells are very apparent. Might be a better career to play poker..... NOT!!!! lmao

  • Michael George
    Michael George 3 hours ago +1

    Very informative conversation distracted by Joe's bald head shining like the moon.

  • Logen M
    Logen M 3 hours ago

    wait... hold on... how the fuck does the us military at the time even have the firepower or tech necessary to apprehend 9 supposedly high tech "out of this world" saucers in supposed mint conditions? Something smells off..

  • Jesus Cruz
    Jesus Cruz 3 hours ago

    I skipped through every time Jeremy spoke. I couldn’t stand him after his fanboy bitch words

  • Sad Smile
    Sad Smile 3 hours ago

    Jeremy is annoying

  • Ben
    Ben 3 hours ago +1

    I made the mistake of looking at Joe's shiny head about 30 mins into the podcast and now everytime it cuts to him its all I can see. Im going to have to start this again later because I can't concentrate.

  • Dennis The Menace
    Dennis The Menace 4 hours ago

    All those tattoos and talks like Micky Mouse - you couldn't write the script!

  • Alien Musk
    Alien Musk 4 hours ago

    Here we go again another day, another $100,000.000

  • Dennis The Menace
    Dennis The Menace 4 hours ago

    I don't know what Joe and Bob think but if this guy doesn't put from the rough then Elon Musk is a human.

  • Area 51 Security
    Area 51 Security 4 hours ago

    Here at the base we found a great way to keep the aliens in line. If they don't measure up we put Corbell's voice on a loop and stick a pair of headphones on them. We found it so successful they're gonna start doing it at Guantanamo Bay - different kind of alien but same result.

  • Cobraa
    Cobraa 4 hours ago

    Poor Jeremy getting bashed on

  • SQaz1245
    SQaz1245 4 hours ago

    I 100% didn’t believe in aliens before watching this and now... we’ll I don’t know

  • Themanwitdaplan
    Themanwitdaplan 4 hours ago

    Not trying to stir some shitty pot of negativity but this guy kinda sounds full of shit. I suppose that’s what you would sorta sound like when you have seen alien technology.
    But this seems more like that kid that got caught in some bullshit and is trying to talk his way out of it. Except in this case the kid is someone that is highly intelligent and has watched a shit ton of Star Trek or read a plethora of science fiction.
    At the same time it’s hard to dispute. I’m simply reading body language and the perhaps using a migraine to mask the self gathering of having to answer simple questions quickly that you need to make sure doesn’t contradict previous statements.

  • Nebula357
    Nebula357 4 hours ago

    If chimps are in the stone age then once they evolve or whatever what will the new chimps be?

  • Matthew Munger
    Matthew Munger 4 hours ago

    Thanks a lot. Life lost even more meaning.

  • glorbo
    glorbo 4 hours ago

    Alien bitches for all of us!

  • notorious blanket
    notorious blanket 5 hours ago +1

    You can tell joe doesn’t like this Jeremy guy, he’s pretty god damn annoying

  • Callum Kelly
    Callum Kelly 5 hours ago

    Almost got him on camera Almost. Almost still isn't. Twat

  • Andiror
    Andiror 5 hours ago


  • audrius milieska
    audrius milieska 5 hours ago

    fc cutting reactor unanaunced nuke test fuck you lunatic idiot fucking faker fraud fc who cuts that insane technology

  • Sam Weafer
    Sam Weafer 5 hours ago

    "It's anti-gravity." DUh

  • Lucas Storm
    Lucas Storm 5 hours ago +1

    Bob Lazar's talent lies in his ability to come off as an honest person, with his everyman nerd persona. The truth is that he is a super shady character. He never went to MIT or Caltech, he went to Pierce college. He ran a brothel in Nevada, married a hooker while he was married to his first wife (who then mysteriously died two days later). People say he hasn't profited from his story - that is total nonsense. This guy has been living off this lie for years. He and George Knapp and John Lear were friends years before the so called "Area 51" reveal. They put on a crazy fireworks, gun and explosive event out in the middle of the desert close to Area 51. They concocted this alien shit to further their event and commercialize it. It just got way more out of hand than they had planned - and then once they realized they were in too deep, they decided to keep going with this. And they have for 30 years.

  • Wizard FMX
    Wizard FMX 5 hours ago +1

    I buy it

  • Dennis The Menace
    Dennis The Menace 5 hours ago

    There are an estimated 100 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone. And there are an estimated
    100 billion galaxies in the observable universe. That adds up to at least 1 billion trillion stars in this universe! And we were the planet that ended up with Jeremy Corbell - is that not sod's law?

  • Sabrina Goulette
    Sabrina Goulette 5 hours ago

    I felt like bob had alot to hold on to.. I am dead curious now. 🤔

  • Max Goldberger
    Max Goldberger 5 hours ago


  • Max Goldberger
    Max Goldberger 6 hours ago

    fuck you jeremy

  • Jameson Webster
    Jameson Webster 6 hours ago

    Joe maybe the aliens or whatever they are who might be watching us watched this

  • Cloxygen
    Cloxygen 6 hours ago

    Okay that part about not being able to see the craft because its antigravity field bends light is complete bullshit. Which makes me think the whole thing is. The suns gravity field can only bend light a couple degrees. The amount of antigravity required to warp light all the way around would fuck up our entire solar system.

  • esketit ravioli
    esketit ravioli 6 hours ago

    I wonder what they tell the families when someone dies at Area 51 because I’m pretty sure they can’t tell them they died from testing something that’s classified.

  • Slovenator 92
    Slovenator 92 6 hours ago

    I don't get it,how can Lazar publicly speak about all this,isn't he afraid that the Men in Black might try to get him,or does he just have massive guts.

  • S Bh
    S Bh 6 hours ago

    I mean if they were archeological digs. Another jre clip someone said they found the same writing engraved on egypt pyramids on the roswell crafts. And now he says they had tech to manipulate gravity, hence now we know how the pyramids were built.

  • shing wong
    shing wong 6 hours ago

    I’ve followed literally tons of stories you know their legit when they’re wiped clear or the persons dead. The internet used to be different and you could find real stuff not just Illuminati bs.

  • shing wong
    shing wong 7 hours ago

    Bruh their just going to move the shit from Area 51. There’s going to be nothing to raid.

  • Cristian Mancillas
    Cristian Mancillas 7 hours ago

    Reverse engineering of alien spaceships have allowed us to make our own.
    Neil Tyson says that UFO does not mean Aliens. It could very well be our own government or Russian government

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 7 hours ago +2

    Jeremy Corbell talks in like 75% complete sentences before starting a new sentence. Difficult to follow what he is saying.

    • Ashley s
      Ashley s 6 hours ago +2

      You said it so well. I feel bad but it is irritating lol

  • Garage Sleep
    Garage Sleep 7 hours ago

    Thanks for telling your story Bob!

  • ShadowKillerD
    ShadowKillerD 7 hours ago

    Can anyone link bobs video of the UFO?

  • Nathan Baldassero
    Nathan Baldassero 7 hours ago

    Something about Jeremy's half smirk with that mustache rubs me the wrong way Lol. (I'm also in the camp that Bob should lead that area 51 raid for some poetic Justice haha)

  • Jacé Shapiro
    Jacé Shapiro 7 hours ago +1

    Who else hates Jeremy staring at the camera the whole time

  • VenusMyrtea
    VenusMyrtea 7 hours ago

    It seems as though he was being mind controlled to keep him from speaking or remembering his train of thought

  • Olivia. Life
    Olivia. Life 7 hours ago

    Bob needs water, not scotch for his migrane!

  • tobythewuss
    tobythewuss 7 hours ago

    Why wasn’t bravo here with lazar

  • Ch1n4Sailor
    Ch1n4Sailor 7 hours ago

    I have no doubt UFO's exist, and possibly the U.S. or other countries have some captured ones in their possession ... But this guy is just a pathological liar... The U.S. Gov't just doesn't invite you in off the street to look at it's most classified materials. To get a SECRET clearance to basically read Hillary Clinton's Lunch menu or agenda (when she worked for the state dept) would probably require a background check at the minimum, the level of clearance required for what he's talking about would undoubtedly require a SCI... And that's a 6 or 9 months, background checks, they send investigators to interview people you listed on the application, and then a polygraph exam... minimum...

    If the U.S. does really possess these captured craft, which is a real possibility, the people working on these things would be at full-time employees from Los Alamos Nat'l lab, and / or be the most highly credentialed people you'd ever meet...
    Most likely current and past professor's at MIT or Stanford, Fermi-lab you name the prestigious institution...
    I believe Bob, might have had some connection to that place at some point in time, possibly he installed some routers, set up a network, or server and combined that tiny kernel of knowledge with something he might have heard, living in that area all his life, and then spun off this wild story... The odds of his story being true, (and I firmly believe UFO's exist) I would place those odd about the same as hitting a 1 billion dollar lotto jackpot... Not that I think it's impossible, they may very well have a full-blown, reverse ufo engineering lab there, but knowing what I know about how the gov't operates, he doesn't come across as the least bit credible... But interesting story though... two thumbs up

  • Melvin Fuentes
    Melvin Fuentes 7 hours ago

    Been following Bob for YEARS!!!!!! glad to see his story is back again! Hopefully, more people come out with their stories that were also working on the same project. I just wanna know the TRUTH!!!!

  • christopher cano
    christopher cano 7 hours ago

    37 minutes in I'm done.....

  • Rico Landings
    Rico Landings 7 hours ago

    God Jeremy comes off as a douche and so condescending

  • I Krushalot
    I Krushalot 7 hours ago

    Why is Jeremy going on about these acronyms? This guy is ridiculous

  • Mutombo Says
    Mutombo Says 7 hours ago +1


  • MX TW
    MX TW 8 hours ago

    Fuck Jeremy. Wtf is he in the doc so much, he’s supposed to be the director. Fucking cuck cunt

  • Kitty_kat18
    Kitty_kat18 8 hours ago

    Does anyone know how to find bobs video footage of s4?

  • Taka Konobe
    Taka Konobe 8 hours ago

    I think its future humans. I feel asleep idk if he saw any bodies.

  • Cody Normandin
    Cody Normandin 8 hours ago

    great the petition to storm area 51 just got even stronger

  • Taka Konobe
    Taka Konobe 8 hours ago

    Oh so the Germans got them?

  • asoom
    asoom 8 hours ago

    just posting a respectful comment within guidelines

  • Brady Clayton
    Brady Clayton 8 hours ago

    Poor Jeremy’s ego gonna hit rock bottom when he reads this thread.

  • kaviraj singh
    kaviraj singh 8 hours ago

    Corbell has to self-athenticate everything first by either saying "I made a film on him" or "i was just discussing this". Really needs to articulate himself like an adult. Bob Lazar, true or false, in any case seems and sounds like not only a genuine being, also a very well articulated smart person, it's music to listen to him, honesty in the voice. Every time it's ruined by Corbell's childlike enthusiasm just by knowing these people, making quick sci-fi assumptions. I'm sure he's helping Lazar fight/survive whatever, but he's eating too much off him by over participating in his journey.

  • Beef
    Beef 8 hours ago

    if he's speaking the truth, then why are they letting him?

    • M Maximillion
      M Maximillion 7 hours ago

      They tried to kill him, but they were too late because he went to George Knapp to whistleblow (killing a whistleblower would strengthen their claim(s).

  • Olivia. Life
    Olivia. Life 8 hours ago

    Joe, gorgeous, ya gotsta powda your head.

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 8 hours ago +1

    Sounds like when you try and tell someone about a dream you had.

  • Barr Humburg
    Barr Humburg 8 hours ago +1

    I actually like Jeremy he knows his stuff

  • Purple Cactus
    Purple Cactus 8 hours ago +1

    Can we get a part 2? Jeremy took up so much time with his nonsense.

  • Alan Barral
    Alan Barral 8 hours ago

    This guy is talking complete and utter nonsense. He is either incredibly sad or needs medical help, maybe both.

  • ridethepow
    ridethepow 8 hours ago

    Jeremy reminds me of KIA salesperson...

  • Lucas Norton
    Lucas Norton 8 hours ago

    Really... you go through the whole podcast without even a shootout to Tom Delonge!? I was waiting for it lol

  • CB7ism
    CB7ism 9 hours ago

    Quit giving Jeremy a hard time! That's my favorite, drunk, talented uncle with an awesome beard. I'll kick your f#cking A$$!!

  • Sir BadassB
    Sir BadassB 9 hours ago

    Turns out I've had a DVD called " UFOS Above & Beyond " since 2005, and I never opened or watched it until last night.. and Bob larzar is being interviewed in it..

  • 00ChimiNinja
    00ChimiNinja 9 hours ago

    Element 115? Group 935 wya?

  • krystion
    krystion 9 hours ago +1

    This Jeremy guy just seems like a dick. He was so annoying in this podcast. I tried to watch the Netflix documentary but the first ten minutes are just this Jeremy guy trying to act and build atmosphere instead of just getting into the facts and telling the story. Instead he just put himself at the centre of attention and tried to get as much screen time as possible. It's a documentary about bob Lazar you douchebag no one wants to see you wash your face and listen to your annoying ringtone on ur trendy iPhone ffs. Lol hope he reads this. Wish someone would make an actual documentary about Bob Lazar that involves actual journalism you know digging for facts and talking to other to people who can corroborate or dispute what Bob is saying instead of just acting like it's all 100% fact. Dont get me wrong I'm not doubting what Bob Lazar is saying but what Jeremy has done is not journalism and he is not a documentarian hes a bad film maker who is self centered and just wants to be in the limelight

  • Blake Unrein
    Blake Unrein 9 hours ago

    More more

  • Loner Boner
    Loner Boner 9 hours ago

    What about Whistle blowers anywhere else in the world? We never hear about them.

  • Whit
    Whit 9 hours ago

    another mirage man, and flicky joe doesn't do his research. But where's your next whore house Bobbie? I'll visit that place.

  • Dwide Shrude
    Dwide Shrude 9 hours ago

    It was a big mistake for Jeremey to make the documentary on Bob. It Should have been someone else.

  • Chad Tinsley
    Chad Tinsley 9 hours ago

    I think my farts are other worldly they stink so bad.

  • Alexander Collier
    Alexander Collier 9 hours ago

    Who the hell is this Jeremy child

  • Samuel Underwood
    Samuel Underwood 9 hours ago +1

    Step 1: Become a Physicist
    Step 2: Claim aliens exist
    Step 3: Print money

  • I am not impressed by your performance

    *kyle gets his hands on a flying saucer

  • Alex Quinteros
    Alex Quinteros 9 hours ago

    I'm just glad all those UFO's Bob saw had an American flag on them