LeBron James is 'obviously' the NBA MVP this season | First Take | ESPN


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  • Christian Ray Wenceslao

    Leagues scoring leader of 30 points a game..number 1 seed in the competitive western conference..only team to win 60 plus games in this season..and we are talking regular season mvp..respect the beard..james harden mvp

  • Sugam Khadka
    Sugam Khadka 7 months ago

    harden in this season has the best teammate can player can have and on other side lebron carrying the whole cleveland on this shoulder . and come to stats man after the playoff games has more than harden can ever have

  • Nick Sandberg
    Nick Sandberg 7 months ago

    Definitely going to LeBron, his contribution to the Cavs can't be understated, he is the only reason they've made it this far in the play offs and have been able to sweep the Raptors. If you're going to give a Most Valuable Award to anybody, you should give it to him.

  • Jahan Ali
    Jahan Ali 8 months ago

    McNabb you should stay retired

  • Jahan Ali
    Jahan Ali 8 months ago

    Fake news!!! James Harden 3rd in assist! LeBron 2nd! How you tryna debate with incorrect stats?

  • Tamim Suhail
    Tamim Suhail 8 months ago

    Without Harden, Rockets still won games, But without Lebron Cavs can’t win! In fact in the last 4 years Cavs only won 4 out of the 25 games that Lebron missed. Rockets beat Magic Blazers Bulls Suns without Harden by a combined 54 points! Harden wasn’t needed. But no Lebron means no wins.

  • Adam Samuel
    Adam Samuel 9 months ago

    Lol Lebron should never get the regular season MVP because he ain't care too much about the regular season. He just helps his team win 50 games and face a particular team and reaches the NBA Finals. 3-5 soon to be 3-6. Another Finals sweep is awaiting Lebron and the Cavs.

  • LikeMike294
    LikeMike294 9 months ago

    Lol, oh how the tables have turned.

    BIG FACTS 9 months ago

    I've come to the conclusion no matter what Harden does the mainstream media will find a way to move the bar on him.
    1.He had a better statistical season then Curry and they said it was the eye test and his team wasn't better.
    2. Then he had a better season and team with more wins and they said well Russ had the triple doubles(stats).
    3. Now he has a better team, season and stats now they saying just flat out "he ain't Lebron"...
    Mainstream sports media is THE most bias contradicting source ever.

  • Rolis Perez
    Rolis Perez 10 months ago

    Harden's leading the league in scoring (WHICH IS WHY RUSSELL WESTBROOK WON LAST YEAR) plus his team is the best in the fucking league so he's got stats and he's got win which screams out MVP OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES PEOPLE James Harden is your clear MVP and wtf is LeBron doing in Cleveland with that team full of all stars

    OPEN YOUR EYES AND GET OF LEBRONS DICK danm y'all nigga's piss me off

  • Rolis Perez
    Rolis Perez 10 months ago

    Harden deserves the MVP.
    He can't be screwed over 3 years in a row

  • Knight Rydah
    Knight Rydah 11 months ago

    D antoni system is what makes hardens stats so good smh! U can switch that and say lebrons system makes lebrons stats so good. Antoni system is very similar to lebrons system. Best player bring it up have 4 shooters go one on one and kick out if doubled. Difference is lebron has 4 shooters around him while harden has 3 and 1 inside guy who cant shoot (Capela). What harden is doing in the "Western" conference is remarkable. Lebron plays in a much weaker conference with more shooters around him. No team in nba history has had 5 starters that have shot atleast over 35% from 3 multiple times in their career. Only cavs have that. So what? We say lebron pads stats? Lebron ave over 1reb per game for his career from grabbing freethrow misses cause he plays sf/pf. Harden didnt benefit from those rebounds. Dumbest argument ever from Max. Big thumbs down.

  • Ballout1997
    Ballout1997 11 months ago

    James Harden is the MVP

  • Guest Gst
    Guest Gst 11 months ago

    This sounds silly 3 weeks after.

  • Rambito
    Rambito 11 months ago

    Max loves riding the Lebron train.

  • rachel mendoza
    rachel mendoza 11 months ago

    Absolutely yes

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson 11 months ago

    Harden is CLEARLY the mvp to this point.

  • Wasp Pride
    Wasp Pride 11 months ago

    lol you all sweat a man who plays with balls. Lol

  • Joker Smile
    Joker Smile 11 months ago

    Never be like Jordan...sorry LeBron..just not there yet brah..lmao

  • Ronald Chisolm
    Ronald Chisolm 11 months ago

    Harden plays no defense other than that 😑😑

  • lito dat
    lito dat 11 months ago

    & Max is right ! Harden didn’t start having stats like this till he got in dantoni system my guy lmaooo Harden was doing the same thing last year leading the league in ppg and assists for the most part of the season was 1-2 and he still didn’t get MVP that shit don’t mean nothing what means something is how good u playing all thru out the box score

  • lito dat
    lito dat 11 months ago

    You can tell McNabb knows nothing bout basketball if he think cuz u leading the league in scoring u going get mvp lmaoo nigga please !!! Lebron stats are AMAZING for year 15 are u serious !?! He is averaging 28 8 & 8 don’t hit me with that bullshit mcnabb stick to football

  • Mike Mcglone
    Mike Mcglone 11 months ago

    Who is more efficient?

  • shen gao
    shen gao 11 months ago

    i vote another james.agree?

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 11 months ago

    Isn't he always the mvp?

  • ️GLO CitY__
    ️GLO CitY__ 11 months ago

    Only thing harden is better than lebron in this season is points lol ... and lebron play less minutes and have the ball in his hands less. With better stats lol

  • Nabil Mahmud
    Nabil Mahmud 11 months ago

    Max sounds dumb Harden clearly MVP better stats than curry 2015 MVP year runner up more wins than westbrook runner up this man gotta average 50 to earn his respect god damn

  • Kyle Kolo
    Kyle Kolo 11 months ago


  • David T
    David T 11 months ago

    Who even thinks mcnabb has any credibility... this the same system that put Steve Nash as a back to back MVP.. over shaq?? Save it donovan

  • Warren Franklin
    Warren Franklin 11 months ago

    The East better then the west now.

  • Pabs Alanya
    Pabs Alanya 11 months ago

    This is ridic... Lonzo ball almost got a triple dub on Lebron and is carrying the whole lakers team...
    Lonzo shoud be mvp no questions

  • Sosa Marvin Gaye
    Sosa Marvin Gaye 11 months ago

    James harden getting hoed again 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence Year ago

    I think Donovan McNabb could do well by having his own show on ESPN.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Year ago

    The 2 reasons why Harden isn't is that he turnovers the most and plays terrible d...

  • Rayan Nahouli
    Rayan Nahouli Year ago

    Harden will have his 3rd mvp stolen this year

  • That 1 Highlight
    That 1 Highlight Year ago


  • Zac York
    Zac York Year ago

    Westbrook > Harden

  • Nate Chacko
    Nate Chacko Year ago


  • Jesse Houston
    Jesse Houston Year ago

    Westbrook got it this year because of triple doubles. Harden is leading the league now but he doesn't deserve it because of the coaches system ? This nigga dumb

  • Miguel Dabdab
    Miguel Dabdab Year ago

    Harden is the MVP as of right now... But lebron is obviously the better player, right?

  • TrulyUnfortunate
    TrulyUnfortunate Year ago

    Jesus...no wonder BSPN is swirling the bowl like the turds they are.

  • Gabriel Freits
    Gabriel Freits Year ago

    Who’s shooting less then 50% from
    The field n shooting like 10 free throws a game

    James Harden😭don’t compare him to lebron ever not In the same conversation

  • Reginald 18
    Reginald 18 Year ago

    Watch lebron reach his prime at 40

  • JuzTrae Motto
    JuzTrae Motto Year ago

    Weren't the celtics ona 19game run? Streaks don't matter. The Beard is MVP,Kyrie is runner up

  • JuzTrae Motto
    JuzTrae Motto Year ago

    Weren't the celtics ona 19game run? Streaks don't matter. The Beard is MVP,Kyrie is runner up

  • Ivan Anić
    Ivan Anić Year ago

    Defense is not a factor in the MVP voting anymore, such a shame. All the fools that think Harden>Lebron are delusional. I know that Harden has more steals than LBJ, but we all know thats BS. BEARDED BLACK DUDE GO WATCH THE FULL GAMES, NOT HIGLIGHTS AND STATS.

  • Noah Oxley
    Noah Oxley Year ago

    Leading the league in scoring and assists does not automatically make you mvp, its called most valuable player. not best scorer and passer. The cavs without Lebon james, 25 or less wins. the rockets without harden. still 40+ wins

  • A Voice for the logical American

    Max just straight up put McNabb on welfare

  • Anthony ngop-loti

    Ok both of you are right, a "James" is MVP at the current moment

  • KiZee Gaming
    KiZee Gaming Year ago

    This dude was a football player tf he doing here

  • jose espinal
    jose espinal Year ago

    James harden mvp 2017

  • get handles
    get handles Year ago


  • Phillip Deron
    Phillip Deron Year ago


  • Anthony Caputi
    Anthony Caputi Year ago

    James Hardens gonna be number 2 again this year :/

  • Keith Lindsay
    Keith Lindsay Year ago

    Love have Nabb didn’t mention how many Rebounds harden has. Lol

  • Lil Saykoe
    Lil Saykoe Year ago

    Yep a couple of Jordan record bet that!

  • Serpent Lordz
    Serpent Lordz Year ago


  • mike ill gaming
    mike ill gaming Year ago

    Mike.D as a coach does make you look good ... you get to shoot however many shots you want, he don’t give a fuck

  • PCMasterRaceTechGod

    Apparently MVP = Who is averaging the most points in the league.

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia Year ago

    harden fucking lives on free throw line

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson Year ago +1

    The thumbnail makes him look like a xenomorph. Lol

  • rhettsand ramps
    rhettsand ramps Year ago

    LeBron is Un-fkn real rite now...I get it...but Harden is fkn PHENOMENAL rite now... Please don't overlook his hardwork... Give Harden the MVP 2017. LeBron wouldn't mind at all....✌

  • Almighty S
    Almighty S Year ago

    damn sas got big asf and grew a beard

  • cherno awe
    cherno awe Year ago

    Sometimes y’all forget the meaning of MVP it’s not Offensive player of the year offense, James Harden is kinda playing better offense but if we’re talking about the way they affect the game, LeBron James is the MVP

  • TheVision26
    TheVision26 Year ago

    James harden is mvp

  • Adrian Rubio
    Adrian Rubio Year ago

    KD the real MVP

  • brian green
    brian green Year ago

    Kyrie Irving !!!!

  • Terell Miller
    Terell Miller Year ago

    Harden has been runner up for MVP for the past 3 or 4 years it's his MVP this season #FEARTHEBEARD

  • Gerard Lavergne
    Gerard Lavergne Year ago

    My god the dick sucking lebron receives is absolutely unreal. James harden is leading the NBA in scoring, assists and his team has the best record in the NBA. Harden is clearly the MVP right now.

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23 Year ago

    Go , Max! THEA ONLY BROTHAAA on the show

  • QU4D LIFE Productions

    Fuk off! harden has been hoed out too many times for him not to get MVP

  • Ryan Berger
    Ryan Berger Year ago

    Kyrie is definitely MVP this year

  • Soupaman93
    Soupaman93 Year ago

    So the Cavs need all of these all star level players to barely make it out as the first seed in the Eastern conference, yet this fool Max is insisting LeBron as this year's MVP with his only argument that the opposing player is winning by the "function of a system"?
    I swear Max is a fucking idiot.

  • Ali Saain
    Ali Saain Year ago

    James harden have better stats and more wins than lebron...than why for fuck sake is everyone trying so hard to make lebron mvp

  • RicoSuaVe
    RicoSuaVe Year ago

    James Harden is the MVP. Plain and simple.

  • Ernesto Hendrix
    Ernesto Hendrix Year ago

    LeBron should've won MVP every season from '06 to '13.

  • Ernesto Hendrix
    Ernesto Hendrix Year ago

    Harden just has bad luck. Curry definitely deserved the MVP award in '15 but it really should've been a tie between him and Harden.

  • theo perry
    theo perry Year ago

    Lebron inflates his stats he plays longer than anyone else

  • Random Person
    Random Person Year ago +1

    Yeah until IT comes back say goodbye to that mvp

  • Logan B
    Logan B Year ago

    love how max wants to give it to lebron even though he thinks brady doesnt deserve MVP over wentz. Harden has the most points and is on one of the top 2 teams in the NBA. Wentz has the most touchdowns and is on one of the top 2 teams in the NFL. similarities between Lebron and Brady? Older players having some of their best seasons yet who have are one of the top 3 teams in the league and have managed to ascend their teams to impressive wining streaks. PROOF Max is biased as fuck and not a true analyst, literally wants to give it to Lebron who s doing the Exact same things as Brady, and wont acknowledge Harden who is doing exactly what Wentz is doing even though he said "Wentz is the clear MVP". Dude needs to stop being such a bitch and admit he doesnt know what hes talking about.

  • william waston
    william waston Year ago

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  • Dadasha
    Dadasha Year ago


  • rizzo905
    rizzo905 Year ago

    seriously ?? Harden?? give your heads a shake....what lebrons doing without Kyrie and without IT is incredible he has the best stats of he carreer up until this point of the season and not to mention he's in his 15th year!? who really cares that youre tired of seeing him win, bunch of baby milllenials want to give it to Harden because everyone should win it should be fair bla bla cry me a river, who cares who got snubbed or didn't get snubbed were talking THIS year thats all that matters, no one cares Lebrun got snubbed in 2011 and and possibly 2013 .. .

  • FireShot
    FireShot Year ago +1

    James harden is the mvp obviously

  • Matt C
    Matt C Year ago +1


  • Michael Moreno
    Michael Moreno Year ago

    Who doesn’t play defense...James Harden

  • Korey Miller
    Korey Miller Year ago

    Its James Hardens year!!! Now Sam Presti looks dumb, they should of gave him the extra money.

  • michael smith
    michael smith Year ago

    even though lebron is doing well i think james harden should win this season

  • SShaBazzz
    SShaBazzz Year ago

    Max, you lost all credibility.

  • Anna Mackin
    Anna Mackin Year ago

    HARDEN FOR MVP!!!!!!

  • Grant Morgan
    Grant Morgan Year ago

    Lebron's shooting 58% and Harden's shooting 46%. If this were Lebron shooting 48% and Harden shooting 36%, no one would be saying Harden

  • JeJe Mobile Legends

    it wont this year either ! Hahaha

  • Steve Trini
    Steve Trini Year ago

    Max is fucking delusional as always.

  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice Year ago +2

    Harden deserves the MVP......after he got robbed by Curry and Westbrook

    • ExZac
      ExZac 8 months ago

      Ewan Pincott 2015 Harden should have won because curry on won because of his record

    • Ewan Pincott
      Ewan Pincott 11 months ago

      Matty Ice he didn’t get robbed curry was unanimous and Westbrook was record breaking ( even though I believe harden should have won)

  • Mike B
    Mike B Year ago

    harden was averaging 29/7/7 before Dantoni, just how dumb is this guy max? Like for real?

  • Mike B
    Mike B Year ago

    How retarded is this max guy?

  • Jhun Boks
    Jhun Boks Year ago

    Fucking dis idiot maxkillerman

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Year ago

    James harden and it's not even close

  • moon eulogy
    moon eulogy Year ago

    "who's leading the league in scoring...that would be James Harding". I didnt know a president had risen from the dead and started playing basketball. Dumb ass Donovan McNabb doesnt even know his name, credibility of the argument is gone.