The Terrors of Yuma Territorial Prison

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • Does this Arizona prison still hold the spirits of Old West outlaws?
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Comments • 9 138

  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network  7 months ago +4481

    We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

    • Misty Stewart
      Misty Stewart 2 months ago

      Dude... its slatwall. Aka a display.

    • Nelly Becerra
      Nelly Becerra 7 months ago

      I live in Arizona you should visit other haunted places there like the superstition mountains

    • Gäbÿ Äłvärëngä
      Gäbÿ Äłvärëngä 7 months ago

      Why haven’t you guys ever visited The Amityville house,Another house is Ocean Ave and there’s a haunted house

    • GT Zeus
      GT Zeus 7 months ago

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network hope you guys got rabies vaccines, cause that would have been bad

  • Kate Bautista
    Kate Bautista 3 hours ago

    2:23 *that ASMR tho*

    sounds like my fart

  • moon pie
    moon pie 4 hours ago

    How did she call for help before cell phones that wouldn't have got reception if they had. The place isn't exactly set up for land lines. I don't think they would have phones back then and didn't exactly hook up phone jacks in cells like that. Did they install a phone line just in particular for her stay? Did she just yell through the air shaft? I don't get it

  • Creamyator
    Creamyator 4 hours ago

    Who’s cowboy shadow is at 15:52

  • Itz_Flo_ xo
    Itz_Flo_ xo 13 hours ago

    At 9:57 it sounds like it says we’re stuck 🤷‍♀️😮🤭

  • Puff Ball
    Puff Ball 17 hours ago

    14:26 I. Love. Shane.

  • Maddy
    Maddy 17 hours ago

    At 15:52 did anyone else see a shadow person with a cowboy hat or was it just my imagination?

  • Mr Next
    Mr Next Day ago +1

    i was re watching this and i saw at 15:51 theres a figure walking in front of u

  • terry fold
    terry fold Day ago

    00:09-00:12 is that string of moving lights in the bottom right corner a ufo?

    • terry fold
      terry fold Day ago

      ah I think its the train that is visible from 6:03-6:05

  • -sneekypeet
    -sneekypeet Day ago

    *volbeat plays in the background*

  • Drake the Snake
    Drake the Snake Day ago

    Please do skinwalker ranch in utah

  • redneck phantom
    redneck phantom 2 days ago

    I heard a door open

  • Sabrin Guzman
    Sabrin Guzman 2 days ago

    Shane-focus Ryan Focus
    Ryan-shut up
    Shane-open ur ears
    Ryan-*SHUT UP*

  • Samantha Hall
    Samantha Hall 2 days ago

    You guys need to do Bobby Mackeys Music World!

  • MaverickMass
    MaverickMass 2 days ago

    Maybe... if you find a place full of rabid ghost that will get SHANE... LOL!!! SHANE forgot about the guano!!! LOL

  • MaverickMass
    MaverickMass 2 days ago

    That WHITE NOISE machine..... great for migraines!! definitely your migraines become stronger!! LOL WOW I just imagine how SHANE will behave if he have migraines and RYAN turns that machine on!!! LOL!!! it will be very fk but funny as fk!!!!! LOL!!!!

  • just_mayo
    just_mayo 2 days ago

    At 12:01 I heard Ryan or fire

  • Warner.Brown
    Warner.Brown 2 days ago +1

    Do u guys hear the like door creak at 10:21- 10:23

  • Purple Fighter
    Purple Fighter 2 days ago

    One of these days they're gonna go somewhere and sam and colby are gonna be there too and they're just gonna scare the crap out of each other

  • Vestabis-beats
    Vestabis-beats 2 days ago +1

    15:52 there’s a shadow on left side


    I sometimes wonder if ghosts get sick of people always being like "hey could you talk to us. Hey can you move stuff"

  • bruh its Dayami
    bruh its Dayami 3 days ago +1

    *tHaTs A ChUnKY BoY*

    QUETZAL LICEA-URVINA 3 days ago +1

    it probably was the spider.....

  • Ryan Bradley
    Ryan Bradley 3 days ago

    That spirit may be pissed off for be called "asswipes" from Shane's taunting words.

  • For The Love Of Pudding

    I bet there is a support group for all the spirits and demons that Shane has bullied and yelled at.

  • Amulya Srivalli
    Amulya Srivalli 4 days ago +1

    *"Thats a chunky boiiii"*
    - Shane 2018

  • Person Who likes Kpop
    Person Who likes Kpop 4 days ago +2

    Ryan: Thats a fat spider
    Shane: Chunky Boi

  • Grace Hair
    Grace Hair 5 days ago +2

    For all y’all asking about the camera man I think his name is TJ Marchbank bc at the end in the credits it says that’s the name of the camera operator...but I could be totally wrong. But I thought that was kinda interesting

  • ashxthib
    ashxthib 5 days ago +1

    ok at 12:01 doesn't it kinda sound like it says "Ryan..." and then "Shane." ???

  • Dea Robles
    Dea Robles 5 days ago

    I just wanna hug Ryan. Poor dear felt like he was going to shatter into a million pieces 💔

  • Drawing Pistachio
    Drawing Pistachio 6 days ago +1

    3,069 (wheeze)

  • Dina Stinson
    Dina Stinson 6 days ago

    I think a living thing is scarier than ghosts... Huh

  • Crimson Red Serpentine

    Maybe Ryan's fear of ghosts is probably nothing compared to his fear of bats.

  • Kei Sakurai
    Kei Sakurai 7 days ago

    🙅 Bats
    🙆 Devil birds

  • Just Me
    Just Me 7 days ago +1

    Every ghost is really scared of Shane

  • Karsten roelofs
    Karsten roelofs 7 days ago

    Panic is one hell of a drug

  • top of the list
    top of the list 9 days ago +1

    Ghost: talks
    Shane: maybe the spider farted

  • Tiiiarne
    Tiiiarne 9 days ago

    Okay, but at 15:52 there is definitely a shadow with a cowboy hat. It could be idk Shanes or one of the crew but it's gone in like the next frame soooo...

  • Michelle Buss
    Michelle Buss 9 days ago

    15:51 and 15:52 there's a shadow of a man wearing a cowboy hat in the left, but that might just be Shane....

  • Paula Guimaraes
    Paula Guimaraes 9 days ago

    Shane shipping demons is a mood

  • Flying Potato
    Flying Potato 9 days ago

    Famous outlaws....but cant name them.

  • chimch _im
    chimch _im 9 days ago +3

    15:52 is it just me? but I found a mans shadow in the left side? Maybe its just Shane's shadow? or I just have weird eyes
    lol correct me if im wrong

  • Rie Winter
    Rie Winter 10 days ago +1

    Check the night vision camera parts; the white and black orbs are ghosts

  • Victorboi27 27
    Victorboi27 27 10 days ago

    she said im hungry

  • Mede
    Mede 11 days ago +2

    *bats show up*
    Me: :D
    Ryan: i hate bats
    Me: D:

  • Yulisa Cordero
    Yulisa Cordero 12 days ago

    Elena is me tho

  • liz Valdez-House
    liz Valdez-House 12 days ago

    6:45 turns heads in unison

  • S Choudhry
    S Choudhry 12 days ago

    Back in the day, people from Colorado seemed like savages and bad asses.

  • Brittany Ireland
    Brittany Ireland 12 days ago +1

    *ryan and shane ON THE CUSP of some pretty viable footstep evidence*
    ryan : alright were gonna leave !

  • {enter name here }
    {enter name here } 13 days ago

    “...oh yeah I’m a ghost hunter uhh”

  • Dahkota M Wilber
    Dahkota M Wilber 14 days ago

    Garlicky sheen Shane

  • Just Milla
    Just Milla 14 days ago

    Basically very Buzzfeed Unsolved episode:
    Ryan: Are ghosts real?
    Shane: *shakes head*

  • Maryssa Bizier
    Maryssa Bizier 14 days ago

    What the ffffffffffffffffFrick am I doing here?

  • SK Hayes
    SK Hayes 14 days ago


  • Maik Kellerhals
    Maik Kellerhals 14 days ago

    ah, better reception on the tower, that's radio for you ;)

  • Sophia Elizabeth
    Sophia Elizabeth 14 days ago

    "I'm strange, and off putting!"😂😂😂

  • Getzy Garcia
    Getzy Garcia 15 days ago

    Hey everybody I'm from yuma!! Hello from us ☺️ it's as creepy as it shows

  • Amy Rudolph
    Amy Rudolph 15 days ago

    It was frickin bats. I love (a) Halloween (special)

  • Anne Langley
    Anne Langley 15 days ago

    Did... did Shane just call that-that spider a “Chunky Boi”?

  • DanDraco
    DanDraco 15 days ago +2

    Shane: "Thanks ghosts"
    Ghost: "... ok but why tho?"

  • Afreen
    Afreen 15 days ago

    can I get a grow a therapist please

  • Elsa Molarsky
    Elsa Molarsky 16 days ago

    Did anyone else hear that growl at 3:28 ?

  • Vivi Fischer’s Covers

    2:02. *METAL*

  • Quindlyn
    Quindlyn 17 days ago

    Anyone else get the sinking feeling John was just gay

  • Lena Boyce
    Lena Boyce 18 days ago

    I was born in Yuma Arizona & I've been to that prison many times for a visit!Yuma Arizona is my hometown & therefore grand canyon state for life! Just so you know the snake den was also referred to as the dark cell & yes I've been in there as well!

  • Vivi Fischer’s Covers



  • oli Hall
    oli Hall 18 days ago

    I thought Shane said big gay and I was like me too buddy me too

  • Jenna
    Jenna 19 days ago

    I’ve been there lmao

  • Lizzi Canavan
    Lizzi Canavan 19 days ago +1

    Literally no one:

    Ryan: I’ve lost the ability to fEeL

  • Meghan C
    Meghan C 20 days ago +1

    Ryan: *wHaT wAs ThAt?*

  • Udaya Thela
    Udaya Thela 20 days ago

    I felt like I heard rayan at 12:01 followed by Shane.....

  • Tree
    Tree 20 days ago

    They Should of gone across the bridge to fort Yuma that place is spooky as hell.

  • Siu Fei Niu DRox
    Siu Fei Niu DRox 21 day ago

    Why is he so gay..jesus..

  • o - o
    o - o 21 day ago

    At 15:53 you can see a cowboy showdown on the left

  • kayleigh turner
    kayleigh turner 21 day ago

    I wish Brushy Mountain could be part of this series, but it is now a restaurant and tourist spot for moonshine and tours!

  • Mr Derpington Boi
    Mr Derpington Boi 21 day ago

    There is a dark man at 15:52

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose 22 days ago

    "thats what I thought"

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose 22 days ago

    fat shaming spiders XD

  • Xerxies yascolt
    Xerxies yascolt 22 days ago

    why is shane dressed as naruto

  • Iamnoone
    Iamnoone 22 days ago

    Ryan: Are ghosts real?
    Shane: *Looks at the camera like he's on The Office*

  • Levi Ahlbom
    Levi Ahlbom 23 days ago

    Can I please go ghost hunting with you guy's, I'm ready to fight some ghosts

  • Alma Greenfield
    Alma Greenfield 23 days ago

    is it weird that the prison has a kids corner in the gift shop, or is it just me?

  • Josefin S.
    Josefin S. 23 days ago

    I love that Shane didn't make fun of Ryan for crying, and he even sort of sympathized with his emotional state. Beautiful moment of friendship.

  • Sleazus Christ
    Sleazus Christ 23 days ago

    HEY! Bats need love too.

  • Sly 2855
    Sly 2855 23 days ago

    Terrifying spider
    Shane: thats one chunky boi

  • Eaglehood
    Eaglehood 24 days ago

    2:18 A few seconds to a minute... What?

  • Elijah Richards
    Elijah Richards 24 days ago

    I like how Shane get distracted by bats and totally forgets he is a Ghost Hunter

  • OhHeckno789
    OhHeckno789 24 days ago

    y'all I live in yuma !

  • imaGOAT
    imaGOAT 24 days ago +1

    when the ghost said why(12:54) he sounded so sad

    this is a so sad can we hit 50 likes

  • KanacisGurkis
    KanacisGurkis 25 days ago

    What is that machine the sometimes use to talk to the ghosts? The one with static sounds

  • VG - TactiXcaliber
    VG - TactiXcaliber 25 days ago

    Ryan the white boy walking towards the danger what a white boy. Even though I’m white I would’ve ran away

    ZOMBIES _YT 25 days ago

    I live in Yuma I have gone to prison and I seen the books fall

  • Jahan Farjana Shoily
    Jahan Farjana Shoily 25 days ago

    Please could you make a video on "The Bloody Mary"

  • Robby Lovee13
    Robby Lovee13 26 days ago +3

    All ghost and demons probably have PTSD by being bullied from Shane.

  • Diana Carolina
    Diana Carolina 26 days ago

    why does shane look like adam scott

  • Sophia Hunter
    Sophia Hunter 26 days ago

    pause at 15:53 and tell me that isn’t a ghost

  • Please Kill Me
    Please Kill Me 26 days ago

    “I’m sTRANGE! And oFF PUTTING!”
    I died

  • Israr Ahmed
    Israr Ahmed 26 days ago

    Hey somebody noticed that there is a shadow walking in the where shane goes alone from 15:51 to 15:53

  • Esha Fulzele
    Esha Fulzele 26 days ago

    Bats are not birds, they're mammals!!!

  • Art yom
    Art yom 27 days ago

    9:54 sounds like "whats happ.....ening. With a pause during the word happening.