10 Times Marvel Comics Lost Their Damn Minds

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
  • Even by comic book standards, these stories are pretty out there.
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  • OmegaUltima
    OmegaUltima 11 hours ago +1

    ...I wonder what a Marvel character called "The Publisher" would be like

  • achim Sinn
    achim Sinn 4 days ago

    For the trifactor: Punisher becoming Frankensteins monster should also be on the list.

  • genez
    genez 4 days ago

    Common Last Temptation of Alice was actually an entertaining read. And from an Alice Cooper fans perspective it was a pretty good album, just totally the wrong time period for such comic/music crossover thingys.

  • The Vault The Official Channel

    I’ll make some very strange stories.

  • not that serious
    not that serious 7 days ago

    You still with me? I'm not 😭💀

  • Haldos Prime
    Haldos Prime 10 days ago

    0:49 I was not expecting that inflection nor statement at all. Nearly choked on my sandwich.

  • Caged Coco
    Caged Coco 16 days ago

    Thanks for uncovering my repressed memories 😣

  • Adam Cliett
    Adam Cliett 18 days ago

    Why did you have to say God doesn't exist? That's pretty sick, bud. 👎👎

  • energicko
    energicko 22 days ago

    I think someone thought it was a good idea for a low budget film. "A Capt. American Werewolf in London" But nobody could figure Captain Brittain into the plot.

  • Alex Deuce
    Alex Deuce 27 days ago

    All I know is if Anna Kendrick is not squirrel gurl ima be pissed...

  • Jon Davidson
    Jon Davidson Month ago

    Orson Scott Card is a complete twit who thinks he is one of the most important science fiction writers who ever lived. How do I know this? Because he's described himself that way several times. He wrote a mean-spirited paragraph when Harry Harrison died (another science fiction writer) and called his career "largely irrelevant". Classy, Card. This "visionary" of science fiction then wrote a novel defending the religion of Mormonism as absolutely true. That pretty much sums up Card's mentality right there......

  • Derrick Haggard
    Derrick Haggard Month ago

    Past Sins especially that part and of course One More Day enough said.

  • nong333
    nong333 Month ago

    You forgot the entire Ultimatum story line

  • Tim Wright
    Tim Wright Month ago

    Surprised not to see the utterly ridiculous WCW comics included here.

  • The Algorithm
    The Algorithm Month ago

    Upvote for using the word “gubbins”

  • MrHeadyNuggets Long

    I like when Spider-Man met the one above all

  • MuscleHead1969
    MuscleHead1969 Month ago

    Back when the Hulk was packing a gun...

  • Chris Sabal
    Chris Sabal 2 months ago

    I was not expecting an appearance from our friend Billy Ray Walrus in this video!

  • Salsa Mamba B
    Salsa Mamba B 2 months ago


  • Jason Bean
    Jason Bean 2 months ago

    I've known many African American people with light colored eyes, blue or green or light brown. Mixed heritage.:)

  • AG
    AG 2 months ago

    What culture > watchmojo

  • Shepherd
    Shepherd 2 months ago

    The wasp once kinda looks cool maybe if it was just a new hero.

  • Deb
    Deb 2 months ago

    dude spiderman and one above all comic rocks

  • Jamal Washington
    Jamal Washington 2 months ago

    Ultimatum, Ultimates 3....yup.

  • Dino Monzon
    Dino Monzon 2 months ago

    "Hairy man's man Wolverine." Lol! 👍

  • Edmund Freeman
    Edmund Freeman 2 months ago

    That was not Jesus. That was the "one above all", which is Jack Kirby. Get it straight, people.

  • Red Zack
    Red Zack 2 months ago

    #1 selling characters to other companies

  • Lloyd Shanahan
    Lloyd Shanahan 2 months ago

    Boy do I have some moments that Marvel lost their minds. And it's worse.
    -Making Captain America a Nazi
    -The entire current run of Captain Marvel
    -Making Ice Man gay
    -All of Dan Slott's crap
    -Making all those Female versions of our core Avengers. (Lady Thor and that Female Iron Man)
    -having a spider-woman go out crime fighting while pregnant
    -Civil War 2
    Marvel's 90s stuff is golden compared to this agenda pushing era of Marvel.

  • 弾丸トリックスターアニメ

    the clone saga is not on the list

  • belltully1yahoocom
    belltully1yahoocom 3 months ago +1

    Christians don't hate gays by the way. It's just a different view of the subject.

  • Meh
    Meh 3 months ago

    8:12 "A lot of that was due to desperation" while onscreen, a 6-second close-up of a dude's crotch. wait...how desperate were you?

  • Donald Moxham
    Donald Moxham 3 months ago

    "Are you there, God? It's me, Spider-Man."

    I IMMEDIATELY knew he was talking about One More Day.

  • JAY Chii
    JAY Chii 3 months ago

    Orson Scott is a gay hater huh? I might like his stuff.

  • Ben B
    Ben B 3 months ago

    You lost me on the first one.

    Orson Scott Card is not a "Gay Hater".

    Due to his Mormon faith and personal beliefs he disagrees with Homosexuality and Gay Marriage. He's not going to commit or provoke any "Hate Crime" meaning actual violence against Gays. Like that wonderful South Park - "Tolerance does NOT equal acceptance". You might dislike hearing a crying baby at the toy store or being next to someone with a disfiguring disease. You'd do your best to ignore the crying baby and not act repulsed by the latter person out of courtesy - doesn't mean you are going to cry like a baby in RL or tolerate your kids crying for action figures they don't deserve or run out to get a disfiguring disease.

    We need to say NO to "Political Correctness" and SJWs. They are gross insults to the real progressives who got us to this point and seem bent on creating a backlash that'll make the 1950s seem very liberal...

  • William Eugene Tipton
    William Eugene Tipton 3 months ago +1

    No Frankencastle? lol

  • Cory Hufson
    Cory Hufson 3 months ago

    Dude, what's your prob with religion? You got Soo worked up over the god twists in those stories. Relax bro, religion is a thing it'll be ok

  • Anthony Picco
    Anthony Picco 3 months ago

    I am so glad I stopped reading comics by 1993... except for the atrocious Mr Marvel story, I missed all of this incredible crap

  • Tyler Dewees
    Tyler Dewees 3 months ago

    I thought punisher peaked in the 90s?

  • comicbookartist1
    comicbookartist1 3 months ago

    The Clone Saga

  • SonofaChaosGod
    SonofaChaosGod 4 months ago

    I can't wait to tell every feminist who wants to see Captain Marvel that the main character gave birth to her own boyfriend in one of the comics. I want to see how well that goes over for them.

  • En théo
    En théo 4 months ago

    What about that time when an actress had surgery to take the place of Aunt May and die (yes, die) by still pretending to be her till the end, just so Green Goblin could have a petty revenge on Spidey.

    They could have pretended that the Jackall had cloned aunt May or something, not original (clones), sure, but at least less stupid.

  • Dauntless3788
    Dauntless3788 4 months ago +1

    And yet all this is still somehow better then the new Marvel characters. :P

  • Michael walsh
    Michael walsh 4 months ago

    Your right, this is INCREDIBLY confusing.

  • Cheeky Chimp
    Cheeky Chimp 4 months ago

    This is why I only watch the movies. 😉👌

  • A Dog
    A Dog 4 months ago


  • Fernando Yanmar
    Fernando Yanmar 4 months ago

    Posh accents are nuhsty!

  • Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987

    *When they had spider-man become a real spider*

  • Thomas Dawson
    Thomas Dawson 4 months ago

    How about that time in 1983 when marvel had the opportunity to buy DC but didn’t because they thought the characters “Wouldn’t Sell”

  • Grinning Goat
    Grinning Goat 4 months ago

    Can anyone tell me the Name of wasp in her alternate form?

  • Bebeh J
    Bebeh J 4 months ago

    I remember this one punisher comic were he fout against angry murdering vegans. And the villain was a rich guy on crack

  • gba425
    gba425 4 months ago

    So what your telling me is that Billy ray Cyrus is definetly going to defeat thanos in endgame and hannah montanta is definitely in the marvel cinematic universe?

  • Xivitai
    Xivitai 4 months ago

    Where's Superior Spider-Man?

  • O'Malley Caboose 5
    O'Malley Caboose 5 4 months ago +1

    When the millenials took over

  • Josh films
    Josh films 5 months ago

    The clone saga

  • Reed Mack
    Reed Mack 5 months ago

    Did they do a Michel Jackson comic

  • gotohellaaron
    gotohellaaron 5 months ago

    Comic books are addicting. Even if the story is stupid it's usually fun.

  • Jaqueso Thiccck
    Jaqueso Thiccck 5 months ago

    That thumb nail is a mood

  • Jesse Collins
    Jesse Collins 5 months ago

    I’m guessing you guys aren’t big fans of Christianity? Lol.

  • KalsArt
    KalsArt 5 months ago

    God and comics doesn't make sense the whole idea of enhanced individuals and mutants is to show that small beings rival god challenging the idea of only one entity having dominance over everything..

  • Dragnmastralex
    Dragnmastralex 5 months ago

    you can pinpoint the eras where the Marvel writers were doing line after line of cocaine by reading the stories

  • Conner Nichols
    Conner Nichols 5 months ago +1

    Civil war 2 I kinda liked the concept and art and that's it

  • Paul Huber
    Paul Huber 5 months ago

    What Culture has lost their damn minds because they still employ Jules

  • Izzy Rodriguez
    Izzy Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Marvel lost there damn mind when Steve Rodgers got a beard in infinity ♾ war

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 5 months ago

    Dear God... Besides the Cap Wolf story, all of these list entries make me want to slam my head onto a table.

  • putsome basilonit
    putsome basilonit 5 months ago

    I don't think you understand what blackface is....

  • Monkey Man
    Monkey Man 5 months ago

    The one time that Antman had to fight off Zombie Ultrons in the ruins of Secret Wars.

  • Comicdude 252
    Comicdude 252 5 months ago +4

    The time when marvel lost their damn minds is when they killed Spider-Man. Which time, you may ask... Everytime. 😁

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert 5 months ago

    I know Ms. Marvel got raped, but I wonder if she told the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan about it.

  • Asuna Griffin
    Asuna Griffin 5 months ago

    The punisher does blackface..........

  • bigmacchasi
    bigmacchasi 5 months ago

    What about the time quicksilver and his sister screwed each other while there father watched from the brushes? Can't remember what X-MEN issue. Also ms marvel was rape by her on son WTF marvel

  • Potent Semen
    Potent Semen 5 months ago

    I’m still wondering why people didn’t like Marvel Music, like wtf guys

  • LegendStormcrow
    LegendStormcrow 5 months ago +1

    Making FemThor instead of just using Freya. I'd much rather read about a goddess who has a friggen army under her, is intelligent enough to make laconic quips, and still personally strong enough to fight actual gods then some one dimensional hammer guy with the intelligence of said hammer.

  • 2crazySkylar gay,retarded content

    The guy talking like hating gays is bad like what's wrong with me hating humans and people in general

  • Duncan Cutler
    Duncan Cutler 5 months ago

    You dont completly understand all this.

  • Noctu Sova
    Noctu Sova 5 months ago

    Ashe from Evil Dead killed by zombie Howard the Duck

  • BollywoodBonanzaB
    BollywoodBonanzaB 5 months ago

    "Any other times Marvel lost their marbles", surely?

  • Yeet Boi
    Yeet Boi 5 months ago

    Its not god... He is the one above all. This is very different because having an omnipotent/omnicient entity create existance isnt bringing christianity into your universe. It is just a similarity, shared between most religions, mind you. ( I'm talking about spiderman not marville).

  • MrPartisanhack
    MrPartisanhack 5 months ago

    Does anyone remember the marvel flair(sp?) Cards?

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen 5 months ago

    The Punisher can't be an angel because he likes killing people? Have you ever read what the Bible has to say about angels?!?
    "And it came to pass that night, that the angel of the LORD went out, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses."
    II Kings 19:35 (KJV)

  • Alexa Levon
    Alexa Levon 5 months ago

    What do you have against religion? We’re allowed to believe in what we want to believe, though I agree it has no place in comics except for religious characters and that’s only because it makes them more relatable.

  • BlueskieTheBOSS
    BlueskieTheBOSS 5 months ago

    4:20 I'm sorry what did you say?
    4:22 That's what I thought you said.

  • Jessica Freda
    Jessica Freda 5 months ago +1

    Gwen Stacy sleeping with Norman Osborn.

  • Dexter Quinn
    Dexter Quinn 5 months ago

    The artwork in Marville is fucking shit! That was painful to look at.

  • The Spider-Man
    The Spider-Man 5 months ago

    The thumbnail explain it all.

  • The Pasta Man
    The Pasta Man 5 months ago

    You didn’t mention anything related to transformers G2 . That shit was wack

  • Melodica Heart
    Melodica Heart 5 months ago

    Go home Marvel, you're drunk

  • demons27
    demons27 5 months ago

    You forgot how CapWolf was revisited when Falcon, Sam Wilson, who replaced Steve Rogers to become Captain America became Capwolf himself!

  • Baron Zemo Returns
    Baron Zemo Returns 5 months ago +1

    Maybe it was the damn minds who lost Marvel comics...

  • Matt Martorano
    Matt Martorano 5 months ago

    Puns, I've got them. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gamer
    Gamer 5 months ago

    They didn’t lose their minds...

    *They lost their damn minds*

  • AFA Films
    AFA Films 5 months ago


  • AFA Films
    AFA Films 5 months ago


  • AFA Films
    AFA Films 5 months ago

    1) The Nineties

  • Jay Bofa
    Jay Bofa 5 months ago

    I thought that once you go black, you never go back

  • Spider - Man
    Spider - Man 5 months ago

    why did you not add spider man the clone saga

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 6 months ago


  • Wyatt Batty
    Wyatt Batty 6 months ago

    “Gay-hater”? What about your homophobic comments in your other videos?

  • Brother Mutant73
    Brother Mutant73 6 months ago

    I read the Cap turns into a werewolf comics and thought it was decent. Was it great? No. But at least it was a coherent story. Mad scientists be crazy yo.

  • UnlimitedEdge
    UnlimitedEdge 6 months ago

    If Tony’s body was made entirely from brain tissue, wouldn’t he have the exact opposite effect as in he wouldn’t heal at all

  • Vinco Galzu Tzu
    Vinco Galzu Tzu 6 months ago

    That Punisher Series was progressive & ahead of it's time👏🏿🙏🏿