Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 6, 2017
  • Harry enters his 4th year with Hogwarts hosting the Triwizard tournament event! Here's my review of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"!
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  • Giovanni Foulmouth
    Giovanni Foulmouth 2 days ago

    Voldemort is the lamest villain in movie history. Even a young inexperienced Harry Potter defeated him.

  • Really Tired 64
    Really Tired 64 5 days ago

    The reason for the tongue flicking thing Mad Eye Moody does is a tip-off that is not really him

  • Milutin Popović
    Milutin Popović 24 days ago

    The book is much better.

  • Harry Fowler
    Harry Fowler 24 days ago

    I’d give this a worth buying on blu ray

  • Blazzindreamz Yt
    Blazzindreamz Yt Month ago

    You completely left our victor krum in the first task

  • JONOVO 1551
    JONOVO 1551 Month ago +1

    8 - Deathly Hallows Part 1
    7 - Order of the Phoenix
    6 - Half Blood Prince
    5 - Deathly Hallows Part 2
    4 - Goblet of Fire
    3 - Philosopher Stone
    2 - Chamber of Secrets
    1 - Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Tom Shenton
    Tom Shenton 2 months ago

    My fave is Hp deathly hallows pt1
    Because it is so dark

  • IGotThisGeorgeLopez1
    IGotThisGeorgeLopez1 2 months ago

    First movie without the Dursleys

  • TheDreamlover11
    TheDreamlover11 2 months ago

    Ron was a dick here + DH part 1
    Mione should've hexed off his balls 😆

  • Alucard Al
    Alucard Al 3 months ago

    I have a strong feeling your gf loves you more

  • Cash Lannister
    Cash Lannister 3 months ago

    4:16 Ron's face is very punchable in that picture.

  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm 3 months ago


  • suna 173.6jm
    suna 173.6jm 3 months ago

    watching all your hp reviews makes me nostalgic n happy in the best way thank u

  • Roger Laboy
    Roger Laboy 4 months ago

    Thank you dobby for the gillyweed!

  • Christopher Thomson
    Christopher Thomson 4 months ago

    1. Prisoner of Azkaban
    2. Order of the Phoenix
    3. Deathly Hallows
    4. Philosopher Stone (I'm American and even I think the title should of been this.)
    5. Chamber of Secrets
    6. Goblet of Fire
    7. Half Blood Prince
    Yes, the first 2 movies are higher up on my list than Goblet of Fire. I just can't get over how much they omitted from the book. The book version is SO MUCH BETTER!! The Quidditch World Cup and The Triwizard Tournament were both way better in the book and by comparison the movie was disappointing. Not as disappointing as Half Blood Prince but it is next to it.

  • Ian
    Ian 5 months ago

    One of the best books; worst of the movies by far. The issue with these movies is that the audience is shockingly literate, and filled in the gaps without even knowing it. Most of this movie made zero sense with the context of the books embedded in your brain

  • Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!

    Brendan Gleeson, awesome portrayal.

  • Arlis White Bear
    Arlis White Bear 5 months ago

    Lol 4 year old me didn’t like this movie and 17 year old me didn’t like this movie.

  • Ian J
    Ian J 6 months ago

    I love this film not to mention its inedible visual that still hold up but I really liked it Jeremy when you said it kind ove made you a little sad when Cedric died and his father at his side crying it is a saddest sense i agree with your I love the mermaids too they are so real and fasting look at and the best Harry potter it some funniest parts like malfoy turned into a ferret Ron gets his Dress
    the cast is very talented the soundtrack used in happy and sad part in film using their bodies to make a character amazing right
    i can get over the mixed emotions lightning effects and loudness of voice how the character's felling like sense diggory he died and no but seriously when I see that part returns him to his dad then the sense after that is the darkest in series and the celebration music make me laugh when I watch it back seriously you feel the exciting of crowd and the up or the triumph and then his father creeps in to sense this one of the first I cried at Harry crying over him was sad but when his dad came down to see them I lost it however he was not the great character his father out crying is just hear breaking Robert Pattinson did a great job with his acting when playing both Edward and Cedric
    I was in tears and gets me every time watching it still moving sense after securing a role the actor studies the scrip and learn about the character and memorize the speaking parts sometimes scripts change during rehearsals and actors May find themselves memorizing New lines some parts may require actors to sing dance or preform stunts be honest with myself they did very amazing performances by everyone in the brilliance work on set before movie came out 2005 harry spill out his drink Harry's son

  • ProJatior
    ProJatior 7 months ago

    Harry got more points for saving more people in the book. The book is a masterpiece while this movie is a rushed product meandering as a masterpiece.

    • ProJatior
      ProJatior 7 months ago

      Least favorite it’s a passable Harry Potter film. Made me lose interest at the time though.

  • unfriendzoned
    unfriendzoned 7 months ago

    My favorite movie and book. Thanks for making a review. :)

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood 7 months ago

    *cough cough* they either gave rons character development moments to hermione, rushed through them or cut them out completely throughout the entirety of the movie series compared to the books so sad *cough cough*

  • IvyLikesToDraw
    IvyLikesToDraw 9 months ago

    I cried at the end of the movie

  • Dragon lover
    Dragon lover 9 months ago

    Barty Crouch has a nervous twitch that makes him flick his tongue like a snake.

  • Fallen Knight
    Fallen Knight 9 months ago

    They took the best scene in the book out. The scene where Moody uses the imperius curse on every student to see if they could break it.

  • Theo Morrow
    Theo Morrow 9 months ago

    I’ll be honest: Out of all the Harry Potter Movies, this is the one that I hate the most. Everyone says the book is better, and that the movie deviated from the book too much. I haven’t read it, because it just seems too damn long. (I’m sure it is better, though; it has to be.) But, even if I hadn’t read it, it’s obvious from the start that you can tell J.K. Rowling wrote herself into a corner when she did Goblet of Fire.
    Like, the Harry Potter books were a smashing success thus far, and she just went “Okay, my books are a huge hit, people love them, so I can do whatever I want. Let’s put in a Tri-Wizard Tournament, a teenage dance, make the Defense-Against-The-Dark-Arts professor Barty Crouch’s son the whole time, and some other things that don’t fit in the HP universe. And, you know what? Instead of crossing off ideas that don’t work, and thinking things through, let’s put all of these ideas into a blender, push the button, and see what happens!” And, the result is... this...
    Say what you will about Deathly Hallows Part 1 (a HP movie I didn’t like that much, either), but at least it knew what it was. The stakes were so much higher, so, of course, it had to be dark, grim, and no Hogwarts involvement. So, with that, it was more like “I get what you guys are doing. I personally don’t like it, but I get why it needs to happen.”
    Goblet of Fire, though, is a disaster. And it’s a complete turnaround from Prisoner of Azkaban, where that movie actually worked, and was consistent in tone from beginning to end. With Goblet of Fire, you’re sitting there thinking “What the hell did I just watch?!” (Especially with the out-of-nowhere rock band in the middle of the dancing scene. That’s when I said ‘F*CK YOU, MOVIE!’ I can only imagine that the studio forced the director to put that in the movie. Because if that’s also in the book, I’m probably going to slam my head against a concrete wall.)
    I don’t mind movies that are dark. But, they have to be consistent. Prisoner of Azkaban was. But, Goblet of Fire is where the series started to go down hill until Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows Part 2 picked it back up. I have yet to meet anybody, whether on the Internet or Face-to-Face, who actually truly loved this movie. There are people out there, who think that “the Harry Potter Franchise is amazing! It can do no wrong!” To which I always respond, “Uh, right, have you even seen Goblet of Fire?” And, some of them, I’m sure, will be like “Ooh... yeah... Um... that movie sucked.”
    So, yeah. Definitely the worst in the Franchise. By a flying mile. I almost have a soft spot for it, because it is Harry Potter, and even as a kid, I really tried hard to like it. But, to no avail. It may not be the worst movie in existence; there are far worse than this. But it will forever remain the bottom of the barrel in the franchise. Period. End of story.

  • AE Pulsar
    AE Pulsar 10 months ago

    This one is my favorite

  • CapuletRose
    CapuletRose 11 months ago

    The ending can be explained just by reminding yourself that their British. Keep calm and carry on, way of thinking. Something bad just happened but let’s keep calm and move on

  • NeverMindGaming
    NeverMindGaming Year ago

    It’s an old movie lol

  • Connor O'Donnell
    Connor O'Donnell Year ago

    This one is mu least Favourite my biggest problem with it is the pacing, it's terrible it moves wayy too fast to the point where it just feels rushed, none of the characters old or new get any time for some actual development, the new characters are just bland and not very interesting say what you will about any of the other but at least they were all paced well

  • Taylor Glover
    Taylor Glover Year ago

    I swear (I have the whole collection) every time I cry at that scene. I keep watching trying not to cry but I always do

  • James Lawner
    James Lawner Year ago

    This is my personal favorite Harry Potter, DON'T @ ME!

  • miss rose
    miss rose Year ago

    It is very entertaining and the ending where Harry brings dead Cedric back always gets to me... but this movie left out so many moments from the book or changed scenes around. In the book, it's Dobby that gives Harry the gillyweed, not Neville. No Dursleys. Skipping over the Quidditch final. Things like that irked me. And at the end where everyone seems happy and 'everything's going to change now, isn't it?' felt awkward. But it's still HP so I still love this movie at the end of the day.

  • Willie Playz
    Willie Playz Year ago

    The power of the slip n slides is not to be underestimated

  • Andrea Youngken
    Andrea Youngken Year ago

    i've started to reread all the books and i'm on 4 now... it's 734 pages long... i have less than a week before i go back to school. i'm never gonna finish all of them 😭

  • Matt Babineau
    Matt Babineau Year ago

    Hate to sound like a nitpicky asshole here, but Goblet of Fire is my least favorite Harry Potter movie because of the sheer amount of major, crucial plot points were left out of this one from the book.

  • Diablo Mutant
    Diablo Mutant Year ago

    My Personal favorite

  • CampingforCool41
    CampingforCool41 Year ago

    I'll be honest I kind of hate this one. Maybe hate is too strong a word, but I really never liked it. The acting and drama is all so over the top it drives me crazy. Even the fact that the dragon escapes the arena to go on a chase after Harry really gets on my nerves...they just had to.

  • Bruna Brasil
    Bruna Brasil Year ago

    Remus is the best teacher!

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder Year ago

    Mad Eye Moody is an auror which is basically a wizzard bounty hunter who hunts down evil wizards

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder Year ago

    Is Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour car used the bubble head charm which is a charm that makes an air bubbles around your nose and your mouth allowing you to breathe for certain amount of time underwater while Viktor Krum used a Transfiguration on his head to give himself the head and gills of a shark in order to help him breathe underwater and Harry Potter used gillyweed which he was given from Longbottom who knew about killing me from the apology book that was given to him bye Mad Eye Moody or Alastor Moody and it was the fact that Harry Potter 8 or in this case swallowed the gillyweed that allowed him to breathe underwater and the only thing they know about the challenge in the black lake is that something near and dear to them has been taken and hidden at the bottom of the lake which in this case turns out to be their best friend or girlfriend and when Harry Potter discovers that it was their friends that were taking and heated at the bottom of the lake Harry Potter decides to say which is the only person he's required to save to complete the challenge what he decides to say Hermione and Fleur's sister ultimately he only ends up saving Ron and Fleur's sister while Cedric I believe saved Cho Chang and Victor saved Hermione and because Harry Potter felt that he needed to save everybody and ultimately would have gotten first place had he not trying to save everybody Dumbledore make an executive decision to give him second place based on his moral fiber even though because of the fact that you tried to say everybody ended up finishing last again Dumbledore many executive decision to get Harry Potter the second place award for moral fiber

  • Jeremy Ferrigno
    Jeremy Ferrigno Year ago

    as much as i love this movie, its always been my least favorite.

  • Raul Castiblanco
    Raul Castiblanco Year ago

    I'm gonna let you finish, but Remus Lupin was the best defense against the dark arts teacher hands down.

  • Harper Craven
    Harper Craven Year ago

    Lol well Harry got second place also because since Fleur had to return to the surface, he saved Ron AND her sister! They were only supposed to save one and he defied those rules

  • Fuzzy Pickles
    Fuzzy Pickles Year ago

    This year is when they should have started breaking the movie in two parts. From year 4 on there was way too much info to cram in just one movie.

  • The Storm
    The Storm Year ago

    In the book, dementors kill barty crouch jr. so he cannot testify, under veritaserum, infront of the courts that voldemort is back. It was a nice touch, to wrap it all together.

  • noiram
    noiram Year ago

    for me it is by far the worst movie of the saga. for so many reasons that I don't have the courage to list right now .

  • AnotherJenn100
    AnotherJenn100 Year ago

    Preface: I love Harry Potter, books and movie. A lot. That being said, there are a lot of weaknesses in the series, but Goblet of Fire has glaring deficiencies. The Tri-Wizard Tournament is a big deal. But it's a spectator sport where two thirds of the tournament are completely out of view of the spectators. The movie is even worse than the book. Most of what Harry does in the First Task is completely out of view. They are magic! They don't use muggle technology, but you would think they could come up with some way to give the audience a peek of the action. How completely boring and pointless. A cheer when they enter, an hour or so later, a cheer when they exit. And the only way to find out what happened is if you are able to hear it from one of three (or four) people in a school of several hundred, all clamoring to hear the story, too. Lame. No wonder the other two schools don't send the entire student body to watch. (That bothered me, too. Why we're only a select few students and the headmaster from the other schools able to watch, but the entire student body and staff of Hogwarts?)

  • Emmy Webster
    Emmy Webster Year ago

    That Voldemort impression tho 👌

  • Christian charles

    The most High School-ish Harry Potter film in the movie and that's why it's my All Time FAV!!👍

  • him
    him Year ago

    Best Harry Potter movie in my opinion. Very re-watchable. Prisoner of Azkaban is a close second.

  • Just Saiyan
    Just Saiyan Year ago

    (OR)RAS NOT (ARe)ras -Auras

  • loomman529
    loomman529 Year ago

    Worst thing about this movie is how long their hair is.

  • Gabriel Sá Pinto

    My personal favourite from the Harry Potter saga :p

  • Pablo D'Angelo
    Pablo D'Angelo Year ago

    This was my favorite Harry Potter movie. It's the only one I have seen more than once. The dragon 🐉 scene is cool. And you know who FINALLY shows up at the end.

  • Really Tired 64
    Really Tired 64 Year ago

    The tongue flicking is just a nervous tick that was put in as a visual clue that this is not really Mad Eye Moody.

  • determinator 94
    determinator 94 Year ago

    Goblet of Fire was definitely better than Half-Blood Prince (I like it the least), but it's just above HBP. JUST. Primarily because a lot of the humor was forced, a lot of the stuff in the books (YES I'm also that guy) was lifted out of the movie (i.e.: "Let the match begin!" We get no Quidditch -_- FUCK YOU NEWELL), and if we REALLY wanted to go dark we could've left some scenes from the trailers in (I WANTED TO SEE DEATH EATERS LIFTING MUGGLES OVER THEIR HEADS). The direction sucked, some of the acting sucked, a lot of stuff was told not SHOWN, etc.

  • James Bate
    James Bate Year ago

    Damn Jeremy your e going hard bud

  • Skittl3zMonst3r
    Skittl3zMonst3r Year ago

    cedric digory's dad's cry of pure anguish over his son's body while being held from behind rings in my ears as one of the most heart-wrenching cries I've ever heard.

  • queendsheena1
    queendsheena1 Year ago

    Yup the adaptation issues showed up in this one. Still pretty good.

  • TyeMaiShuPLEASE
    TyeMaiShuPLEASE Year ago

    you know what really fucked me over? I can't remember if this happened in the book but in the movie where Harry and Cedric are running towards the Triwizard Cup, Cedric falls and gets tangled in vines begging for Harry to help him. Harry stops for a moment and decides what to do - of course being the good guy he is, saves him and they both run after the cup. But this act of savior somewhat ended up killing Cedric in the end, and if he was left in the maze he would have survived like Krum or Fleur.
    So in conclusion - Harry saved him, but unknowingly led him to his death :/

  • Ryan Leadbitter
    Ryan Leadbitter Year ago

    Goblet of Fire is my favorite book but it's hard to gauge my favorite movie when it's the same story as the book.

  • leonardo448
    leonardo448 Year ago

    The Last Great HP Movie

  • leonardo448
    leonardo448 Year ago

    7:08 me too friend.

  • Parker Pshebnisky

    One of my favorite Harry Potter movies!,I love the dragon!!

  • Ondřej Saska
    Ondřej Saska Year ago

    The worst Harry Potter movie. Half Blood Prince was really boring overall, but had a kickass beginning and end. This one wastes even more time with the preparations for that fucking ball.

  • EnragedPanda
    EnragedPanda Year ago

    The Breath of the Wild reference was golden

  • Owen G
    Owen G Year ago

    "I just don't like parents seeing their kids die" - Jeremy Jahns

  • Ryan Kolakowski
    Ryan Kolakowski Year ago

    That movie is awesometacular

  • Sashizakura
    Sashizakura Year ago +1

    Yeah, happy magical fun time ends with this one. This is my favorite of them all, though I'm not exactly sure why. I loved the first 3, too, but something about this movie just sort of brought that all to a delicious climax, and from here it got a lot darker and more serious. I only own the first 4 movies, and I love this whole series, but to me, all the following movies save possibly for part 1 of the last book fall just a bit short. Too much action, maybe. I miss the character development and the COLORS and the fun they all had at Hogwarts up to this point, and it's clearly never the same after. Thanks for reviewing these!!! Your take on them is a fun watch! :)

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy Year ago +1

    Moody or crouch is not the best defense against the dark arts teacher Remus lupin is

  • skyrimcat9416
    skyrimcat9416 Year ago

    Such a mediocre film for such as a great book.

  • Redleaf Boomer
    Redleaf Boomer Year ago +1

    myrtle from the second one was the technically the first dead child

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan Year ago +1

    Really Jeremy? Sorcorer's Stone is awesometacular but Goblet of Fire is just worth buying on Blu-Ray? It's the best in my opinion.

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M. Year ago +1

    2:37 Yes, people were pissed off.
    Karkaroff spat on the ground and started swearing in Bulgarian, I recall 😂
    Dumbledore is so random with his favouritism.

  • Paul Gomes
    Paul Gomes Year ago

    I know that a movie can never compare to a book. But this movie was down right bad for me compared to the other 7 movies.

  • oldcdog91
    oldcdog91 Year ago +1

    The thing that always bugged me about this movie and the book was that it was never explained WHY Harry had to compete..."binding magical contract" is a bs excuse. What happens if you don't compete? Are you cursed for life? Why can't he just give up after seeing the first challenge? No compelling reason at all

    • Paul C
      Paul C Year ago

      oldcdog91 yes actually. While not explicitly said in the books and movies, being cursed is actually true. At the very least, thats what happens to u plus the fact that you are called a pussy for the rest of your life. The triwizard tournament was a big deal in the wizarding community and was "broadcast" all over the world.
      an example are the unbreakable promises that witches cn undergo. If not realistically met, you die

  • tink_yh
    tink_yh Year ago

    "He's not moving... I think he's dead" 😂😂😂😟😓😭😭😭

  • CentralMan
    CentralMan Year ago +1

    That part when Harry returns with Cedric's dead body and the band starts playing a celebration tune makes me laugh when I watch it. But then the scene after is sad.

  • Elizabeth R
    Elizabeth R Year ago

    hP 4 is the one with shovel face

  • kemuael
    kemuael Year ago

    There's a Dragon and Hermione doesnt need a training bra.... thats about it... or does she???

  • Patrick Saleh
    Patrick Saleh Year ago

    I feel like rewatching it bcz of you jermy

  • Aaron Legg
    Aaron Legg Year ago

    Also I loved the music in this one more than any of the other films. John Williams original score was great but it reminded too much of his previous work in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Home Alone, etc. whereas Patrick Doyle I felt gave more life to the score than the previous ones had, like you say making the music its own character, I didn't feel that with Williams but I did with both Doyle and Nicholas Hooper (who did the music for 5-6).

  • Aaron Legg
    Aaron Legg Year ago +1

    You know what I just realized watching this review that I missed last week when re-watching this film myself..? Dumbledore mentions the winner will having "eternal glory" yet the Tri-Wizard Tournament is literally never again mentioned in the series, book or movie. So much for that "eternal glory" then again, Potter already had that in spades I guess...
    And yes Ron was a complete twat in this movie.

  • Nico Network
    Nico Network Year ago +1

    When is he gonna upload the reviews of Order Of Phoenix and Half Blood Prince

    I'm waiting to hear his thoughts on those movies

  • ea soleha
    ea soleha Year ago

    Rеаllууу best mоviееее. I fоund it hееrе => twitter.com/59b30906ab3b845b4/status/822795233112899585

  • Coffee Pot
    Coffee Pot Year ago +1

    you gonna review the rest of the movies now Jeremy??

  • u/m
    u/m Year ago

    really, really grated about the Quidditch WC Final... and Michael Gambon's Dumbledore...
    Daniel Radcliffe though... just phenomenal...

  • Hyosun Kim
    Hyosun Kim Year ago

    why not do a review for order of the phoenix?!

  • aegisofhonor
    aegisofhonor Year ago

    I personally really liked this film, it's probably my 3rd favorite of the series below Prisoner and the very last one.

  • Heather Sullivan
    Heather Sullivan Year ago

    Its a crime to give up on Harry Potter,
    where are the rest of the reviews? lol

  • Estante do PH S.
    Estante do PH S. Year ago

    Please, review the next movies!

  • 438811 .H
    438811 .H Year ago

    he is SO fucking cute ugh 🥀

  • poxolatee
    poxolatee Year ago

    as a fa n of the books, I HATE this movie. Dobbie was supposed to appear, Hermionie was suposed to lead a (hilariously failiure of) a revolution AND own that unvearable reporter, and I get that they didn´t have the time to adapt all that. But they big kicker for me was the whole "Durmstrang is full of TOUGH STOIC MEN and Beauxbatons is full of Stylish and Elegant Women"....
    Like bitch how hard was it to adapt that correctly? You didn´t have to add any more time, you just had to read the fucking book and follow what it said!

  • David Baines
    David Baines Year ago

    PS= Awesometacular
    CS= but it on blue ray
    POA= Awesometacular
    GOF= aweseomtacular
    OOP= awesomtacualr(without umbride) but it on blue ray(with umbride) btw umbride was the only thing I hated in this movie
    HBP= buy it on blue ray
    DHP1= buy it on blue ray
    DHP2= awesometacular

    Reasons for marking down:
    COS = buy it on blue ray because of lockhart and sometimes the acting is cringeworthy and just not done well
    OOP= buy it on blue ray because of umbride I hate her too much
    HBP= buy it on blue ray because it's way to dark(as in brightness)
    DHP1= Did we really need it? I mean it was so boring and we didn't really need two parts considering how 4,5, and 6 were longer

  • David Baines
    David Baines Year ago

    Mad eye moody is my favorite Harry Potter character! There I said it

  • Jaded Jv
    Jaded Jv Year ago

    I love how jeremy went from greasy haired office guy to hot biker (leather jacket) guy

  • JoelLS101
    JoelLS101 Year ago

    probably 2nd worst for me. worst is a strong word cause it implies its bad so maybe just its the penultimate one for me.

  • Quoper
    Quoper Year ago

    Ron helps sneak Harry back to see the dragons and get Harry ahead of the game. Not sure about this part from the book but doesn't Ron also help treach Harry about the things he will face in the maze that they learned about in Hagrid's class?

  • Rich Reviews
    Rich Reviews Year ago

    The one with shovelface.