Transformers: The Last Knight - Movie Review


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  • Aaron Oania
    Aaron Oania 23 hours ago

    Favorite Transformers films are TF1 and TF3. TF2 and TF4 are guilty pleasures that I can still have fun with. But TF5 is just flat out terrible. Yes, the other films are terrible in the eyes of the majority of people, but even I who has been a Transformers fan since I was in kindergarten and was about 10 years old when the first Bay film came out, and pretty much enjoyed every TF film that has came out until now absolutely HATED TF5.

  • Maximus1Decimus
    Maximus1Decimus Day ago

    Michael Bay fucked up Grimlock.

    • Maximus1Decimus
      Maximus1Decimus Day ago

      Also, the first one is my favorite; After that they just kept on getting worse and worse.. >.

  • Riley Benjiman
    Riley Benjiman 7 days ago

    I hate this movie. This was my worst movie of 2017.

  • Lil Jerp
    Lil Jerp 20 days ago

    The new director needs to bring transformers back

  • hotman718
    hotman718 22 days ago

    It's like the movie tries to be good but the writing is terrible. You get some pretty cool action scenes, however they make no sense whatsoever the plot and dialogue is absolute trash. It's nauseating to watch, movie made me nauseous. The camera freaking changes shot every half a second and the aspect ration. The movie is explosions on speed and steroids at double speed with retarded writers and terrible acting. 2/10

  • GrimTerror Studios
    GrimTerror Studios 23 days ago

    Tf 1 and 3 were the best

  • A P
    A P 25 days ago

    The British woman was the only good thing

  • DeAth GaMing
    DeAth GaMing 26 days ago

    Fuck this movie
    If you like it
    Fight me seriously what a piece of shit.

  • Lonestar327
    Lonestar327 27 days ago

    I dug this movie personally.
    Although I do agree with Jeremy that they didnt even bother using the girl (Isabela Moner) and Optimus Prime (a unforgivable sin in a Transformers movie)
    Like seriously, you're advertising in this movie has become Nemesis Prime and has turned on everyone!
    Your tagline was "Rethink Your Heroes" and it was literally 3 minutes of him fighting Bumblebee, then turning good again
    It's blink and you miss it style. But other than that I would say it's buy it or rent it type of movie. I enjoyed myself and while there was a ton of exposition and redoing the backstory of the Transformers I thought it was still a pretty good and simple plot to follow

    DAT BOI Month ago

    I’m the 1 percent that kinda liked this movie I mean it kept me entertained and isn’t that the movies job? To entertain the viewer and keep them interested

  • Samuel
    Samuel Month ago

    Just watched this and I fucking loved it I could follow the plot no problem and I had good laugh at moment.

  • David Brown
    David Brown Month ago

    Oh what a bad use of hot rod and unicron. Could have been epic characters

    EPICWILTIME Month ago

    I only watched it because of the robots transforming and the professor Vivian.

  • Kingfillins
    Kingfillins Month ago

    The jokes were great... no one is saying how cool it is ... how the movie starts in the medieval era....
    with Merlin etc... so much cool stuff in this movie and all you can do bitch.

  • hwahid8
    hwahid8 Month ago

    Honestly, unless I hear incredibly positive things about the upcoming Bumblebee movie, I think I'm done with the Transformers movies. Seeing Transformers back in 2007 was awesome. Seeing the Transformers - Last Knight was just a stupid waste of time.

  • Ivanka2024 for POTUS

    Cool film earned every high praise

  • Foxtrot Gaming
    Foxtrot Gaming Month ago

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  • Matthew Imgrund
    Matthew Imgrund Month ago

    I want my dollar back.

  • Jordan - SFP
    Jordan - SFP 2 months ago

    They really should of renamed this movie to humans with some transformers in the background as sub characters

  • darrell *14
    darrell *14 2 months ago

    The main weakness to this movie is that it focuses to much on the humans instead of the transformer in transformers what would make a good transformers movie is a live action full on transformers prequel where it takes place during the war for cybertron before the first movie with no humans to ruin it just like the brief secne they had at the beginning of Dark of the moon it was a a lol out fight between authors and deceptions that what I wanna see

  • Trey GreninjaX
    Trey GreninjaX 2 months ago

    Better than 2

  • RubyM4n
    RubyM4n 2 months ago

    My ratings of the Transformers movies:
    1. Transformers (2007) - Good time no alcohol required
    2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Dogshit
    3. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) - Good time no alcohol required
    4. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) - T-Minus 1 day
    5. Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) - Haven't seen it

  • Macca
    Macca 2 months ago

    Lol I really loved this movie

  • Jack Landry
    Jack Landry 2 months ago

    I noticed the aspect ratio too
    The first is y favorite and the only good one, 5 is my least favorite just because so much shit is relentlessly shoved down you're throat

  • Juggernaut 333
    Juggernaut 333 2 months ago

    Transformers his the franchise that's like a fat chick. Fun to bang then not cool when everyone sees you

    BLACK WHISPER! 2 months ago

    This movie was a masterpiece

  • JX Beast
    JX Beast 2 months ago

    I live the 3 movie

  • Adrian Santacruz
    Adrian Santacruz 2 months ago

    I was just watching it and that camera aspect ratio shit was bothering me, the movie was pretty to watch but story wise everything felt rushed and too confusing. I think i enjoyed age of extinction waaaay more. Plus Optimus Prime always putting himself down after failing and moping about it and then the human character cheers him up in less than 3 seconds and Optimus is back again to save the day.

  • KinghtofZero00
    KinghtofZero00 3 months ago

    This and age of extinction are both awful boring movies, they need to reboot the series and get a different director.

    • TheIrishTechie
      TheIrishTechie 27 days ago

      4 is better than 5 yes i do agree to what you say but in my opinion 4 is better than 5

  • TrainDunLook
    TrainDunLook 3 months ago +1

    Go watch Pacific Rim if you want see giant robot fighting with no Michael BAy. Pacific Rim is by far a much better movie. Michael Bay this is what it is done RIGHT !! Watching The Last Knight is a total waste of time. I bought the Bluray disc ... expecting alots of Transformers action... sad to said,... so disappointed .

  • Cormandine
    Cormandine 3 months ago

    I feel like they are missing too many scenes in this movie. Like, Optimus Prime being just like, "Yeah, okay, sure. I'll turn against my friends that I have sworn to protect and safeguard from danger." They're missing a torture scene, or at least a struggle for control of his own mind to turn to the BBEG's side. The butler is probably the best thing in this movie. :-/

  • Nova-Sama 420
    Nova-Sama 420 3 months ago

    i cut all the shit and it's actually 30minutes of movie.

  • conyo985
    conyo985 3 months ago

    Unsurprisingly it did well in China. I guess China isn't as critical as long as it's fancy and has eye candy. But for the rest of the world, the people are tired and is waiting for a decent reboot of the transformers.

  • spencerc6
    spencerc6 3 months ago

    You only review shit movies. Try doing product reviews on toilet paper.

  • xtension xward
    xtension xward 3 months ago

    coming from the guy who liked suicide squad ...the review score of your reviews is DOGSHIT

    • xtension xward
      xtension xward Month ago

      Trae King sure "personal opinion " well here is a surprising fact for you ! if you put your "personal opinion " in public view for millions of people then its a subject for criticism , pack this new wisdom you learned from me today in your head so you will be replying less like a moron in the future days ;)

    • Trae King
      Trae King Month ago

      xtension xward: He’s just giving his own personal opinions on initial viewings.

  • Filmy World Spy
    Filmy World Spy 3 months ago

    Give the rights to MCU/Disney because Marvel created them

  • martin zavala
    martin zavala 3 months ago +1

    If anyone thinks micheal bays transformers is better than movies like saving private ryan and Christopher Nolan's batman than you already know they are not human

  • Calista Richter
    Calista Richter 3 months ago

    The movies plot really confused me but I will say this movie made me laugh way more the the previous Transformer movies and I really enjoyed the new robot characters they added into the film.

  • Starkiller G-tar
    Starkiller G-tar 3 months ago

    and yet still not the worst of the Transformers films. Not as vile nor as offensive as Transformers 2, and not as long as Transformers 4, but still a terribly made, incoherent, boring mess

  • Nathan Clarke
    Nathan Clarke 3 months ago

    Grr! The only time when I have seen an aspect ratio change that was good and fit perfectly was in Galaxy Quest at the beginning! And that was masterful and not needed really but worked so freaking well! And for me I wasn't a projectionist I was just floor staff for 10 years lol!

  • FlukeyKent
    FlukeyKent 3 months ago

    I actually enjoyed it. Lowkey Mark has saved this film...Even though I think we focus too much on fucking puny humans. But I had low expectations and it went above those expectations making it better than what it was and I was actually laughing at the cheesy funny lines. I think I watched it in a good mood tbh. Shout out to Marky boy for saving this film a bit on behalf of the humans

  • John Rudge
    John Rudge 3 months ago

    Well I like it 😄

  • hello you
    hello you 3 months ago

    the black kid and mexican girl served no purpose at all.............

  • Lulucastagnette
    Lulucastagnette 3 months ago

    So my boyfriend really wanted to see this at our local was the worst movie I have ever payed for....and it made me cringe so hard...I was so glad when it was over...

  • L Jj
    L Jj 3 months ago

    Izzy is a character that’s supposed to be relatable in an action filled story. As a kid that wanted to be a part of the transformers Star Wars Harry Potter and Percy Jackson universes, I respect it...

    • rocking ian
      rocking ian 2 months ago

      L Jj i understand you want to enter all these worlds and stuff. But how can you respect a 14 year old girl with no acting talent and has no point to the plot. I can fully respect if you enjoyed the film. But i really hated it and she was probably the most unnecessary things in the film along with Anthony Hopkins.

    • L Jj
      L Jj 2 months ago

      rocking ian not the point

    • rocking ian
      rocking ian 2 months ago

      L Jj but all she did at the end was sit in a helicopter

  • Hector Zeroni
    Hector Zeroni 4 months ago

    all Transformers movies literally have the same exact plot with the same exact type of characters

  • 410 SAMBARAD
    410 SAMBARAD 4 months ago

    4 was worse 1 was best

  • gemvega 22
    gemvega 22 4 months ago

    my reviews for the transformers franchise:
    transformers: awesometecular
    transformers revenge of the fallen: won't remember in t minus minutes
    transformers dark of the moon: worth buying on blu ray
    transformers age of extinction: better if you're drunk
    transformers the last knight: dogshit

    really wish the other three were like the first and third one

  • Brant Curtis
    Brant Curtis 4 months ago

    Michael Bay is the worst thing ever to happen to movies. I just wish he had chosen a different 80s franchise to fuck up, rather than one with so much potential.

  • Suprabh Pranjal
    Suprabh Pranjal 4 months ago

    I liked the first three transformers movies specially 2nd one

  • Random Marvel Fan
    Random Marvel Fan 4 months ago

    This was the only Transformers movie I didn’t see in theatres & thank God I didn’t, I did have the misfortune of seeing it on the internet though but at least it was for free.

  • Kingstad
    Kingstad 4 months ago

    but oddly this movie ends on like a teaser tone for a sequel

  • Christ emiya
    Christ emiya 4 months ago

    I liked 1 2 and 3 of bays transforms but 4 and 5 no just no.
    Also this franchise could work without all the awkward angled scenes horribly made action scenes and the Transformers not acting like empty shells of what they used to be.
    (at least in my opinion I think that's what would make them work)

  • TheFutureTellsOurPast
    TheFutureTellsOurPast 4 months ago

    Enjoy what You're given, without bay, you wouldn't have even gotten a chance to see transformers in a live action, you can't say Its bad because you didn't see what you wanted or expected. thats why you watch a movie franchise, to see what happens next, no matter how boring or stupid it seems in some Movies, it has a storyline that might never really die off.

  • John Rochester
    John Rochester 4 months ago

    Did you watch the newest Deadpool trailer?

  • Jah Herbo
    Jah Herbo 4 months ago

    Transformers died after Shia tbh

  • SarahTheDramaQueen
    SarahTheDramaQueen 4 months ago

    It really annoyed me when hee reused dead decepticons from the last few movies

  • Abel Mantor
    Abel Mantor 4 months ago

    Didn't even bother watching this movie

  • Arcade Assassin
    Arcade Assassin 4 months ago

    isn't transformers supposed to be a space opera?

  • Χάος χαίνω
    Χάος χαίνω 4 months ago

    Your face is funny at beginning... Surely shows how the movie is!!!

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet 5 months ago

    I liked BlackCriticGuy's review more, lol.

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones 5 months ago

    I thought that aspect ratio thing was just a stuff up on the Blu-ray or something!! It was horrible. And yes... this movie was like eating a bowl of sugar. Zero substance and about halfway through you have adrenal exhaustion and just want it all to end. Worst high budget movie ever.

  • Black styfy
    Black styfy 5 months ago

    The beginning with that haunted hathaways kid didnt have to happen

    INTHECAR11 5 months ago

    Everyone who's seen a Michael Bay film knows we dnt go for the Oscar winning story. We go for the action sequences and you gotta admit he's so good at making action movies but it didn't hafta be a two and a half hr long movie cause dialogue. bad. story. bad. Action Good.... Overall if you're going in for a story and a well written script your gonna have a badtime

  • Ocean3404k
    Ocean3404k 5 months ago

    Maybe just just maybe people keep watching the transformers movies for the action and the special effects and the fucking robots? U know what transformers are... big ass robots. It being the 5th installment u would think by now reviewers have realized “well these movies aren’t that good at anything... except for the jaw dropping special effects... maybe I should just sit back and enjoy shit being blown up?” That’s what these movies are for. Nobody watches transformers for story the fuck 😭 u want story play the Witcher 3 or go watch Harry Potter. U want to see giant robots blow shit up? Go watch transformers or pacific rim. These movies were made for that purpose and that’s clearly their main point.

  • matthew roush
    matthew roush 5 months ago

    We all can hate the vomit that is the other 4 Transformers movies. I do gotta say though, the first one has to be one of my favorite movies ever. It's just sad to see how Bay went downhill with the other 4.

  • Ben McDonald
    Ben McDonald 5 months ago +2

    Worst movie of the year

  • Akash K
    Akash K 5 months ago +4


  • Ninjagofan1221
    Ninjagofan1221 5 months ago +5

    I just don't understand the plot this movie was all around the place

  • J.P Mora
    J.P Mora 5 months ago

    Transformers from least to greatest
    1)Transformers (2007) [best in the series, unless you count the one from the 80’s]
    2)Transformers Dark of the Moon (2011) [the first half’s okay but the second is amazing and action-packed]
    3)Transformers Revenge of the fallen (2009) [terrible, but the CGI is amazing and there are like five good scenes that are like a few seconds long]
    4)Transformers Age of Extinction (2014) [Terrible, nothing stood out for me]
    5)Transformers the Last Knight [Terrible, you said it all the way, Jeremy]

  • J.P Mora
    J.P Mora 5 months ago +2

    This movie SUCKS!!!!!!!!
    You BURNED it all the way, Jeremy.

  • bill nguyen
    bill nguyen 5 months ago

    transformers movies! robot fighting, impressive CGI, explosions, camera shaking, no idea what the hell is going on! and that's it!
    seriously though, i saw the first one when i was 12 or something, loved it cause obviously, a boy loves robot fighting. then the next one and then the next one and then the next one comes out and i just gradually hate it more and more as i grow up. the cgi doesnt even look as impressive as i remembered it any more, poor layout, cluster fuckery action sequence. and dont even get me (or anybody) started on the plot, if there are any. now it's the fifth one and i genuinely dont even think about watching it, ever!

  • Akash K
    Akash K 5 months ago +1

    I not going to watch this shit

  • Logan X
    Logan X 5 months ago

    The third one is I think the dumbest where Shia defeats Starscream with his bare hands. This one is also very unrealistic with Cade and Vivian going from 3km down to Sea level without decompression, and the no gravity scene at the end was a total garbage. A fight between Vivian and Quintesa would have been awesome.

  • Josiah Baughman
    Josiah Baughman 5 months ago

    dude, when do you think we'll get another good transformers movie, I have to agree with you bro, this is not only an awful movie, it's the worst transformers movie, the all time worst movie Michael Bay has ever directed, and is one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

  • Samuel Courliss
    Samuel Courliss 5 months ago

    You can't deny the enjoyment in this movie. Well, there are really only a few things, but still. Optimus fighting Bumblebee; Bumblebee taking out those humans while he's disassembling and reassembling. Yep, good stuff. And that Josh Duhamel thing where he's conflicted, trying to figure out if he should work with the Transformers or with the government. The first five minutes in ancient times were really fun. And the special effects were really great, as always. Yeah...that's it. I'd say that the Last Knight is pretty bad, but there were a few good aspects, so you're not gonna remember it in T-Minus 3 hours. Just my opinion.

  • dominic vucic
    dominic vucic 5 months ago

    I just had to say I went into watching the last night with no hope for it but Michael Bay impressed me I thought it was good I thought it was enjoyable kill me if you want but I liked it okay I just like it we can make something even though no one else likes that

  • King Ahaz
    King Ahaz 5 months ago

    I loved this movie, yall just some haters

  • cole fisher
    cole fisher 5 months ago

    it bothered me

  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer 5 months ago +1

    In Jeremy's words, Michael Bay is fucking whore. We pay him, and he fucks us...

  • VolcableLime 451
    VolcableLime 451 5 months ago

    Michael Bay is trash

  • Lego Ninjago Lloyd
    Lego Ninjago Lloyd 5 months ago

    What I heard at the beginning: Hmnamana hmuana dark knight trailer

  • jrock 117
    jrock 117 5 months ago

    I dont really watch these movies story i jus watch it to watch giant robots beat the shit out of eachothet

  • John Oliver Fainsan
    John Oliver Fainsan 5 months ago

    At least it doesn't have that much awkward humor relative to previous installments and at least now they focused more on the robots than the humans, relative to previous Transformers films

  • dan the saxophone man
    dan the saxophone man 5 months ago

    absolute mess of a movie.. terrible.. really awful.

  • Tea Toxic
    Tea Toxic 5 months ago

    transformers movies have always been bad but this one takes the cake.

  • BLack GoLD
    BLack GoLD 5 months ago

    This movie was a complete TURD!, it had the potential to be waaaaaay better than it was, but Michael Bay doesn't give a shit about the actual transformers storyline, all he focuses on are bullshit characters, and bud lite piss beer, its like Mark Walberg's character doesn't even eat food, he just drinks bud lite all day or some shit! Yea fuck this movie

  • Bane Knightfall
    Bane Knightfall 5 months ago

    So let me get this straight humans hate ALL of the Transformers and are hunting them all down. Huh, sounds exactly like the same shit from the last movie.

  • Happy DC Fan
    Happy DC Fan 6 months ago

    I enjoyed the first markie mark transformers, so i waited and just bought this one on blu ray and it is absolute dog shit!!! I could have just paid a couple bucks at the cheap theater and avoided this lol

  • Gravity™
    Gravity™ 6 months ago

    This movie wouldn’t be so terrible if they wouldn’t try to be every at every second. Like holy shit you never got a break during the movie, constantly shit happening and you get tired of trying to keep track of the purpose to everything.

  • Zee Man
    Zee Man 6 months ago

    kindly introduced any bike transformer, its going to be cool and new. heroes on bike is totally awesome.

  • Rishabh Rai
    Rishabh Rai 6 months ago

    Frequent change in aspect ratio made it almost unwatchable.

  • DeadManXD
    DeadManXD 6 months ago

    The one thing that pissed me off about this movie were the final scenes. Some of them look like they were put together at the last minute and they added things that weren't in the trailer.
    For example: Im the Trailer we have a scene where the soldiers are running while Cybertron is falling down on Earth.
    In the final scene (movie) they added bumblebee and Hot Rod running with them and it looks half assed.

  • Kid Critic
    Kid Critic 6 months ago

    The movie wasn’t really that bad

  • Timberwulfx6
    Timberwulfx6 6 months ago

    Transformers movie, Michael Bay? THIS IS BAD COMEDY!

  • Eyaura Eya
    Eyaura Eya 6 months ago +53

    I have never seen a Transformers movie in my life. Who is this Michael Bay fellow? Is he the bad robot that fights Optimum Prime?

    • emil engen
      emil engen 26 days ago

      it is called a joke.

    • Suzanne Dupras
      Suzanne Dupras 2 months ago

      Micheal Bay is the director of the Transformer series. He is not a character.

    • Your Dynamic Self
      Your Dynamic Self 2 months ago

      No he is the director.

    • Sjj Lemon
      Sjj Lemon 3 months ago

      Eyaura Eya search it up udiot

    • Eyaura Eya
      Eyaura Eya 5 months ago +2

      Opium Prime told me not to then he blew up. Something to do with Bay.

  • Patrick Buffa
    Patrick Buffa 6 months ago

    2:38 I was thinking the exact same thing

  • Jonny Harper
    Jonny Harper 6 months ago +1

    Sometimes you just need to sit down and shut up and enjoy a shitty movie

    • buh fuk
      buh fuk 2 months ago

      Jonny Harper uhh no

  • Jimmy Paige 2001
    Jimmy Paige 2001 6 months ago

    Transformers 1 pretty good job, TF 2 OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠 TF3 a bit better. 4 STOP PLEASE KILL ME!!!!! And I just did not even bother seeing this one!!!!

  • Leo T
    Leo T 6 months ago

    All the Transformers movies are the biggest load of putrid scum ever put on film. Hate them with a passion.