Ella Mai’s Guide to Sensitive Skin Care | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Ahead of the Grammy Awards, rising British R&B star and “Boo’d Up” singer, Ella Mai, takes us through her daily morning routine.

    Filmed by Talia Collis
    Filmed at The Ludlow Hotel
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    Ella Mai’s Guide to Sensitive Skin Care | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • Dilly.stoner. Kubheka
    Dilly.stoner. Kubheka 9 hours ago

    Ella: *has spot coming*
    "It's really bothering me"
    Me: *has breakouts, cannot parallel park, has no edges, takes 3-5 business days to reply to messeges*

  • Dre1738
    Dre1738 Day ago

    they should a 70 questions with her

  • Jewel Smith
    Jewel Smith Day ago

    Omg ella cant blv ur coming in my country for music fest

  • thivy thaya
    thivy thaya Day ago

    You're soooo gorgeous and talented, God Bless truly xx

  • SaFaa '
    SaFaa ' Day ago

    Ella “ I think my lips are my best feature “
    Me : Giiirl ur completely perfect !!

  • Tameisha Bailey
    Tameisha Bailey 3 days ago

    Love how natural she is 😍

  • Light skin Messiah
    Light skin Messiah 5 days ago


  • Kenny DaVocalist
    Kenny DaVocalist 6 days ago

    I made my own tutorial for good skin and healthy hair please go check it out thanks❤️

  • Autumn Thame
    Autumn Thame 8 days ago

    It took me forever to realize she was British

  • The Goat
    The Goat 8 days ago

    Anyone know where to get the facial cleanser Burt’s bees

  • The Goat
    The Goat 8 days ago

    She has a manly voice

  • Simone The Legend
    Simone The Legend 8 days ago

    Where is she with this bathroom? Anyone know the hotel?

  • Somila Tondile
    Somila Tondile 8 days ago

    My fave part was when she said genetics!! YES

  • Calvin Johnson
    Calvin Johnson 8 days ago +1

    GENETICS Is Really What It Boils Down To....After That...Then You Can Do Whatever You Want With Your Skin

  • Reeva Khan
    Reeva Khan 10 days ago +1

    I would like Billie Eilish's skin routine.

  • Madison Elyse
    Madison Elyse 10 days ago

    ok what a beautiful human wow thank you for this

  • Daisy Hernandez
    Daisy Hernandez 11 days ago

    Please Gigi Hadid or Ariana grande Make up routine

  • Alycia Ford
    Alycia Ford 11 days ago

    And I like the way she is talking

  • Alycia Ford
    Alycia Ford 11 days ago


  • #24KMagic D
    #24KMagic D 12 days ago

    Bruno Mars skin care would be very interesting

  • Obsidian Ross
    Obsidian Ross 12 days ago

    Wigs left the chat

  • Not your fancy VAN LIFE

    She needs zero makeup!

  • Jenifer Rijo
    Jenifer Rijo 13 days ago

    I need Hailey Bieber skincare! I mean have you seen her skin?

  • Sustainable Beauties
    Sustainable Beauties 13 days ago

    That’s why I use Sustainable Beauties! 💕🌱🌸

  • Ella Grew
    Ella Grew 13 days ago

    i want to see zendaya’s skin care routine!

  • Marlon Claassen
    Marlon Claassen 14 days ago

    she has the nices lips ever hmmmmm 😍

  • Esh Bomb
    Esh Bomb 15 days ago

    My Twinnnnnnnnn

  • Chloe Teo
    Chloe Teo 15 days ago

    Please do a Zendaya skin care routine!!!!

  • Jervelle Joseph
    Jervelle Joseph 16 days ago


  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza 17 days ago

    She is just gorgeous

  • Marla Pisganidy
    Marla Pisganidy 19 days ago

    suddenly she said ...'i'm sound like a such professional'
    so kyoot :(

  • Kania Anantadewi
    Kania Anantadewi 19 days ago

    No offense to her, but in the thumbnail she kinda looks like female pete davidson

  • Brianna Jarrett
    Brianna Jarrett 20 days ago

    She remind me of myself and I love her music, so excited to see her live !!!!

  • gussie mehler
    gussie mehler 20 days ago

    Her skin is goals🙌🏾😻🙌🏾😻

  • kim
    kim 20 days ago

    she is so gorgeous !! 😍😍

  • ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia

    Cute and nice skin but she can’t sing

  • Riya // Subliminals
    Riya // Subliminals 21 day ago +4

    I'm boo'd up with her accent x

  • Im_So_Atlanta
    Im_So_Atlanta 21 day ago

    She dont wear makeup. Yasssss give me life Ella Mae 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Reshonda Jackson
    Reshonda Jackson 21 day ago

    ella mais beautiful

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 21 day ago

    What about thin skin care?

  • Iamsarayah
    Iamsarayah 21 day ago

    *Soulja Boy's voice*

  • Lu Ash
    Lu Ash 22 days ago

    Team Scorpio! Aye!

  • Jyliani Torres
    Jyliani Torres 22 days ago

    yeo I need this clear of skin

  • Tiara De Silva
    Tiara De Silva 22 days ago +2

    Bruh we use the same cleanser and before the video even started I was thinking “what’s the bet she uses Burt’s Bees”

  • Jada K
    Jada K 22 days ago

    Rudolth=Me and my red nose

  • Cristy Nohara
    Cristy Nohara 22 days ago

    mi reina

  • P̵R̵E̵T̵T̵Y̵ ̵L̵O̵V̵E̵L̵Y̵ ̵ ̵O̵M̵I̵

    I met Ella yalll 💓💓💓💓💛🥰🦋💯and she was so beautiful

  • Aisha Turner
    Aisha Turner 22 days ago


  • chill i
    chill i 22 days ago

    She reminds me of Pete Davidson

  • Ellen Williams
    Ellen Williams 22 days ago

    I really appreciate this video because my skin is Soooooo sensitive I put on the wrong product I break out all over my face so thank you Ella Mai..and you have great music

  • Nealicious
    Nealicious 22 days ago +1

    Bruh why she so beautiful!!!

  • Bianca Mays
    Bianca Mays 23 days ago


  • Naya
    Naya 23 days ago

    Step 1: Be flawless 😍

  • iiCloud Gacha
    iiCloud Gacha 23 days ago

    Why am I watching this when i have like 35 pimples on my face? hmmMmm

  • J-Horus
    J-Horus 23 days ago


  • M 1123
    M 1123 23 days ago +1

    I love the way she doesn't fuss over make-up

  •  23 days ago

    Her hair is perfection❤️❤️❤️

  • Madison Benjamin
    Madison Benjamin 24 days ago

    i love how she doesn’t wear makeup and is just all natural

  • Frenchness Pup
    Frenchness Pup 24 days ago


  • blur_ shorty
    blur_ shorty 24 days ago


  • The_king fam's house
    The_king fam's house 24 days ago


  • The_king fam's house
    The_king fam's house 24 days ago

    I love her voice

  • Cameron Gladden
    Cameron Gladden 25 days ago


  • Broadcast TV
    Broadcast TV 25 days ago +2

    Skincare routine
    1. Burts bees sensitive facial cleanser
    2. Jurlique rosewater balancing mist
    3. Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

  • bailee geml
    bailee geml 25 days ago

    Anybody know what the products are?

  • Music Maniac
    Music Maniac 25 days ago

    Girls do so muck just to look like a clown

  • James jones
    James jones 26 days ago

    Wifey right here 😍😍

  • Zulkar Khan
    Zulkar Khan 26 days ago

    Looking like kehlani

  • Mayah Nikole
    Mayah Nikole 26 days ago

    So pretty and simple ❤️ love this routine!

  • Taneeka smith
    Taneeka smith 26 days ago +1

    I dont use nothing my skin naturally Clear

  • Calantha Thompson
    Calantha Thompson 27 days ago

    Her and I have the same type of skin. I have extremely sensitive skin so I try to use products w/ little to no chemicals.

  • Mia Davila
    Mia Davila 27 days ago

    She all boo’d up😍😍💕

  • Challenger_X
    Challenger_X 27 days ago

    She drinks liq too

  • Jemmynorares MSP
    Jemmynorares MSP 27 days ago +1

    *she dont need makeup*

  • aisha ä
    aisha ä 27 days ago

    when she mentioned genetics i literally shouted THANK YOU

  • Wendy Ichigo
    Wendy Ichigo 28 days ago +1

    Her hair 😍😍

  • Ivette Hernandez-Martinez


  • MyBigDiary
    MyBigDiary 28 days ago

    where is the SPF ??? lool

  • Muharrum Kossy gang
    Muharrum Kossy gang 28 days ago

    Boo’d up boo’d up

  • Genesis Palmera
    Genesis Palmera 28 days ago


  • Annabelle Marie
    Annabelle Marie 28 days ago

    She is literally so gorgeous 😍😍😍🥰

  • Geodryn Booysen
    Geodryn Booysen 28 days ago

    Also never cut your hair

  • Geodryn Booysen
    Geodryn Booysen 28 days ago

    Stay christian

  • Geodryn Booysen
    Geodryn Booysen 28 days ago

    Why is your tattoo so drak

  • Super Mal
    Super Mal 28 days ago +1

    Is Jacquese Gonna Make One?🤣

  • K O L A
    K O L A 29 days ago

    ella mai-o

  • Ella Clarke
    Ella Clarke 29 days ago

    Im Ella too

  • Ella Clarke
    Ella Clarke 29 days ago

    who else didnt know she had an accent ?

  • Tashann B
    Tashann B 29 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the face serum? she forgot to say or vogue edited. The serum with the dripper

  • Briana Harrison
    Briana Harrison 29 days ago

    I think we’ve ALL been waiting for this..

  • nolovedreaa
    nolovedreaa 29 days ago

    i love her , she’s so kute 😭💗

  • Carme Dumas
    Carme Dumas 29 days ago

    Mango Burt Bees 😍😍

  • Nneamaka Mordi
    Nneamaka Mordi 29 days ago +1

    She's so beautiful! And she is not crazy about make up either. That's why her skin stays glowing too!

  • Nonchalant T
    Nonchalant T 29 days ago

    Wifey looking great

  • Midnight Lover
    Midnight Lover 29 days ago

    Her tattoo ugly

  • April Smith
    April Smith 29 days ago

    Beautiful skin and hair

  • Arianna Lenaè
    Arianna Lenaè 29 days ago +5

    Since I have hidradenitis ,(hs)
    My skin is constantly breaking out, even while using the best Proactive medicine: Proactive Md.
    I hate I have oily skin,
    I would LOVE to have clean, and clear skin, like Ella Mai!!

    • kitty
      kitty 29 days ago +1

      She does have some nice skin

  • Tychus Major
    Tychus Major 29 days ago

    I don't like her skin color 👀.. wait 🙁

    • kitty
      kitty 29 days ago +1

      That's a lil, racist, don't you think?

  • Claire Rufo
    Claire Rufo 29 days ago

    When she said that the small bump on her skin is bothering her. Ouch. 😂 But mine is worse. She really has a great skin. 😍

    • kitty
      kitty 29 days ago

      I hate being a teenager

  • S W
    S W 29 days ago

    You are so pretty