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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso  2 years ago +13393

    Thank you for watching. Which musical is your favorite so far?

  • JakulaithWolff
    JakulaithWolff 11 hours ago +1

    If this was every mornings' national anthem we'll achieve the better world we've been trying to reach since human history knows when...

  • overal_ _
    overal_ _ 14 hours ago


  • Jayden derise derise
    Jayden derise derise 16 hours ago

    Did he say fuck fuck yes?

  • nicole Morris
    nicole Morris 19 hours ago

    Are you on Rim of the world

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 19 hours ago

    2.22 he looks like Juanpa

  • Jordan Lavea
    Jordan Lavea Day ago +1


  • Lukas Otworth
    Lukas Otworth Day ago

    Dang I was trying to remember the name of the video for a full 10 minutes

  • sama Hamouda
    sama Hamouda 2 days ago

    Funny musical waiter☑️☑️☑️☑️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Hana Soliman
    Hana Soliman 2 days ago


  • Miss. Universe
    Miss. Universe 2 days ago

    I want him as my teacher

  • Jacob Clayton
    Jacob Clayton 3 days ago +1

    Fuck Hitla doosh bag

  • Ashley Aubert
    Ashley Aubert 3 days ago

    World war two was in 1939 not 1932

  • Holger Meerits
    Holger Meerits 3 days ago

    2:27 this whole video is vierd

  • Isaac Belleza
    Isaac Belleza 4 days ago

    *I wish Rudy was my teacher.*

  • Big Villos
    Big Villos 5 days ago +1

    Can somebody sub to me I’ll be livestreaming and making vids on for honor and fortnite

  • Aidan
    Aidan 5 days ago

    this is like a f*cked up version of high school musical

  • Bridget Sharona Barendregt

    I want a teacher like thid

    RUTURAJ JAWALE 5 days ago

    Why aren't your legs chained to the chair

  • The Classroom Vids Mck

    The answer to that equation is 751,483,965

  • Izzy
    Izzy 5 days ago

    Bruh, i learned way more in this video then i ever will in school

  • nature love
    nature love 6 days ago


  • GamingOfFire
    GamingOfFire 6 days ago

    This just made want to go school and sing this

  • slime girl
    slime girl 6 days ago +4

    Rudy you are so amazing and talented love you 💖

  • Teresa Delgado
    Teresa Delgado 6 days ago

    Could not have done it better! Excellent job Rudy, I highly applaud this 👏👏👏

  • Hmingi h.lalhmingmawii
    Hmingi h.lalhmingmawii 7 days ago +1

    Who is real rudy mancuso

  • Jayleen Lemus
    Jayleen Lemus 7 days ago

    My teacher said hitler is still alive

  • Itz a WoLfHarD fam
    Itz a WoLfHarD fam 7 days ago

    If Rudy was my teacher i would always come to school.

  • im a fane i love your voidieos

    All thats a lie

  • Mystic gameing
    Mystic gameing 8 days ago

    this one!!!!

  • Zoila Caraballo
    Zoila Caraballo 8 days ago +1

    I love you❤ so so so much xoxoxoxoxox cool

  • Jennyfer Mora-Hernandez


  • Marissa Tallard
    Marissa Tallard 9 days ago +1

    Pause at 0:47 seconds and look at his lopsided moustache.

  • Nasir Ahmed
    Nasir Ahmed 9 days ago

    1:22 actually world war ll was 1939-1945

  • eric
    eric 9 days ago

    This is funny because my last day of school was today lol

  • JS PlayzGamez
    JS PlayzGamez 10 days ago

    I wish my teachers we as crap as this one

  • Genderson Guzman Collado

    this is the best video

  • Gacha_Lover
    Gacha_Lover 11 days ago

    Ruby can you be my teacher?

  • Zachary Cohen
    Zachary Cohen 11 days ago

    It's fun to sing about how learning is fun

    But school SUX

  • Sophie Grimes
    Sophie Grimes 12 days ago +1

    I swear to you
    lf you be my teacher
    I'll be bringing you tequila everyday!

  • wilderness princess
    wilderness princess 12 days ago

    Ahah gotta love the musical doctor ❤😂

  • Layla Thompson24849
    Layla Thompson24849 13 days ago


  • Madison Overbey
    Madison Overbey 13 days ago

    Rudy described all of my teachers on crack😆

  • toxic predator
    toxic predator 13 days ago

    Catch asf

  • CassuDistortion
    CassuDistortion 13 days ago

    0:30-0:46 that part sound good

  • lenka krawczyk
    lenka krawczyk 14 days ago

    Rudy i promise u i would bring u tequila and naked girls everyday and if we had HITLER i would put his face into my ass
    i loveeeee the im the musical doctar the best one in town & i subed and like

  • layal Nour
    layal Nour 14 days ago

    Dosh doshi dosh dosh..... 😂

  • Adrian Best
    Adrian Best 16 days ago


  • Baios 051
    Baios 051 16 days ago +1

    the only bad thing with this song is that it's over

  • Rachelle Collins
    Rachelle Collins 17 days ago

    Fffffuuuuckkkin fun

  • Ed Quintanilla
    Ed Quintanilla 18 days ago

    If u were my teacher i would come to school with AIDS and Ebola

  • 12_ ninjahprobigman
    12_ ninjahprobigman 18 days ago +7

    Hit the like button if in 2019

  • George Rowe
    George Rowe 19 days ago

    Ww2 started at 1935 ended 1945

  • Inkman1231 Inkman1231
    Inkman1231 Inkman1231 19 days ago

    World WAR 2 he says was it cool? Its was war not a play fight

  • fortnite MONTAGE
    fortnite MONTAGE 20 days ago

    2 Times 2 is 4 and my ex girlfriend is a whore but its cool
    10 minus 7 is 3 and that was the age wen my dad left me
    Halv of 20 is 10 you know i only have 1 friend and it, s you

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo 20 days ago

    Science sucks ass

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo 20 days ago

    1:41 song is copied
    Btw the harmony was cool

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo 20 days ago

    He should've sayn arse..

  • Mark Demelo
    Mark Demelo 20 days ago

    It's like a freestyle

  • Realer squad Proxx
    Realer squad Proxx 20 days ago

    "Math is the shit bc it's always around number caculations and equations will astound you , yeah"

  • Samantha Shaine Isles
    Samantha Shaine Isles 20 days ago

    If Rudy becomes my teacher, I'll always be present😁

  • Megan Langton
    Megan Langton 21 day ago

    I love your musical series they really crack me up 😂

  • Cadnaan Cade
    Cadnaan Cade 21 day ago +1

    No one can hate school if it was like this 😂😂😂

  • Georgina Parker
    Georgina Parker 23 days ago

    Douche douchey douchey douche douche douchey douchey douchhhhe

  • Musical Wolf
    Musical Wolf 25 days ago

    You are so good at making music!

  • Trey Orr
    Trey Orr 25 days ago

    pls be my teacher

  • farida khaled
    farida khaled 27 days ago

    If you were my teacher i would love your class 😂

  • Megan Moffat
    Megan Moffat 28 days ago

    It was funny

  • Beam Cloud
    Beam Cloud 28 days ago +1

    WW2 wasn't 1932 but still a good video

  • Elicia Merali
    Elicia Merali 29 days ago

    Do you even know what Hitler did to the Jewish you can’t joke about that!!! This video was super funny

  • Shawn Lovell
    Shawn Lovell 29 days ago

    Hitler left the chat...

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams Month ago

    Douchey douch😂😂😂😂😂

    YT_CALL ME PAPI Month ago

    2x2 is 4 and my ex girlfriend is a whore

  • shelley whitaker
    shelley whitaker Month ago

    You should put this on stotify

  • kinQ
    kinQ Month ago

    This dude is living in dreams 3 minute classes boii

  • luna gacha
    luna gacha Month ago

    It would be awesome to have a musical teacher

  • kelphi quezada
    kelphi quezada Month ago +1

    This is my ringtone I love u Rudy 😍😍😍😍😍

  • CuddlesWorth 31
    CuddlesWorth 31 Month ago

    2:28 mental

    YT_CALL ME PAPI Month ago


  • Ashraf Khateeb
    Ashraf Khateeb Month ago

    Douch docuhey douch douch

  • hasseb abbas
    hasseb abbas Month ago

    can you stop saying f***.

    • hasseb abbas
      hasseb abbas Month ago

      science is cool but not in my school

  • Jade Haddad
    Jade Haddad Month ago


  • SH4D3 123
    SH4D3 123 Month ago

    what’s 2x2 4 my girlfriend is a hor what’s 10 minus 7 3 that’s the age when my dad left me lol 😂

  • Talkinglegodude the Georgie Daddy

    Hitler was a doughy douch douch douch douch douch douchy douch douch douch!

  • Karson Bangs
    Karson Bangs Month ago +2

    Yoo these lyrics are lit😂 how do you come up with them

  • Marsh Alligator
    Marsh Alligator Month ago

    *This education i would pay for.*

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek Month ago +1

    2+2 is 4 my ex is hoe bt its cool😂😂😂

  • Dalia Basha
    Dalia Basha Month ago

    i learned more from this video than i do at school

  • Lonely
    Lonely Month ago +1


  • Ilaria Fanuli
    Ilaria Fanuli Month ago

    “Let’s talk about World War II. It was a really really really shitty time to be a jew “
    I’M DEAD

  • Super Luigi Joey
    Super Luigi Joey Month ago

    Hitler was a douche

  • Elia O
    Elia O Month ago +1

    im a 10 years old

  • Elia O
    Elia O Month ago +1

    what school is this at.

  • Elia O
    Elia O Month ago +1

    shit is right

  • Elia O
    Elia O Month ago +1

    my favourite one is the mucical teacher

  • Orbitz Yt
    Orbitz Yt Month ago

    I love Hitler he was our lord and savior

  • Marissa Tallard
    Marissa Tallard Month ago +1

    2 x 2 is 4
    And now my girlfriend is a whore!
    But it's good!!

  • Yashoda Hansraj
    Yashoda Hansraj Month ago

    Omg Rudy I love all of your musicals, all of your videos and I actually look forward to many more in the future.☺

  • Addison Miller
    Addison Miller Month ago

    But cool means constipated overated overlated loser

  • Its Queen_Emma
    Its Queen_Emma Month ago

    Can you be my teacher