Funny Musical Teacher | Rudy Mancuso


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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso  Year ago +12386

    Thank you for watching. Which musical is your favorite so far?

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 10 hours ago +1

    L O L R U D Y

  • Chris TheGamer
    Chris TheGamer Day ago

    now this can a teacher

  • Angel Caballero
    Angel Caballero Day ago

    98% of what we learn is a waste

  • MetalHeadXD 260
    MetalHeadXD 260 Day ago

    Why does all of the role play songs have the Same rhythm not to be a hater

  • mislav dumandzic

    Okay rudy i have to go do my chores
    EDIT: i am back

  • Adrienne Casey
    Adrienne Casey Day ago

    I like you

  • Meow meow im a cat
    Meow meow im a cat 2 days ago


    ALEX THE DEMON 2 days ago

    Omg it's cool

  • Swank Man
    Swank Man 2 days ago

    This is the best musical

  • Valentina Hernandez
    Valentina Hernandez 2 days ago

    The haircut one

  • Srinivas Narayan
    Srinivas Narayan 2 days ago

    S- crazy
    I- kabloey
    N- suff
    C- I
    E- dunno what to put in here

  • Evangeline Jackman
    Evangeline Jackman 2 days ago

    Every one of these songs have extremely similar tunes

  • ekram morgan
    ekram morgan 2 days ago

    Rudy Mankous I love thes one and I love you too you are just Amazing and are my favourite in TVclip

  • Sinem Duvan
    Sinem Duvan 2 days ago

    2:01 this part is just the best part 😂😂😂♥️

  • Anahy Castillo
    Anahy Castillo 3 days ago

    Teacher and doctor

  • Charlie Cowley
    Charlie Cowley 3 days ago


  • Penny John
    Penny John 3 days ago

    My teacher is like this and looks a lot like Rudy and says bad stuff all the time and is funny

    -on my moms iPad by the way

  • ss Gaming 69
    ss Gaming 69 3 days ago


  • Yusuf Ahmed
    Yusuf Ahmed 3 days ago

    I watched the hair cut one I am a big fan of u

  • Epicadoodle Je38
    Epicadoodle Je38 3 days ago

    All the musical video has a unexpected ending😂

  • Tazin Tonina
    Tazin Tonina 4 days ago

    1:50 it looks like Rudy’s KISSING the air. 😂😂😂😂

  • maxout 1080
    maxout 1080 4 days ago


  • BluePugMc
    BluePugMc 4 days ago


  • Infinite Threats
    Infinite Threats 4 days ago

    I learned more here than I learned in class 😂😂

  • Costey
    Costey 4 days ago +1

    I bet you i can trick you,

    *Read more*

  • Bogi Szalkó
    Bogi Szalkó 4 days ago

    2:12 is totally me😂

  • Beth alog
    Beth alog 4 days ago


  • xXLuna Star 367Xx
    xXLuna Star 367Xx 4 days ago +1

    If i was in that class i would actually be happy to go to school

  • Keena Barnes
    Keena Barnes 5 days ago

    I love these

  • TheDragonslayer of Flames

    Loved it 2018 anyone

  • Ravens WrathYT
    Ravens WrathYT 6 days ago

    I want this song on iTunes XD 😅

  • nayla2mlp msp
    nayla2mlp msp 6 days ago

    Rudy m
    Rudy ma
    Rudy man
    Rudy manc
    Rudy mancu
    Rudy mancus
    Rudy mancuso 😂
    Rudy mancus
    Rudy mancu
    Rudy manc
    Rudy man
    Rudy ma
    Rudy m

  • A B
    A B 6 days ago


  • Fullmetal Shenron
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  • Vikas Raj
    Vikas Raj 8 days ago

    this looks like a porn set

  • JZ sisters
    JZ sisters 8 days ago


  • Ayci Lynn
    Ayci Lynn 8 days ago +2

    I want that teacher 😜

  • #Alpha Wolf
    #Alpha Wolf 8 days ago

    I wish my teachers were like this

  • Savage Beaton
    Savage Beaton 8 days ago

    3:15 I legitimately thought I got a text😂

  • Meowth Gaming
    Meowth Gaming 8 days ago


  • Park Borisova
    Park Borisova 8 days ago

    Hitler the best ❤

  • Severn Rain
    Severn Rain 8 days ago

    I wish Rudy was my teacher. I’m not being funny I would genuinely take more in aha😂

  • Charles Gomes
    Charles Gomes 8 days ago

    Shallow and crass. Trying so hard... The cussing is corny... I otherwise love Rudy.

  • Jathniel Pedro
    Jathniel Pedro 9 days ago

    I we learned like that

  • Wolfy Positive
    Wolfy Positive 9 days ago

    That’s actually 756,483,965

    Yep I’m a nerd

    Not really I calculated it lel 😂

  • Kenny’s World
    Kenny’s World 9 days ago

    5 times 150,296,793 is 751,483,965! Look it up.

  • heather chance
    heather chance 9 days ago

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    This is
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  • Nyriiz_
    Nyriiz_ 9 days ago

    oO iM SMeRt NOw i KnOw A lOt of thInGS

  • Ice Sledge
    Ice Sledge 9 days ago

    The Funny Musical series reminds me of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

  • AusraPaule Ausra
    AusraPaule Ausra 10 days ago

    Actually second world war was in 1942 not in 1932

  • Dalila Hernandez
    Dalila Hernandez 10 days ago

    By the way I know what the answer is about you saying 5×✓

  • Poison Ghost
    Poison Ghost 10 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 my 5th grade teacher made us sing so the lessons stayed in our head

  • HamBurgerGames
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  • TigerGames
    TigerGames 10 days ago

    He is a doosh doosh dooshy dooshy doosh doosh hilter was a doosh doosh doosh dooshy dooshy doosh hilter was a doosh

  • Bountyplays
    Bountyplays 10 days ago

    because he was a douche douche douche douche douche 12 weeks later douche douche douche douche douche douche douche


    Also every like a hitler want to be will get kicked in the nuts 3 time

  • dr to be
    dr to be 10 days ago

    Sometimes I forget that it is the same person who is playing both.

  • lovegamer2372 #cookies

    I wish my teacher was like that XD AND IM IN A GATE CLASS

  • Owen Herden
    Owen Herden 11 days ago

    I crack up at 0:41 🤣

  • hsjsk De
    hsjsk De 11 days ago

    2 time 2 is four and my last girlfriend is a whore. Lol hahahah

  • Me Me Sweetman
    Me Me Sweetman 11 days ago

    Please notice me Rudy I beg you

  • Gaara is bae
    Gaara is bae 11 days ago

    I want a teacher like that

  • Hero brine Poop
    Hero brine Poop 11 days ago

    The musical fiction one

  • Soosquishy5674
    Soosquishy5674 12 days ago +2

    Why did I enjoy this so mich

  • Cyntax05
    Cyntax05 12 days ago

    ... I don't have anything to say

  • Alex King funny 2
    Alex King funny 2 13 days ago

    Lmao play the video 2x more speed

  • Bradley Scheepers
    Bradley Scheepers 13 days ago


  • Br4nd0n & YeeUltimate
    Br4nd0n & YeeUltimate 13 days ago

    I want less cusses.

  • Pinkyboo foster
    Pinkyboo foster 14 days ago

    I think Rudy is cute

  • Danielle Fimbres
    Danielle Fimbres 14 days ago +1

    me 2

    • Danielle Fimbres
      Danielle Fimbres 14 days ago +1


  • iiKrz Myths
    iiKrz Myths 14 days ago

    Am I the single person that wants rudy to be my teacher

  • gachu nln
    gachu nln 14 days ago

    5 x by 150,296,793 = 751483965

  • Ash Likes Tea
    Ash Likes Tea 14 days ago +3

    0:31 😂😂😂 My favourite bit!

  • Ali Kabbout
    Ali Kabbout 15 days ago +1

    This taught me more than my elementary school career

    I even learned that your ex is a whore and hitler was a doosh.

  • Zombie Pal
    Zombie Pal 15 days ago

    i learned that hitler was a douche bag and your girlfriend is a whore lollll

  • Puppys_Lover125 123456

    So much bad words in this song

  • Pentr0s
    Pentr0s 15 days ago

    What is the music in outro ?

  • G
    G 15 days ago


  • G
    G 15 days ago

    It is actually chemistry but math is fun too 👌🦄

    SWE PRO USA NOOB 16 days ago +1

    I love your vids if im sad and starts watching your vids im starts laughing

  • Mitz Sanico
    Mitz Sanico 16 days ago

    I cant explain my feeling. This is so awesome😃😃😃

  • Rehachicken
    Rehachicken 16 days ago

    Nice ending

  • Munira Gordon
    Munira Gordon 16 days ago

    You're very good at sing

  • Sushi Is my name
    Sushi Is my name 16 days ago

    Imagine how does he rhymed all of this shit

  • Younger Crazy
    Younger Crazy 16 days ago

    It was 1942-1945

  • Casper Dhriele
    Casper Dhriele 17 days ago

    H- hours

  • Jake Eskda
    Jake Eskda 17 days ago

    Wow i feel dumber. Thanks

  • Navea cisneros
    Navea cisneros 17 days ago

    I hope to see you one day or more

  • Navea cisneros
    Navea cisneros 17 days ago

    Funny and cute

  • Ava DeVore
    Ava DeVore 17 days ago

    WW2 was in 1942 not 1932. Nice video though.

  • Stacey Fru
    Stacey Fru 17 days ago


  • Web Productions
    Web Productions 17 days ago

    I watched this on the way to school....I learned everything I needed!

  • Sofia's Tutorials
    Sofia's Tutorials 18 days ago

    i love this video! 😊🤣❤😍🎉💋

  • Rachael .T
    Rachael .T 18 days ago

    Ending is poo on the head 😂😂 but that's one way of learning.

  • stev tall
    stev tall 19 days ago

    That teacher's father left him when he was only three 🤬

  • Jenny Chery
    Jenny Chery 19 days ago

    If all teacher would be like that school would be more interesting

  • AlexFortnite and Adventures

    2:50 i calculated it and I it’s 273,924,609,823:)

  • call of duty bo3 king
    call of duty bo3 king 19 days ago

    Bro favorito video

  • benn gg
    benn gg 19 days ago

    So talented

  • Ravin Blackheart
    Ravin Blackheart 20 days ago

    I learned that Hitler was a douche and your ex-girlfriend a whore