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    SANS4K!CS:GO 3 days ago

    0:37 Ну тупо 79 летний Джозеф))

  • SadREDIN
    SadREDIN 3 days ago

    (used google translate app, because im from russia)
    Top 3 puzzles of the world:
    1: WHO ATE ALL THE DONUTS!?!?!?!?

  • FunkyDrumm3r
    FunkyDrumm3r 4 days ago

    total legit!

  • cortina
    cortina 4 days ago

    Hhhng...Well....Well shit

  • λTurret
    λTurret 7 days ago

    do you know who ate all the donuts- that one got me most

  • MrGrinderMan
    MrGrinderMan 8 days ago

    What editing program you need to use to make these?

  • Erick Miranda
    Erick Miranda 8 days ago

    *Better than the official*

  • kAwAii bAkA
    kAwAii bAkA 8 days ago

    1:13 Coffee cup :DDDDDDDD

  • bloodrunsclear
    bloodrunsclear 9 days ago

    I want the return of goofy scientists

  • BALDI :D
    BALDI :D 12 days ago

    "Is Anyone Else Getting Hungry?"

  • Лютая Сова
    Лютая Сова 14 days ago
    Он спиздил твою идею

    • Vlad[54rus]
      Vlad[54rus] 3 days ago

      @Лютая Сова Ну прочёл неправильно, с кем не бывает? А идея эта не его и видео вышло позже.

    • Лютая Сова
      Лютая Сова 3 days ago

      @Vlad[54rus] Кто сказал что это моя?

    • Vlad[54rus]
      Vlad[54rus] 5 days ago

      С чего это вдруг идея ТВОЯ?

  • FOGMAN _
    FOGMAN _ 15 days ago

    Half life, but with half life...

  • The diamond pickaxe 8-bits

    Do you Know who ate all of the donuts

  • CrispyChicken44
    CrispyChicken44 17 days ago

    I fucking love this like you wouldn't believe xD

  • ramtin beta man
    ramtin beta man 18 days ago

    hey can you make a tutorial of how to create a half life sfx like you?

  • блудный орех
    блудный орех 19 days ago +1

    there was crap and it became better

  • Grant SFM
    Grant SFM 20 days ago

    Making this with source 2 was a good option because old source it old and also mabye cant handle all of that detail. On and the hammer level editor? it looks like unreal engine 4 but hammer and more tools and models and just fixes. It may have real time lighting

  • ElPacheco's
    ElPacheco's 20 days ago

    This is The Real Half life :DD

  • Zenford RT
    Zenford RT 20 days ago

    Hah, it real funny

  • Mick's WORLD
    Mick's WORLD 21 day ago

    if theres a mod for this game that does this im intantly buying

  • Zero Hours
    Zero Hours 21 day ago

    Now you should do videos with GTA SA sfx.

  • Руслан Садыков.

    What if valve had nobody to hire for the new SFX:

  • Black mesa research facility

    This this is,unbelievable

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh 23 days ago


  • HL:A Scout Figure
    HL:A Scout Figure 26 days ago

    Hey look at me dummys! I got such a tiny freakin' head! 1:00

  • 124Nightwing
    124Nightwing 27 days ago

    I haven’t even watched the actual trailer yet, this is the first Half-Life: Alyx video I’ve seen so far.

  • Voitiech Animations
    Voitiech Animations 28 days ago

    I'll take your entire stock!!!!!!!

  • Bob Allen
    Bob Allen 28 days ago

    "coffee cup" lol

  • Мой выбор моделизм!

    ля, этот трэйлер круче оригинального

  • The Mensington
    The Mensington 29 days ago

    I mean it’s not officially half life 3
    But it’s half life 3

  • KalashniBen
    KalashniBen 29 days ago

    That next-gen coffee cup tho

  • E
    E Month ago

    i cant wait for half life 1 alyx

  • Злая Стас
    Злая Стас Month ago

    Не ну тупа класс.

  • Jamil
    Jamil Month ago

    Oddly enough it doesn't seem too out of place. The audio just needs some better quality. I wonder if someone would remaster the original audio. Just make it in a much better quality.

  • the coffee
    the coffee Month ago

    its acually beter then i expected

  • BackFlip _forFun
    BackFlip _forFun Month ago

    Life with HL1 sound effects

  • NTF Unit 2
    NTF Unit 2 Month ago +2


  • Civil Protection Unit
    Civil Protection Unit Month ago +1

    original trailer: im with you every step of the way.
    this video: do u know who ate all the donuts :P?

  • Tigran Melconyan
    Tigran Melconyan Month ago

    Do doshirak half life sfx.

  • MTHS 122
    MTHS 122 Month ago +1

    "who ate all the donuts"
    I died

  • Rocky ツ
    Rocky ツ Month ago

    1:23 XD

  • sm0l Mane
    sm0l Mane Month ago

    coffee cup

    VXPSERVER Month ago

    Very good sound work!

  • Rash Toad
    Rash Toad Month ago

    Дружище, подскажи, пазязя, где взять SFXы для Халвы.

  • Spartan War118
    Spartan War118 Month ago

    NOW it feels like part of the half life franchise

  • Fozzyozzy 539
    Fozzyozzy 539 Month ago


  • Sans 2345
    Sans 2345 Month ago

    Half-life alyx but it's actually half-life 1

  • Felipe Porcel
    Felipe Porcel Month ago

    "Well...well shit *Clears throat*"

  • BreadY
    BreadY Month ago

    Do u know who ate all the donuts?)

  • Gabriel_
    Gabriel_ Month ago

    Make dub for it please

  • DiGriz
    DiGriz Month ago

    Dude please dubb Terminator truck chase scene with Half Life SFX

  • Murat Mert Görgül

    Better than original LoL 😂

  • god
    god Month ago

    1:25 hahahahahaha

  • -R-
    -R- Month ago

    *Comment out of date, rebuilding...*

  • Newguy. Exe
    Newguy. Exe Month ago

    -Im with you every step of the way-
    *Do you know Who ate all the Donuts?*

  • Raouf Gaming
    Raouf Gaming Month ago +1

    Why the G-Man is getting hotter...

  • Luuk de Voogd
    Luuk de Voogd Month ago

    0:37 'do you know who ate all the donuts?"

  • Goodday
    Goodday Month ago

    I some how.... Like this.... More?

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth Month ago

    Headcrab sound is the best.

  • The Orange One
    The Orange One Month ago

    this has got to be like, an actual mode for the game, this is great