What Would You Do: Child abused by foster mother

  • Published on Aug 8, 2017
  • A mother is at a restaurant with her two children: one is her biological child, and the other is her foster child. How will people react when overhearing the interaction?
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  • Marie Sacchitello
    Marie Sacchitello 7 minutes ago +1

    Intro: *wake me up inside*

  • Rania Mohammad
    Rania Mohammad 29 minutes ago

    I feel like slapping the mom even tho they are acting

  • Falconiam
    Falconiam 37 minutes ago +1

    Man... you really awesome! So touched me.... Hope he is a really good guy...👏👏👏

  • Shannon Parr
    Shannon Parr 39 minutes ago

    Id give that mom a piece of my mind!

  • AaryanPlaysGames
    AaryanPlaysGames Hour ago

    His stupid daughter was just recording it

  • Qtee S.
    Qtee S. Hour ago

    This made me cry..God bless that man!!!

  • rEeCe 11
    rEeCe 11 3 hours ago

    Gosh these are sometimes funny

  • Memeking 69
    Memeking 69 3 hours ago

    2:03 that guy looks like he belongs in the 1800s with that mustache

  • Bianca I.
    Bianca I. 6 hours ago

    I couldn't stop smiling when that lady bought her the sundae...

  • Ramy
    Ramy 6 hours ago

    I'm sorry I just can't get lover that moustache

  • Alex Schaaf
    Alex Schaaf 6 hours ago

    I'll full out paperwork for adoption

  • redderu glasses
    redderu glasses 7 hours ago

    Foster Mother: And I’m not spending it on you
    Foster Kid: **triggered**

  • crown_clown
    crown_clown 7 hours ago

    Bruh....BRUH, that moustache is some fancy as fuck shit. Handsome fella, suits him very well.

  • Jess S
    Jess S 9 hours ago +1

    That moustache tho 🧐

  • Big anime tiddies
    Big anime tiddies 9 hours ago

    Being a foster kid sucked

  • Misty Atam
    Misty Atam 11 hours ago

    The girl named emma looks like ariana grande

  • Mailee Morales
    Mailee Morales 15 hours ago

    4:37 my heart melted

  • Kaydy Ladnier
    Kaydy Ladnier 15 hours ago

    i laughed so hard does anyone notice the first dudes mustash

  • Alia Vlogs
    Alia Vlogs 15 hours ago

    The last man is the nicest person ever

  • It’syourgirl emily
    It’syourgirl emily 16 hours ago

    The last one was pure I cried

  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 16 hours ago

    The dude's
    mustache though.

  • Scarecrow the rewind
    Scarecrow the rewind 17 hours ago

    *mom acts like a dickhead*
    Mcree: ITS HIGH NOON

  • International Multifandom

    I know you're Ariana Grande's long lost sister

  • aristoteles montijo
    aristoteles montijo 18 hours ago

    The little girl is so sweet

  • Yolanda Lesheil
    Yolanda Lesheil 19 hours ago


  • Rey Skywalker
    Rey Skywalker 20 hours ago

    I planned on crying and screaming today

  • Chayanne Waters
    Chayanne Waters 20 hours ago

    Does that guy give mustache rides?

  • naruto jeff
    naruto jeff 20 hours ago

    His mustachio is looking good

  • Mandy Van Horn
    Mandy Van Horn 21 hour ago

    That last dad, I love him

  • It’s Marisa
    It’s Marisa 21 hour ago

    John:why were you so touched by this
    Girl:cause my dad girlhdjdeufhxns sdhdhebwbbebbsbe *talks while crying*


  • Allison McDonald
    Allison McDonald 21 hour ago

    God bless them. Angels on earth. 😇😇

  • Allison McDonald
    Allison McDonald 21 hour ago

    I was a foster kid and our foster parents were the best RIP NAN AND UNCLE BILL 💐💐 but their real children would treat us foster kids like we were a piece of garbage. They didn’t want us to be at Christmas dinners they never visited our home. Only once I remember.

  • Mohamed Tarek
    Mohamed Tarek 22 hours ago

    Shit i cried like a baby :((

  • Sammari Gamble
    Sammari Gamble 22 hours ago

    I hate that mom so mich

  • Wendy Cena
    Wendy Cena 23 hours ago

    The last guy 😭💔

  • Val G
    Val G 23 hours ago

    The last guy on this show is a true blessing from god we need more ppl like him in this world..heack all of yall that stepped in are blessings from above

  • Braceface Bandit
    Braceface Bandit 23 hours ago +1


  • Puffy Cream
    Puffy Cream Day ago

    Awww the woman and man are so sweeeeeeeet

  • fowad025
    fowad025 Day ago

    Some people in the world are stupid idiots like this woman!!! I just want to slap her in the face because this stupid idiot deserves it!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Dorothy Delight
    Dorothy Delight Day ago

    When ehe girl at the end cried I cried too

  • jack sparrow
    jack sparrow Day ago

    6.26 that girl filming though

  • Sevinch Mamatova

    That guys daughter so cute!!

  • Emily Balint
    Emily Balint Day ago

    Nobody should treat someone differently than there blood child and that’s why I’m adopting

  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 Day ago

    The first guys mustache looks really good.

  • 1livingdeadgrl
    1livingdeadgrl Day ago

    Worse, all the thousands and thousands of native American kids ripped from their homes to be placed in the foster care system or good 'white' families thinking it made better homes.... Dear God have mercy on this greedy money hungry nation usa.

  • Jenni Granados
    Jenni Granados Day ago

    Damn I cried😢😂

  • Mari mari
    Mari mari Day ago

    Omg this is so awful! I know this stuff can be real or may be real and its really awful! If i was in that situation i would have done what the man on the last scene did and i would totally get her no matter what.

  • Chloe Lapsley
    Chloe Lapsley Day ago

    6:23 im sorry but i dont like how that girl is recording the situation
    (I know its acting)

  • Nichole Music
    Nichole Music Day ago

    Shit I'm crying at that dad's reaction.

  • Silsila Rahmani
    Silsila Rahmani Day ago +6

    The last man made me cry. Seeing just act of kindness makes you feel so happy

  • Tan Wei Yang Justice

    US is a “civilised society”? Really?

  • Kamari Rock
    Kamari Rock Day ago

    You know even though it’s fake I almost want to cry

  • That's all Wright

    1like 500 big ice cream

  • Mojang
    Mojang Day ago

    Lowkey crushing on the foster child she fucken hot

  • oopsie daisy
    oopsie daisy Day ago

    They got her on payroll as the goto bad mother

  • Broni B
    Broni B Day ago

    That last scene the girl only started crying when she saw the cameras

  • Gvo Shayla!
    Gvo Shayla! Day ago

    I deadass cried its so heartbreaking that this bs actually happens in reall life 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Kawaiipear Playz

    Did anybody else notice his daughter recording?

  • -Quinn- -150016297-

    When the man confronts his daughter (I’m assuming) is taking a vid (Also a Assumption)

  • HisWorshipperDeanna Garvin

    It really touched me when that one dad gave her 50$ to buy whatever she wanted,and his sweet little girl was so touched she was crying.God bless that dad and his little girl,She is so sweet! =)

  • DoneWithAmy
    DoneWithAmy Day ago

    As someone who’s in foster care this shit does happen to people, I’m just lucky enough to have a good foster home

  • Matthew Cornejo
    Matthew Cornejo Day ago

    where that girl from?

  • Tamara Ford
    Tamara Ford Day ago +1

    How Old Do You Have To Be To Adopt Foster Kidz? Because When I'm Old Enough I'd Like To Adopt Some.

    • David Kenned
      David Kenned 23 hours ago +1

      18/21, depends of the state and you have to be at least 15 years older then the children. In my country (Brazil) is that way, I don't know on yours 😉

  • Olya BehindBlueEyes

    People in the video are so kind and symathetic. I wish someone stood up for me like that when my father kept yelling on me and insulting me at the cafes and other places. No one ever did. I could have passed out and no one would intervene.

    But this video is really so kind. I even feel a bit sorry for the people cause they expressed real feelings and sympathy, they got nervous perhaps but everything is staged)

  • Bluedashman95 *
    Bluedashman95 * Day ago

    That mustache was on fleek.

  • Mike Seguin
    Mike Seguin 2 days ago

    Ridiculously !!!!!!

  • Mike Seguin
    Mike Seguin 2 days ago

    Stop the stash,!!

  • Mike Seguin
    Mike Seguin 2 days ago


  • Mike Seguin
    Mike Seguin 2 days ago


  • Ordinary Legend
    Ordinary Legend 2 days ago +1

    Most people: OMG REALLY!?!?
    Him: oh.. I’m glad that it’s not real...