NHL Highlights | Lightning vs. Capitals, Game 6 - May 21, 2018

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • T.J. Oshie scored twice and Devante Smith-Pelly added another as the Washington Capitals forced a Game 7 against the Tampa Bay Lightning.
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Comments • 389

  • jonah hoff
    jonah hoff 3 months ago

    i always forget how lethal that ovechkin kuznetsov wilson line was last spring.

  • Lane Mosser
    Lane Mosser 9 months ago

    I freakin' love that 2nd goal

  • Steele Sports
    Steele Sports 9 months ago

    Holtby ending this series with two shut outs is just absurd. What a series...

  • Todd Murphy
    Todd Murphy 9 months ago

    I got Caps winning the cup in 5 games over Vegas. Ovie MVP

  • Drew Koslow
    Drew Koslow 9 months ago

    That's the best hockeying I've seen from the Caps... so far. Hoping they have saved their finest for Game 5 tomorrow night.

  • Davey Givens
    Davey Givens 10 months ago

    Here's a silly question you guys can tear up: When Stamkos hit Miller high with an elbow...why didn't he receive a penalty?

  • Davey Givens
    Davey Givens 10 months ago

    That DSP goal was a beautiful tic-tac-toe

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 10 months ago

    Congrats Caps from a Flyers fan this is going to be a great SCF I def can see this SCF going 7 games u can do this Ovechkin I know u can

  • Dana Wheale
    Dana Wheale 10 months ago +1

    Capitals just won

  • Pavel Litera
    Pavel Litera 10 months ago

    Should rusian qasimodo win a cup??
    Of course not.never in history

  • david michael
    david michael 10 months ago

    Go caps go!!

  • Crazy Horse
    Crazy Horse 10 months ago

    Oshie's second goal wrister had some steem.

  • Silentbydeadly
    Silentbydeadly 10 months ago

    There a better team when they play hard.

  • Lukas Fontana
    Lukas Fontana 10 months ago

    I really hope this has not been Caps's last home game of the season. If it has been...well they played a heck of a game. They truly dominated. And Ovechkin was a one-man wrecking ball.

  • Chris
    Chris 10 months ago

    Should be a great game 7 tonight. No matter who you like in the NHL, we are all fans of hockey. And nothing is better than a game 7. But add on that it’s a game 7 to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.....BOOM!!! Nothing better. #Let’s Go Caps #Rock the RED

  • Dana Wheale
    Dana Wheale 10 months ago


  • Skooma150
    Skooma150 10 months ago

    TBL fans whining about no icing before DSP's goal, use ',' and '.' to watch the frame by frame starting at 3:49, you are W R O N G

  • Gary Larcher
    Gary Larcher 10 months ago

    Seemed like a 3 zip blowout...but that Lady Byng team could wake up early at home.

    WTF WTF 10 months ago

    Get it Caps!!!

  • Mike Wong
    Mike Wong 10 months ago

    UrinatingTree preparing for his next LOF instalment. Should’ve finished it earlier, caps.

  • Nick Sacco
    Nick Sacco 10 months ago

    I was hoping for the caps to lose tonight to blow a 2-0 series lead but I suppose I'll have to wait until game 7

  • Jackson Allen
    Jackson Allen 10 months ago


  • sam93931
    sam93931 10 months ago

    Gonna be a hell of a game 7 tomorrow!! Are you in? =D

  • Kaden1
    Kaden1 10 months ago

    C a p s



  • Emery Bizzo
    Emery Bizzo 10 months ago

    Not gonna lie, after games 3-5 I thought for sure it'd be the Bolts in 6...glad that the Caps haven't given up yet, this has been a fun series to watch.

  • Lil' fire bars Master
    Lil' fire bars Master 10 months ago

    When the caps play like this they are the best team in the league.

  • writer125
    writer125 10 months ago

    Either team does.

  • writer125
    writer125 10 months ago

    It doesn't matter what team either does, VEGAS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

  • Mulph Mullesson
    Mulph Mullesson 10 months ago

    Meh its summer i m bored with nhl right now. Can they do the play off in mars or april. Why 82!!!! Games just too much.

    • epik duk
      epik duk 10 months ago

      you can’t play hockey on mars

  • juli aaa
    juli aaa 10 months ago

    caps played really well tonight, i still think pens will win in 8 though

  • Alex Paskal
    Alex Paskal 10 months ago +1

    Lightning - Vasilevskiy = Trash

  • Jeff Bass
    Jeff Bass 10 months ago

    As a former DC area guy (even saw a couple of Capitals 1974 games) I'd love to see a Vegas-Caps series. I lived in Chicago for a long time, and the Capitals angst of the past 20 years borders on the Cubs World Series drought, though the Cubs were an awful team when I lived there. Maybe the Nationals can actually win a playoff series this year, and kill these DC team curses :)

  • Nonna Gevorkian
    Nonna Gevorkian 10 months ago

    The best game ,Washington played so hard tonight .. Let’s go Caps!,,,,, .Сашинька Солнышко удачи удачи!!!!

  • G•Dèsireè _729
    G•Dèsireè _729 10 months ago

    So whoever wins the next game that's it. Idk who will win . Both are good teams

  • Jonathan Jensen
    Jonathan Jensen 10 months ago

    Ovechkin a selfish perrenial 50 goal scorer with half that amount of helpers does not deserve a Cup as he plays no defense. There may be Hockey Gods and Defense usually wins series. Remember Ovechkins Lack of effort on Hornquists goal last year in the last game of series.. One trick pony and overrated. I have more emotion for Gallant and the VGK winning than this guy.

    • Urban Treasure Hunting
      Urban Treasure Hunting 10 months ago

      Jonathan Jensen you're describing a much younger Ovechkin. And you're hogging the salt.

  • Asadchy
    Asadchy 10 months ago

    за овцу и кузю!))

  • Mesabi
    Mesabi 10 months ago

    Lightning have the advantage for game 7. They experienced a loss where they didn't look great, so they can now come back stronger, they are at home, and they can only build off of this.

  • Tits McFunnyBalls
    Tits McFunnyBalls 10 months ago

    Were there any Tampa fans there? If so, how long did they stay?

  • Tyrannus
    Tyrannus 10 months ago +1

    crowd was BOOMING. the tension before the first goal was electric. so many great scoring chances, so many close calls, the stadium was going nuts.

    • Michael Rojas
      Michael Rojas 10 months ago

      Tyrannus that must've been really fun. I know how loud those stadiums can get lol

    • Tyrannus
      Tyrannus 10 months ago

      Michael Rojas oh yeah. best hockey game ive been to.

    • Michael Rojas
      Michael Rojas 10 months ago +1

      Tyrannus you were there I take it

  • jaja
    jaja 10 months ago


  • Reed Fam
    Reed Fam 10 months ago +1

    Grinding, hitting, fighting must not be "NHL highlights?"

  • Nikko Mendoza
    Nikko Mendoza 10 months ago +2

    I really hope Washington wins the series. Ovi deseres a shot at the cup.

  • Frodo Baggins
    Frodo Baggins 10 months ago +1

    I said at the beginning of the season that a healthy Tampa team would win the cup. These Caps could very well prove me wrong.

  • Logan Dempsey
    Logan Dempsey 10 months ago

    with Vegas going to the cup in their first year, i sure smell something fishy... I hope the caps win it all tho!

  • Christopher McHale
    Christopher McHale 10 months ago

    How do you not show a replay of the Carlson non-goal?

  • Jack Platis
    Jack Platis 10 months ago

    2nd goal was icing, regardless of the games score.

  • Dan Anonymous
    Dan Anonymous 10 months ago

    Joke of a game

  • gmail account
    gmail account 10 months ago +2

    Ovechkin sure is keyed up for this series. This is his last chance at a cup

  • reduce cotwo
    reduce cotwo 10 months ago +1

    It was Washington's time to get lucky, it could of just as easily been 3 - 0 for Tampa.

  • Senators97Fan
    Senators97Fan 10 months ago +1

    EVERYONE! Who wins Game 7 to advance to the Final? (I say Tampa)

    ДОМО ВОЙ 10 months ago

    Tampa Bay, go ahead guys !!!!!📢📢📢

  • Leetbeast
    Leetbeast 10 months ago +1

    Lets goo capitals!! Now is ur chance release everything, release it in game 7 and make the finals!!!

  • TheJokerit19
    TheJokerit19 10 months ago

    Dammit, LOL.

  • micahthegamer
    micahthegamer 10 months ago +1

    I wan want caps to win because if ovi dont win a cup before he retires i am going to be mad and this is coming from a flyers fan now stamkos has like 1 to 2 years from now to win a cup

    • Christoffer Salomonsson
      Christoffer Salomonsson 8 months ago

      if Stamkos wants a cup he need to show up for the playoffs.. 1 5v5 goal this year is not ok..

  • Frederick P.
    Frederick P. 10 months ago

    Amazing if the caps go play against the knights. Imagine ovechkin and the caps need to beat an ex penguin...fleury

  • Skill own
    Skill own 10 months ago +3

    Capitals vs Vasilevsky

  • Howling Burd19
    Howling Burd19 10 months ago

    I don’t care who wins in this series, just as the team that wins can beat Vegas :)

  • Liam Neeson
    Liam Neeson 10 months ago +1

    The Caps aren’t done yet!

  • Hockey Gary
    Hockey Gary 10 months ago

    Caps vs knights

  • Cringler
    Cringler 10 months ago

    I was going to the game in a box but it was too late..

    And it wasnt on the channel!

  • Rob McCallister
    Rob McCallister 10 months ago

    didnt know this exists. everyone is watching the nba playoffs while losers watch this

  • I Have no talent
    I Have no talent 10 months ago

    Washington is not going down that easily

  • Theo Schmidt
    Theo Schmidt 10 months ago +1

    Interesting to see how many people switched sides between two games

  • Dawson Lapointe
    Dawson Lapointe 10 months ago

    I really want a Caps-Knights final.

  • ghytgb
    ghytgb 10 months ago +1

    Washington really played hard in this one!

  • Vancouver Business Reviews
    Vancouver Business Reviews 10 months ago +11

    Wouldnt Caps vs. G Knights be such a great story in the finals? You got a team whos accomplished the unthinkable in its first year against Ovechkins Capitals who've been battling for over 10 years to even sniff the Finals

    • HermaphroGynandro
      HermaphroGynandro 7 months ago

      That's what actually ended up happening!

    • Drew Koslow
      Drew Koslow 10 months ago +2

      The Caps former GM, George McPhee, is GM of Vegas and assembled the team.

  • Hector Cartagena
    Hector Cartagena 10 months ago

    Captials did what they had to do in this game, came out FASTER, STRONGER, AND HUNGRIER. They literally took the LIGHTINGS lunch money and gut punch them all night. Hopefully the LIGHTING can answer in game 7. This has been a hell of a series. Hoping game 7 lives up to the hype. GO BOLTS!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJMartec
    DJMartec 10 months ago +1

    Backstrom dominated this one.

  • Luke J
    Luke J 10 months ago +3

    I’m not even a caps fan but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a team to win a game 7 as I do now.

  • Colt 45
    Colt 45 10 months ago

    Vegas meanwhile is recovering and laughing when they will crush the bruised and tired winners of this series.

  • Alex G
    Alex G 10 months ago

    Tampa got dominated

  • isse sound
    isse sound 10 months ago

    Nice to see Bäckström back and delivering!

  • Allu:D
    Allu:D 10 months ago

    Imagine if Vasilevskiy didn't play as good as he did in that game. The Bolts would've been smashed.

  • ShaKYGT
    ShaKYGT 10 months ago


  • Jonny Northwest
    Jonny Northwest 10 months ago +4

    The golden knights destroying the caps.

    • loloperson
      loloperson 10 months ago

      Ryan Harryson dude we don't know unless you can tell the future. such a hard desion! Vegas or caps?

  • Pat Stevens
    Pat Stevens 10 months ago

    This was the Bolts twisting the knife. Washington will be so jacked up and will burn out 10 into the second. Red Bull gives you F all. Vagas will take it all.

  • дмитрий ситник

    Васи монстр

  • Justin Betland
    Justin Betland 10 months ago +3

    I'm calling it right now, Caps vs. Vegas in The Final.
    The only way this won't happen is if the Lightning can pull out a victory in game 7. Then we'll see Lightning vs. Vegas in the final.

    • Jonathan Jensen
      Jonathan Jensen 10 months ago


    • Jonathan Jensen
      Jonathan Jensen 10 months ago +1

      The only way this wont happen is if we see the lightning pull out a victory in game 7. Ok Captain Obvious.

    • Tits McFunnyBalls
      Tits McFunnyBalls 10 months ago +2

      Braddock E. Hutton so let me get this straight. If one of these teams wins, they play a game of hacky sack in the next round versus the Coocabunga Cracker Killers?

    • Justin Betland
      Justin Betland 10 months ago

      kenmograd2009 Interesting

  • Simon Hsieh
    Simon Hsieh 10 months ago

    4:32 Why did Hedman raise his hand up?

    • Robert Andrews
      Robert Andrews 10 months ago

      He was signaling the the Capitals were offside, but they weren’t.

    • Malunity
      Malunity 10 months ago

      He was trying to say OSHIE was in the slot, which was who scored.

  • the goalie#1
    the goalie#1 10 months ago

    Holty was rock solid

  • Xandr81
    Xandr81 10 months ago +2

    If Tampa wins the series,it will be only because of Vasilevskiy.Washington is better through all series and the guy steals from Capitals at least two games.

  • Lavdeep Sandhu
    Lavdeep Sandhu 10 months ago

    Caps winning the cup don’t @me.

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan 10 months ago

    Caps played a solid game. Caps are winning the next one too.

  • W -
    W - 10 months ago

    Bolts in 7

  • Linus 67
    Linus 67 10 months ago


  • AC-Phil
    AC-Phil 10 months ago +5

    Prolly one of the weirdest series that i've ever watched. Game seven is gonna give me a heart attack.

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 10 months ago +2

    Goal number 2. The Bolts are in trouble if Vasilevsky can't stop a basketball

  • Александр Иванов

    Ура! Ура! Ура! Молодец Овечкин и Кузнецов!

  • Deceived Society
    Deceived Society 10 months ago +2

    That was an icing on the second goal. They got cheated on that second goal.

    • Christoffer Salomonsson
      Christoffer Salomonsson 8 months ago

      boy your stupid.. it was no icing because the puck didn't pass the line before someone could't have touched it..

    • novawolverine
      novawolverine 10 months ago

      It was too close of a call to call that icing using the hybrid definition. It's only supposed to be used in unambiguous cases.

    • Deceived Society
      Deceived Society 10 months ago

      PhillySports7262 ' what?.. Lol you don't know what you're saying. Touching the puck on an icing call doesn't exist anymore. It's called hybrid icing now
      .. Which ever player has a better chance of touching it. Hybrid has everything to do with it. U should look at the refs hand signals... He called it off just at the line. And the commentator saying Stevenson negates the icing call so it was an icing call but that Tampa got juked from

    • PhillySports7262 '
      PhillySports7262 ' 10 months ago +1

      Deceived Society there was no icing in the first place it got waved off because Tampa could of touched it but let it go all the way. "Hybrid icing" has nothing to do with it

  • Tuurono 6ix
    Tuurono 6ix 10 months ago +3

    Loving this physical hockey Washington brings to the plate.
    Tampa I hope you like beef.

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 10 months ago +2

    U left out alot of big hits i watched the full game

    • WillHazKATZ
      WillHazKATZ 8 months ago

      Been trying to find someone wanting to see those hits for a while. Thank god I didn’t just imagine them. Looked like NHL 18 with those hits.

  • deonal
    deonal 10 months ago +2

    What a series between two strong traditional markets who have paid their dues over decades, that's hockey!

    • deonal
      deonal 10 months ago

      Exactly TB has a cup to show for...

    • Jonathan Jensen
      Jonathan Jensen 10 months ago

      Tampa has won a Stanley Cup

    • deonal
      deonal 10 months ago

      1992/93 makes it 26 years, that is a generation. The Caps since 74/75 for the record. That's hockey!

    • Mac McNally
      Mac McNally 10 months ago

      deonal tampon bay hasn't been around very long there kido.

  • Matthew Tetreault
    Matthew Tetreault 10 months ago +1

    Bring the Caps to Vegas! What’s more Caps-like than them choking and giving the Knights the 4-0?

  • Антон Погостин


  • Yah Boi
    Yah Boi 10 months ago +15

    Jets fan here: the winner of Game 7 doesn’t matter, the winner gets swept by Vegas regardless

    • Perry Stone
      Perry Stone 10 months ago

      The caps have better statistics and math has proven they will win in 6. Have mercy on the Knights souls.

    • Gary Larcher
      Gary Larcher 10 months ago +1

      more like... Vegas wins 2

    • Brandon Milligan
      Brandon Milligan 10 months ago

      Why? Does the winner of this series then give their sweaters to the Jets players to lose 4 in a row again?

    • Eschu
      Eschu 10 months ago +2

      Yah Boi Just because the jets got grounded doesn’t mean either of these two teams will 😂😂😂

  • Michael Rojas
    Michael Rojas 10 months ago

    Why don't they always play like this?

    • Michael Rojas
      Michael Rojas 10 months ago

      Pat Stevens explain

    • Pat Stevens
      Pat Stevens 10 months ago

      Michael Rojas It maybe because their ass was against the wall.

  • Reemo
    Reemo 10 months ago

    Lightning in 7 ⚡️

  • Blake Strand
    Blake Strand 10 months ago

    Caps easily could have had 2 more

    LEVELSABOVE 10 months ago +8

    Out of most of the games I've seen this playoffs. Caps performance all around tonight was the best team effort in the playoffs so far. The tempo, the speed, the physicality just exceptional. Gl to both in game 7

      LEVELSABOVE 10 months ago

      Pat Stevens Yeah, it is no different for Tampa to finish them off. From what I've seen, Washington has been the much better team in this series. They shouldn't even have had to go to 7 being up 2-0 heading home. Game 7 will be a good one though

    • Pat Stevens
      Pat Stevens 10 months ago +1

      LEVELSABOVE If your ass was on the line how would you play. Do or die tonight for Washington

  • Yaakov Cohen
    Yaakov Cohen 10 months ago +6

    Jets are out I'm bandwagoning the caps they deserve it 🏆🏆🏅🏅🏒🏒

    • loloperson
      loloperson 10 months ago

      Ryan F eye how many goals did Tampa get?

    • Michael Rojas
      Michael Rojas 10 months ago

      Yaakov Cohen 😂😂😂

    • Yaakov Cohen
      Yaakov Cohen 10 months ago +2

      Ryan F oh what was the score last night how many goals did tampa score

    • Ryan F
      Ryan F 10 months ago

      Yaakov Cohen And tomorrow night you will be a double loser👆