10 Most UNUSUAL Kids In The World

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • 10 Most UNUSUAL Kids In The World
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  • Hyperloop
    Hyperloop  Month ago +647

    Comment down below what makes you UNUSUAL!

      ARTISTIC BENDY BOO! 10 hours ago

      Hyperloop I’m a 12 year old girl with a 13 year old boy Voice
      People say that I sound like a guy and that’s it’s weird coming from a Girl.
      That’s the only unusual thing about me :/

    • Ennicah Mutava
      Ennicah Mutava 4 days ago

      I can make my eyes make something look blurry. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ how but it is cool

    • This is Your girl
      This is Your girl 6 days ago

      My eyes❤️

    • frustrated singer
      frustrated singer 6 days ago

      Even upto this day, I haven't discover yet of what Im capable of. I dont know whats my passion and everthing. Thats my unusual self.

    • omega rebelleon
      omega rebelleon 7 days ago +1

      My pupils are shattered and they are blue and u can say I have 4 pupils

  • pilot khangembam
    pilot khangembam 5 hours ago +1


  • Python Gaming
    Python Gaming 6 hours ago


  • Yolanda Ching
    Yolanda Ching 12 hours ago

    Buti pa yung bata may suso

    MOVIES HERE 14 hours ago

    Number 2 name?

  • Xardeth Gaming
    Xardeth Gaming 14 hours ago +1

    OoOoOoH roblox 6:27

  • Carry Keli
    Carry Keli 16 hours ago

    Can somebody tell me what was on the lady looking at he computer ??💀😳😳 I thought she was having a Seizure

  • Mike Vinardi
    Mike Vinardi 17 hours ago

    I'm like Ava Clark because my dad has brown hair green eyes and my mom has brown hair brown eyes and I have blond hair and blue eyes

  • • Hope •
    • Hope • 21 hour ago

    Who thought that the girl in the thumbnail thought was a kid but with boobs?

  • Enchanted Chocogirl
    Enchanted Chocogirl 21 hour ago

    All this are beautiful in their own ways 😍😍 but I think the girl without nose is toooooo cute

  • Derailed Psycho
    Derailed Psycho 22 hours ago

    Nope didn’t even make it 20 seconds with this annoying ass voice

  • Lucas G
    Lucas G 22 hours ago

    Being famous by tits gobbed asunder is variable stimulus

  • Anne Mchugh
    Anne Mchugh Day ago

    They are all so unique

  • Tropical Girl
    Tropical Girl Day ago +2

    Omg Charlotte is cute cute AHHHHHHH I cant help it shes so cute and her voice omg shes so cuteee

  • Dini Hlawnchhing
    Dini Hlawnchhing Day ago +1

    Whats the name of the little black girl...i like her😍😍😍

  • JAJA Cool
    JAJA Cool Day ago

    Pilipinas are Byutiful , im from MEXICO

    Pampanga 😂

  • Sea Bro
    Sea Bro Day ago

    Your thumbnail is literally a sexualised child. Reported

  • Mizkels
    Mizkels Day ago

    Do you take a break while talking? So good

  • Dmzky Sawada
    Dmzky Sawada Day ago

    idiot top 2 philiphines dimo sinabi yung bansa

  • Alpha Blunt
    Alpha Blunt Day ago

    The Robo-narrator battery is getting down slowly.

  • The Amazing Doge

    THAT was unusual (that woman that twitched :p)

  • Dante Aday
    Dante Aday Day ago

    andy milonakas is 47 and he looks 10

  • Terri Broughton-jones

    That boy is handsome he have a lot of hair bingo

  • Lee Mallinson
    Lee Mallinson Day ago

    Every ones perfect those kids are dumb

  • Yuri Era
    Yuri Era 2 days ago

    i always hated my big nose now I'm happy to have one xd

  • hitnail halfway
    hitnail halfway 2 days ago +1

    "somewhere in Nepal lives a family called budhathoki" that is the best you could research?
    budhathoki is a common surname here in Nepal.

  • Mhalebeinuo Mere
    Mhalebeinuo Mere 2 days ago

    this is unbelievable 😮😬😬

  • - chocolate milk -
    - chocolate milk - 2 days ago

    That thumbnail is literally me next year

  • Rosalie Gutierrez
    Rosalie Gutierrez 2 days ago +31

    The Nararator sounds like he’s constipated

  • martin russek
    martin russek 2 days ago

    the narrators voice certainly is uniqe

  • Xavier Beulieu
    Xavier Beulieu 2 days ago

    I want to kick #1

  • Angel Marrie
    Angel Marrie 2 days ago +2

    This kids are really special and they should be treated the same as everybody and they are amazing

  • Stasja & Lily
    Stasja & Lily 2 days ago +4

    He says 10 people who are born unique.
    Me: bruh all of us are born unique

  • Franko Warap
    Franko Warap 2 days ago

    Number is awesome

    XXGACHA MIAXX 2 days ago

    Ummmm dba hindi na sya bata Dahil Dalaga na

  • Warlito Jr Radaza
    Warlito Jr Radaza 3 days ago

    One male teacher also in the Philippines , adult but face of a kid

  • Honey Mrinal
    Honey Mrinal 3 days ago

    Number five 😍

  • Honey Mrinal
    Honey Mrinal 3 days ago

    My thinking that how these kids will look like in their young... I can't. Imagine 🙄🙄

  • OMGsies -Itz Gaming Time

    And I am here looking like a burnt chicken nugget...

  • Aarzoo Chhetri
    Aarzoo Chhetri 3 days ago

    Alexander Saing is in my friend list.

  • Gerome Amato
    Gerome Amato 3 days ago

    like mo to kung na inspired ka sa kanila

  • Fauziya
    Fauziya 3 days ago +7

    Well, every child is unique,beautiful and smart according to me
    Who else thinks the same?

  • Kendra Hunt
    Kendra Hunt 3 days ago


  • Hamid Chatta
    Hamid Chatta 3 days ago

    Every one is unique in there own way but some are famous some are not

  • Jae Head
    Jae Head 3 days ago

    Gross. I feel like this is crawling with pedophiles

  • Donald Scheer
    Donald Scheer 3 days ago

    As soon as I heard your terribly modified voice I moved on! When will you nitwits learn that these stupid voice mods are a real turn offs!

  • Syria the best gachatuber ever. xd fam

    Oh plz im most unusual i have pretty blue eyes and long brown hair i live in Russia

  • Startsust Blooms
    Startsust Blooms 4 days ago +10

    Brown skin girl skin just pearls I kinds want to look like her and I want to know she looks older

  • Ganesh Ganesh
    Ganesh Ganesh 4 days ago

    I need to get to those werewolf mountains to grow my beard

  • Moises Santiago
    Moises Santiago 4 days ago

    Who cares about these kids there not Mexican so fuck u putos

  • Moviecuts Near
    Moviecuts Near 4 days ago

    Saniya iyyapan

  • A.C. Blondii
    A.C. Blondii 4 days ago

    3:55 I like her hair

  • Behar Disha
    Behar Disha 4 days ago


  • Anindita Nandi
    Anindita Nandi 4 days ago +3

    Everyone is unique n unusual in their own way . U don't need special features to be unique.

  • Ennicah Mutava
    Ennicah Mutava 4 days ago +6

    Why does the narrator talk like someone who is strangled or probably choking🤣🤣🤣. Apart from that the girl on number 2 is beautiful let us not lie she is cute 🥺

  • Pabalelo Sejeso-Monama

    My lazy eye😆😆

  • Sienna Lily-D
    Sienna Lily-D 4 days ago +1

    The girl on number 2 has TikTok

  • •LUΠΔXΨ•
    •LUΠΔXΨ• 4 days ago +13

    I'm a Filipino and recognized that girl that was interviewed in Jessica Soho

  • Jiaur Zaman
    Jiaur Zaman 4 days ago

    The no 8 boy is Guendouzi of Arsenal Fc

  • Abhikalp Khatri
    Abhikalp Khatri 4 days ago +3

    No 6 is 30 years old and you have listed him in unusual (kids)😂😂