The Funniest Off-The-Cuff Comebacks in the History of BURNS

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
  • The Funniest Off-The-Cuff Comebacks in the History of BURNS: Not many things are as hilarious as coming up with the perfect off the cuff zinger. Usually we only think of the perfect comeback to say hours after the conversation has ended, these classic stings however are immediate, hilarious and witty. From awkward celebrity interviews gone wrong to game shows and everything else in between, these live and impromptu burns will leave you laughing.
    Chelsea Handler 'Nicaragua', The Mighty Boosh, Demi Lovato (America's Got Talent), Judge Judy (10 kids), Kevin Hart, The Rock, Simon Cowell, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry King, Barack Obama, London Mayor Boris Johnson (great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies), Samuel L Jackson 'Laurence Fishburne', Mike Tyson, Russell Westbrook, Will Smith and Margo Robbie,Zach Galifianakis, Mayim Bialik, Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Weakest Link Anne Robinson 'owned', John Oliver and Stephen Hawking, Gordon Ramsay, Flava of Love, Jesse Eisenberg, Conan O'Brien and Jennifer Garner (sneaked, snuck)
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    Music by Joakim Karud
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  • MotleyTV
    MotleyTV  2 years ago +5277

    Ayyy that moment when you're excited to post an all new video because laughter takes you on an instant vacation 🌴🌴🌴🍻. Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video ✌️

    • Human Resources
      Human Resources 15 days ago

      @Harold BeaumontFinns Idiot.

    • Human Resources
      Human Resources 15 days ago

      I disliked. Get rid of the shitty music and I might give it a like next time.

    • Rocksparadox From the blocks
      Rocksparadox From the blocks 5 months ago +1

      @Daniil Ryvak
      ''Seinfeld: "Do you know who I am, bitch?" Springer: "A Jewish guy from Brooklyn basically" ''
      Please stop watching pewdiecuntwhore, watching pewdiecancer has shown people with decent taste and a sense of humour that you possess neither of those things and confuse '' *LARRY KING WITH JERRY SPRINGER* .

    • Hayden James Taylor
      Hayden James Taylor 6 months ago +1

      Wouldnt think i would find a channel like this loving it

      WAKE UP JEFF 6 months ago

      Did you hear Barry the gay traitor obumhole ???

  • Louis Hulsey
    Louis Hulsey 34 minutes ago +1

    You fucking libtard

  • Igor gomez
    Igor gomez 5 hours ago

    Legends say that the reporter was never again seen on tv after making fun of nick fury

  • blake meadows
    blake meadows 10 hours ago

    I love that Conan was ready to have his intelligence challenged. This man had a dictionary on stand by 😂😂😂

  • Aboe Bobington
    Aboe Bobington 20 hours ago

    The Seinfeld clip made for uncomfortable viewing.
    But the back and forth between the business manager and Anne on weakest link was pretty damn funny.

  • Andres Porras
    Andres Porras Day ago

    Seinfeld is overrated as fuck

  • Bad JuJu
    Bad JuJu Day ago +1

    @10:25...... The very definition of a "Cute Dumb Bitch"

  • Z W
    Z W Day ago

    Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies

  • Shadooow 23
    Shadooow 23 Day ago +10

    The kevin hart and rock roast was crap. Shouldn't be in this compilation

  • James G
    James G 2 days ago

    Don't get the news 1. 4:49

  • Ethan Florian Swarthout

    😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that new women 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, favorite female 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Just here Chillin
    Just here Chillin 2 days ago +1

    2:33 I thought the guys on the back were paintings.

  • Endrit Shabani
    Endrit Shabani 2 days ago

    Mike Tyson has the same shitty personality as Kanye West I just can't stand those fuckheads

  • Zee Virginia
    Zee Virginia 2 days ago

    "It's not meant for everybody." Bitch, he didn't say _everybody._ No dream is shared by everyone, fucknut.

  • Karrier Bag
    Karrier Bag 2 days ago

    3.17 and now he is our prime minister #borisjerk

  • D M
    D M 2 days ago +1

    Howard u savage please stop, she is already dead.

  • king solT680
    king solT680 2 days ago

    Mike is a fucking salvage

  • Rene Marley
    Rene Marley 2 days ago +1

    Jerry Seinfeld didn’t have a comeback he just showed what an egotistical D-bag he is

  • Rene Marley
    Rene Marley 2 days ago

    Was....that...OLE GREG? GREEEEGGGG

  • Cody Levinson
    Cody Levinson 2 days ago +7

    "You're a poor man's Mike Myers." ..... Said the budget Matt Damon.

  • The Dodge and Plymouth guy Car guy

    4:50 press f to pay respects for this nigga

  • Jerry H
    Jerry H 3 days ago

    invertebrate jellies LOL!

  • Johnny Dutton
    Johnny Dutton 3 days ago +2

    Someone plz translate Boris's angry remark to toddler-level English for me.

  • Johan Vissers
    Johan Vissers 3 days ago +1

    The banker on the show is a solid roaster

  • Dumpster Raccoon
    Dumpster Raccoon 3 days ago

    Just found out sam l jackson is 70. HE LOOKS GREAT FOR HIS AGE! Also Jamie Foxx is 51 years old. How does he look like hes twenty?

  • Dumpster Raccoon
    Dumpster Raccoon 3 days ago

    "Thats why you use *HEROIN* and i dont"

  • Daily Dosage Overdose
    Daily Dosage Overdose 3 days ago +1

    Judge Judy anyone know the episode lol?
    Dude brave af

  • Real DJ Restless
    Real DJ Restless 3 days ago +1

    Learn to pronounce
    past and past participle of sneak.

  • Nisha Chowdhury
    Nisha Chowdhury 3 days ago

    3:26 is life

  • Eliie Taylor
    Eliie Taylor 3 days ago


  • Sunghyun Kim
    Sunghyun Kim 3 days ago +6

    I'm an asian guy and i know snuck. You don't need to go to Harvard University to know the word. You only need a few seconds to study the word, or give more attention to your own mother language.

  • Mo2
    Mo2 3 days ago +1

    The last one was the ultimate embarrassment and she should’ve left show business the second he found that word in the dictionary

  • Dana Lawton
    Dana Lawton 4 days ago

    Tyson was right..... "so from your experience as a convicted rapist what would you do?". Tyson did and said the right thing!

  • The CringeHub and Lard

    10:00 that girl was so cute wtf dude

  • Jake Kanet
    Jake Kanet 4 days ago

    Man I'm gonna miss Obama's smart ass comments, then Biden looking both ways and lightly nodding his head with a big ass smile 😂😂

  • Syed Gillani
    Syed Gillani 4 days ago +1

    Howard is the Quentin Tarantino of come backs, he keeps going when you think he’s just about to stop 😎

  • natshenkin
    natshenkin 4 days ago +3

    Jerry Seinfeld: "Do you know who I am?"
    Me: Barry B. Benson that's who!

  • Robotsnake20
    Robotsnake20 5 days ago

    No this is just a scene from the Bee movie
    Right down to that heading and everything

  • Eskii NZL
    Eskii NZL 5 days ago

    *oh mark you would know about that*

  • Hopeful Dreamer
    Hopeful Dreamer 5 days ago

    9:00 making an almost completely paralised guy crack his face does count as funny......

  • XyzzyZone
    XyzzyZone 5 days ago

    6:19 that question was stupid but man it’s kind of a funny story was fucking fantastic

  • InvaderrrSteph
    InvaderrrSteph 5 days ago

    “About 4 of them including your daughter” man I really wish you showed the rest of that I know Judge Judy brought the mallet down on his ass

  • anonymous hacker
    anonymous hacker 5 days ago

    3:50 tf u gonna do

  • Jody Paredes
    Jody Paredes 6 days ago


  • stock3r
    stock3r 6 days ago

    That smile from Hawkins after his burn!

  • Thompson from FINLAND

    Mike tyson killed him 🤣🤣

  • Lucas Judd
    Lucas Judd 6 days ago

    this is the best thing ever guys !!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Malzahar Kassadin
    Malzahar Kassadin 6 days ago

    3:38 I was so scared when Mike got pissed off,i actually apologized.

  • Um ok Why
    Um ok Why 6 days ago

    Howard from weakest link damn

  • Baked Monkey
    Baked Monkey 7 days ago

    lol thats what that bitch gets for tryng to embarrass him on live tv, like what a cunt, she went out of her way and shes still the dumbass

  • Peter Diaz
    Peter Diaz 7 days ago


  • Sam J Reed
    Sam J Reed 7 days ago +6

    "You *supine* protoplasmic invertebrate *jellies"*
    I don't say this enough, and neither do you

  • SaneInGelo
    SaneInGelo 7 days ago +1

    8:20 is the woman just fucking stupid?

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold 7 days ago

    Jerry Seinfeld isn't even funny and a wanker. Home Improvement was number one and Jerry Seinfeld was pissed off because he went to number 3. He was kicked off tv because Home Improvement was number one for 3years before Jerry Seinfeld was kicked off.

  • Manor
    Manor 7 days ago

    the last one killed me

  • WCE4Eva!
    WCE4Eva! 7 days ago

    That Mike Tyson one 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mohammed Umar
    Mohammed Umar 8 days ago

    7:25 that's not a roast, that's a murder on tape DAMN!!

  • sam sam
    sam sam 8 days ago

    That Conan laugh 😂😂😂

  • Minus DaGreez
    Minus DaGreez 10 days ago +5

    Mark: i cant understand how something so small can be so impressive..
    woman: well mark you would know about that ...

  • 1000 subs without any Videos? ?

    Seriously, 1 clip of Gordon Ramsay?