Joe Budden Addresses The Game | The Joe Budden Podcast

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
  • Joe Budden addresses The Game.
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Comments • 3 607

  • PaulArthurJamesFranklinKirkBrown YouknowMe

    Jimmy Henchman.

  • The Game
    The Game 7 days ago +1


  • Domo Jones
    Domo Jones 12 days ago

    Had 2 come back 2 this after The Game went off on Kodak Black lmfao

  • Sipiwosenkosi Nyulu
    Sipiwosenkosi Nyulu 15 days ago

    Joe should've worn the white tank top...

  • Ilir Sinistaj
    Ilir Sinistaj 17 days ago

    Shame on me..... I forgot about the future. Dope track

  • Will Adkins
    Will Adkins 20 days ago

    I love Joe Budden man lol

  • Typsy K. Capone
    Typsy K. Capone 22 days ago +1

    you aint even gotta be in the room to feel the exact moments the energy in the room change lol
    There be hella awkward moments 😂 the team got corny niggas on it

  • T1C3
    T1C3 26 days ago +1

    Clouting up, ole buddy got a Jesus Peace now >_

  • JayF8st- WithDreads

    Game will beat Joe Ass.......JS

  • papi chulo
    papi chulo Month ago

    Joe's the biggest fake tough guy 🤣🤣🤣 he talk to much

  • Kema Hall
    Kema Hall Month ago

    Joe really knows how to pick and choose his battles🤣🤣

  • Daniel Cintron
    Daniel Cintron Month ago

    The game will whip joe budden ass....💪🤣

  • Karen Shay Smith
    Karen Shay Smith Month ago

    Fuck You Joe. You're a Pussy .100%

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker Month ago

    5th petty rapper is Kanye forsure

  • Jeremy Plays
    Jeremy Plays Month ago

    Joe Budden your time was in 1960 and 2017, retire already😭

  • Kendall Carroll
    Kendall Carroll Month ago

    I Assumed that he was a 🐂💩 Nj Rapper "But as time when "I Was Dead Wrong 'Made a Complete 🐴Ass of Myself 'This Guy is Knot Mainstream,He has longevity Besides 'Took on All Challengers "HE STILL DOING IT 🎵🎼🎤🎧🎹📻💿📀🎥📽🎬💰💵💸💳🏰🚘🛩⛵

  • Daydreamz17
    Daydreamz17 Month ago +1

    It’s disgusting how The game will expose females that are mothers, engaged and married woman that can give 3 fucks about you ., You don’t expose females like that for fame it’s disgusting ..your The Shame not The game 🖕

  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett Month ago

    Joe got embarrassed as shit when they played his record lmao

  • Dollaz
    Dollaz Month ago

    Game not going to get no celebrity pussy cuz he talk to much! (Smh) clown

  • Josh Harmon
    Josh Harmon Month ago


  • Legalize Ranch
    Legalize Ranch Month ago

    All the “Yeah” from Parks lol

  • Scott Lovell
    Scott Lovell Month ago

    love the fact that you make the old school niggaz look good, you nice when you make niggaz wish they was older and you friend then lol

  • Kim Howard
    Kim Howard Month ago

    Joe you Still Corny 😕and old AF to be in this kiddy drama....and when was the last time you dropped a single ? Exactly what I thought! GTFOHWTBS

  • Bethany White
    Bethany White Month ago

    facts games to cold fir that shit. talking about women u fucked with is childish af, if they ain't bragging about him. it's in ur best interest he stand down 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason Maddox
    Jason Maddox Month ago

    Joe better watch it or GAME is gonna have to iron out his flag !!

  • Moshe Shabazz
    Moshe Shabazz Month ago

    I agree...Games a legend and has a great discography. He doesnt need to do this...

  • Enam215
    Enam215 Month ago +2

    Btw Rory The Game did his antics thing on 1992 album with the whole fake Meek Mill beef

  • John Ivy
    John Ivy Month ago +2

    He’s scared of the game

    • Mr Hardcore
      Mr Hardcore Month ago

      John Ivy he dis all that pump faking on Safaree but won’t dare go at game for talking about fucking his wife lol

  • Queen Kita C.
    Queen Kita C. Month ago

    Why does the guy keep moving his hands like that?

  • Tash
    Tash Month ago

    I mean it’s no surprise. Erica said she would step in a room full of niggaz Cyn smashed and she’s so secure she rode for her anyway and didn’t care. So more stories may come out(aka Drake) but who cares; it’s her past

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H Month ago

    No shade😘, but one could say that doing reality television is desperate ... BUT.. they'd also have to say that joe seems to be the same dude on AND off screen. I'm only interested in GENUINE MOVEMENT.

  • Vanessa H
    Vanessa H Month ago

    Lmao.. That was once with the porn pwds🙆🏻💆🏻😂

  • Isaiah Holmes
    Isaiah Holmes Month ago

    The Game has posted dick pics , hopped in other niggas beefs , went back on his word and dissed niggas he was cool with , chased other niggas with big names , dissed females who ain’t said his name . CLOUT IS SCARY

  • Isaiah Holmes
    Isaiah Holmes Month ago +1

    Clout is scary ‼️ The Game will literally do anything for attention and fame

  • jdl619
    jdl619 Month ago

    every time I listin this dude I feel like I'm gettin dumber

  • Anthony Tyson
    Anthony Tyson Month ago

    The game is well better rapper than joe budden he's never made an album nowhere near as good as games the documentary album

  • matt lacoff
    matt lacoff Month ago

    future was a good song but didn't fit the album.

  • Allan Kibet
    Allan Kibet Month ago

    joe Budden is boring as fuck.

  • new philmz
    new philmz Month ago

    It was Jimmy Henchmen that was Game's manager back during their beef.
    Same dude who setup Pac in Quad Studios

  • DeeZ NutZ
    DeeZ NutZ Month ago

    Forgot about Eminem with Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, ect... It's the west coast. It's the crap Suge Knight left behind. Dis records on anything makes money. Eminem's made a whole carrier on dissing. It's the west coast blue print.

  • Bødymøre A.Money
    Bødymøre A.Money Month ago

    I’m starting to think joe can kill 75% of the rap game w/ the stuff he knows bout them personally

  • Danny Holder
    Danny Holder Month ago

    Jimmy henchmen was who was managing the game first off. Unless its someone who i dont know of. But i dont know who else he wouldn't have been able to talk to like out of intimadation.

  • Jason Haynes
    Jason Haynes 2 months ago

    pushin buddens was a classic track though...

  • Rashidi Waite
    Rashidi Waite 2 months ago

    Game’s manager was Jimmy Henchmen back then

  • tosha0508
    tosha0508 2 months ago

    What the hell is he talking about and why the hell am I listening!!!

  • Q Mason
    Q Mason 2 months ago

    25 min mark got weird as hell huh

  • killa ja
    killa ja 2 months ago

    game vs joe budden was a classic battle but joe handed him his ass and will easily do it again

  • Code _V_83
    Code _V_83 2 months ago

    So is Game "industrietutionalized"? Lol

  • nothing but the truth
    nothing but the truth 2 months ago +1

    Damn does dis fool Mal got leggings on ??? Lmao them joints beyond tight.. Wtf dis fool wearing nut huggers and shit.. Look how he keeps rubbing on his legs.. lol wow he know them ma tha fuckas beyond tight

  • All Seeing IRIS Visuals

    joe button was the same nigga running from game when he was talking crazy back in early 2000's

  • Theo Sullivan
    Theo Sullivan 2 months ago

    Real talk I wouldn't trust game around nun of my women. The niggah a Gangsta, A pretty boi, and he 6.5 feet tall. Fuck that. I myself am a threat. Many niggahs have told they women that I'm threat. So I know what a threat is.

  • jay c
    jay c 2 months ago

    Fuk this video

  • Theo Sullivan
    Theo Sullivan 2 months ago

    Game trying to get a quick way out whatever he caught up into

  • Theo Sullivan
    Theo Sullivan 2 months ago

    Game not a legend. Mabey!!! A west coast legeng. But he aint no hip hop legend. Twista a legend. Nas a legend. Wtf. Hell E 40 more of a legend the Game.

  • Al Simmons
    Al Simmons 2 months ago

    No need to excuse the oldschool sound, Joe... Them old beats are way better than what we have now...

  • Renee Moe
    Renee Moe 2 months ago

    Mal getting thick.....

  • T Bradley
    T Bradley 2 months ago

    Game should be a top 3 rapper of all time but he lowers his status with little petty shitt like he clout chasing..

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell 2 months ago

    Is jayceon even a girls name?

  • joe lemaine
    joe lemaine 2 months ago

    He makes alot of sense

  • jaatown23
    jaatown23 2 months ago

    Has joe ever spoke on the Def Jam video games 😂 used to play as him all the time while screaming “pump it up bitch “

  • Keiran Morris Art
    Keiran Morris Art 2 months ago

    dont think dinosaurs exist roryiana.... go to a museum talking reckless out here

  • Kevin Gebhard
    Kevin Gebhard 2 months ago

    Joe sucks, fake ass

  • KDS Coo tho
    KDS Coo tho 2 months ago

    And to be honest pac did it first

  • KDS Coo tho
    KDS Coo tho 2 months ago

    Some audio problems

  • KDS Coo tho
    KDS Coo tho 2 months ago

    Jet to the Hamptons

  • Jim Robinson
    Jim Robinson 2 months ago

    So Pac never said "That's why I fucked your wife?" These dudes just ramble sometimes.

  • Joeking Nyari
    Joeking Nyari 2 months ago +1

    Who is this guy joe budget ???

  • yeritssa Padilla
    yeritssa Padilla 2 months ago

    Yo no disrespect to the West. But The Game Trash. Literally every song has another person name in his song. He the shade king, but no legend and that's factual.

  • Trillfate
    Trillfate 2 months ago

    40 minutes too long

  • Samuel Little
    Samuel Little 2 months ago +1

    There isn't a soul on the west coast that is saying they are waiting for that new Game album to drop.
    West coast legend? More like a few hot years courtesy of Dr Dre production and initial 50 cent cosign.

    RELENTLESS LEX 2 months ago

    Go check out my Reaction channel

  • RMK
    RMK 2 months ago

    LOL good response

  • The Mayor
    The Mayor 2 months ago +5

    Budden lives life in 3rd person

  • The Mayor
    The Mayor 2 months ago

    Budden has same IQ as my 11 year old 5th grade son

  • Damon Flagg
    Damon Flagg 2 months ago +4

    The game reach so much it’s, sad. What do gain from talking about sleeping with someone girl before they got together smh 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • Adam Darrar
    Adam Darrar 2 months ago

    You don’t believe in dinosaurs.... the proof is beyond like just Jesus I can’t even put it in to words... white dudes a fucking idiot cut him out. He’s most likely a flat earther too. Fucking idiot.

  • Brandon Finch
    Brandon Finch 2 months ago

    Joe got embarrassed lol "jet to the Hamptons!"

  • Ernest Frame
    Ernest Frame 2 months ago

    Damn joe one of the coldest. Definitely better than game (barely though). But, either diss the nigga or praise him. Make up your mind. It’s like punching a nigga in the nuts while you sucking his dick. Stfu

  • Altorrlinear Miser
    Altorrlinear Miser 2 months ago

    Jimmy henchman

  • Nicole Palmer
    Nicole Palmer 2 months ago

    Mal got huge!!! Wow he really eatin.

  • Steven U
    Steven U 2 months ago

    lol Jay been there, "what's the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6?" That was a rhetorical question, he been playing folks! Great show as always guys!

  • Shon Tillman
    Shon Tillman 2 months ago +8

    Game is Lyrically better then Rappers on the Radio right now!
    His Shock value comments doesnt change his talent

  • SaithTV
    SaithTV 2 months ago

    Joe, stop blood. The game will absolutely beat your ass

  • Jason Rigone
    Jason Rigone 2 months ago

    At least once in his career that shiny bald head goofy ass nigga Buddens spoke the truth, when he said he was trash and deadass broke at some point. Deserves a plus added to his sheet. That must be the reason he does not smoke any Weed, the nigga cant stand his decisions his work and his life. Shit if he smoked at an early age he must be the nigga that is trippin having to take a shit in the bushes. Thats why he stick to Coffee and Cigarettes. Nicotine shaped forehead ass nigga u ugly as shit.

  • D
    D 2 months ago

    My entire life I thought game was weak af and I’m from LA lol dude is corny af he’s always been trash nobody in LA even listens to his lame ass lol

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas 2 months ago +4

    Good lord. He won a hip-hop beef just talking on a pod cast.

  • LodossWarz
    LodossWarz 2 months ago

    Had no idea that I would hear Joe talk about actually family members in this podcast 😮

  • Duane Chavis
    Duane Chavis 2 months ago

    Evidence album is dope......Jim Dean flame Nottz on the joint!!!!!

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

    Nobody violated Game more than Yukmouth lol

  • DontWorry I'llWait
    DontWorry I'llWait 2 months ago

    Stop giving niggas props for clout chasing. In any form. It doesn't matter who the person is or how much you fuck with them. The second it's clear that somebody is clout chasing they should be labeled as corny and nobody should fuck with it. But nah, we see the obvious gimmicks clear as day, call it out, and still give the person the exact attention they wanted. It's like knowing you're getting conned and still buying into the scam.

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown 2 months ago

    Joe budden is a bitch..the game will straight kill u!

  • Ryan Fowler
    Ryan Fowler 2 months ago

    Joe Budden the only guy you don’t gotta scroll through the comments and look for a time stamp for.. that boi gets straigh to it 📠📠

  • Trend In Productions
    Trend In Productions 2 months ago

    really enjoy the critical thought process.

  • Bruce Lee54
    Bruce Lee54 2 months ago

    Stripper turn rapper

  • K M
    K M 2 months ago

    You wack as hell, man...

  • Sven 30
    Sven 30 2 months ago +1

    Joe stop.. You never had hits like Game.. So you don’t really understand..

  • Tonya Grant
    Tonya Grant 2 months ago

    Joe Budden is giving me Common tease. Looking good.

    BLAHHOOGIE 2 months ago

    I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again.
    The game is mad corny, and beefs with everyone once he starts to slip into irrelevancy

  • King Kosta
    King Kosta 2 months ago

    Game droppin an album we kno these tactics already...

  • Say wow TV
    Say wow TV 2 months ago

    Follow me on Instagram@say_wow_tv