Joe Budden Addresses The Game | The Joe Budden Podcast

  • Published on Feb 4, 2019
  • Joe Budden addresses The Game.
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Comments • 3 516

  • Damon Flagg
    Damon Flagg 8 minutes ago

    The game reach so much it’s, sad. What do gain from talking about sleeping with someone girl before they got together smh 🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • Adam Darrar
    Adam Darrar 5 hours ago

    You don’t believe in dinosaurs.... the proof is beyond like just Jesus I can’t even put it in to words... white dudes a fucking idiot cut him out. He’s most likely a flat earther too. Fucking idiot.

  • Brandon Finch
    Brandon Finch 5 hours ago

    Joe got embarrassed lol "jet to the Hamptons!"

  • Ernest Frame
    Ernest Frame 10 hours ago

    Damn joe one of the coldest. Definitely better than game (barely though). But, either diss the nigga or praise him. Make up your mind. It’s like punching a nigga in the nuts while you sucking his dick. Stfu

  • nevada vegaz
    nevada vegaz 11 hours ago

    Jimmy henchman

  • Nicole Palmer
    Nicole Palmer 18 hours ago

    Mal got huge!!! Wow he really eatin.

  • Steven U
    Steven U 19 hours ago

    lol Jay been there, "what's the difference between a 4.0 and a 4.6?" That was a rhetorical question, he been playing folks! Great show as always guys!

  • Shon Tillman
    Shon Tillman 20 hours ago +1

    Game is Lyrically better then Rappers on the Radio right now!
    His Shock value comments doesnt change his talent

  • SaithTV
    SaithTV 20 hours ago

    Joe, stop blood. The game will absolutely beat your ass

  • Jason Rigone
    Jason Rigone 21 hour ago

    At least once in his career that shiny bald head goofy ass nigga Buddens spoke the truth, when he said he was trash and deadass broke at some point. Deserves a plus added to his sheet. That must be the reason he does not smoke any Weed, the nigga cant stand his decisions his work and his life. Shit if he smoked at an early age he must be the nigga that is trippin having to take a shit in the bushes. Thats why he stick to Coffee and Cigarettes. Nicotine shaped forehead ass nigga u ugly as shit.

  • D
    D 23 hours ago

    My entire life I thought game was weak af and I’m from LA lol dude is corny af he’s always been trash nobody in LA even listens to his lame ass lol

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas Day ago

    Good lord. He won a hip-hop beef just talking on a pod cast.

  • LodossWarz
    LodossWarz Day ago

    Had no idea that I would hear Joe talk about actually family members in this podcast 😮

  • Duane Chavis
    Duane Chavis Day ago

    Evidence album is dope......Jim Dean flame Nottz on the joint!!!!!

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    Nobody violated Game more than Yukmouth lol

  • DontWorry I'llWait

    Stop giving niggas props for clout chasing. In any form. It doesn't matter who the person is or how much you fuck with them. The second it's clear that somebody is clout chasing they should be labeled as corny and nobody should fuck with it. But nah, we see the obvious gimmicks clear as day, call it out, and still give the person the exact attention they wanted. It's like knowing you're getting conned and still buying into the scam.

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown Day ago

    Joe budden is a bitch..the game will straight kill u!

  • Ryan Fowler
    Ryan Fowler Day ago

    Joe Budden the only guy you don’t gotta scroll through the comments and look for a time stamp for.. that boi gets straigh to it 📠📠

  • Trend In Productions

    really enjoy the critical thought process.

  • Bruce Lee54
    Bruce Lee54 Day ago

    Stripper turn rapper

  • K Mal
    K Mal Day ago

    You wack as hell, man...

  • Sven 30
    Sven 30 Day ago +1

    Joe stop.. You never had hits like Game.. So you don’t really understand..

  • Tonya Grant
    Tonya Grant Day ago

    Joe Budden is giving me Common tease. Looking good.

    BLAHHOOGIE Day ago

    I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again.
    The game is mad corny, and beefs with everyone once he starts to slip into irrelevancy

  • King Kosta
    King Kosta Day ago

    Game droppin an album we kno these tactics already...

  • My brother TV
    My brother TV Day ago

    Follow me on Instagram@say_wow_tv

  • Elmer Ingram
    Elmer Ingram Day ago +3

    23:23 is where Buddens reminds me why I miss when this Dude Spitz Flames! Also, The talk gets REAL at 20:10

  • Paige _Judah
    Paige _Judah Day ago

    Im with ya dude on the dinosaur shit I dont believe it

  • Nick Anspach
    Nick Anspach Day ago

    I'm not a big Game fan either, but this guy Joe is sitting here reading a website called Lipstick Alley and talking about other people's lives all day. Thats kind of what losers do. I wish youtube would stop recommending these lame gossip videos to me just because I listen to hip hop on here.

  • Steven M
    Steven M Day ago

    The Game should change his name to The Freeloader. I live in England, he came for a show in Darlington, collected £17,000 from fans and then left without doing the show. The guy should be in jail.

  • DVN 334
    DVN 334 2 days ago

    I’ll be real, Game was wild and corny for those statements. But Joe’s venacular gets real gangsta when we know he’s not with it like THAT 😂

  • RedDirtGaming
    RedDirtGaming 2 days ago

    I remember the song game did to that colors beat called buddens. 🔥🔥

  • Diane Long
    Diane Long 2 days ago

    Game will bitch slap this bean head shut up you talk a big game behind a mike You sound mad it must be true awww she didn't tell you lol

  • JOFFREE ICE🔮Win Savage

    Ahhh 2003. Thems was the days. You know how many times I played Madden 2004 and had no idea you were on that game? Joe Budden, you’re a heck of a writer, I think you just blend in really well dude. Try a gimmick. Not too late to build another brand.

  • GMP997 997GMP
    GMP997 997GMP 2 days ago

    Joe Budden said he lives for battles, yet he's backed away from Eminem and Game. What's up Joe?

  • Antione Regulus
    Antione Regulus 2 days ago

    Joe need take his meds as prescribed

  • Antione Regulus
    Antione Regulus 2 days ago

    Joe tried that shit with Method Man...and almost got misplaced

  • shatter617
    shatter617 2 days ago


  • T. Stamp
    T. Stamp 2 days ago +1

    That “You didn’t get her fresh off the lot” and “You know who you married” doesn’t seem to good when it’s someone you love and care about.

  • David Whitfield
    David Whitfield 2 days ago +1

    Everyone talks shit about Joe lol not a big surprise anymore the Game had way more hits than Joe.

  • R Lyfe Visuals
    R Lyfe Visuals 2 days ago

    Jimmy henchmen

  • 27
    27 2 days ago

    Can the dude in white let joe talk man

  • Omar Khatib
    Omar Khatib 2 days ago

    I think Game was being managed by Black Wall St at that time

  • Keith Allen
    Keith Allen 2 days ago

    Good shit joe! You have definitely found your lane! Keep doing your thing! 🔥🔥🔥

  • marshall mathers
    marshall mathers 2 days ago

    I'm on The Game side fuck you Budden. You won't fight me you won't fight no one. You are a punk

  • Alex Trew
    Alex Trew 3 days ago

    Out of the necessary.

  • Theallstargame
    Theallstargame 3 days ago

    Joe looks so lame responding on his podcast. I gave it a pass with Eminem, cause Eminem is a clown.

  • Pablo Maristany
    Pablo Maristany 3 days ago

    Everybody is forgetting that the game was on a dating reality show called “change of Hart” in like 2001, he’s been a man thot from the beginning. Expect nothing less than hoe behavior him.

  • Aandee Matekane
    Aandee Matekane 3 days ago

    if he does not give a fuck about it then why is he over ranting like some prom queen that never won her prom queen crown though? and all these nikkaz out here ass kissin

  • Lu
    Lu 3 days ago

    How could yall not add Pac as the 1st and most pettiest rapper LHH... Everyone hates Pac lowkey..Kno ur history

  • headquarters25
    headquarters25 3 days ago

    Joe got mad out of nowhere at the 23 minute mark. Lol 😂😂😂😂

  • rogelio salazar
    rogelio salazar 3 days ago

    Buttons never going to learn. Never going to have clout dude what are you one hit wonder.

  • KingDoms Kingdom
    KingDoms Kingdom 3 days ago

    Game and Budden always been my favourite rappers but no doubt about it Budden is clearly the more talented wordsmith... He's unrivalled in my opinion.

  • Degrees and Chuck T's Radio Show x Podcast

    Game doesn't have to do this. I don't get it.

  • Mark Red
    Mark Red 3 days ago

    Game aint shit

  • one unexpected
    one unexpected 3 days ago

    Make music everyone's be making shit personal stfu bro

  • bustdetector
    bustdetector 3 days ago

    Joe fiance had all 3 holes filled at the same time but he don't care what she did before him.. riiight.

  • one unexpected
    one unexpected 3 days ago

    Jimmy henshman

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott 3 days ago

    5th Petty Rapper Rick Ross

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott 3 days ago

    Joe is very very entertaining

  • je ko
    je ko 3 days ago


  • je ko
    je ko 3 days ago

    Trying too hard

  • je ko
    je ko 3 days ago

    Rofy so cool

  • je ko
    je ko 3 days ago

    Ma fucka. No it’s mother fucker

  • je ko
    je ko 3 days ago

    Love rory but y he try to tak black

  • Majd 99
    Majd 99 3 days ago

    drop a diss on all them dickheads bro come on

  • solotillthedeath Clem


  • Gregory DeCuir Jr.
    Gregory DeCuir Jr. 3 days ago +1

    Game's manage at that time.....was it Jimmy Henchmen??

  • B- Bitter
    B- Bitter 3 days ago

    Buddens one of the worst rappers ever even Eminem couldn't help him

  • Plastic Spoonshovel
    Plastic Spoonshovel 3 days ago

    This is my first time here.... does Joe always get loud and yell?😂

  • Raymond Jones
    Raymond Jones 3 days ago

    Rory, pac started it " first off, fuck ya bitch and the click you claim...."

  • Jose Rios
    Jose Rios 3 days ago

    Why this nigga his own historian? Nobody gave af about yall beef or yall music at that point. Game somebody now. No one still care about your music joe 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Majestic
    Majestic 3 days ago

    How did they miss Eminem for petty top 5?

  • kc newton
    kc newton 3 days ago +1

    Wack is a homo thug that happen to get endorsed by Suge. That nigga own hood don't claim him. Game his ho and I like the nigga raps💯💯

  • Y Saleem
    Y Saleem 3 days ago


  • omar suarez
    omar suarez 3 days ago

    can anyone link the song? I can't find it

  • pineapple0210
    pineapple0210 3 days ago

    This Nigka mal jeans 👖 tight as fuk looks like leggings wtf

  • MsFalloutgorgeous
    MsFalloutgorgeous 4 days ago

    Loser face ass nigga lol 😂😂😂

  • LaChant Tyson
    LaChant Tyson 4 days ago

    He diminished Game

  • Moody Beats
    Moody Beats 4 days ago

    The only reason I know of joe is through slaughterhouse. Heard his solo shit and fell asleep.

  • Reezy Gawd
    Reezy Gawd 4 days ago

    That audio quality after @25:00 mark....

  • Reezy Gawd
    Reezy Gawd 4 days ago


  • EoinStRandy
    EoinStRandy 4 days ago

    can someone buy joe a new headphone jack wire

  • Lawrence Wang
    Lawrence Wang 4 days ago

    Can we get Joe some better headphones?

  • me 2
    me 2 4 days ago

    He so fucking stupid.. He says "Oh shouldn't say that cuz I'm not gonna rap" He said the same thing when running his mouth about Eminems dis track. That's cuz Em and Game would both stomp him in a battle...

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown 4 days ago +3

    Mal looking nervous in the corner over there

    • Dray90
      Dray90 2 days ago +1

      Because he knows the type of woman (who gets passed around the industry) is the type of woman Joe is engaged to and it's exactly why Joe is in this situation. So it's awkward.

  • TheRemixGeneration
    TheRemixGeneration 4 days ago +1

    joe buddens voice is crackhead central

  • rico H.
    rico H. 4 days ago

    @joe budden TV........ side from the convo......the song(long way to go) got me through alot of shit and help me move different in alot of situations.......keep making that heat big dawg

  • D Bildenz
    D Bildenz 4 days ago

    Joe budden won the battle with game that was one of the hardest diss .. Jumpoff

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S 4 days ago

    This clown off his Meds..woman beater

  • CurbsidePM
    CurbsidePM 4 days ago

    Please add “GAAMMEE Izz IICCEEUHH” to the soundboard 😂😂

  • Olly Fernandez
    Olly Fernandez 4 days ago

    What's with the headphone? That's just rude, mate.

  • Harris Badalandabad
    Harris Badalandabad 4 days ago

    Joe Budden is a real nigga who gotta white friend cuz you gotta have at least one white dude. The Game be a bi polar nigga with no friends.

  • hamzaB15
    hamzaB15 4 days ago

    mal getting a lil big. bless huh

  • Maciek Kusnierz
    Maciek Kusnierz 4 days ago

    Wow I've never seen Budden in a good mood like he is here.

  • Superior33 BornUnderstanding

    On Game song Heavens Arms he rapped about slappin ppl for playin with kanye and kim k. All u niggas defendin game some ho ass niggas. 🐦 of a feather flock together.

  • Kaba Folayan
    Kaba Folayan 4 days ago

    Too much talking about that cornball

  • The Real Adonis
    The Real Adonis 4 days ago

    what peak career days ?

  • Konak Jaiwak
    Konak Jaiwak 4 days ago

    He was signed to Get Low

    KiLLBiLLNATiON 4 days ago

    Niggas ain't wanna say Henchman name.