The Final Pantheons || HOLLOW KNIGHT blind run #14

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
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  • cerberus0225
    cerberus0225 5 months ago +12

    Deaths: 275 (+37)

    Well done so far Skyen! Not much to say this time, other than, seriously, you should go back and get those last few fragments to make the pantheons a bit easier. You might want to go and do a few of the Dream Bosses outside of the pantheon in order to get the Soul you need for the last thing with the Seer.

    6:30 Trial of the Fool begins.
    35:30 God Tamer
    38:49 Pure Vessel practice
    1:06:49 Pantheon of the Knight
    2:00:30 Gruz Mother, Slumbering God of Fertility
    2:01:05 Ascended Gruz Mother
    2:02:10 Vengefly King, Vicious God of Territories
    2:03:38 Radiant Gruz Mother
    2:05:48 Brooding Mawlek, Lonely God of the Nest
    2:06:28 False Knight, Angry God of the Downtrodden
    2:07:11 Failed Champion, Baleful God of Regrets
    2:08:25 Hornet Protector, God Protector of a Fading Land
    2:09:06 Hornet Sentinel, God Protector of a Fading Land
    2:10:21 Ascended Massive Moss Charger, Restless God of Those Who Band Together
    2:12:02 Massive Moss Charger
    2:12:33 Flukemarm, Alluring God of Motherhood
    2:13:20 Mantis Lords, Noble Sister Gods of Combat
    2:14:50 Oblobble, Lover Gods of Faith and Devotion
    2:16:30 Sisters of Battle, Revered Gods of a Proud Tribe
    2:18:36 Hive Knight, Watchful God of Duty
    2:19:20 Broken Vessel, Broken Shell of an Empty God
    2:20:13 Nosk, Everchanging God of the Faceless
    2:20:47 Lost Kin, Lost God of the Abyss
    2:22:43 The Collector, Joyful God of Protection
    2:23:35 God Tamer, Gallant God of the Arena
    2:24:32 Crystal Guardian, Shining God of Greed
    2:25:03 Enraged Guardian, Shining God of Greed
    2:25:31 Uumuu, Uncanny God of Knowledge
    2:27:00 Traitor Lord, Treacherous God of Anger
    2:27:46 Invincible Fearless Sensual Mysterious Enchanting Vigorous Diligent Overwhelming Gorgeous Passionate Terrifying Beautiful Powerful Grey Prince Zote, False God Conjured By The Lonely
    2:30:17 Soul Warrior, Haunted God of the Sanctum
    2:31:06 Soul Master, Covetous God of Soul
    2:32:23 Soul Tyrant, Frenzied God of Mortality
    2:34:54 Dung Defender, Kindly God of Bravery and Honour
    2:36:05 White Defender, Kindly God of Bravery and Honour
    2:37:15 Watcher Knight, Sentinel Gods of the Spire
    2:38:48 No Eyes, Dreamborn God of Fear and Relief
    2:39:48 Marmu, Dreamborn God of the Gardens
    2:40:28 Xero, Dreamborn God of Faith and Betrayal
    2:41:19 Ascended No Eyes
    2:42:13 Markoth, Dreamborn God of Meditation and Isolation
    2:43:13 Ascended Markoth
    2:43:36 Galien, Dreamborn God of Heroic Hearts
    2:44:13 Gorb, Dreamborn God of the Beyond
    2:45:00 Elder Hu, Dreamborn God of Travelers and Sages
    2:45:34 Oro & Mato, Loyal Brother Gods of the Nail
    2:48:25 Paintmaster Sheo, Talented God of Artists and Creators
    2:49:16 Nailsage Sly, Cunning God of Opportunity
    2:51:26 Grimm, Traveling God of the Troupe
    2:53:19 Nightmare King Grimm, God of Nightmares

    Detailed Highlights:
    8:46 DEAD 239, cause: Battle Loodle, Wave 5
    17:08 DEAD 240, cause: Primal Aspid, Wave 14
    25:45 DEAD 241, cause: Winged Fool, Wave 14
    36:26 Victory!
    37:26 New Godseeker dialogue that is rushed through
    38:49 Pure Vessel training
    39:30 DEAD 242
    40:59 DEAD 243
    42:42 DEAD 244, phase 3 reached
    44:02 DEAD 245
    45:02 DEAD 246
    47:18 DEAD 247, phase 3
    48:15 DEAD 248
    49:22 DEAD 249
    50:08 DEAD 250
    52:45 VICTORY!
    54:29 DEAD 251
    55:46 DEAD 252
    56:34 DEAD 253
    57:22 DEAD 254
    58:30 DEAD 255
    1:00:44 VICTORY!
    1:02:15 DEAD 256
    1:04:08 DEAD 257, phase 3
    1:06:12 VICTORY!
    1:06:49 Pantheon of the Knight
    1:08:23 DEAD 258, cause: Lost Kin
    1:12:20 DEAD 259, cause: White Defender
    1:26:52 DEAD 260, cause: Pure Vessel
    1:29:33 DEAD 261, cause: Traitor Lord
    1:41:38 VICTORY!
    1:57:56 DEAD 262, cause: Ascended Mantis Lords
    2:03:49 DEAD 263, cause: Radiant Gruz Mother
    2:05:26 Victory on Radiant Gruz Mother!
    2:28:31 DEAD 264, cause: Invincible Fearless Sensual Mysterious Enchanting Vigorous Diligent Overwhelming Gorgeous Passionate Terrifying Beautiful Powerful Grey Prince Zote, False God Conjured By The Lonely
    2:42:05 DEAD 265, cause: Ascended No Eyes
    2:43:29 DEAD 266, cause: Ascended Markoth
    2:46:48 DEAD 267, cause: Brothers Oro & Mato (specifically Mato)
    2:53:43 DEAD 268, cause: Nightmare King Grimm
    2:54:49 DEAD 269
    2:55:32 DEAD 270
    2:56:21 DEAD 271
    2:57:06 DEAD 272
    2:57:48 DEAD 273
    2:58:37 DEAD 274
    2:59:24 DEAD 275

  • A P.
    A P. 4 months ago +1

    Your reaction to sisters of battle is pleasing.

  • Joshua Boyd
    Joshua Boyd 5 months ago

    Good to see how triumphant you feel when the practice pays off

  • Demyr Nox
    Demyr Nox 5 months ago +5

    Nightmare King Grimm is so much fun to beat

  • The Great Majora
    The Great Majora 5 months ago +4

    The thing that makes me the most curious about Silksong is how a lot of Hollow Knight’s fighting system is based on patience. It’s slow, steady, careful. You wait for the enemy to attack, then use that opening. Silksong looks much, much faster. I wonder how they’ll adapt to the new feeling of being Hornet

  • Brent Ramsten
    Brent Ramsten 5 months ago +3

    nightmare grimm: there is a way to consistant 2 hit on the bats attack that most good at hollow knight people know (double jump through mid, then then down attack, cant really manage it myself). there is a far less consistent 4 hit on the bat attack that seems to work based only on how your hardware is feeling that day by dashing through the first bat and walking under the second. the compromise i made is to single jump over the first bat and walk and shadow dash through the second and just wail on him (quick slash charm is helpful in this).
    also the ground dash to air attack you can garruntee a hit and dodge by dashing toward him before he attacks, attack, jump slightly away and up all the way above his hat and dash toward him landing on the other side. the timing its that hard and after learning him enough to never want to fight him again i feel these two bits of info were the most helpful

    • Brent Ramsten
      Brent Ramsten 5 months ago

      never did figure out how to get a consistant hit in during the air dash to ground attack....

  • JoyceW-Art
    JoyceW-Art 5 months ago +3

    Damn you've made a lot of progress today!
    And good luck with Nightmare Grimm! I still gotta beat him myself, but I'm starting to get close to beating him