Jacques Pepin’s Oeufs Jeannette (Eggs Jeannette)

  • Published on Nov 2, 2016
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    Chef Jacques Pepin puts a warm twist on a classic dish, inspired by his mother.
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Comments • 53

  • Jt F
    Jt F 12 days ago +1

    Every chef: "Add a little bit of olive oil."
    *pours half a cup*

  • Krikor Tersakian
    Krikor Tersakian 13 days ago

    She is so fake

  • Lancer525
    Lancer525 25 days ago

    And now, hopefully, people will believe it when it is said that Rachael Ray is the antichrist....

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload Month ago

    When are they gonna deport her back to Mexico?

  • miraggg
    miraggg Month ago

    can she stop talking over him sheesh

  • Roger rtewwr
    Roger rtewwr 2 months ago

    put them back in their egg containers? great way to get bacteria on them after cooking

    • Roger rtewwr
      Roger rtewwr Month ago

      @miraggg shut the fuck up, listen to rachel ray towards the end

    • miraggg
      miraggg Month ago

      umm its not the egg "containers" it's the cooked eggwhites

  • Just Aguy
    Just Aguy 2 months ago +3

    Why does Jacques waste his time with this woman?

  • Jeniferbfly
    Jeniferbfly 2 months ago +2

    RACHEL Shut up...he was talking to the audience not you ugh. Obviously I'm not the only one considering the comments

  • GuinnessandPizza
    GuinnessandPizza 2 months ago

    I hate these type of shows because they're always rushed.

  • HomerMcPoT101
    HomerMcPoT101 2 months ago

    Who’s the audience member they let stand next to chef Pepin?

  • Mike Regan
    Mike Regan 2 months ago

    Mmmmmm.... maybe a little smoked salmon on top?

  • Apurva Kumar Joshi
    Apurva Kumar Joshi 2 months ago +8

    With due respects, pls let the man talk. He is not an average guest. He is a legend

  • pjr1525
    pjr1525 3 months ago

    Jacques, such a patient man!

  • OthMan
    OthMan 3 months ago

    *applause lights go on*
    crowd histerically applauds for no reason

  • ookles
    ookles 3 months ago +3

    She really ruined the video. Why is she constantly screaming?

  • Haz Ida
    Haz Ida 4 months ago

    A french cooking like an American. ... Berk😛 I prefer eggs mimosa. ...

    • homasas
      homasas Month ago

      Yeah a receipe from a french mum in the 50s..typically American..

  • Pedro Bello
    Pedro Bello 4 months ago

    Godammit Rachel shut the fuck up and let Pépin speak it’s his fucking recipe.

  • J P
    J P 5 months ago +14

    Stop interrupting Mr Pépin every 2 seconds with pointless banter. It’s annoying an distracting.

  • country autumns
    country autumns 5 months ago +4

    Only rachel ray would talk over such an amazing chef. There was a time when I enjoyed her show, many years ago. Ever since she started up 30 minute meals again recently, I just can't stand to watch it. She's unkempt, constantly having to get her hair out of her eyes which doesn't look combed, but the worst part is her sarcasm, innuendos and condescending remarks.

  • Juliette Raines
    Juliette Raines 5 months ago


  • jessie james
    jessie james 6 months ago +8

    compare to the way hespeaks and behaves to that of rachel ray....omgoodness. shes loud and interferring !

  • Varun Pant
    Varun Pant 6 months ago +5

    Rachel Ray.. shut up

  • Slappy
    Slappy 9 months ago +16

    I canne for Chef Jaques, but stayed to see Rachel Ray get roasted in the comments.

  • Incomplete6230
    Incomplete6230 9 months ago

    WHY would anyone go see that fat loudmouthed ignorant AMERICUNT slut...What a fat ugly cow.Guys imagine being around the voice and face...Baaahhahaaaaaaaaa

  • miskittt
    miskittt 10 months ago +7

    I really wish I could have heard what Jacques said. 😣

    • Pastelitas del Flan
      Pastelitas del Flan 4 months ago

      Oddly enough, Jacques apparently likes her. He even added her name to one of his dishes, Potatoes Rachael Ray, in "Heart & Soul in the Kitchen".

  • Bastage Smith
    Bastage Smith 10 months ago +5

    Sorry Rachel but Jacques Pepin is a real culinary master! And he has been doing cooking shows before you were born.

  • bilbil
    bilbil 11 months ago +4

    she's got a big mouth

  • PCLA7
    PCLA7 11 months ago +3

    R R Should Keep Her Trap Shut .

  • James Lynch
    James Lynch Year ago +3

    That Woman is disgusting.

  • Tyrfingr
    Tyrfingr Year ago

    Can she please shut up.... ffs....

  • Erich Von Wachter
    Erich Von Wachter Year ago +12

    Pepin is cooking royalty. Rachel ray is a stupid pig that CAN'T shut up and listen to anyone. If she ever had an original recipe of her own, it would die of loneliness

    • elimar008
      elimar008 11 months ago

      she must be very loud in bed

  • Strange Charm
    Strange Charm Year ago +22

    That women is obnoxious

  • Raul Torres Bravo
    Raul Torres Bravo Year ago +19

    Rachel if you really want to make a difference study techniques from the best until proficient and add some grace. Julia Child started late so can you. Anything would be better than your awkward commentary.

  • j -fo
    j -fo Year ago +2

    Rachael...PLEASE SHUT UP! You are NOT A CHEF!!! You're a talentless Hollywood/Oprah creation turned television personality that just happened to get lucky with a "O" deal.You are the most obnoxious & rude talk show host and an embarrassment to true American hospitality. You disrespected this gentleman (who was cooking a beloved dish named after his mother)by constantly talking over & interrupting him. Shame on you! You act like a precocious adult brat.

  • stndrds79
    stndrds79 Year ago +9

    i love how rachel interupts and talks at the same time at 0:27!! several seconds of cant understand anyway, thanks to the host. thanks, rachel

  • Michael Acquaviva
    Michael Acquaviva Year ago +38

    How about you just talk over one of the greatest chefs of all time..
    Only Rachel Ray could make uncomfortable and rushed Chef Pepin content smh

    • stndrds79
      stndrds79 5 months ago +1

      Apparently u don’t know her well enough she is loud obnoxious and constantly interrupts guests

    • David Hester
      David Hester 5 months ago +1

      @country autumns youll be huffing deep by the time im finished with you

    • country autumns
      country autumns 5 months ago +1

      I glance at comments before I add my two cents and you pretty much said what I'm about to say. Spot on.

    • country autumns
      country autumns 5 months ago +1

      @David Hester they, meaning her since it's her show, don't allow him much time. people comprehend his "majesty" just fine on his show.

    • Craig H
      Craig H 9 months ago +4

      She does that ALL the time. "I, I, I, I" So self-absorbed.

  • Charlie Dovlander
    Charlie Dovlander 2 years ago +9

    People clap at the strangest moments.

    • Incomplete6230
      Incomplete6230 9 months ago


    • jane jane
      jane jane 2 years ago +1

      nigga why you have to be so mean

    • Pentaxian Soir
      Pentaxian Soir 2 years ago +1

      PC Pcray yup like when your parents tied the knot.