What If You Only Ate Meat?

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
  • This would take your high protein, paleo, keto diet to a new level
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    Vegan vs Meat Eaters?
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    Meat diet Carnivore Meat only diet Inuit paradox paleo diet dukan diet ketogenic diet gluconeogenesis scurvy vitamin c collagen constipation evolution human evolution protein poisoning high protein diet lean meat glucose lipids subsistence diet whale blubber raw meat
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Comments • 6 087

  • William wolf
    William wolf 4 hours ago

    You got a lot of this wrong

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant Day ago

    The best that we can do is stick to the well balanced whole foods diet > Dr Bruce Ames PHD bio chemistry.

  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2 2 days ago

    Humans and their genetic predecessors evolved on a diet with LITTLE TO NO CARBS consisting of 70% veggies and 30% high fat meats.

    Problem with todays industrial meat is they lack the high fats, which is by design - The lack of higher fats makes people eat more and thats what they want.

  • the toilet of power
    the toilet of power 4 days ago

    i can relate to this video cuz i eat meat a lot and eat fruit sometimes

    DAREDEVIL FANBOY 4 days ago

    Voice crack warning 1:21

  • Kiran Kumar Sahoo
    Kiran Kumar Sahoo 6 days ago +1

    If you only eat meat you'll earn lots of bad karma

  • Yummy Hotties
    Yummy Hotties 6 days ago

    What would happen if u only ate meat: die

  • Dennis McCarthy
    Dennis McCarthy 6 days ago

    Vegan propaganda. Entertaining ;)

  • Kancer
    Kancer 10 days ago

    I do love me a good pork chop....

  • Tusk
    Tusk 10 days ago +1

    Getting constipated and uncomfortable you say? FALSE because the animal fat is what will help you digesting the meat ahd fat has the same nutrition as carbs but is far easier to digest in fact we should not be eating carbs at all because your body needs to turn those carbs into fat first then it can turn it into energy meanwhile fat is already fat so its quicker by the way too much fibers causes diaria as for vitamin C theres more then enough of that in the brain and the eyes
    Well atleast you mentioned the Inuits

  • Radek Holý
    Radek Holý 10 days ago

    I do not believe this.

  • nico nicnic
    nico nicnic 10 days ago

    Tom Pearl proudly eats his diarrea

  • Matt Lyons Mays Landing
    Matt Lyons Mays Landing 11 days ago +1

    There is so much false info here I can’t even count it all!

  • Erkinbek Mongolhan
    Erkinbek Mongolhan 13 days ago

    fake information!!!!!! my nomad ancestors three times each day eated meat, and only meat! because they almost not have other foods. i say this because i saw it by my own eyes! and i born in nodadic yurt!

  • A Nice Bunch Of Nachos

    My gf only eats mah meet.
    Read more

  • Yusuf Bham
    Yusuf Bham 18 days ago

    What if we only ate meat? Vegans would be pissed 😂😂

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson 19 days ago

    So just eat steak and broccoli and you good.

  • Mike's Man Cave
    Mike's Man Cave 19 days ago

    You got nearly everything wrong in this video, your video is based on outdated information. Doing this now, just eating beef, feeling like a million dollars. tvclip.biz/video/IzcuGtuVlqA/video.html

  • Saidai
    Saidai 19 days ago

    What’s to say I don’t already?

  • Thordan
    Thordan 21 day ago

    First part of the video; it’s impossible
    Second part of the video; but adaption of the human body makes it possible.

    There. Don’t waste your time. That’s basically the whole video.

  • k.lee.z
    k.lee.z 21 day ago

    My uncle used to always have meat and it was linked to his development of diabetes

  • Vicky
    Vicky 22 days ago

    im vegetarian 🌱 😊

  • Anabel Camacho
    Anabel Camacho 22 days ago

    Life eats life and all forms of life seek nutrient dens food. Meat is eaten by all forms of life except vegans . (eating disorder for imaginary reasons ) We are fruits of nature and not peoples opinions. All animals get better in freedom in nature on natural food so as humans.
    Smell it, taste it, try a bit and if it feels good, that's the food to eat. People have understanding about what they shouldn't give to the animals, but they give that stuff to their kids and eat by them self. Of cause for imaginary reasons.
    Meat is collection of nutrients from plants or from digested meat. Plants have storage of nutrients in their fruits or roots and animals in the liver, bone marrow, fat and meat.
    Basically if you eat animal with out fur, then you need other kind of fiber to clean your guts and plants have protective chemicals that are poison, but in small dos activates life hood in cells (mitochondria) It is like you will die in Ice cold water, but cold showers will keep you healthy.
    That what basically wedgies do.

  • Lily forage
    Lily forage 22 days ago

    I don't give a damn I'm gonna eat my meat and avoid veg for as long as I live

    • Michael Grant
      Michael Grant Day ago

      The best that we can do is stick to the well balanced whole foods diet Dr Bruce Ames PHD bio chemistry. All animal based food and drink creates inflammation in the human body. The best food is termed as real food > plants.

    aveRAGE MASTER 23 days ago

    I eat meat everyday

    • Michael Grant
      Michael Grant Day ago

      The best that we can do is stick to the well balanced whole foods diet Dr Bruce Ames PHD bio chemistry. All animal based food and drink creates inflammation in the human body. The best food is termed as real food > plants.

  • Princess Haylo
    Princess Haylo 24 days ago

    I'm vegetarian!

  • Lexus-infinity
    Lexus-infinity 25 days ago

    lions eat only meat and live

    • Michael Grant
      Michael Grant Day ago

      The best that we can do is stick to the well balanced whole foods diet Dr Bruce Ames PHD bio chemistry. All animal based food and drink creates inflammation in the human body. The best food is termed as real food > plants.

  • James Madison
    James Madison 25 days ago

    Bad science. Very outdated notions.

  • knotkool1
    knotkool1 26 days ago

    maybe they don't know as much about the human digestive system as they want you to think they do. 18 months all meat. very regular, no scurvy, all vitals normal.

    • Michael Grant
      Michael Grant Day ago

      The best that we can do is stick to the well balanced whole foods diet Dr Bruce Ames PHD bio chemistry. All animal based food and drink creates inflammation in the human body. The best food is termed as real food > plants.

  • Sieg fried
    Sieg fried 27 days ago

    did you know fibre is actually bad for you? yea there is a scientific experiment and everything

    • Michael Grant
      Michael Grant Day ago

      The best that we can do is stick to the well balanced whole foods diet Dr Bruce Ames PHD bio chemistry. All animal based food and drink creates inflammation in the human body . The best food is termed as real food > plants

  • Santiago Arce
    Santiago Arce 28 days ago

    You would be a Peterson.

  • iiinu yasha
    iiinu yasha 29 days ago

    What would happen if you never ate vegetables?

  • _Core Finder Fox_
    _Core Finder Fox_ Month ago

    Wheres the PETA comment saying "mEaT iS mUrdER"

  • Leonardo Aguilar
    Leonardo Aguilar Month ago

    Hey another fun fact: No fiber causes zero constipation

  • Lequita Beavers
    Lequita Beavers Month ago

    The real question is.
    Do we really need to eat

  • Really?
    Really? Month ago

    If we started out only eating plants. How did we survive through the winter? Most plants dont grow year round and 98% of plants we cannot eat. Most of the ones we can eat have been adapted to our bodies. Even cavemen show drawings of hunting but not planting gardens. If you went out in the woods and tried to survive off plants for food you would be screwed lol.

  • Hendrik Little
    Hendrik Little Month ago

    What if you did something that literally no-one is suggesting that you should do...

  • Mike, from Texas
    Mike, from Texas Month ago


  • Unbox therapy fan #1 Yes

    fun fact: when on a carnivore diet or any diet at all with no fibre you dont get constipated plus since you don’t eat wheat vitamin c is better synthesized in the better take the inuit for example they eat meat primarily and dont eat fruit or vegetables you would expect them to have short life spans and have scurvy and many diseases but contrary they are quite healthy

  • Jonathan Tremblay
    Jonathan Tremblay Month ago

    Have you ever heard of ketosis? Liver contains vitamin C, plus the removal of carbs from the diet reduce the needs for vitamin C. Also, recent studies shows that a zero fiber diet removes constipation better than a high fiber diet : www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3435786/

  • Jonathan Tremblay
    Jonathan Tremblay Month ago

    Have you ever heard of ketosis? Liver contains vitamin C, plus the removal of carbs from the diet reduce the needs for vitamin C. Also, recent studies shows that a zero fiber diet removes constipation better than a high fiber diet : www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3435786/

  • womp
    womp Month ago

    asap broscience

  • Neal Patrick Craken

    5% chinese 100% soyboy

  • The DJ
    The DJ Month ago

    www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12535749 - The claim that Inuits are free of CAD is based off of extremely weak scientific evidence. It's based off of death reports of rural
    Inuit hospitals and admission figures (by Hans Olaf Bang and Jorn Dyerberg), these researchers didn't actually study a single Inuit person. Westernization (SAD diet) of the Inuit
    populations decreased their CAD mortality. Current clinical evidence such as X-rays, ultrasounds and autopsies disprove that "Inuits are free of CAD" claim.

    www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25064579 - Researchers that have studied the Inuit prior to Bang and Dyerberg were ignored, even though all of them have proved that the Inuit
    have frequent occurrence of CAD events. Despite that, government organizations even to this day are recommending people, specifically people with heart disease to eat several servings of fish per week, and it's all based on these 2 researchers that didn't even study the Inuit people. 20% of those death certificate reports were completed without a doctor having examined the body. The doctors also had limited diagnostic facilities and most of the population were very far away from hospitals. This study reviewed all the previous studies done on the Inuits and once again found that westernized countries are healthier. Similar CAD rates compared to western countries, double the mortality rate in strokes compared to western countries and their life expectancy's 10 years shorter compared to western countries.

    www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1561651/ - A study done way before the Bang and Dyerberg "research", over 30 years prior, found the Inuits to be in extremely poor health.
    The majority were pale around the ports with reasons to suspect anemia. While Inuits in the northern parts were plethoric, meaning their skin was swelling with blood. These Inuits in the north had epistaxis, which is bleeding from the nose which is subsequently found to be due to polycythemia, suggestive of cyanosis which is caused by low oxygen levels in the red blood cells or problems getting oxygenated blood to your body. Hypertension and several other issues, specifically to do with blood were found in the northern parts. Tuberculosis was also common (disease caused by bacteria that attack the lungs, causing coughs, sneezings and so on) in the northern parts. Several cases of bronchitis and other illnesses too. Atherosclerosis and high blood pressure were common. Artery calcification was common. Seen through x-ray scans. Several cases of epilepsy, insanity, rheumatoid arthritis, hydrocephalus (fluid within a childs brain, causing pressure in the skull), exophthalmos (terrible eye disease, check some pictures). Worms were commonly found in the animals they eat, putting them at higher risk of infection. Many eye and teeth issues and poor resistance to infection were found among the more primitive Eskimos. Inuits are not healthy and disease free as claimed.

    www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC325106/ - Autopsy performed on found frozen mummified Inuits. Atherosclerosis was found and several other issues (such as osteoporosis).
    Even Inuits from way before had atherosclerosis and other dietary related issues present. Osteoporosis is a major health problem of Inuits. Traditional high-protein diets result in metabolic acidosis which results in calcium loss from the bones as that's how your body deals with an acidic state.

    • The DJ
      The DJ Day ago

      Some truth? they got less heart disease when westernization came in. Aka the addition of deep fried and processed crap.
      Not to mention that when they studied them and compared them to western countries they found them to be unhealthier.

    • Michael Grant
      Michael Grant Day ago

      You post verifies what I've heard from Dr michael greger > some truth > the innuit were relatively unhealthy.

  • Neal Patrick Craken

    soyboy bullshit science

  • Viru Sinstall
    Viru Sinstall Month ago +3

    a bunch of unsourced conjecture, meanwhile people eat nothing but meat and have none of these issues

    • Viru Sinstall
      Viru Sinstall Day ago

      +Michael Grant raw meat is inflammatory? 🤔

    • Michael Grant
      Michael Grant Day ago

      The best that we can do is stick to the well balanced whole foods diet Dr Bruce Ames PHD bio chemistry. Animal food and drink creates inflammation in the human body. The best food is termed as real food > plants.

  • Luis Ramos
    Luis Ramos Month ago

    He’s got the nicest writing

  • krish krish
    krish krish Month ago

    vit C , Calcium etc can be taken in pill form

  • Will Fdz
    Will Fdz Month ago

    I really like eat meat but only este meat would be so bad for stomach Also you would spend to much money in toilet paper xD

  • That One Super Saiyan


  • Don’t do school Stay in drugs

    I got a beef jerky add B4 this...

  • Cheasy
    Cheasy Month ago

    Fibre helps is a mith...fake news

  • Random Cancer
    Random Cancer Month ago

    But what if you beat your meat...

  • kolo
    kolo Month ago +1

    please do!
    eat only meat, but truly only meat, nothing else, raw meat would kill you even faster... ähm i meant to say raw meat would be even better!
    you would do all of us a favour...

  • ooga booga my NIBBA

    And again I’m depressed thank you humanity

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith Month ago +1

    Thanks soy boys

  • Kaj Te Briga
    Kaj Te Briga Month ago +2

    You should interview Jordan Peterson, he claims he eats only red meat for a year and it made him healthier than he's ever been.

  • Rachel Foster
    Rachel Foster Month ago

    What if you eat chilli everyday?

  • rreeves0710
    rreeves0710 Month ago +1

    Going on two weeks only meat. Honestly feel great, down 4lbs and have a ton of energy. I drink fruit juice for the vitamins, but I don't think its necessary.

  • Anita roblox & more & friends!!

    1.Vegans would starve
    2.Meat eaters would destroy vegans..
    3.peoole wouldn't have strong muscles to destroy the vegans
    4.Vegans would live
    5.Vegans would pack up
    6.Vegans would also leave
    7.Vegans would go where meat free is (aka no meat)
    8.Meat eaters would go bored then attack their pets
    9.the pets that were being attacked would probably win
    10.meat eaters would try vegan food
    11.Meat eaters would go to the vegans and throw hot coffee with chicken inside at the vegans
    12.Meat eaters VS vegans (aka world food war 1)

  • Daniel Rine
    Daniel Rine Month ago +1

    Never have constipation on all meat diet

  • xakoswja jdjdjrvs
    xakoswja jdjdjrvs Month ago


  • Tom Lyons
    Tom Lyons Month ago +2

    Inaccurate rubbish.

  • Rory Devlin
    Rory Devlin Month ago +1


  • Rio Rio
    Rio Rio Month ago +1

    Total bullshit

  • Double G
    Double G Month ago

    I played halo 3 today...

  • Marduukk Gaming
    Marduukk Gaming Month ago

    I adore this channel.

  • Lord Blazelicious
    Lord Blazelicious Month ago

    then you are an anti vegan

  • Rex Lundström
    Rex Lundström Month ago +4

    So Charlene Anderson who's been eating nothing but ribeye for 18 years should be dead then instead of having overcome diseases and being in the best shape of her life. The mistakes you made were understandable, but nonetheless mistakes.
    I'm a carnivore, scurvy isn't an issue because glucose and vitamin c compete for the same transporters. Your research was not deep enough this time.

  • Gustavo Boldrini
    Gustavo Boldrini 2 months ago

    There are so many false assumptions here I'm unsubscribing... We've been burning ketones for hundreds of thousands of years. In fact what hapenned during winters? or ice ages? Where do you pull veggies, nuts, seeds or fruits from? We can eat only meat for months and years... We are one of the only species that fasts and there are so many health benefits to fast, just look up the nobel prize on autophagy its quite recent, ketones ARE NOT bad for health, its actually more energy dense for the mitochondria. Look up also Dom D'agostino a renown scientist, quite young, extremely smart & knolodgeable.

  • Digitaldan 10
    Digitaldan 10 2 months ago

    You just need protein

  • Digitaldan 10
    Digitaldan 10 2 months ago

    I ate ate just meat for a year now and nothing happened to me.

  • Digitaldan 10
    Digitaldan 10 2 months ago

    This a lie

  • Scream Time
    Scream Time 2 months ago

    Okay okay okay! So you are telling ME the diet (ketogenic) that I’ve been doing for months now! May kill me?! I mean come on I don’t only eat meat but I DO EAT A LOT OF MEAT! But I did loose about 12 kg in about a month and a half or 2 months and I was soooooo fine doing it plus it makes me feel so full and it does give you diarrhea and that’s how you loose weight!

  • Tom Chiaveagto
    Tom Chiaveagto 2 months ago

    How does fast metabolism work?

  • Ural Damasis
    Ural Damasis 2 months ago

    Unlike fat and protein, there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

  • HillaryForPrison
    HillaryForPrison 2 months ago +1

    Getting lectured on diet by two vegan soyboy’s, with testosterone deficency....

  • offPlanet
    offPlanet 2 months ago

    The constipation thing is not real though

  • Katie's Gaming Channel
    Katie's Gaming Channel 2 months ago

    Our ancestors were carnivores and were healthy but we evolved to become better so we adapted the omnivore diet, then the idiots come in and think "if these vegetables are pretty good for us on this diet maybe we can just eat them". This plan might have worked for a little but didn't last, at first people used it as a few weeks cleanse, then in the early 60's it became a diet even though it really isn't, more and more people have started to learn the truth but it's not enough, don't give me the argument " BuT yOu cOoK tHe MeAt sO oBvIoUsLy ItS nOt MaDe fOr uS" The only meat we really have to cook is chicken and maybe pork. Don't come for me "vegans"

    HELENO HENZO 2 months ago +1

    you started with lie
    million of years?
    there is not even evidences earth is older than 6000

      HELENO HENZO Month ago

      heatt, you believe what you read on google and textbooks but brainwashed is me. old earth is proven? more like wanting their ideology of evolutionism to be true, thats why they say earth is old.
      google it? what shameful statement, instead thinking, believe what u read, u r like people who read textbook assuming what it says its science

    • heatt
      heatt Month ago

      I hope you are joking , it was proven a long time ago by scientific studies that earth is more 4 billion years old , Google it and find studies ,dont be another brainwashed christian sheep

      HELENO HENZO Month ago

      fossil is dead things can be mark, bones... of such dead thing
      fossil doesn't say its age but that it died
      based on evidences not assumption
      earth is young
      and life have been here recently
      and also life can only exist complete not evolve
      thats is biology and thats why we find complete fossil

    • Shaun ,
      Shaun , Month ago

      Do u no what a fossil is

  • Sparking Thoughts
    Sparking Thoughts 2 months ago

    I have only been eating meat for the last week. I shit everyday no problem. Vitamin C competes with glucose in your body. Low levels of glucose require very low levels of vitamin c.

  • Julio Gonzo
    Julio Gonzo 2 months ago

    Haha eating organs! Organ grinders?

  • Voe
    Voe 2 months ago

    This video isn't aging well.

  • Zay Say
    Zay Say 2 months ago

    I’m eating only meat right now and my digestion is better, completely normal.
    Also glucose blocks vit c absorbing so with only meat you have the perfect amount of vit c from the meat. I’m also much happier

  • Jacob Bowl
    Jacob Bowl 2 months ago

    So that’s why I’m constapated

  • Gabriel Muniz Maximiano Drummond

    0:27 - this video starts with some information that might be a little bit old...
    The video in the link below is very explanatory in this sense and is underrated in my opinion:
    It actually depends a lot from person to person when it comes to diet, but the carnivore diet, as well as the vegan diet seem to be interesting choices...

  • Elai Dickens
    Elai Dickens 2 months ago +1

    I hate broccoli and beans

  • Ya Girl Monica
    Ya Girl Monica 2 months ago

    I'm vegetarian and I think the amount of meat that is consumed is what does harm. you'll stack a whole steak on your plate with no vegetables you're not balancing anything out. if eating all vegetables are bad why isn't it the same for meat.

    • heatt
      heatt Month ago

      Because youre not getting enough vitamins from vegan only diet , but on the other hand diet that involves raw meat , raw eggs , even little bit vegetables is going to give everything you need ,so you dont need any man made food , and no amount of meat you consume isnt going to harm you , but vegetables yes

  • Adam Ballah
    Adam Ballah 2 months ago

    :24 facts are wrong, Study show that constipated people when they removed fiber from the diet it relieved the constipation.

  • Farcraft2
    Farcraft2 2 months ago

    1:00 LEAN meat
    These guys need to be redpilled on keto diet

  • Just Phagocyte
    Just Phagocyte 2 months ago +1

    Ghoul : "meh, I'm just fine"

  • Kameron B
    Kameron B 2 months ago

    Take a multi vitamin and only eat meat

  • Husein Mammadov
    Husein Mammadov 2 months ago

    Can all vegans juuuusssttt STOP because all they’re doing is just not eating meat and that’s not a big achievement NO ONE CARES

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 months ago

    I’m vegan and my brother wants to eat only meat because of the unit people, I kinda just want him to do it for when it doesn’t work I can say I told you so because he probably won’t listen to me anyway

  • Lance White Horse
    Lance White Horse 2 months ago

    Im halfway through this video and its all false

  • Return The slab
    Return The slab 2 months ago

    Humans can switch to carnivores just by eating the whole thing raw.

  • RC
    RC 2 months ago

    bro science :(

  • workout hard
    workout hard 2 months ago

    Why does it natural rules are not applied in carnivorous

  • InaudibleBoom
    InaudibleBoom 2 months ago

    Why would i take diet advice from homosexuals.

  • Maria Matiga
    Maria Matiga 2 months ago

    If we only eat meat only one thing is certain. we'll not eat veggies... ooooooooooooh bvhchxhdvjhvj