The Ultimate Triple-Decker Cheesecake Tower: Behind Tasty

  • Published on Sep 9, 2018
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  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 4 hours ago

    Bubb and Sjors are besties.

  • mdizzle shnizzle
    mdizzle shnizzle 5 hours ago

    It looks cool but literally everything is store bought and box mix lmao

  • Lilian Rose
    Lilian Rose 14 hours ago

    Omg it looks so tasty😂

  • Marta Sofia
    Marta Sofia 20 hours ago

    Alvin: "I'm giving you honest thoughts straight from the heart"
    **points to head tho**

  • mahlogonolo mphahlele

    Alvin likes to rap ...this is so amazing I wish to have it..Alvin I’d hire u for my birthdays but I’m in SA

  • Isaiah Pacheco
    Isaiah Pacheco 3 days ago

    Is this the last episode ever?

  • I am the no.1 Chicken Lover

    This ship will be called the lost high fives

  • Эмили Гольдштейн

    Alvin: wooh

  • Vincent Hübschmann
    Vincent Hübschmann 5 days ago


  • stevonnie the experience

    Is no one gonna talk about how amazing Brenda’s accent is?

  • kpopislifest right
    kpopislifest right 6 days ago


  • kpopislifest right
    kpopislifest right 6 days ago


  • Oliver Calano
    Oliver Calano 7 days ago +1

    them biceps popping out tho ❤️🤤🙌

  • Chocolate is Great
    Chocolate is Great 7 days ago

    If I had a penny for how many times that "high-five" rejected each other... I'd be on a yacht and you guys would still be here watching this.

  • Martin Ecott
    Martin Ecott 8 days ago

    "where's the bottom?" do you really need to ask?

  • Fortnite Gameplay
    Fortnite Gameplay 8 days ago

    Why would anyone press the dislike button

    FURBEE 8 days ago

    Damn, so savage 2:42

  • Maury G
    Maury G 9 days ago

    Feed the homeless

  • Martin Romano
    Martin Romano 9 days ago

    Alvin's dates be like:"open your mouth wide. Here comes the airplane NEEEEEEEEEEOWWWWM ." Man i love feeding people everyone loves cookies. Meanwhile the date is suffocating because he stuffed so many cookies down their throat. Hey at least i fed them.

  • Patricia Choi
    Patricia Choi 11 days ago

    6:15 the hands for the zoom ins and outs hahahah

  • Crazy Cat Girl
    Crazy Cat Girl 11 days ago

    for some reason he reminds me of ZHC a little...

  • Groot The Dog
    Groot The Dog 11 days ago

    Alvin is so dedicated, he spends over 2 hours pretty much just trying to make small 1 minute videos on how to make fancy food easy/fast

  • Henry Yoon
    Henry Yoon 12 days ago

    t h i c c c

  • Kelsey Foley
    Kelsey Foley 15 days ago

    The cake is so beautiful 😍😍😍😁😁😁🤣🤣

    • Kelsey Foley
      Kelsey Foley 15 days ago

      EDING all food that is yummy or looks good is obesity beautiful 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😍😍 foodies out there would know this

  • Kelsey Foley
    Kelsey Foley 15 days ago

    Thick food is the best food lol that's me or eney one else 😂😂😂

  • Keira Douglas
    Keira Douglas 15 days ago

    We bought the cheesecakes

  • Nancy Dewar
    Nancy Dewar 15 days ago

    I want these two to just have a channel had me rollin

  • James Chatman
    James Chatman 16 days ago +1

    Red velvet is amazing!!

  • sarк
    sarк 16 days ago

    7:17 holy fuck

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 16 days ago

    My eyes had a orgasm

  • Pushpa Verma
    Pushpa Verma 16 days ago

    Is that guy was there in chopped ???😕

  • emily little
    emily little 16 days ago

    I love alvin i WANT MORE HIS VIDEOS

  • tori itimu
    tori itimu 17 days ago


  • Typically Tina
    Typically Tina 19 days ago

    Poor him all his high fives got rejected :(💀

  • Lilah Cushman
    Lilah Cushman 21 day ago +1

    2:42 😬

  • Oliver Alexanian
    Oliver Alexanian 21 day ago


  • Miharu Saruwatari
    Miharu Saruwatari 21 day ago

    *B U B B*

  • Miharu Saruwatari
    Miharu Saruwatari 21 day ago

    I love how Brenda support Alvin. Lol

  • Miharu Saruwatari
    Miharu Saruwatari 21 day ago

    Brenda at Alvin's drawing: This looks amazing.
    (Alvins nods thinking how she finally understood)
    Brenda: This looks like a fancy mattress.
    Alvin: *A fancy mattress?*

  • Charlotte Sittig
    Charlotte Sittig 23 days ago +1

    THI C C C C

  • Jazzyxo x̸
    Jazzyxo x̸ 23 days ago

    He cute as hell💕😭

  • Christopher Gong
    Christopher Gong 23 days ago

    Pumpkin cheesecake????

  • H Willetts
    H Willetts 24 days ago

    Alvins so good at this ,other people do challenges to make what he makes

  • Therese Erika Pilar
    Therese Erika Pilar 24 days ago

    An ideal bf, indeed. 🥰

  • Zeynaberaj Shahbaz
    Zeynaberaj Shahbaz 24 days ago


  • cutecat4098
    cutecat4098 25 days ago

    Did anyone else hear Once upon a dream from Sleeping Beauty at 7:25?

  • Lileh Grace
    Lileh Grace 25 days ago +1

    Layers? 3
    High five rejections? 3
    People? 3
    Hotel? Trivago

  • Toriviana Arizona 💎

    The Bad Boi is called Bertha. That makes sense.

  • Juan Carmona
    Juan Carmona 27 days ago

    Alvin and Brenda "sitting in a tree k i ssing i n g

    (Am i the only one that ships them.

  • Maysa Dannoun
    Maysa Dannoun 27 days ago

    Three tiers 😂😂😂

  • Dakota Plays
    Dakota Plays 27 days ago

    Looking through the comments and all I see is people crushin on Alvin not his amazing cheesecake!!! That cheesecake looks amazing, good job Alvin!

  • Pixel Galaxy
    Pixel Galaxy 28 days ago

    🤤🤤😢😭 I want it so baaadlyyyy but I'm too laaazyyy to coooke iiitttt... Good job!

  • Livilie
    Livilie 28 days ago

    The Bad Boy Bertha

  • Sam Tahir
    Sam Tahir 28 days ago

    I ship them

  • helena gabriel
    helena gabriel 28 days ago

    Can i work at tasty plz

  • Meleane Ulugia
    Meleane Ulugia Month ago

    This dude is so fine

  • 309 My Life
    309 My Life Month ago

    This video title should be changed to “Brenda and Alvin rejecting high fives from each other for 10:02 mins straight”

  • Nate Morgan
    Nate Morgan Month ago +1

    THI C C C C

  • Swag Master
    Swag Master Month ago

    9:42 “I’m giving you honest thots straight from the heart” *Points at head*

  • Kenzie Littlejohn
    Kenzie Littlejohn Month ago

    Add three more layers that are ice cream

  • Nanti Nanti
    Nanti Nanti Month ago

    How can I make this triple cake if you don't put the ingredients??
    You just showing us the prepare of this cake....i don't see anything distractions ...
    BTW this. Cake is very delicious .. ✌😋

  • nyeta richardson
    nyeta richardson Month ago

    Those cakes look dry as hell lol

  • lilili yabbay
    lilili yabbay Month ago +1

    i wanna find him hot but he has the name of my friend and the face of my cousin

  • Tater Tatiana
    Tater Tatiana Month ago +1

    My parent's standards for my bf

  • •LifeWithKat•
    •LifeWithKat• Month ago

    that’s a thiccc no from me dawg

  • Piper Christie
    Piper Christie Month ago +1

    Rie and Alvin are like the ultimate chefs in tasty

  • Mimzie 2k
    Mimzie 2k Month ago

    I ship them tbh

  • Sherene Ramil Tabei

    You’re the best Alvin!❤️

  • Gwyneth Lok
    Gwyneth Lok Month ago

    "fancy mattress"
    *jumps into a pile of cake.*

  • Dejanae McEachron
    Dejanae McEachron Month ago

    I would be the idiot to drop it

  • You Sike
    You Sike Month ago

    rip bubb 2018-2018

  • NamBurger :P
    NamBurger :P Month ago

    I SHIP EMM❤❤🚢

  • MIsheardNerd
    MIsheardNerd Month ago +1

    2:07 that's my idle boyfriend XD

  • Sinosaurus
    Sinosaurus Month ago +2

    „We need to find a bottom!“ - there is a reason why i‘m hiding!

  • BTS Jess77
    BTS Jess77 Month ago

    They tried to high five each other but got rejected

  • twin-tube
    twin-tube Month ago +3

    Every time they tried to give each other a high five they got rejected

  • Elena Bordenova
    Elena Bordenova Month ago

    brenda is my spirit animal

  • Evelien Smet
    Evelien Smet Month ago

    Third season pleasee

  • kenneth calda
    kenneth calda Month ago

    Ahhh heavenly

  • American Sociopath
    American Sociopath Month ago

    I’m drooling


  • Samantha Kim
    Samantha Kim Month ago


  • Pierre O. Park
    Pierre O. Park Month ago +2

    Brenda is such a mama bear with Alvin. 🤗😚

  • Uzma Din
    Uzma Din Month ago

    That could be a wedding cake 😲

  • Loony Hype
    Loony Hype Month ago +4

    Namjoon didn’t get a handshake , this cook didn’t get a high five

    • jae bojing
      jae bojing 20 days ago

      +Loony Hype what the fuck

    • Loony Hype
      Loony Hype 20 days ago

      jae bojing rainbows . Polish . Robots . Computer . Halloween . Stratosphere . Hellicoprion . Big foot .

    • jae bojing
      jae bojing 20 days ago

      namjoon has nothing to do with this 🤦🏻‍♂

  • Sabela Chelba
    Sabela Chelba Month ago +2

    cHerPumPle lol that's just fun to say

  • ah- me
    ah- me Month ago +8

    i swear alvin is my fav tasty person, his energy and skill is top notch

  • Zenki Pedere
    Zenki Pedere Month ago

    ugh i love alvin so much 😩

  • Neira Salonga
    Neira Salonga Month ago +28

    imagine having a boyfriend who would cook for you the way alvin cooks his dishes

  • Sadichchha Sharma
    Sadichchha Sharma Month ago

    it took the whole video for me to figure what decker meant😂
    (anyone else thought of Suit Life on Deck?)

  • Amanda Klaus
    Amanda Klaus Month ago

    I really love tasty and don’t get me wrong I know this took a long time to get everything together, but I wish they had handmade the batter for the red velvet brownie and cookie dough. I totally respect how this already took a lot of hard work but a lot of what brings me to this channel is seeing everything made from scratch and the people’s persistence to get it right no mater how long it takes. When I saw that the cheesecakes were store bought i lost interest in the video but kept watching to give them the benefit of the doubt that other things were handmade which I believe only the icing was. Anyways not a hate comment at all, I understand this was hard, I just wish I could’ve seen more to this video and less shortcuts

  • sumalinog family
    sumalinog family Month ago

    So cool

  • WordWonder G
    WordWonder G Month ago

    2:08 what i expect in my perfect guy

  • haizel odejerte
    haizel odejerte Month ago

    appear zone

  • shamapes
    shamapes Month ago +1

    WOWZERS!!! You guys have the ideal workplace!! Where can I apply for a job there- heheh

  • Fischbb
    Fischbb Month ago

    What is the purpose of brenda in this video?

  • Tanya Samaradiwakara

    When’s the next ep! Can’t wait for new episode😍😍😍

  • For Summer
    For Summer Month ago

    Di.... did I just hear once upon a dream?

  • Kelly Dang
    Kelly Dang Month ago

    The most lit thing I’ve seen in my life. Like LITT LITT.

  • Charon Miller
    Charon Miller Month ago

    Batter's so thicc, got me working out 😏😏