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  • AnxietizZed
    AnxietizZed 2 days ago

    some bullshit

  • Owen \_O_/
    Owen \_O_/ 2 days ago

    You’re a meme one, mr. pepe

  • DeadMemesRedBeams
    DeadMemesRedBeams 3 days ago

    2:40 I wasted my 3 minutes trying to see what that text was only to read “type some bullshit”. I hate my life choices

  • Miles Aaway
    Miles Aaway 4 days ago

    HunterxHunter is SO GOOD!!!

  • daisydoodlepops
    daisydoodlepops 5 days ago


  • Ertty957
    Ertty957 6 days ago

    Some bullshit

  • Cutie in that cup
    Cutie in that cup 7 days ago

    i bang my friend

  • Benny B
    Benny B 10 days ago

    some bullshit

  • S1lv3rTh3Gam3r
    S1lv3rTh3Gam3r 11 days ago

    Some bullshit

  • Ruairi's Vlogs
    Ruairi's Vlogs 16 days ago


  • Classix
    Classix 16 days ago

    "Hunter *X* Hunter"
    God-fucking-dammit Jack.

    WWELEGEND 132 19 days ago

    Some bullshit

  • Tan_Man
    Tan_Man 20 days ago

    Type some shit

  • Benjamin Buschman
    Benjamin Buschman 21 day ago

    Ur for€h€ad is too small in dis vid MAK€ IT BIGG€R

  • Benjamin Buschman
    Benjamin Buschman 21 day ago

    Jacksfilms yiay to chrismas me up. me NO U DIDNT ASK US

  • Trumps White Privilege

    Lethal Weapon is the best Christmas movie ever.

  • Creative Cookie
    Creative Cookie 23 days ago

    "type some bullshit"

  • Levi Wolf-Leviathan
    Levi Wolf-Leviathan 23 days ago

    That is not Jelf... I disaproove of your mockery of my religion.

  • Ethie21
    Ethie21 25 days ago


  • Hadin Thompson
    Hadin Thompson 25 days ago

    2:40 Type some bullshit

  • Atreset
    Atreset 26 days ago

    some dumb shit

  • Treebeard
    Treebeard 26 days ago

    type some bullshit

  • Kotten
    Kotten 27 days ago

    Type some bullshit

  • LukeDale
    LukeDale 28 days ago

    the best part was at 4:00

  • Joel Rivera
    Joel Rivera 28 days ago


  • Armend Demiri
    Armend Demiri 28 days ago

    U fucking idiot copying pewdipie

  • ShadyGaming_YT
    ShadyGaming_YT 28 days ago

    Bro ur just coping pewdiepie I mean ur videos are shit u cnt come up with original content so u have to copy pewdiepie fag

  • Xheross Gaming
    Xheross Gaming 28 days ago

    copy cat

  • Sam Wilk
    Sam Wilk 29 days ago

    I got a kidzbop ad on this video

  • Vinny Avalos
    Vinny Avalos Month ago

    you'll shoot your eye out, YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT, *YOULL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT*

  • i_have_dissapointed_my_parents

    1:54 that makes two of us.

  • dcbandnerd
    dcbandnerd Month ago

    [Says "Die Hard" isn't a Christmas movie]
    [Says the live action "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" deserves a second look]
    "Unforgivable, that's what you aaaare..."

  • teabaGayb
    teabaGayb Month ago

    2:40 some bullshit

  • *blackstar98*
    *blackstar98* Month ago

    the ebenezer one reminds me of brendon urie in mona lisa when he frowns at the camera

  • B0Bbyte Games
    B0Bbyte Games Month ago

    2:40 some bullshit

  • Kawaii Filmer
    Kawaii Filmer Month ago

    #YIAYspirit Kill santa

  • Techno Chanmel
    Techno Chanmel Month ago

    Christmas me up
    More like Christmess me up

  • Llandyn Lubs
    Llandyn Lubs Month ago

    I gOt A kIdS bOp AdD aNd I cAn'T aNyMoRe

  • The Greater Dane
    The Greater Dane Month ago

    TBH during the honorable mentions I only looked at Klondike and Sundae, not the pics

  • Stratforce
    Stratforce Month ago

    2:34 I can't stop laughing

  • Ut! Chara and Cross! Sans

    I guess I'm dead now

  • Cringe City
    Cringe City Month ago

    2:50 KAWAIII!!

  • Andjela Mil
    Andjela Mil Month ago

    some bullshit

  • Liam Boldt
    Liam Boldt Month ago

    Song at 2:33 please

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio Month ago


  • Sydney Dochstader
    Sydney Dochstader Month ago

    some bullshit

  • i need a life
    i need a life Month ago

    Ba humbug

  • Kryn Benski
    Kryn Benski Month ago

    I hope you continued with HxH. It starts to get incredible into the second season.

  • dog lover 1800
    dog lover 1800 Month ago

    at 0:28 THAILA GRACE

  • Anna DeLuca
    Anna DeLuca Month ago

    #YIAYspirit excuse me it’s HOLIDAY spirit not Christmas spirit

  • Perhe Pyhänniska
    Perhe Pyhänniska Month ago

    2:40 there was flashing text! What was it?

  • Channel002
    Channel002 Month ago


  • pokemon master
    pokemon master Month ago

    0:40Jack frost

  • Myles Bryson
    Myles Bryson Month ago

    candy cane jack was better...

  • Memes Gamer
    Memes Gamer Month ago

    What about the starwars yiay

  • IzzyLovesScrewdrivers

    some bullshit 2:40

  • faithofalltrades
    faithofalltrades Month ago

    Some bullshit (2:40)

  • dounya boukhal
    dounya boukhal Month ago

    by dying

  • NovaYT
    NovaYT Month ago

    Type some bullshit.

  • TNTDragon109
    TNTDragon109 Month ago

    I typed some bullshit

  • Gilly The Believer
    Gilly The Believer Month ago

    "Bah Humbug! It's me, Ebenezer, and I love lasagna!"
    - Probably Ebenezer Scrooge

  • Pink_Panda_555
    Pink_Panda_555 Month ago

    You're a meme one, Mr Grinch.

  • WaffleSaber
    WaffleSaber Month ago

    Wow, that message was REALLY hidden.
    Proud of myself for finding it without the comments.

  • Dominic lirones
    Dominic lirones Month ago

    Ignoring my family

  • White boy Productions

    I never leave

  • Fred Coupar
    Fred Coupar Month ago

    Some bullshit 2:39

  • Bradley Morton
    Bradley Morton Month ago +1

    Type some bullshit

  • 569Awesome
    569Awesome Month ago

    Why jack? Why? A Christmas Story is an awesome movie. You suck!

  • Magikarp?
    Magikarp? Month ago

    My Minecraft username is Mr_Minecraft...

  • Flemcore Jix
    Flemcore Jix Month ago

    All these insidious ads are scaring me

  • Animals R Life
    Animals R Life Month ago

    Some bullshit

  • John Galbraith
    John Galbraith Month ago

    *Happy holidays

  • Cheese cakw
    Cheese cakw Month ago +1

    02:40 2:39

  • Spikeknuckle
    Spikeknuckle Month ago

    2:40 I have the playback speed at 0.25x and still can't pause at the right time to read that

  • Tim Koch
    Tim Koch Month ago

    I’m the second person who doesnt love Christmas Story

  • Miep Chiese
    Miep Chiese Month ago

    Whoever made the candy cane needs a medal

  • Brendan Ferguson
    Brendan Ferguson Month ago

    #YAIYspirit listening to Jack's royalty free Christmas music as I'm waiting to be featured!

  • Señor Duckles
    Señor Duckles Month ago +1

    I'm also one of the 3 Americans who's not in love with A Christmas Story

  • Troyan Killer
    Troyan Killer Month ago

    Some bullshit

  • StridinAndLyin
    StridinAndLyin Month ago

    #YIAYspirit i have no soul so i dont have a spirit and i just wanna burn your house down with my menorah

  • _ Raven _
    _ Raven _ Month ago

    Wait is dom domics

  • Jake Ihsanullah
    Jake Ihsanullah Month ago

    Getting a girlfriend #yolo

  • Sarah Wilson
    Sarah Wilson Month ago

    Jelf on the shelf?.... no no
    Jack on crack
    That sounds right

  • MrDogie
    MrDogie Month ago

    #yiayspirit what do you think? I drug myself so hard that I stay in a coma until christmas is over, and I get extra presents

  • ThatsGregBuddy
    ThatsGregBuddy Month ago


  • Colby Hopper
    Colby Hopper Month ago

    what did he mean by "type some bullshit"

  • Firey Destroyer
    Firey Destroyer Month ago

    #YIAYspirit by saying "me me festive boy"

  • Matilda Grylls-Brine Animals

    Jack in shack...

  • Gaming Vocado
    Gaming Vocado Month ago

    #YIAYspirt dabbing to his Christmas songs

  • Catherine Hastings
    Catherine Hastings Month ago

    Don't worry Jack, I don't like "A Christmas Story" either

  • Izzy Lawton
    Izzy Lawton Month ago

    By knowing I’m not getting any jacksfilms merch for Christmas. #YIAYspirit

  • The Sea Lettuce
    The Sea Lettuce Month ago

    Some bullshit

  • NinjaCatLevi
    NinjaCatLevi Month ago

    It's not fair... Hanukkah and kwanza have a week and Christmas only has one day ;-;

  • Jopoleon Dynamite
    Jopoleon Dynamite Month ago

    “Some bullshit”

  • lambella
    lambella Month ago

    You've heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for Jack on the Crack.

  • Kat B.
    Kat B. Month ago

    I don’t like a Christmas Story either!

  • Kaileb Weiss
    Kaileb Weiss Month ago

    I don't have a way jack

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike Month ago

    *You're a meme one . . . Mister Grinch*

  • Lou Sibert
    Lou Sibert Month ago

    I wish I had twitter....

  • God Whelp
    God Whelp Month ago

    Some bullshit