• Published on Dec 5, 2017
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  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee Hour ago


  • Lucas chialashvili
    Lucas chialashvili 4 hours ago

    u nub u steal pewdsiepie idea and it LWIAY not YIAY

  • lashedtwin 05
    lashedtwin 05 6 hours ago +1


  • Parkachu Playz
    Parkachu Playz 9 hours ago

    Some bullshit

  • Angelic Knight
    Angelic Knight 13 hours ago

    Some bullshit (I see what u did there, I had to go to 0.25 speed for that)

  • The door Trujlo
    The door Trujlo 16 hours ago

    #YIAYspirit the emoji movie 2

  • Dj Ricochet
    Dj Ricochet 17 hours ago

    #YAIYspirit Get wasted what else

  • Camdog fall
    Camdog fall 17 hours ago

    pewdie pie was better

  • Kookie Kid
    Kookie Kid 18 hours ago

    #YIAYspirit Excuse me, but I am JEWISH and I DO NOT celebrate your fudging Christian holiday. >:(

  • Garrett Oliva
    Garrett Oliva 18 hours ago

    Some Bullshit

  • YuleThe Fool
    YuleThe Fool 18 hours ago

    i don’t know if i just don’t get it but to me personally, i think he is not funny. or maybe he does not try to be funny at all? i think it should be satire, well, at least he tries. good fanart!

  • Curtis Walton
    Curtis Walton 21 hour ago

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  • Maris Cait
    Maris Cait 22 hours ago

    2:40 "type some bullshit"

  • Mateo Baltazar
    Mateo Baltazar Day ago

    Kill you self you disgrace to humanity

  • Vinny TheBlade
    Vinny TheBlade Day ago +1

    Murder... #YIAYspirit

  • CookieKitty 2410

    #YIAYspirit I go on a plane...
    That’s how I spent Christmas 🎄

  • I Eat The Anal
    I Eat The Anal Day ago

    #YIAYspirit gon and kilua split up at the end of season two

  • cyborgcat
    cyborgcat Day ago

    eggnog and whiskey

  • Watermelons are cool

    #YIAYspirit Reply to my own comment

  • Watermelons are cool

    #YIAYspirit By checking out today's sponsor!

  • Watermelons are cool

    #YIAYspirit A good ol' Jenna Marbles video!

  • Watermelons are cool

    #YIAYspirit Buy a bunch of candy canes and stuff my face with them.

  • The one the only Bub

    #YIAYspirit waiting for Christmas flags 2

  • puppy chow
    puppy chow Day ago

    #YIAYspirit doing nothing and waiting for people to give me gifts for no reason and hate all of the gifts but says thank you

  • PepsiSardines
    PepsiSardines Day ago

    Who's Dominie?

  • Alex Riddell
    Alex Riddell Day ago

    type some bullshit

  • Jessica11 Snow
    Jessica11 Snow Day ago

    Some bullshit

  • Otaku Arts
    Otaku Arts Day ago

    ヂ セ ダウ

  • 3 Lil' Peeps
    3 Lil' Peeps Day ago

    #YIAYspirt By hearing Alexander Hamilton 2 and the Hamilton soundtrack for an hour... I love Hamilton, F**K YOU JACK

  • edi ortiz
    edi ortiz Day ago

    #YIAYspirit I chug 2 gallons of eggnog and lower my sanity.

  • Sorarin
    Sorarin Day ago

    #yiayspirit I don’t get into the Christmas spirit.
    I A M T H E C H R I S T M A S S P I R I T

  • Trash Cookie
    Trash Cookie Day ago

    #YAIYspirt Listen to the one Christmas song OvEr..AnD..OvEr..aNd...OVER:/

  • Double A
    Double A 2 days ago


  • SpecificallyHAM
    SpecificallyHAM 2 days ago +1

    Why did I get the notification now?

  • Pau Line
    Pau Line 2 days ago


  • Laundry Sauce
    Laundry Sauce 2 days ago

    “Merry Christmas Charli Brown” xD

  • Aiden McCarthy
    Aiden McCarthy 2 days ago

    #YIAYspirit eggnog shots

  • Lewis Sowerby
    Lewis Sowerby 2 days ago

    Candy cane o e is pretty mint

  • Malic Noris
    Malic Noris 2 days ago

    I watch Die Hard everyday leading up to Christmas... not just the month of December, but year round. just Die Hard on repeat... all year, everyday. no breaks just Die Hard. #YIAYspirit

  • Lord Dank
    Lord Dank 2 days ago

    Type some bullshit

  • Cole's Crafts
    Cole's Crafts 2 days ago

    I watch porn with people who have Christmas hats on #YIAYspirit @jacksfilms

  • TigerMunchy
    TigerMunchy 2 days ago

    Jack, why weren't you at elf practice?

  • Phloat Wireless
    Phloat Wireless 2 days ago

    Praying for Jackie Chan. #YIAYspirit

  • Jelly jub
    Jelly jub 2 days ago


    • Bert Hughes
      Bert Hughes 23 hours ago

      ackschyually it's actually jelly jub jub needs rub rub

  • Alondra G
    Alondra G 2 days ago +1

    Some bullshit

  • FReeDIC3
    FReeDIC3 2 days ago

    Add me as #4, I hate A Christmas Story

  • Sir Bepis
    Sir Bepis 2 days ago

    By frenching your cousin under the mistletoe. Oh no! Not again!

  • Joe
    Joe 2 days ago +1

    Go home go bed #YIAYsiprit

  • Hippo Baer !
    Hippo Baer ! 2 days ago

    Pet my cat with the much of anger

  • Eveolution
    Eveolution 3 days ago

    Pewdiepie can't get to trending but this broken homosexual middle aged man can... YouTube is killing it's self. Rip

  • Jasminemm
    Jasminemm 3 days ago

    0:59 look it's WillNE

  • Apollo
    Apollo 3 days ago

    i am also one of the three americans that is not in love with A Christmas Story

  • Marshall Green
    Marshall Green 3 days ago

    I watch meant open presents😓😨😯

  • The Beninat0r
    The Beninat0r 3 days ago

    I get into the Christmas spirit by yelling the lyrics to every Christmas song in every public place where it isn’t acceptable. #YIAYSPIRIT

  • KaraIsabella
    KaraIsabella 3 days ago +3


  • I_Am_MrMatter
    I_Am_MrMatter 3 days ago

    Minecraft porn

  • G-piste Etana
    G-piste Etana 3 days ago

    2:40 left corner says "type some bullshit"

  • Lee Sacre
    Lee Sacre 3 days ago

    It's true my school made us watch coco and there was a frozen short wth five original songs

    ISZARK 3 days ago

    By staying up till 4am on Christmas Day and feeling like shit soon as my sister wakes me up at 6am.

  • I want to die in a fire

    The crunchyroll one is the best

  • Perhe Pyhänniska
    Perhe Pyhänniska 3 days ago

    #YIAYspirit cheking your prilidge or something

  • A
    A 3 days ago

    omg no the candy cane at 2:41 topped them all

  • The WaffelGaming
    The WaffelGaming 3 days ago

    #YIAYspirit i cry in my room until theirs nothing left

  • Sherlock Sixx
    Sherlock Sixx 3 days ago

    #YiaySpirit By knowing that death is 1 Christmas closer.

  • Stefangamer-MORE! 2
    Stefangamer-MORE! 2 3 days ago

    if this gets 100 likes i reply my site

  • ghost girl
    ghost girl 3 days ago

    Why did I read the title like the "Wake Me Up" from Bring Me To Life

  • Mitsuko HakuryŪ
    Mitsuko HakuryŪ 3 days ago


  • Jennifer Rainbows Ramirez

    "Some bullshit"

  • Junaxy
    Junaxy 3 days ago

    Some bullshit

  • Hunter Peabody
    Hunter Peabody 3 days ago +1

    What if I don't have to go to work tomorrow but you can see my breath away from the internet and cable provider and I don't want to talk to you happy birthday today and tomorrow and will teach you how to use it for the whole day

  • Ayden Clair
    Ayden Clair 3 days ago

    by watching hentai #YIAYspirit

  • PartyCra$herWilll
    PartyCra$herWilll 3 days ago

    I will never get tired of “ and I love lasagna”

  • annpetro
    annpetro 3 days ago

    type some bullshit

  • Ultra Settings 480P
    Ultra Settings 480P 3 days ago

    2:40 clue of next weeks video

  • Microburst
    Microburst 3 days ago

    By watching Jake Paul’s dis track music videos and thinking of killing myself

  • HarryStyles Wifey
    HarryStyles Wifey 3 days ago

    By jingling my bells

  • HarryStyles Wifey
    HarryStyles Wifey 3 days ago

    By wearing Jack's merch "Jingle my bells"

  • Sausage Steve
    Sausage Steve 3 days ago

    #YIAYspirit By watching the emoji movie.

  • Brady Slimepoop
    Brady Slimepoop 3 days ago

    -Dude Frozen was already ruined by existing in the first place-

  • Cthulhu The Communist

    #YIAYspirit sleeping all day in Christmas Day and not doing anything because everything you do will disappoint someone so why even care

  • super luigitime246
    super luigitime246 3 days ago

    Jack NOT on a rack lol

  • TheEvil Pepper
    TheEvil Pepper 3 days ago

    It is Christmas movie. Remember when he writes on dead guy ho ho ho now I have the machine gun.

  • Brianna Townes
    Brianna Townes 3 days ago

    I spent five minutes pausing and playing just to see "type some bullshit" at 2:40.... gotta love life 😊🔫

  • Sci-fiWizard10
    Sci-fiWizard10 3 days ago

    The Emoji Movie Christmas special where the Christmas tree emoji becomes a God
    Still a better idea than the original

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex 3 days ago

    I get in the Christmas spirit by murdering teddy bears

  • Luke Ashby
    Luke Ashby 3 days ago

    When I was in the car watching this I saw a place called bob HAMILTON

  • Regular Hoe
    Regular Hoe 3 days ago

    I hate The Christmas Story with a passion.

  • Tis_Twisted
    Tis_Twisted 4 days ago

    #YIAYspirit Well Jack. I can tell you there is nothing more joyful and festive than sitting by the fire with my family, drinking hot coco, and most importantly getting the kids to beat a smiling log until it poops out their gifts. (Tio de Nadal)

  • Noah Is Cool
    Noah Is Cool 4 days ago

    Some bullshit

  • Mr L.K
    Mr L.K 4 days ago

    I say hey... mrs spirit, drop your pants.

  • A.N. Productions
    A.N. Productions 4 days ago

    I HATE a Christmas story WITH A PASSION

  • charles richard
    charles richard 4 days ago

    #yiayspirit By watching the emoji movie: meh saves christmas

  • True2Live
    True2Live 4 days ago

    For real though...did Jack ever play Minecraft???

  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 4 days ago


  • M
    M 4 days ago

    By saying "ooo" before every single advertisement and question. Every. Single. One. #yiayspirit

  • Oh it’s Eliza
    Oh it’s Eliza 4 days ago

    I extend my forehead so i look just like you
    Your rly festive.

  • Egginator
    Egginator 4 days ago

    Subliminal message "type some bullshit" upper left corner 2:39

  • treyma123
    treyma123 4 days ago

    Well you see I would b wearing a “Jingle My Bells” sweater #YIAYSPIRIT

  • Isaiah Martin
    Isaiah Martin 4 days ago +1

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