i got hurt

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat  10 months ago +3262

    i never actually landed the shov-it. i go close but no. if you look closely you can see i reversed the clip to make it look like i nailed it. i could never lie to you like that ; )

    • Nurse Kathy
      Nurse Kathy 9 months ago

      CaseyNeistat not only do you look like one of my cousins ..but you’re just as crazy ! Our surname ? Why ...”Case” of course !👊🏼

    • Alex & Erika
      Alex & Erika 10 months ago

      Didn't notice until you mentioned it. 4:53 👍

    • Małgorzata Reluga
      Małgorzata Reluga 10 months ago

      CaseyNeistat I

    • Alexander Olaya
      Alexander Olaya 10 months ago

      “I have fallen and can’t get up”

    • Cape Raider
      Cape Raider 10 months ago

      Ya brooou

  • OwenMrrn
    OwenMrrn 16 days ago

    ohhh mmmy gooodod thiisissss is the day i went thereeeee! they were telling me "neistat was here this morning" and i never believed them until i took the liberty to look today!

  • 上海灘哥 SH Tango

    I can feel hurt when i watch u fall down each time😂

  • Oscar Jimenez
    Oscar Jimenez Month ago

    *yeah briu*

  • Omer Neyse
    Omer Neyse 2 months ago


  • Michael Khaimov
    Michael Khaimov 2 months ago

    y og hurt

  • Yash Somaiya
    Yash Somaiya 2 months ago

    can anyone tell me which song it is in the end?

  • Elayne Price
    Elayne Price 3 months ago

    that life guard was hot

  • mridul sharma
    mridul sharma 3 months ago +1

    4:35 song plz??

  • Tom Naum
    Tom Naum 4 months ago

    "I'm good,I don't need anything!"😂

  • Jordan
    Jordan 4 months ago

    He's got the dad bod

  • Mr.Nobody
    Mr.Nobody 5 months ago

    what's the name of song 3:50 ?

  • Makeup Kween13
    Makeup Kween13 5 months ago

    2:07 the hoodie strings😡

  • RiddLeR
    RiddLeR 6 months ago

    Lol dan “yup that would break my shoulder for sure”

  • Pride.Studio
    Pride.Studio 7 months ago

    I loved this place from the first video.

  • Jubiler-Impress
    Jubiler-Impress 7 months ago

    Yours Movies are Very cool and fun 😄😄😄

  • Alex Gao
    Alex Gao 7 months ago

    your videos are haven to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • QueasyAsh
    QueasyAsh 7 months ago

    Rip Casey. Be careful, buddy!

  • Jd Dente
    Jd Dente 7 months ago

    Totally thought you did a shov-it.. LOL!!! How great is Beach Haven!!!!

  • Life To The Fullest
    Life To The Fullest 7 months ago

    Hey Casey, sounds crazy, but I just found your channel a few weeks ago. Love it.

  • F W
    F W 7 months ago

    has casey ever done a vid explaining how he is so ripped? I only see him runnin cannot explain those fucking huge arms and abs

  • tvoja baba zorica
    tvoja baba zorica 8 months ago

    Asian Logan Paul

  • roshan shahi
    roshan shahi 8 months ago

    Grind coffee to make the best **brewww!!!**

  • john little
    john little 8 months ago

    The surfing looked really painful

  • Azi Productions
    Azi Productions 8 months ago

    it was great seeing dan in the ur vlogs again! it surly was a surprise.

  • Ayush Jayaprabhu
    Ayush Jayaprabhu 8 months ago

    How does he have so much bloody energy?? It's amazing really

  • Billy Austin
    Billy Austin 9 months ago

    Knees bent, shoulder straight.... does neither and wipes out immediately

  • Vol100000
    Vol100000 9 months ago

    Your intro is like the gravity falls intro

  • Jarps Art
    Jarps Art 9 months ago

    This was a great video to watch! Casey, if you had a chance to change one thing in this world what would it be?

  • Taha's vlog
    Taha's vlog 9 months ago

    The same happened to me as will dan

  • Gaby Port
    Gaby Port 9 months ago

    Damnnn the guy who was the surfing instructor was hot like anyone find his Instagram give it to me

  • Brewbee
    Brewbee 9 months ago

    DAN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alessandro nicoletti
    alessandro nicoletti 9 months ago

    Love it

  • Rasmus Turunen
    Rasmus Turunen 9 months ago

    good video anyway

  • Rasmus Turunen
    Rasmus Turunen 9 months ago

    dude dont film n drive really

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 9 months ago

    lmao the views shirt

  • Michelle Price
    Michelle Price 9 months ago

    more videos of you with your shirt off please.

  • Maydon Rogers
    Maydon Rogers 9 months ago

    Mah favorite brue! lol I think it's funny the way he says bro kind of a cool accent!

  • ryan may
    ryan may 9 months ago +1

    Wtf that’s thunder surf on lbi in south jersey, I was there yesterday

  • Chris Baldwin
    Chris Baldwin 9 months ago

    flow rider is dope

  • Aninge Fetzer
    Aninge Fetzer 9 months ago

    South Africans can any of you spot Jack Parow at 6:50 - 6:51

  • Katie On The Daily
    Katie On The Daily 9 months ago

    Casey is 🔥 hot

  • Aninge Fetzer
    Aninge Fetzer 9 months ago

    Is Dan South African 🇿🇦?

  • Dulla Bills
    Dulla Bills 9 months ago

    those tricks on 4:44 was just ahhhh...

  • Insomniac Maniac
    Insomniac Maniac 9 months ago

    I feel bad for Dan

  • acesen ballera
    acesen ballera 9 months ago

    Who else loves the new 368 intro

  • Boneless Pizza
    Boneless Pizza 9 months ago


  • Armaan Kumar
    Armaan Kumar 9 months ago

    2:05 driving a Tesla with no hand on steering wheel be like

  • Paul B
    Paul B 9 months ago

    Casey! Where do you buy your shirts!?

  • steve A
    steve A 9 months ago

    That was an awesome episode,movie,soundtrack featuring my favourite you tubers ever,yay!

  • Remy Romano
    Remy Romano 9 months ago

    You guys are awesome!

  • Eric Pankow
    Eric Pankow 9 months ago

    "bruu" lmao

  • Nathanael Craig
    Nathanael Craig 9 months ago

    Dan is back🔥

  • Nicolas Karlezi
    Nicolas Karlezi 9 months ago

    Amazing video !! check out my TVclip and Instagram page and comment what do you think!!

  • Jack Darren Murphy
    Jack Darren Murphy 9 months ago


  • Joemar Cruz
    Joemar Cruz 9 months ago

    Perfect example of what will happen to you if you didn't follow the basics 3:30

  • abadi alsharif
    abadi alsharif 9 months ago

    Casey, you ruined all the rules of Fluid Mechanics hahahaha

  • Themanthatisban Ft
    Themanthatisban Ft 10 months ago

    I walked bye you at the fifth of July on Nantucket lol I’m lucky

  • Mathis Remy
    Mathis Remy 10 months ago

    anywhere paper pregnancy tax alternative victory outcome hold motion lonely hospital anxious.

  • yuriy pyts
    yuriy pyts 10 months ago

    Watching this on acid is amazing

  • Michael Thomas Cane
    Michael Thomas Cane 10 months ago

    I’m from SA 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 and I’m in NY right now

  • daveed212
    daveed212 10 months ago


  • Khris Hayden
    Khris Hayden 10 months ago +1

    Be strong Casey

  • Wazzup
    Wazzup 10 months ago


  • Pedro Vieira
    Pedro Vieira 10 months ago

    The intro alone makes it worth watching.

  • Goku Triggered
    Goku Triggered 10 months ago


  • Thanos Cat
    Thanos Cat 10 months ago

    Should have called it " Oooooff

  • Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy 10 months ago

    Dan is a dick...

  • Battlefield Bro
    Battlefield Bro 10 months ago

    I just went to beach haven and went on that same water park

  • Alex & Erika
    Alex & Erika 10 months ago +14

    3:31 Casey with the impressive Dad bod! 👍

  • Sailor Riley Not Jabbwockeez

    Nice car

  • Pintack
    Pintack 10 months ago

    Is it me or does Casey nice that look like a old man

  • Spartans0924
    Spartans0924 10 months ago

    3:31 “I’m good I don’t need anything!!!” Jumps, falls immediately hahaha 😂😂 love it Casey

  • Mike Rossbauer
    Mike Rossbauer 10 months ago

    My house is in the video. I can now die happily

  • Luke Vaughan
    Luke Vaughan 10 months ago +1

    I literally go to lbi every summer and go to that same water park

  • Francisco Barboza
    Francisco Barboza 10 months ago

    Nice to see bits of the 368 vlog on the intro, it gets you a bit excited for what's to come. Nice touch.

    PROTOBITE 10 months ago

    when did you start making your video please reply

  • Maral
    Maral 10 months ago


  • matthew
    matthew 10 months ago

    Song? 0:41

  • Andrew Henderson
    Andrew Henderson 10 months ago

    That stormtrooper Tesla tho.....!!!

  • Vloresit
    Vloresit 10 months ago

    I'm so happy more and more people are using AllttA's music :)

    RAMPU 10 months ago


  • Gjh Vnbv
    Gjh Vnbv 10 months ago +2

    I haven't seen your vlogs for a long time, but they are so cool

  • Shrimp.daddy
    Shrimp.daddy 10 months ago

    1:45 he’ s not even driving, thats some driving skills;)

  • Simon Wachter
    Simon Wachter 10 months ago


  • Ben Jordaan
    Ben Jordaan 10 months ago

    I live in Cape Town

  • Moow Moow
    Moow Moow 10 months ago

    Whate is the song when casey surfing at 4:00 please ?

  • Dimitrios Gial
    Dimitrios Gial 10 months ago

    Love this...Your similarity to Sean Penn is astonishing... You could always be his stuntman in a future film about surfing... 😍😉😎

  • Marc Yates
    Marc Yates 10 months ago

    1:00 "It was amazing bröö"
    1:28 "My favourite bröö"

  • The Murder of One ♥
    The Murder of One ♥ 10 months ago

    this looks like so much fun

  • Lynard Ajero
    Lynard Ajero 10 months ago

    i really love what you guys do...(sigh) i wish i could also do the same...

  • DoubleGamer16 Double
    DoubleGamer16 Double 10 months ago


  • Jeremy Brock
    Jeremy Brock 10 months ago

    Painful to watch.....

  • Tommy Pollock
    Tommy Pollock 10 months ago


  • Jim Reed
    Jim Reed 10 months ago

    It's too bad dan came back. I liked it better with the hope he wouldn't be back. He's such a looser.

  • Stephanie Pappas
    Stephanie Pappas 10 months ago

    Beach Haven!!? Omg i'm here right now i just missed you XD also i've never seen fantasy island (the amusement park across the street) from the air before that was a great shot :)

  • Yustin J.
    Yustin J. 10 months ago

    Casey I love that place. It’s in Long Beach island right? I went there a year ago and it was awesome!

  • last omniverse
    last omniverse 10 months ago

    5:40 the outlet in the background I leave near and shops there all the time lol

  • J ellowpy
    J ellowpy 10 months ago +1

    LoL Casey can make wiping out over and over and over again seems fun eh?!

  • Francisco Jaimes
    Francisco Jaimes 10 months ago

    Hey bro, where’s your dji mavic pro 2 video??!!!! Just waiting for you to tell me to buy it!... 😝🤑