• Published on Apr 24, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 19 763

  • Max Dean
    Max Dean 14 minutes ago

    2:47 was a recreation of a anime fight just shorter

  • Red red Blue
    Red red Blue 3 hours ago

    Jomis animatious spoke the words of truth

  • Max the fun And tech
    Max the fun And tech 7 hours ago

    Cool animation

  • Sniperonpoint 1000
    Sniperonpoint 1000 7 hours ago

    That guy:*cuts the biggest slice and leaving me with a little slice*
    Me:*walks up to him*
    Also me:*says*im going to write your name in the death note and your death will be you falling out a window/getting hit by a car/in the middle of a gun fight/next character in final destination and Thanos snapping his fingers to erase you from life
    That guy I threaten:😶😶😶😶

  • Prince Kirb
    Prince Kirb 8 hours ago

    Watch naruto it’s really *spicy*

  • John Paul Nuñez
    John Paul Nuñez 17 hours ago +2

    Sorry isn't gonna dry my pants
    Well neither is being angry.So calm the f*ck down

  • JK Shadow765
    JK Shadow765 17 hours ago

    Dang 2:41 to 2:55 i think HOW U DO THAT????

    THEDERPGOD 19 hours ago

    4:00 did anyone else try licking there elbow too?

  • Dangerous Fart
    Dangerous Fart 22 hours ago

    I dont like takoyaki :)

  • Venoxi v2
    Venoxi v2 Day ago

    I love your vids😀

  • Reya Nair
    Reya Nair Day ago

    Ellen: I have pernament shotgun status!
    Everyone tries to get ellen back in the car
    Me: *drives away without any of them because they shouldn't have tried to get her back in the first place*

  • EvGeNiJa By
    EvGeNiJa By Day ago

    Domics That game is shit

  • The Oh-Whales Group

    I suggest Madoka Magica. It's a magical girl anime, that seems stereotypical to every other one. Though it has a much darker story behind the scenes, that all unfolds between Kyubey and Madoka.

  • Exverge
    Exverge Day ago

    P U N J I B O B

  • Queen Galaxy
    Queen Galaxy Day ago

    Something that happend to me :
    My friend got thristy and I her my water. She drank some. She was in the other corner of the room. She passed me the bottle but I didnt catch it... it BROKE and she started to say sorry in my mind I legit wanted to slap her but I said ''its ok! Don't worry''

  • Jia Nation's
    Jia Nation's Day ago

    The promised neverland!!!

  • Muted Poison
    Muted Poison Day ago


  • Sophia Zhu
    Sophia Zhu Day ago

    Being angry is not worth my energy? Anger is my energy.

  • Kevin Woods
    Kevin Woods Day ago +1

    I thought you were pregnant in tell your stomach rumbled

  • Kottonkandy09
    Kottonkandy09 Day ago +1

    I would’ve left Ellen and eaten my food with the friends that stayed. If she gonna act like a baby when she’s an adult, she’s gonna be treated like an adult and fend for herself. PERIOD.

  • Kayles Sparhawk
    Kayles Sparhawk Day ago

    Like for simpathy of the death of doms

  • Winter Tiger Draws

    Tbh. If I was driving and Ellen did that... I would have just driven away after five minutes.

  • Emma LaPlante
    Emma LaPlante Day ago

    U should have left her on the portch while u guys went to get dinner

  • city pirate
    city pirate 2 days ago

    Who is watching it today

  • Just me
    Just me 2 days ago

    yeah for me braking 5 phones is easy but its hard to explain to my parents how it "fell" without my wish (i love my laptop and sometimes i want to smash him because of games but i prefer nope)

  • Ūsēʟēss Søūl
    Ūsēʟēss Søūl 2 days ago


  • Chaotic_Ash 24
    Chaotic_Ash 24 2 days ago

    I would’ve left her there, food is more important

  • Kiba Kiba
    Kiba Kiba 2 days ago

    I see that Caleb city reference 😏

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 2 days ago

    wwy the video's title iss in vietnamese?

  • Gameboy349 Littleblue
    Gameboy349 Littleblue 2 days ago +1

    If someone sat down at the porch

  • SPAC3 0UT4
    SPAC3 0UT4 2 days ago

    Doms I would have left her

  • Gachamusic
    Gachamusic 2 days ago

    I would have BeAt Ellen’s ass

  • Isabelle Williams
    Isabelle Williams 2 days ago +1

    Dom to play Bakugou in the Live Action Bnha

  • Let'sPlayGames
    Let'sPlayGames 2 days ago

    *A N G E R Y*

  • *Saira’s Studio*
    *Saira’s Studio* 2 days ago +1

    My brother ruined my drawing which took 2 HOURS BTW I....broke his LEGO house....

  • Cateeryan
    Cateeryan 2 days ago

    *I got a meditation ad lollllll*

  • Ruthanne Johnson
    Ruthanne Johnson 2 days ago

    When he talked about licking your elbow, my siblings and I literally started licking our elbows!!!!

  • Vaageesha Puri
    Vaageesha Puri 2 days ago

    Was that the grandma from spongebob? 4:10

  • Kirito Who
    Kirito Who 3 days ago

    [Enter dumb comment here]

  • PyrrhusTheSunflower
    PyrrhusTheSunflower 3 days ago

    1:17 Is that profile name a reference to CalebCity??

  • Rage playzz YT
    Rage playzz YT 3 days ago

    3:39 really

  • Alex Tsuki
    Alex Tsuki 3 days ago

    2:37 my name is Alex.........

  • sbsplayz
    sbsplayz 3 days ago +2

    I’m mad because I’m very late

  • Marcux Richard-cote
    Marcux Richard-cote 3 days ago

    Sword art on line

  • boomkill
    boomkill 3 days ago +1

    me: I DoNt WaTCh aNImA
    sponser: MANI!

  • Mistakeskii •
    Mistakeskii • 3 days ago

    i bet my dad can beat up your dad

  • HyperLegend
    HyperLegend 3 days ago +1

    I mean Goku gains power by getting anger

  • Breyden Babcock
    Breyden Babcock 3 days ago

    Honestly I would have just left Ellen behind😂

  • Photobomb
    Photobomb 3 days ago

    Bro your monotone vioce has me rolling

  • black_ white
    black_ white 3 days ago

    I would have drove the fuck away

  • Jay Boi
    Jay Boi 3 days ago

    Pfft I’d leave her

  • Angreh
    Angreh 3 days ago +1

    your body heats up when you get angry so it will dry your pants a little faster.
    Sorry i just had to be that guy

  • jbanz the god
    jbanz the god 3 days ago

    Tokyo ghoul is a great. anime sorry for being late to this video

  • Noragaymi
    Noragaymi 3 days ago +1

    yesterday i broke my TV

    reason: anger

  • shoongbts
    shoongbts 4 days ago

    0:37 ya’ll all ready know what im thinkin

  • Keith
    Keith 4 days ago

    Funny you never see both Dom and Batman in the same room.

  • Abha Soy
    Abha Soy 4 days ago


  • Lucas Kris
    Lucas Kris 4 days ago

    2:47 funniest part!

  • Aaron James Pada
    Aaron James Pada 4 days ago


  • Shadic101
    Shadic101 4 days ago

    I bet my dad couldn’t beat your dad

  • Rita Jays
    Rita Jays 4 days ago

    You’ve made me hate Alex cuz he reminds of my brother and nothing u say can make me stop hating my brother

  • Marino Colonna
    Marino Colonna 4 days ago

    Io sfogo la mia rabbia su oggetti difficili da rompere come coperte o cuscini.

  • Slimy Whyme
    Slimy Whyme 4 days ago

    mom told me i can play on the xboxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!

  • Nukkuma
    Nukkuma 4 days ago

    Why am I in love with all the sponsorship ads like every time i watch it all with glee. I dont even...actually I'll not say that

  • Bebo TDM
    Bebo TDM 4 days ago


  • Josh Ng
    Josh Ng 4 days ago +1

    but you dont reply to anyone here

  • ruben shute
    ruben shute 4 days ago

    Insert dumb comment here

  • H E L L O M Y D A R L I N G S

    the takoyaki part is too relatable

  • Unicornia 8188
    Unicornia 8188 4 days ago +2

    Just because of that last little sentence, I promise to try get mad less...
    And I get mad *A LOT*

  • otaku osu
    otaku osu 4 days ago

    Oh my God 😂

  • Saiesh Audi
    Saiesh Audi 4 days ago

    7:58 , No, I don’t think I will

  • jaelyn Kinney
    jaelyn Kinney 4 days ago

    You just ripped her a new one about how immature she immature she is 😂😂😘😉

  • Yosh Craft
    Yosh Craft 4 days ago +2

    In my class this kid when he got mad he said”two words, anger management”.

  • Daniel Virgo
    Daniel Virgo 4 days ago

    Are you ever gonna show your face?

  • John Jaecob
    John Jaecob 5 days ago +2

    Lol don't get mad. GET REVENGE!