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Didi Gregorius homers twice as Yankees advance to ALCS: 10/11/17

  • Published on Oct 12, 2017
  • Daily Recap: Didi Gregorius hit two homers off Corey Kluber, while CC Sabathia struck out nine batters to help send the Yankees to the ALCS
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Comments • 673

  • planbskaterchu
    planbskaterchu 3 months ago

    Nothing better than watching the Indians choke in the playoffs yet again.

  • Jake Fisher
    Jake Fisher 6 months ago

    can you not use john sterling so much

  • LoPep 99
    LoPep 99 7 months ago

    Indians blew a 2-0 lead

  • Dorothy Cavallaro
    Dorothy Cavallaro 11 months ago

    To i am hungry 12345 fuck you the Yankees suck big ones

  • Sam Brentwood
    Sam Brentwood 11 months ago

    I thought for sure it's be the Cubs verse indians world series.

  • OarsmanPower
    OarsmanPower 11 months ago +1

    Yanks got lucky, period. The far better team are the Indians. If you doubt these two FACTS, you don't know jack.

  • Natee 95
    Natee 95 11 months ago

    Indians fan win or lose. I'm proud of my team next year the ring is ours

    • Andres
      Andres 9 months ago

      lava poop no they'll blow a lead lolol

  • Roberto Diaz
    Roberto Diaz 11 months ago

  • Who is Better?
    Who is Better? 11 months ago

    Fuck these dumb ass funcking Yankes the are ugly stuid ass hoes

    • Andres
      Andres 9 months ago +1

      Indians suck

    • iamhungey12345
      iamhungey12345 11 months ago

      I don't know what the Yankes are but they sounded like a cheap knockoff of the Yankees.

  • Revention CCCXII
    Revention CCCXII 11 months ago

    Kluber was the Indians ace. No ace compares to the Yankees.

  • Saidur Hasan
    Saidur Hasan 11 months ago

    dala codes

  • Charlie Hanna
    Charlie Hanna 11 months ago

    Since when was a MLB video on the trending page?

  • Lucent Shadow
    Lucent Shadow 11 months ago

    Could the Yanks really get past Houston?

    USA NEWS 11 months ago

    a great shot, too strong

  • Saleem Raza
    Saleem Raza 11 months ago

    Sub me plz

  • Dwayne Richardson
    Dwayne Richardson 11 months ago

    Cleveland got Di-distroyed!

  • Aldo L
    Aldo L 11 months ago

    Dodgers finna beat them in the Finals

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 11 months ago +1

    So glad I'm not an indians fan. This really blows.

  • Aiden Crisp
    Aiden Crisp 11 months ago

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  • Jebron Lames
    Jebron Lames 11 months ago

    Haven't heard that name in years....

  • Mimi Villa
    Mimi Villa 11 months ago

    Guys please buy Zayn's dusk till down on Itunes. Thanks

  • Da Chef Boyardee
    Da Chef Boyardee 11 months ago

    Did anyone else think the title said AIDS?

  • Dawson Long
    Dawson Long 11 months ago

    Not gonna lie, I wanna see the astros and the dodgers

  • Shawn
    Shawn 11 months ago


  • BelieveInBuffalo KellyTough
    BelieveInBuffalo KellyTough 11 months ago +1

    All 178 dislikes are Indian Fans😂

  • Mr Cruz
    Mr Cruz 11 months ago +2

    So before the playoffs started, an Indians fan from work told me the Yanks should try to win the east and play Houston, because we're better off playing them... No one can stop his Indians. Today at work I saw him, and said "you know what? You were right... We ARE BETTER OFF PLAYING HOUSTON!" LOL! Be humble people. Good luck to Houston but let's GO YANKEES!

    • 666 G UNIT
      666 G UNIT 11 months ago

      _Tell him that I said, we the best in here, and next year, Astros will eat chokeland ass_

    • Steven Salazar
      Steven Salazar 11 months ago +1

      Mr Cruz haha

  • Simon
    Simon 11 months ago +1

    Fuck the Yankees go pats go houston

  • Atoh
    Atoh 11 months ago +1

    Jeez Louise.

  • M The Don!
    M The Don! 11 months ago +1

    On my birthday we cane back ima HUGE Yankees fan cuz I'm from the Bronx

  • Rubin Mefail
    Rubin Mefail 11 months ago +1


  • Eddie Clark
    Eddie Clark 11 months ago

    Great game

  • Matt
    Matt 11 months ago

    Chapman’s celebration looked terrifying

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 11 months ago +4

    how far are the yanks gonna go and what’s the series gonna look like?

  • Zoltan 4 President
    Zoltan 4 President 11 months ago

    Indians fans be like, "It happened again😔"

  • Mordexx
    Mordexx 11 months ago

    How the fuck was that last pitch a strike?!

  • Rebeckah Uruchurtu
    Rebeckah Uruchurtu 11 months ago

    So cool

  • Na
    Na 11 months ago

    Als ice bucket challenge?

  • FazeUnlimited
    FazeUnlimited 11 months ago

    Sub me plz

  • The Player
    The Player 11 months ago

    Now I want to wake up my neighbor's horse by scoring a home run at his house

  • Daniel_go _die
    Daniel_go _die 11 months ago

    I thought the thumbnail said “AIDS”

  • Miss Kobe Yoshi
    Miss Kobe Yoshi 11 months ago

    Alds looked like aids

  • Vladimir Ostrovsky
    Vladimir Ostrovsky 11 months ago

    Go Yankees !!!!!
    Been a die hard Yankees fan for the past 38 years !
    I now live in Houston TX,
    This will be another big challenge for the young Yankees !!!

  • extra whoops
    extra whoops 11 months ago


    I don't even care if we get swept by the Astros. We came back with three in a row :)

  • daddythomas
    daddythomas 11 months ago

    yall help me out and sub to my channel. im funny af

  • Maria Ramos
    Maria Ramos 11 months ago


  • Isaac Argueta-Valle
    Isaac Argueta-Valle 11 months ago +2

    Should've saved some wins from that 22 game win streak. You Disappointing bums :D

  • Barboski 79
    Barboski 79 11 months ago


  • xX69MLG69Xx
    xX69MLG69Xx 11 months ago +1

    lol i thought in the thumbnail it said "Aids"

  • Knightofdelight
    Knightofdelight 11 months ago

    that fucking CC celebration tho

  • spence
    spence 11 months ago +1

    Either AL team at this point is much better than any of the 3 NL teams left overall. New York and Houston both hit better than anyone else, NY probably has the best bullpen compared to any NL team left and Houston has much better starters than any NL team.

    • DVJFan
      DVJFan 11 months ago

      spence Nah. Dodgers > Astros > Yankees > Cubs. But as you can see the better team doesn't always win

  • D Me
    D Me 11 months ago

    Been an emotional Yanks fan since 1967.
    If they win it all -
    AGAIN...they'd better not go to see The Idiot Trump.

  • Emma Murphy
    Emma Murphy 11 months ago

  • Elizabeth L. Alanis
    Elizabeth L. Alanis 11 months ago

    Eager to see a great game with our own ASTROS!! #GOASTROS

  • tennisdude52278
    tennisdude52278 11 months ago +1

    Any of you Yankee haters need a hug? Bahahahaha 😂

  • Justino Passalacqua
    Justino Passalacqua 11 months ago

    The Yankees wanted it more

  • ConductedPack - Gaming
    ConductedPack - Gaming 11 months ago

    At 1:31, is Alrodis Chapman having a seizure?

  • jeff dimirra
    jeff dimirra 11 months ago +1

    fuck lebron & fuck grieve -land

  • DarkTdmPlays
    DarkTdmPlays 11 months ago

    Grrrrrr.... I hate the Yankees, I wanted Cleveland to win this so bad.

    • Andres
      Andres 9 months ago

      DarkTdmPlays nah fuck you the Indians suck

  • chuckie brown
    chuckie brown 11 months ago +1

    Poor Cleveland. It's sad when Charlie Sheen is your only recent world series champion.

  • Николай Лихачёв

    America, watch for the tattoo in the telegram

  • Brutus Buckeye
    Brutus Buckeye 11 months ago +1

    where the hell did all the good broadcasters go? Smoltz and that other guy last night are absolutely horrible. too many numbers in front of those guys. Elias Sports Bureau I hate you.

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow 11 months ago +1

      yes it was terrible with all the "the last time a team" and all the damn numbers every 2 seconds was ridiculous there came a point where i just muted the tv

  • DeadBunny69
    DeadBunny69 11 months ago

    Houston will sweep them

  • Greyson Nealy
    Greyson Nealy 11 months ago +1

    Howwwwwwwwww!!!!!! I hate the fucking Yankees

    • Steven Salazar
      Steven Salazar 11 months ago

      Greyson Nealy that shit in the regular season doesn't matter what matters now is the playoffs and you know who is still in the Yankees and the Sox and Indians get to watch them from there couch

    • iamhungey12345
      iamhungey12345 11 months ago

      Yankees turned it around toward the end of the season and they owned the Red Sox on a head to head match up.

    • Greyson Nealy
      Greyson Nealy 11 months ago

      Steve Salazar then why did the,sox and indians finish ahead of them

    • Steven Salazar
      Steven Salazar 11 months ago

      Greyson Nealy because there better than the Indians

  • Macmike 16
    Macmike 16 11 months ago

    What happened to all of the Twins and Indians fans saying that we would get swept? Suck it.

  • jattra pala BD
    jattra pala BD 11 months ago


  • Reflection IOS
    Reflection IOS 11 months ago

    World series here we coming

  • john jeffries
    john jeffries 11 months ago +3

    LOL so many butt hurt baseball fans that can't stand to see the Yanks successful again. Don't hate because it takes them half a season to rebuild and most teams over a decade lol

  • BuffaloMafia716
    BuffaloMafia716 11 months ago

    *LETS GET IT!!* cLevLand fan were talking so much shit, what up's motherfuckas?! 😂😂😂👎👎👎

  • DangerousAsMilk
    DangerousAsMilk 11 months ago

    fuck the yankees

    • john jeffries
      john jeffries 11 months ago +1

      DangerousAsMilk someone's butt hurt

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis 11 months ago

    This book changed my life. I hope it improves yours.

  • whatever to watch
    whatever to watch 11 months ago

    FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Indians yall let the Yankee fans out of there cage Ugh well here come the Title spammers now

    • whatever to watch
      whatever to watch 11 months ago

      bitch you 0been a Yankee fan for a day welcome back to the Yankees now yall will get swept by the Astros

    • john jeffries
      john jeffries 11 months ago

      whatever to watch LOL looks like yankees brought all the butt hurts outta there cage

  • Bucket Collective
    Bucket Collective 11 months ago

    This is fucked, they talked about him loving feet, and using the account to get pictures of kids feet.
    I carly had a TON of foot references. Sam texted with her toes, sam was known for loving foot rubs, they uses to draw faces on their toes, they had a "magic foot" episode. I think this is creepier and more deliberate than expected. Does anyone remember any weird Nickelodeon foot shit?
    God I want to vomit

  • Caela Cool Toys
    Caela Cool Toys 11 months ago

    RIP Windians

  • Creature Of the night
    Creature Of the night 11 months ago

    Didi saved their asses. Overvalued Judge is a strikeout dressed as a baseball player.

    • iamhungey12345
      iamhungey12345 11 months ago

      Would the Yankees have made it to the playoffs without Judge?

    • john jeffries
      john jeffries 11 months ago +2

      Creature Of the night I guess it's a good thing baseball is a TEAM sport huh?

  • Yesh
    Yesh 11 months ago

    Both teams are garbage.

  • Ur Freaky Boi Figment
    Ur Freaky Boi Figment 11 months ago

    Read the thumbnail as "AIDS"

  • Lee Zeidel
    Lee Zeidel 11 months ago +1

    Great series coming up Houston and New York but im such a yankee hater i must root for Houston who knocked off my Red Sox !!

    • Genesis
      Genesis 11 months ago

      No choice now.

  • rybob7
    rybob7 11 months ago +1

    Predictions. Nationals vs Dodgers. Dodgers win. YANKEES VS ASTROS. ASTROS Win in 6 or 7. Dodgers take the world series in Game 6.

    • iamhungey12345
      iamhungey12345 11 months ago

      Unlike those yelling for a sweep, your prediction is actually reasonable. I hope the Yankees at least play the Astros tough.

    • DVJFan
      DVJFan 11 months ago

      rybob7 Already an L. Cubs win

  • TaiStar
    TaiStar 11 months ago

    PLZ help me get 400 SUBs

  • Bazooka Joe
    Bazooka Joe 11 months ago

    One of the youngest teams in baseball, already Alcs bound, top 3 farm system... still, and $100,000,000 to sign a high price free agent. Good luck baseball for the next decade. #anotherdynasty

  • TaiStar
    TaiStar 11 months ago

    Baseball is Boring

  • TaiStar
    TaiStar 11 months ago

    Heres My sport

  • Jahnvi Ahuja
    Jahnvi Ahuja 11 months ago

  • Evan Powers
    Evan Powers 11 months ago +1

    Houston in 4

  • Jose Acevedo
    Jose Acevedo 11 months ago

    Only team I hate more than the Yankees are the Indians, so I'm happy right about now.
    Astros are still winning the World Series though.

    • john jeffries
      john jeffries 11 months ago

      Jose Acevedo lol ya.... sure they are

  • Eboni Mayle
    Eboni Mayle 11 months ago

    GO Yankees Baby!!!! ALCS here we come!!!!

  • Lil Marv
    Lil Marv 11 months ago

    NICE SEASON INDIANS !!!! tough loss ! but we right back next year LINDOR for president Subscribe to my TVclip for all my new music

  • Turn Down For Watt
    Turn Down For Watt 11 months ago +2

    Yankees are going to the ALCS?
    *Imperial March begins to play*

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon 11 months ago


  • James Huntley
    James Huntley 11 months ago

    ORONA ARCE 11 months ago +2


    • 666 G UNIT
      666 G UNIT 11 months ago

      You got all wrong, its Astros vs Dodgers.

  • Topdog Caws
    Topdog Caws 11 months ago

  • TurkishChubs
    TurkishChubs 11 months ago

    Didi GreGLORIOUS!

  • rh rizuwan
    rh rizuwan 11 months ago

    F**k baseball

  • Cbass Yokum
    Cbass Yokum 11 months ago

    I love how toxic the Yankee fans are. One moment they're saying Joe Girardi should get fired the next they're saying shit like "I knew the Indians would choke! Our team is soooo rich and great!"

    • john jeffries
      john jeffries 11 months ago +1

      Cbass Yokum Hence the BUTT HURT

    • Cbass Yokum
      Cbass Yokum 11 months ago

      john jeffries I'm not even a fan I just can't stand the Yankees.

    • john jeffries
      john jeffries 11 months ago +1

      Cbass Yokum I love the butt hurt fans like you lol....always good for a laugh

  • Herb Wandrei
    Herb Wandrei 11 months ago

    Cleveland sux

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 11 months ago

    Lmfao Chapman at the end

  • Sean STROMAN
    Sean STROMAN 11 months ago

    Machado & Trout are next objectives to sure up the outfield & infield. Harper is gonna be Cub & I'm cool with that.

  • DrugzBunny 24
    DrugzBunny 24 11 months ago +1

    To see some 'movies' check out and you will be pleased :)