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TOP 50s 60s DOOWOP ROCK! 🌸 Power Stereo Clips 🌸 MEDLEY!!

  • Published on Jan 22, 2010
  • Here’s VIDEO LINKS to my 50s-80s: Folk Surf Soul Power ROCK Plus Cajun Blues Country Jazz Classical MUSIC PLAYLISTS!
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  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  2 years ago +1

    Here’s VIDEO LINKS to my 50s-80s: Folk Surf Soul Power ROCK Plus Cajun Blues Country Jazz Classical MUSIC PLAYLISTS!

  • John Galea
    John Galea 2 months ago +1

    How i wish and jump back to the 50s & 60s and see my whole life day by day again

  • the lord of gaming and music

    what a world it would be if rap or other crap today didn't exist (just sharing my opinion, if you like rap or other stuff today, Im fine)

  • de Munter Willy
    de Munter Willy Year ago +1


    • Balanced Stereo
      Balanced Stereo  Year ago

      Thank you! & if you Liked this Top 50s 60s Doowop & Rock Medley - my Top Music Playlists get even more views!

  • Fred Reeb
    Fred Reeb 3 years ago +1


  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  3 years ago +4

    PS: To Highlight these Great Songs, Top Known Hits (Blue Moon + ShBoom + Little Darlin, etc) weren't added, but ALL of them & MANY MORE are Now in my TOP PLAYLISTS!!
    Here's the Link (

  • Steve52344
    Steve52344 3 years ago +2

    I really dig the stereo effect on these pre-stereo era oldies. What would REALLY be something is if the technology evolved to the point of being able to turn mono into a close simulation of TRUE stereo. Right now it seems to apply mostly to the accompanying percussive instruments -- drums and bass -- but wouldn't it be cool if you could separate the lead singer's voice from the three part vocal harmony? You can hear this difference on a number of vocal group oldies CDs that were re-mastered from multi-track studio recordings. Lots of those songs were actually recorded multi-track but released in mono vinyl. True stereo is a whole different ballgame.

    • Johnny Montes
      Johnny Montes 3 years ago

      In like 10+ years man, Technology is revolving so n days

  • Magnetfic Beatle
    Magnetfic Beatle 3 years ago +3

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!

  • Bethie Wal
    Bethie Wal 3 years ago +2

    I'm with you Bill. These shorties are a tease!

  • Bill Brower
    Bill Brower 3 years ago +7

    So when are you going to start posting all the songs in there entirety ? ALL SONGS ! I CAN'T WAIT ! I LOVE THEM ALL !!!

    • Balanced Stereo
      Balanced Stereo  3 years ago +4

      🌸 These Songs & MORE are now in My Channels TOP PLAYLISTS!! 🌸
      Here's the Link (

  • Zev Feldman
    Zev Feldman 4 years ago +4


  • dinkytankman
    dinkytankman 4 years ago +9

    A thousand times better than the crap that passes for music today.

  • Robert Ward
    Robert Ward 4 years ago +8

    Move the table back, turn up the music, and dance your heart away on a cold snowy day. Perfect music.

  • Erick Cramm
    Erick Cramm 4 years ago +5

    Giff me a Bristol/-!!!

    NEWTON FORREST JA. 4 years ago +3


  • Joel Pierlot
    Joel Pierlot 5 years ago +3

    superbe ,tank S

  • Budget Maid
    Budget Maid 5 years ago +19

    I lived it back then but I honestly believe that if someone with a brain would start getting some of these groups doing that rap crap to start doing these oldies it would open up this fantastic music to a whole new generation!

    • skare2crow
      skare2crow 4 years ago +1

      Check out G-Eazy Runaround Sue

    • Budget Maid
      Budget Maid 4 years ago +6

      OMG my husband and I have been saying exactly the same thing for years. Some of these kids doin' all that crap have great voices and would do a fabulous job on these.

  • victor dominguez
    victor dominguez 5 years ago +3

    vERY VERY GOOD. thanks

  • Adrian w
    Adrian w 5 years ago +4

    brilliant stuff thanks pal for the uploads :-)

  • seldenkid48
    seldenkid48 5 years ago

    THE group----The Dubs-----the record----Could This Be Magic check it out on You Tube

  • Gloria Miele
    Gloria Miele 5 years ago +1

    Best music ever

  • judith smith
    judith smith 5 years ago

    What can I say,it's all so good I'm so glad at 69 I have somewhere to go
    to hear it all.It brings things long forgotten.Some should remain forgotten. LOL!

  • Famgarcia29
    Famgarcia29 5 years ago

    Wish i had been born in this era. Love doo wops

  • TheHeavensarrow
    TheHeavensarrow 5 years ago

    Awesome music. I grew up listening to all this. I was born in 1956. I think we just had the best music to listen to in the 50's...60's..and 70's...but I tell ya, Doo Wop is near and dear to this gals heart :-) Thanks for taking the time to put all these great songs together

  • LongIslandEddie
    LongIslandEddie 5 years ago

    Very excellent mix! Well populated with a smattering of years, and a wonderful mix of memories. The editing is great too, this video is an example of just how deeply, we who were there at the start of this game of life, came to love the background, the music and the 'slower, quality days of music, not the raucous, metal-head crap that my grandkids are digging. Your video is a smorgasbord from a select menu of memory, better times and my own youth. Thanks for bringing me back to those days...

  • Barbarian Matt
    Barbarian Matt 5 years ago

    It's a good idea beacuse they have old 1700-1800 towns and modern day towns no town from the 50's (I mean full blown towns)

  • Barbarian Matt
    Barbarian Matt 5 years ago

    at about 6:40 were you high?

  • doowoppyify
    doowoppyify 5 years ago

    They'd make a fortune if they made it!

  • ray482
    ray482 6 years ago

    All tracks from my teens ,thanks for the memories.

  • Seashore Girl
    Seashore Girl 6 years ago

    Love this idea! Thought of it myself!

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 6 years ago

    some good stuff here :)

  • Erbay Turhan
    Erbay Turhan 6 years ago

    hollywood flames song very nice buzz buzz buzz ı love this song.thanks balancedstereo.

  • Akeem Simmons
    Akeem Simmons 6 years ago

    from this too waka flocka flame. thanks record companies...

  • Zachary Goldberg
    Zachary Goldberg 6 years ago

    Say what you want about the 50's. This was a simple time in American Society. People didn't try to make things harder than they already were. You knew what you had to do, you did it, and the world turned without a hiccup.

  • Great Playlists
    Great Playlists 6 years ago

    "Tell Me Why" by Norman Fox & the Robroys

  • Dickie420
    Dickie420 6 years ago

    Whats the 2nd song :)

  • Alberto Pacho
    Alberto Pacho 6 years ago

    this cool music wish i could go back in time

  • loufrthebronx
    loufrthebronx 6 years ago

    nice mix balancedstereo..

  • peacefulyetviolent
    peacefulyetviolent 6 years ago

    Hey! Check out the band King khan and the bbq show!

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  6 years ago

    thanks! - i totally threw this together when i was just learning to remix sound & can now do medleys and remix even much better - but i'm glad you like this one!

  • Jerry Sabatella
    Jerry Sabatella 6 years ago

    Love em' all....!!!

  • C C Rider
    C C Rider 6 years ago

    Everybody, well nearly everybody, likes good music. Wish you could use more of the individual songs. Just gettin' good when it changes. But it's all good.

  • Daniel Zbinden
    Daniel Zbinden 6 years ago

    sorry. you got it in the vid - was just listening and not watching :o)

  • Daniel Zbinden
    Daniel Zbinden 6 years ago

    Love it. Can you give me the playlist pls ?

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  6 years ago

    They had a lotta hits ... Teenage Love + Im Not a Juvenile Delinquent + ABC's of Love + Goody Goody ... etc, etc !!

  • merineluvzmichael
    merineluvzmichael 6 years ago +1

    Frankie and The Teenagers=The Jackson 5 of the 50s

  • merineluvzmichael
    merineluvzmichael 6 years ago

    They're not Oldies they're GOLDIES!!!!

  • merineluvzmichael
    merineluvzmichael 6 years ago

    This was original talent no autotune ahhh them good ol days

  • merineluvzmichael
    merineluvzmichael 6 years ago


  • Michael J Fox Fan
    Michael J Fox Fan 6 years ago

    im 20 and love it to

  • nandofigueira2005
    nandofigueira2005 6 years ago

    Excelent ☺

  • merineluvzmichael
    merineluvzmichael 6 years ago

    Ohhh I'm 14 I just love it !!!

  • Timelesstune
    Timelesstune 6 years ago

    Is there a way you can make all the songs (individually) into an MP3 format??? like as in downloading music???

  • Love50sn60s music
    Love50sn60s music 6 years ago

    Gaaaaaaaaaaah I love this kind of music:D Makes me sooooooooooooooooooo happy;)

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  6 years ago

    thanks - it's actually fun work to remix Mono into balanced & widened Stereo!

  • mmluvsllb
    mmluvsllb 6 years ago

    This was great. A lot of work went into this. Thanks, brought back many fun memories.

  • old65rocker
    old65rocker 6 years ago

    15 now so sad,never mind we are right they are wrong

  • Steve N
    Steve N 6 years ago

    To the 14 dislikes......sorry your life is so bad and unhappy...

  • thebigfist
    thebigfist 6 years ago

    Yes.Bobby sang with the Hollywood Flames as well as other groups.

  • boobtubencb
    boobtubencb 6 years ago

    Thanks - most of these artists were new to me!

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  6 years ago

    I threw it together quickly & wish I'd changed a few things - but I had no idea then that it woud get so many hits (it's my most viewed video!)

  • adam ropp
    adam ropp 6 years ago

    Pretty good medley!

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  6 years ago

    "Whispering Bells" is by the Del-Vikings & most remember "Come Go With Me" by them - but I think "Whispering Bells" is an even better song!

  • James Burdett
    James Burdett 6 years ago

    To use a 50's expression- "cool daddy-o", or a 60's one "groovy man". Whos' that doing "Whispering Bells"?

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 6 years ago

    6:47 is that bobby day?

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 6 years ago

    denise sounds like a different recording than the original, but all of the rest are great!

  • The15138
    The15138 7 years ago

    WOW thanks

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    headphones is definitely the way to best hear these balanced stereo remixes!

  • Brucer S.
    Brucer S. 7 years ago

    Volume on hi with headphones,=one great sound of r&r hits,thank you

  • Cynthia's Channel
    Cynthia's Channel 7 years ago


  • Johnny J
    Johnny J 7 years ago

    Nice work on the remix. Good selection of classics. Enjoyed & Thanks!

  • WOODBINEXX .john r
    WOODBINEXX .john r 7 years ago

    tell me why rocks in stereo

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    thanks - it's essentially a time delay between left and right channels to put the same sound on both sides

  • Nicolaj Larsen
    Nicolaj Larsen 7 years ago

    thats some sweet work done there,
    how did you do this balanced stereo stuff?.

  • josephine emmerson
    josephine emmerson 7 years ago

    my young lad now loves doowop.

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    That's definitely another top slow ballad so thanks for mentioning it ...

  • TheCaptFlashback
    TheCaptFlashback 7 years ago

    Hey this is fantastic ******Thanks for sharing with us all....I just subbed you and I hope we can share alot of music.!....I'm listening.....Cap....

  • IScareWomenAway
    IScareWomenAway 7 years ago

    I'm from 400A.D and I dig this shit!!!

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 7 years ago

    Reverberator?? Oh, Man, weren't those the days?

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    I prob'ly added reverb to some - so thanks for liking the remixes ...

  • Skip Cook
    Skip Cook 7 years ago

    WOW !!!! Really cool sound...sounds like the reverberator that I had in my 1958 Pontiac......Great song picks also....Thanks for the posting......

  • DFoxFitness
    DFoxFitness 7 years ago

    If it wasn't for all the inequality I would I think I would have loved to live in the 50s.

  • Bob Resner
    Bob Resner 7 years ago

    Nice job, keep up the good work.Rock on

  • Kacasovoi
    Kacasovoi 7 years ago

    Love this music listen to it all the time, click on my name and find out, c ya going curzin,

  • CubanoMambo
    CubanoMambo 7 years ago

    Thank you that's awesome

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    HERE'S MORE TOP DOO-WOP UPTEMPO SONGS ... (I Love You - Volumes) . (Churchbells May Ring - Willows) . (I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent - Frankie Lyman & the Teenagers) . (Heart & Soul - Cleftones) . (Step by Step - Crests) . (Here in My Heart - Timetones) . (When You Dance - Turbans) . (So Fine - Fiestas) . (Gee - Crows) .+ . (Rockin' in the Jungle - Eternals) . (Martian Hop - Ran-dells) . (Baby Talk - Jan & Dean)

  • Michael J Fox Fan
    Michael J Fox Fan 7 years ago

    Love these songs great then the music today

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    @FA7273 ... thanks - I'm glad my favorite tunes from this era are also liked by others

  • FA7273
    FA7273 7 years ago

    What a great collection of songs ...THANKYOU

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    @lancelot1953 .. Thanks - There's "Filters" that let you hear the high (vocal) tone in the center & also "Time Delays" to hear the Filtered low (bass) tone on each side.

    A few songs were in early stereo because it actually started around 1958 but I "balanced" them also to get more power

    PS: There's also some great slow songs like (One Summer Nite - Danleers) (Oh What a Nite - Dells) (There's a Moon Out Tonite - Capris) (A Lover's Island - Bluejays) etc - that weren't in this Uptempo Medley

  • lancelot1953
    lancelot1953 7 years ago

    Thank you for this great mix of fifties hits - great remix as well, top quality. Brings a lot of memories also enables me to find melodies that I had forgotten about (song titles and/or artist).
    How did you remix so of the songs were published on a single track?
    Thank you again,

  • ziggy swartz
    ziggy swartz 7 years ago

    @TheLadyteez It was fun. I hit 13 in 1960- what an incredible time- sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
    I feel a bit sorry for the teens today- so much to cope with- life seemed a bit simpler then. And more fun.
    -Bill in Canada

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    @mickelyren ... I "second that emotion" !!

  • mickelyren
    mickelyren 7 years ago

    this music is love !! =)

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    @RedrumMurderKlickk ... It's really good to know the music is helping out ...

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    @kraftwerk144 .. thanks for listening - from DooWop to Kraftwerk - its all the same great Rock n Roll !!

  • Brian L.
    Brian L. 7 years ago

    Awesome music THANK YOU for posting

  • amerykahsmisfit
    amerykahsmisfit 7 years ago

    i wish i could of grew up just seemed so much better

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    @lisa1975100 .. you're very welcome ..

  • Balanced Stereo
    Balanced Stereo  7 years ago

    @lisa1975100 ... Rock of Ages - still Rolling !!