Pizza in Its Purest Form: The Story of Lucali | Food Skills

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018
  • Prior to opening Lucali in 2006, Mark Iacono had never dreamt of being a cook. Today, he operates one of the best pizzerias not only in New York City, but the entire world. In a rare, intimate glimpse at Iacono's life, this Food Skills mini-doc charts the chef's unlikely rise from Brooklyn construction worker to internationally renowned pizzaiolo. While walking the streets of his native Carroll Gardens, Iacono reminisces about a rapidly changing neighborhood, and unlocks the keys to his world-famous margherita pie. From studying at the altar of Di Fara’s Dom DeMarco, to serving A-list celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé, the story of Lucali is made of pizza lore and legend.
    Director: Tanai Milgram
    Producers: Jackson Connor, Tanai Milgram, Lawrence Weibman
    Executive Producer: Chris Schonberger
    Director of Photography: Dustin Flannery-McCoy
    Production Coordinator: Victoria Astudillo
    Editor: Dustin Flannery-McCoy
    Camera Operator: James Ogle
    Sound: Michael Moote
    Production Assistant: Tian Wang
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  • Partha Shetty
    Partha Shetty Hour ago

    It was so nice to see his memories in his home town and everyone he experienced those memories with

  • Anisa Hna
    Anisa Hna 2 hours ago

    He just love pizza, his love is so pure

  • Gert Andersen
    Gert Andersen 3 hours ago

    This guy won at life.

  • Running Kid
    Running Kid 9 hours ago

    He is the secret mayor pf that place

  • swagabum
    swagabum 15 hours ago +1

    That voice.
    I need it.

    NATHANIEL ALLEN 20 hours ago

    4:10 "now its a dunkin donuts" 💀

  • Jim M
    Jim M 21 hour ago

    it reminds me of Italy

  • A Ron
    A Ron 21 hour ago

    Pres gave this a 9.3

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 23 hours ago

    This is the guy that wanted some Kung Poa Choochie from Korean reporter. He looks like John Cassavetes. A Lil' bit. Good looking pie Senor. 👍

  • Kanggoo
    Kanggoo Day ago

    he sounds like the damn dude from mafia 2. what a legend though

  • razor magnetic
    razor magnetic Day ago

    kalo mat saleh masak kene bulu tangan ok jer, bila org india asal semua nk maki2 hahaha, mcm2

  • MrPonthi
    MrPonthi Day ago +1

    Ok I'm gay now

  • Stanley Johnson
    Stanley Johnson Day ago

    Got to check this place out soon, Mark seems like a genuine guy

  • Kappa KaaNo
    Kappa KaaNo Day ago +1

    The pizza john wick

    BIG EGGS Day ago

    He kinda reminds me of bob from bobs burgers

  • MrCactus
    MrCactus Day ago +1

    “I go for a cawp of cawfee” haha I love it what is this accent...?

  • 6arek
    6arek Day ago

    shroud 2050??

    • IR0X
      IR0X Day ago

      Dude exactly what I was thinking XD

  • Vanilla
    Vanilla 2 days ago +1


  • juan ruiz
    juan ruiz 2 days ago

    What train from Pennsylvania station

  • SayuriWada
    SayuriWada 2 days ago

    He's such a sweet and humble human being. Also, very sexy. (I hate Scott, I want a show just with Mark.)

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 2 days ago

    The prince of pizza.

  • PLOTERO250
    PLOTERO250 2 days ago

    Im hungry

  • normal
    normal 2 days ago

    this dude definitely walking here

  • Winter Review
    Winter Review 2 days ago

    3:48 you will recon a wise guy from everywhere

  • stallio
    stallio 3 days ago

    The way Marlboro was placed, the success, going for a jog in morning with coffee.... All to promote Marlboro cigarettes... They want to portray associate the success, the rustic was the health all with cigs. What a subtle way if promotion. Liked video but will dislike.

  • Cher cher
    Cher cher 3 days ago +1

    Break me of a piece of that yummy italian guy!! Uuhh he is FINE!!!!

  • Oboe
    Oboe 3 days ago +1

    Now he's having a hard time to determine a pizza...

  • Zom B
    Zom B 3 days ago

    i think itd be awesome to work with him

  • TrolledYouSilly
    TrolledYouSilly 4 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay would be proud

  • TrolledYouSilly
    TrolledYouSilly 4 days ago

    The John Wick of pizza

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk 4 days ago +1

    What a well made video. First we feast is quickly becoming my top channel for fantastic production value and high quality content.

  • turntyle
    turntyle 4 days ago

    what an awesome video! loved this!

  • Joel Zuniga
    Joel Zuniga 4 days ago

    That's one looking restaurant

  • Daniel Uchanski
    Daniel Uchanski 4 days ago

    He's so cute.

  • Battlefront Quickscoper

    *You will find pizza in its purest form only in Italy.*

    • Brian
      Brian 4 days ago

      Fuck off with that nonsense

  • Dove Time
    Dove Time 4 days ago

    This man is my spirit animal.

  • Abhimannue R.Sreekishan


  • Bryan Wadleigh Official
    Bryan Wadleigh Official 4 days ago +12

    Man I loved that interaction with him and that guy at the breadstore. "Its on me, alright well give it to the girls then" I dont know why, that was just dope as hell to me lol

  • Rick O'Brien
    Rick O'Brien 4 days ago

    Two questions..Does he grind his own flour? Does he use active yeast? That would be the two next upgrades. No comparison to fresh ground flour. Active yeast is a bad taste. This guy is truly a great example of NY. Love the accent.

  • razzzor
    razzzor 5 days ago

    Awesome guy, watched lots of vids with him, dying to try his pizza

  • Marmsfury
    Marmsfury 5 days ago +13

    "you only make pizza and calzones?" "That's all I know how to make!" Honestly I wish there were more restaurants that did one or two things really well rather than a lot of mediocre things

    • Thomas Simpsons
      Thomas Simpsons Day ago

      +Brad James I think there was a restaurant with that problem on an episode kitchen Knightmare.
      In it gordan visited a restaurant with a lot of items so he decided to order each and everyone one of them and unsurprisingly they were all mediocre.

    • Brad James
      Brad James 3 days ago +1

      Restaurants that have an excessive amount on their menu is a red flag to me. They are either average or poor at everything or the chances of getting the good thing on the menu is too low.

  • HockeyHarrison 14
    HockeyHarrison 14 5 days ago

    He takes big smoke

  • Becker Inal
    Becker Inal 5 days ago

    almost like watching a clip from the Good Fellas :)

  • simple man
    simple man 5 days ago +6

    YES, was looking for Mark vids after getting sick of the rude host from Really Dough

  • BW
    BW 5 days ago

    Cup of C O W F E E

  • Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison 6 days ago

    That’s paper
    Not pizza

  • Martin Fenyk
    Martin Fenyk 6 days ago

    he kinda looks like skeet ulrich :D

  • kbr56 productionz
    kbr56 productionz 6 days ago

    Its hilatious how all you pizza guys sre dumb as fuck my father was a real pizzaman owned pizzeria for 50 years j had method man , bustaryhmes , flava flav , politicians in my fathers place news people! My pops made the same pizza everytime its when you do more then 20 thousand hrs to come a master at making pizza

  • Armaan Peeran
    Armaan Peeran 6 days ago

    He looks kinda like Keanu Reeves

  • TheShachattack13
    TheShachattack13 6 days ago

    He’s a genius

  • Aristocrat E
    Aristocrat E 6 days ago +2

    This guy is literally bobs burger in real life... and pizza not burgers

  • _ Willyam _
    _ Willyam _ 6 days ago +1

    1:51 why did he lick the pen 😂

  • A.T Plays
    A.T Plays 6 days ago +1

    I want friends like this guy in my life lol

  • Crunch and Fitness
    Crunch and Fitness 6 days ago

    Makes me want to open a proper pizzeria

  • Texas Gun
    Texas Gun 6 days ago

    italian food beats every other type

  • JCFG
    JCFG 6 days ago

    „The rest is History“ when he just described the history of his restaurant the moment before.

  • Alberto Alonso
    Alberto Alonso 6 days ago +1

    I think his dad was in waste management business

  • jessejauregui
    jessejauregui 6 days ago +1

    I’m starving now just looking at those pies.

  • Wisam Iraqi
    Wisam Iraqi 6 days ago

    omg ,this pizza looks so tasty ,looking at it is torturing for me.if i see this pizza in person i will smell it first and eat it really slowly ,the best looking pizza i seen so far on youtube.

  • Andrea C
    Andrea C 6 days ago

    is he single? holy shit.

  • JK Rollin
    JK Rollin 7 days ago +2

    He was in the 'construction business', if you know what I mean. Guy reminds me of Artie Bucco

  • Joaquim Bamberg
    Joaquim Bamberg 7 days ago

    Today I learned that Keanu Reeves' father is a pizzaiolo

  • lex mercer
    lex mercer 7 days ago

    he reminds me of keanu reeves

  • CrazyLittleWorlds
    CrazyLittleWorlds 7 days ago

    There's the Da Dante pizzeria in Berlin. Some people only come to Berlin to eat pizza there. And it's even affordable. In a way still a secret, because it's still easy to get a table, but it's so good!

  • MHD ChiBo
    MHD ChiBo 7 days ago

    Is It really dough?

  • Sinister Strawberry
    Sinister Strawberry 7 days ago

    The pizza is too simple. Where's the meat at?

  • Jacqueline Hurtado
    Jacqueline Hurtado 7 days ago +3

    Everytime he reminds me of Keanu Reeves... Pizza-maker Keanu Reeves... 🤔 idk what I'm saying I'm high

  • Sultan Ahmed
    Sultan Ahmed 7 days ago

    Is it me or the audio is out of sync

  • Jack Preacher
    Jack Preacher 8 days ago


  • King Bunny
    King Bunny 8 days ago

    One day the donkey gordan Ramsey will visit you

  • Sally Siphan
    Sally Siphan 8 days ago

    That is one fine man

  • Diego
    Diego 8 days ago

    Why is this guy so cool?

  • Hailey Jarman
    Hailey Jarman 8 days ago +1

    definitely wish we had great pizzerias like this in iowa!! i must visit nyc in the near future!

  • 3fxz
    3fxz 8 days ago

    he looks like a old jacksepticeye

  • Lit Fidelity
    Lit Fidelity 8 days ago


  • David Berko
    David Berko 8 days ago

    I love this guy. Can't get enough

  • Tundanial Farhan
    Tundanial Farhan 8 days ago

    Don Lucali 👌🏻

  • Igor Malusevic
    Igor Malusevic 8 days ago

    They forget to mention one very important ingredient in making pizza and they obviously have this ingredient and that is love, love to make pizza and enjoy in that.

    If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.
    Marc Anthony

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 8 days ago +1

    So Hugh Jackman open a pizza store? Cool

  • Dwayne Mondragon
    Dwayne Mondragon 8 days ago

    Gotta go to this pizza place just bc of the passion he puts into them💯

  • Salt
    Salt 9 days ago +1

    When im a grown up i want to look like him.

  • Juwan Crisostomo
    Juwan Crisostomo 9 days ago

    He reminds me of skeet ulrich

  • Kenny Guo
    Kenny Guo 9 days ago

    1:08 why the heck does he cover his meatballs with aluminum foil????

    • Andy Orellana
      Andy Orellana 8 days ago

      it's so you can simmer the meatballs and not have to worry about the sauce evaporating and so you dont get tomatoes sauce all over the stove

  • GFッGuDz
    GFッGuDz 9 days ago

    i wish i can lie in peaceful life like this man. i still cant belive why peoples would unlike this video his story mix with pizza mix with good music in the video is really peaceful to me

  • Uni
    Uni 9 days ago


  • DRK0114
    DRK0114 9 days ago

    very likable guy

  • bEnny bEans aNd RiCe
    bEnny bEans aNd RiCe 9 days ago +1

    I randomly got a smell of pizza while watching this video

  • Derek Tec
    Derek Tec 9 days ago

    I want him to start traveling the world taking about culture and food

  • ESCTobias
    ESCTobias 9 days ago

    I really cant tell what accent he has

  • Wuce Brayne
    Wuce Brayne 9 days ago

    This video makes me smile in general, the soul of this guy and everything he does makes me happy.

  • frequentairbusflyer8

    What a great guy !

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson 10 days ago

    use handgloves

  • harry kane
    harry kane 10 days ago

    $24 for a pizza?!?!

  • IcanSeeU
    IcanSeeU 10 days ago

    alright frankie, I give this video a 9.7/10

  • L V
    L V 10 days ago

    Nothing like Old School Brooklyn

  • K4inan
    K4inan 10 days ago +5

    Sure looks like the pizzas I had in Italy. Every pizza place I dined at had olive oil on each table to put on the pizzas, pure heaven.

  • ルトヴィク
    ルトヴィク 10 days ago +1

    damn, i didn't expect jimmy kimmel to be this good at making pizzas

  • Arif Igo
    Arif Igo 10 days ago +3

    How much times he said "you know" in this video ?

  • Arif Igo
    Arif Igo 10 days ago +8

    6:04 thats the real mozzarella. Still have some milk in it

  • Anthony Craig
    Anthony Craig 10 days ago

    Props for that Daytona 116520 💯