Testing MORE Scary CREEPYPASTA Gacha Life Glitches

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Today I downloaded the Gacha Life app again in order to test out some more NEW creepy gacha glitches including Nurse Luck, Hannah & Hachishakusama. Things get really scary. Say hello to some new Creepypasta characters!!
    Nurse Luck Video:
    Hannah Video:
    Hachishakusama Video:
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  • mudmud Sosa
    mudmud Sosa 12 minutes ago

    How dere you

  • Junior Linaresgalarza

    my name is hannah

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    myint aung Hour ago

    i have a friend hannah but shes nice shes 8 yr old

  • Carly Cheek
    Carly Cheek Hour ago

    Can I have a shoutout PLS!!!! :)

  • Steph Morgan-Jones

    I gave you a subscribles and a like 👍!

  • Steph Morgan-Jones

    Happy birthday 🎂!!!!

  • Kyle Cook
    Kyle Cook 2 hours ago

    I’m haveing night mares

    BRAYLEN AND KAYLEN 5 hours ago

    Happy birthday and your soooo hot

  • Luis aka Joseph Luis aka Joseph

    Lauren can you please watch my video on Joseph Martinaz I made it mostly for you it's about Nurse Luck

  • Baiduri Ibrahim
    Baiduri Ibrahim 5 hours ago

    😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 I LOVE LAURENZIDE!!!!!!! Ooops😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 *sorry for that😅*

  • Jennifer Hughes
    Jennifer Hughes 5 hours ago

    My name is Hannah

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    Baiduri Ibrahim 6 hours ago

    Happy birthday my fav youtuber laurenzSide💙😁😁😁

  • robert galera
    robert galera 6 hours ago

    My name is actually Hanna😯

  • Chistine Cataraso
    Chistine Cataraso 6 hours ago

    My legs are shaking

  • ThE pOtAtO qUeEn GrAnDe

    Happy b day Lauren! :D

  • Surjit Singh Dhillon
    Surjit Singh Dhillon 8 hours ago

    i heared a heart beat

  • Luck time
    Luck time 11 hours ago


    ROSES OFFICIAL 12 hours ago

    Dot's do ha ha live I do jehe

  • Eloisa Esma
    Eloisa Esma 13 hours ago

    omg my name is actually hannah im on my moms account thats why my name in youtube is Eloisa Esma

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 15 hours ago

    Teir segret angin.:Gliht bill shadow bill shadow bonbob and shadow tails

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 15 hours ago


  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 15 hours ago

    Segret : gliht bonbob.....

  • Pink Fluffy Unicorn
    Pink Fluffy Unicorn 15 hours ago

    Would you even do that?

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 15 hours ago

    Tjoc:i.bill i.bill i.rosolina I.tails i.bonbob i. Srap tails

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 15 hours ago

    Okey im back for TJOC mode and Segret

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 15 hours ago

    Next Time is Fnab joc Come soon! Hit! or dead?

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    No gacha but is fnaf bill

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    Fnaf 6:Lelty of rosolina Afton of bonbob moltem bill srap daisy r.bill r.bonbob r.rosolina r.tails r.Rod

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    Funtime mode!!!:f.bill f.tails C.daisy b. Of mimo ennerd of Pipo wwpwoowowowowowow

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    NIGHTMEIS: N.bill N.bonbob N. Rosolina N.Tails NIGHTMEIS and plushbob and plushrod

  • Pink Fluffy Unicorn
    Pink Fluffy Unicorn 16 hours ago

    …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………: what the :

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    Ankead NIGHTMEIS : an bill an rosolina an Bonbob an tails DreadKid

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    Fnaf 3:p.bill p.tails p.bonbob srap tails Sudit Rod the evil Rod

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    Fnaf 2:T.bill T.bonbob T.rosolina Tangle Puppet of mariamet W.bill W.bonbob W.rosolina W.tails W.Golden bill glihg

  • Bill gamemig FNAF
    Bill gamemig FNAF 16 hours ago

    Fnaf:bill fazkid bonbob rosolina Tails Snorky And ROD

  • Shelley Cox
    Shelley Cox 16 hours ago

    I have a freind called hannah. Love your vids.

  • Mandy Phelps
    Mandy Phelps 17 hours ago

    All lies i hate that people do this it scares kids and if it is real then the maker may be a prankster don't be fooled or scared

  • Super Spurdo1234
    Super Spurdo1234 17 hours ago

    wa- I ca we I jUsT cAnt TalK ItS tO ScRARy!!!!!!!!

  • Zoe Dash
    Zoe Dash 18 hours ago


  • margareth lungsod
    margareth lungsod 18 hours ago

    OMG I was wondering work it but am scared me for gacha life and it glitches on me on my phone and that's all am scared now and my name is Margaret

  • Kayla James
    Kayla James 19 hours ago

    OMG=Oh My God. OML=Oh My Lord

  • donna buckley
    donna buckley 19 hours ago +1

    12 days wow 😮

  • It’z _ Meh
    It’z _ Meh 19 hours ago

    Is this fake or real???

  • Dolores Garcia
    Dolores Garcia 21 hour ago +1

    Ight time to see if this happen to meh

  • Brie Briscoe
    Brie Briscoe 21 hour ago

    WTF means what the f**k by the way

  • sour_ cherry
    sour_ cherry 21 hour ago

    so I know this is a gacha life but does the same stalking eye thing happen with the second app My Talking Angela? I wanna know I love the app (the ne with raising angela not talking to her)

  • Dhano Dhano
    Dhano Dhano 22 hours ago

    is this real

  • Amaya Jiron
    Amaya Jiron 22 hours ago


  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez 23 hours ago

    Miranda said you just throw your phone I was freaking screaming inside in my soul so I stick to what your other than nose or just on the mess with them

  • Emelia Fun Star
    Emelia Fun Star 23 hours ago

    My friends name is Hana

  • Ursula Velandia
    Ursula Velandia Day ago

    Ters es order angla. Geim

  • Hanna Grainger
    Hanna Grainger Day ago

    Im called hanna and I'll never do any thing to you i love your chanel and vidoes😄😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁

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    Lucy G Day ago

    OMG actually works works.

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    Havanna Banana Day ago

    My name is Havanna :3

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    Louise YT Day ago

    It's actually spelled like this

  • Berry
    Berry Day ago

    I have Gacha life

  • Ayumu Miura
    Ayumu Miura Day ago +1

    Did you guys for the Hannah glitch there was the 666 number which is the devils number🤭

  • Paula Olivares
    Paula Olivares Day ago

    Bro I have a friend named hannah